Ensemble Research

1. Define what connectedness is.! Find at !least 3 useful definitions of! connectedness. Annotate these definitions with questions and/or ideas.! ‘Join together so as to provide access and communication.’ - never alone - people are always around to help and support ‘Children need to feel that their world is a safe place. They need to know they’re cared for, that their needs are met, and that they can get help to work out problems.’ - Ensuring that everyone is cared for - Do we look out for our children in society more than others? Why? - Should adults feel that they’re world is a safe place too? - Shouldn’t their problems be cared for to? "the connection between church and state is inescapable" - The beliefs of the church will always play a part in the di!erent decisions that are made - You can’t escape religion - God is a support - ‘Is God really there? - Why is there so much debate? Can’t we just find something that works? 2. How do we connect with others? Write a list. Start with the obvious and then move to the more obscure. - Phones - Social networking sites - Talking - letters - through similar experience - sporting clubs - church - Spirituality - extra curricular - how well we can or can’t relate to other peoples life experiences 3. Create a symbol for connectedness. Draw it digitally or by hand. This symbol my be a familiar object or it could be an original image. The concept is more important than the final image.

4. Find stimulus that that explores the way we connect with others. Stimulus could include images, songs, cartoons, videos, poems etc. Annotate with ideas of how this could be turned into a scene or a character.

- Using placards to show day’s passing - each day a di!erent egg could be cracked and each day there will be no chick - eggs represent longing to be accepted, comforted, included etc... - not being alone anymore - beginning to lose hope Connected - short film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL7xIaYYS7I - The idea that we can’t survive alone, shown through physically being connected to to survive and still able to breathe - Is being connected to others always the best way to do things? Does being connected all the time make some of us feel like where slowly dying, or, is this connectedness what motivates us to get up and keep going? - could use a tube of some sort or a cloth/sheet and have breathing as one person in while the other person breathes out to represent survival - Could be set that general life everyone must have their shoelaces either tied together on their own feet or with someone else - The shoe laces being tied together could symbolise struggle and that without working with people and allowing people to help you, life is extremely di"cult. - doesn’t have to be breathing, could be having two+ people, with their inner foot, and with their shoe laces tied together to represent that they can’t get anywhere successfully without working together.

- could have one other person with their shoelaces on both feet tied together. This could represent that although they think that they will be fine and able to get through life on their own, without someone untying their shoelaces and tying them on with their foot, their never going to get anywhere in life 5. Create a ‘Y Chart’ for the word COMMUNITY. A ‘Y Chart’ asks you to consider what it looks like, sounds like and feels like.

‘LOOKS LIKE’ - Neighborhood - Church - School - Running into people you know even when your just down the street at the shops or out for a walk



- Being apart of something - People who share different things in common and who go through life but maintain certain things with people in their community - ‘I get up in the dark because these are my women, this is my community and I know they’re waiting for me.’ - positivity - feeling like there is somewhere you belong - A sense of healing - equality - A sense of being at homeliness

6. Brainstorm the notion of loneliness and isolation. Consider the people in our community who are isolated. Consider the pros and cons of isolation. Consider well known characters in movies or television shows that are isolated. Consider life stages that are associated with loneliness. This could be a list, mind map or paragraph. Loneliness and isolation - sad - not having anyone around - being alone - closeting - be left out/excluded - isolating yourself from others People on our community who are isolated - People who are being bullied - have issues at home - su!ering an illness (physical or mental) Pros of isolation - You are able to deal with issues your own way Cons of isolation - When things start getting to much, it can be hard to deal with it on your own -

7. A. Find at least TWO songs that explore loneliness and isolation. (i.e. Leave me alone by Pink) Search outside your own musical tastes and venture into other musical genres and eras and see what you can find. (It could be a piece of elevator music or a piece you hear in the background of a store you are shopping in. A song.... or simply a piece of instrumental music) (on spotify) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zth7C7i2AxU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42ot0i2w8zY


"Isolation" - John Lennon
People say we got it made don't they know we're so afraid Isolation we're afraid to be alone, everybody got to have a home Isolation Just a boy and a little girl trying to change the whole wide world Isolation All the world is a little town

everybody trying to put us down Isolation I don't expect you to understand after you’ve caused so much pain But then again you're not to blame your just a human, a victim of the insane We're afraid of everyone, afraid of the sun Isolation The Sun will never disappear but the world my not have many years Isolation