Asalaamu Alaikum wa-Rahmatullahi wa-Barakatu…. I do not need to remind you that these are dark ages for the Ummah (i.e. nation) of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasalam. The Muslim Ummah is faced with tyranny, in ustice, o!!ression, murder, ra!e, and e"!loitation of its lands and resources on e#ery corner of the glo$e. The enemies of Allah ha#e come in all forms% Atheists, &hristians, 'ews, A!ostates, and Mushrikeen of many kinds. All ha#e formed their satanic coalition and ha#e launched a (eo-&rusade against Allah, Islam, and the Muslim. Their carnage does not discriminate as we see countless num$ers of Muslims $eing slaughtered whether they $e elders, men, women, children, e#ery nationality, e#ery tri$e, and e#ery race. )ur sisters are ra#aged $y the enemies of Allah and made into o$ ects of !leasure for the (eo-&rusader armies occu!ying their lands. &ountless num$ers of Muslims sit in the dungeons of $oth known and secret !risons around the glo$e. The children of this Ummah ha#e had their lim$s se#ered, drenched in !ools of their own $lood, and gi#e a final farewell to this world and their oh so short life. Indeed these are dark times. In the midst of this !hysical conflict with the enemies of Allah, we often tend to forget that there is an ideological war raging on all around us. *e are not only threatened $y the $ullet and $om$s of our enemies, $ut they wish the eradicate Islam itself from the land entirely or at the least they wish to ha#e the Muslims follow a much more +watered down, #ersion of Islam. The enemies of Allah ha#e worked day in and day out in order to distort Allah,s religion. The o$ligation of 'ihad fisee$illah has $ecome neglected if not com!letely forgotten $y a large amount of the Muslim Ummah. It is a$solutely essential that we re#i#e this forgotten o$ligation, that we learn and understand its e#idences in the (o$le -ur,an and the .unnah of our $elo#ed /ro!het Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasalam. The martyr (insha’Allah; as we see it) .haykh ul-Islam 0assan al-Banna raheema’Allah wrote down and com!iled a $ook during his lifetime which he sim!ly called +'ihad,. In this $ook he ga#e the numerous e#idences from -ur,an and .unnah for the o$ligation of 'ihad and its #irtues. I now !resent this $ook to you, the reader, who insha,Allah is in !ursuit of knowledge for the sake of Allah su$hana wa ta,alaa. I lea#e you with the wise words of 1halid i$n *alid radiallahu anhu who once said….
O men of Islam! The time has come for steadfastness. Weakness and cowardice lead to disgrace; and he who is steadfast is more deserving of Allah's help. He who stands bravel before the blade of the sword will be honored! and his labors rewarded! when he goes before Allah. "o! Allah loves the steadfast.


Ab# $#f an al%Amriki

All praise is for Allah! the "ord of the &niverse. 'a Allah bestow peace and blessings #pon o#r "eader '#hammad! "eader of those who strive in Allah's wa and Imam of the pio#s. 'a He also bestow peace and blessings #pon his famil and his companions! and all those who strive for the $hariah #ntil the (a of )#dgment.

'ihad is an o$ligation from Allah on e#ery Muslim and cannot $e ignored nor e#aded. Allah has ascri$ed great im!ortance to ihad and has made the reward of the martyrs and the fighters in 0is way a s!lendid one. )nly those who ha#e acted similarly and who ha#e modeled themsel#es u!on the martyrs in their !erformance of ihad can oin them in this reward. 2urthermore, Allah has s!ecifically honored the Mu ahideen with certain e"ce!tional 3ualities, $oth s!iritual and !ractical, to $enefit them in this world and the ne"t. Their !ure $lood is a sym$ol of #ictory in this world and the mark of success and felicity in the world to come. Those who can only find e"cuses, howe#er, ha#e $een warned of e"tremely dreadful !unishments and Allah has descri$ed them with the most unfortunate of names. 0e has re!rimanded them for their cowardice and lack of s!irit, and castigated them for their weakness and truancy. In this world, they will $e surrounded $y dishonor and in the ne"t they will $e surrounded $y the fire from which they shall not esca!e though they may !ossess much wealth. The weaknesses of a$stention and e#asion of ihad are regarded $y Allah as one of the ma or sins, and one of the se#en sins that guarantee failure. Islam is concerned with the 3uestion of ihad and the drafting and the mo$ili4ation of the entire Ummah into one $ody to defend the right cause with all its strength than any other ancient or modern system of li#ing, whether religious or ci#il. The #erses of the -ur5an and the .unnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasalam are o#erflowing with all these no$le ideals and they summon !eo!le in general 6with the most elo3uent e"!ression and the clearest e"!osition7 to ihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting. *e shall not go into e"hausti#e detail $ut rather will offer you some -ur5anic #erses and Ahaadeeth $elow as e"am!les since we only wish to show a glim!se of the Islamic message on ihad. 2urthermore, we will not del#e into the e"!lanation of the -ur5anic #erses or Ahaadeeth. 8ou will recogni4e $y the !urity of language, the clarity of e"!osition, the lucidity of ideas and the force of s!irituality that e"!lanations and clarifications are not re3uired.


