Name __________________________________________________________ Date _______________ Film Analysis Questions : Tristan and Isolde Like all legends, there are

many versions of Tristan and Isolde; there are variations of spellings/pronunciations of the names as well. These questions should be answered based on your viewing of the film – obviously much modified from legend but entertaining nonetheless.

1. What nationality is Tristan? 2. What nationality is Isolde? 3. What happens to Tristan’s parents? 4. Who takes the role of raising/caring for Tristan? 5. Why do the Britons (the tribes) want to unite? 6. How does Isolde’s life seem to begin with sadness? 7. Who is Isolde’s lady in waiting/confidant? 8. Why does Tristan push for Lord Mark to go through with a planned ambush/attack? 9. How is the plan a success for the Britons? 10. How is the plan a failure for Tristan? 11. What does Isolde find on the beach? 12. How does Isolde save Tristan? 13. How does Isolde deceive Tristan? 14. Who appears to be jealous of Tristan? 15. Who seems to place Tristan on a bit of a pedestal? 16. What plan does the Irish king devise to attempt to destroy the Britons? 17. How does Tristan demonstrate his loyalty to Lord Mark? 18. How does Isolde’s deception come back to haunt her? 19. What is Tristan’s reaction to Isolde’s request when they are in the boat? 20. How does Mark react to Isolde’s arrival? 21. Do any of the Britons know about Tristan and Isolde? 22. How does Isolde react on her wedding night? 23. How does the wedding impact Tristan? 24. Once the wedding takes place, what change happens in the court of Lord Mark? 25. Why do Tristan and Isolde commit tyranny?

and Arthur been avoided? 33. Mark? 31. What is something you notice (in general) about the way in which people lived? . How does the act of tyranny impact other Britons? 27. Does Lord Mark ever suspect anything? **************************************************************************************** The following questions should be answered after you have watched both films for your summer assignment. and Arthur? 29. What is something you notice (in general) about the time period relative to uniting kingdoms? 34. or Arthur? Tristan. and Mark been avoided? 32. Who is at fault for the destruction of kingdoms/lives in each scenario? Why? Lancelot. Guenever. In what ways can each character be pitied? Lancelot: Arthur: Guenever: Tristan: Mark: Isolde: 30. Guenever. How does this story relate to the story regarding Lancelot. How could the love triangle of Lancelot.26. Guenever. How could the love triangle of Tristan. Isolde. Isolde. 28.

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