*)ihad is ordained for o# +'#slims, tho#gh o# dislike it! and it ma be that o# dislike something which is good for o# and that o# like something which is bad for o#. Allah knows b#t o# do not know.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 01023, *O o# who believe! 4e not like those who disbelieve +h pocrites, and who sa to their brethren when the travel thro#gh the earth or go o#t to fight1 'If the had sta ed with #s! the wo#ld not have died or been killed!' so that Allah ma make it a ca#se of regret in their hearts. It is Allah that gives life and ca#ses death. And Allah is All%$eer of what o# do. And if o# are killed or die in the Wa of Allah! forgiveness and merc from Allah are far better than all that the amass +of worldl wealth etc.,. And whether o# die! or are killed! veril ! #nto Allah o# shall be gathered.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 51267, (otice how 9forgi#eness9 and 9mercy9 are associated with slaying and death in Allah5s way in the first #erse and how the second #erse is does not refer to this $ecause it is de#oid of the idea of ihad. In this #erse, there is an indication of the fact that cowardice is one of the characteristics of un$elie#ers, $ut not of $elie#ers. And notice how today the un$elie#ers seem to $e $ra#e and the $elie#ers seem to $e the cowards. *Think not of those who are killed in the Wa of Allah as dead. .a ! the are alive! with their "ord! and the have provision. The re8oice in what Allah has bestowed #pon them of His 4o#nt ! re8oicing for the sake of those who have not et 8oined them! b#t are left behind +not et mart red, that on them no fear shall come! nor shall the grieve.(The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 51239%2:;, <efer #p to verse 2:6 for f#rther information. *"et those +believers, who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter fight in the ca#se of Allah.! and whosoever fights in the =a#se of Allah! and is killed or is victorio#s! We shall bestow on him a great reward.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah >1:>, Refer to the #erses 6:; <=-<>7 in the (o$le Book to understand how Allah urges the Muslims to remain alert and to ac3uire e"!erience in warfare, in armies and troo!s, or as indi#iduals, as circumstances may dictate. Allah also re!rimands those who are slack, cowards or o!!ortunists, and 0e arouses our 4eal to !rotect the weak and !re#ent o!!ression. (otice how Allah associates warfare with !rayer and fasting, esta$lishing it as one of the !illars of Islam. And how 0e refutes the false arguments of the wa#erers, and encourages those who are scared to the utmost degree to !lunge into $attle and to face death unflinchingly and $ra#ely, showing them that they will welcome death, and that if they die in ihad, they will recei#e the most magnificent recom!ense for their li#es, and that they will not lose any of their contri$ution or sacrifice howe#er small. .urah-al-Anfaal is in its entirety an e"hortation to ihad and a command to remain steadfast ?while engaged@ in it, as well as a clear !resentation of many of its rules. It is for this reason that the first

Muslims radiallahu anhum ado!ted it as a war chant which they would chant whene#er their a!!rehensions mounted and the $attle grew grim. .uffice it to 3uote what Allah subhana wa ta’alaa says; *Against them make read o#r strength to the #tmost of o#r power! incl#ding steeds of war! to strike terror into +the hearts of, the enemies of Allah and o#r enemies.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 713;, U! to 0is words subhana wa ta’alaa; *O ?rophet! &rge the believers to fight. If there are twent steadfast amongst o#! the will overcome two h#ndred! and if there are be a h#ndred steadfast the will overcome a tho#sand of those who disbelieve! beca#se the +the disbelievers, are people who do not #nderstand+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 7136, .urah-at-Taw$ah too is in its entirety an e"hortation to com$at and a clear !resentation of its rules. It is sufficient to 3uote what Allah subhana wa ta’alaa says concerning warfare against the treacherous !olytheists; *@ight against them so that Allah will p#nish them b o#r hands and disgrace them and give o# victor over them and ret#rn calmness in the hearts of the believing people th#s relieving their anAiet . Allah accepts the repentance of whom He wills. Allah is All%Bnowing! All%Wise.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 912>%26, And 0is words subhana wa ta’alaa concerning fighting with /eo!le of the Book; *@ight against those who believe not in Allah nor in the "ast (a ! nor forbid that which has been forbidden b Allah and His 'essenger and those who acknowledge not the <eligion of Tr#th +i.e. Islam,! from among the ?eople of the 4ook! #ntil the pa the 8iC a with willing s#bmission! and feel themselves s#bd#ed.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 9109, The !roclamations of the general call in the following #erses, end with 0is words subhana wa ta’alaa; *'arch forth! +whether eD#ipped, lightl or heavil ! and strive hard with o#r wealth and o#r lives in the =a#se of Allah! This is better for o#! if o# b#t knew.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 91>2, Allah then re$ukes those who are cowardly for their attitude and their continuous attem!ts to esca!e from ihad, in 0is words subhana wa ta’alaa; *Those who sta ed awa +from Tab#k eApedition, re8oiced in their sta ing behind the 'essenger of Allah; the hated to strive and fight with their wealth and their lives in the =a#se of Allah! and the said! ''arch not forth in the heat.' $a 1 'The fire of Hell is more intense in heat!' if onl the co#ld #nderstand!' $o let them la#gh a little +and the will, cr m#ch as a recompense of what the #sed to

earn +b committing sins,. If Allah brings o# back to a part of them! and the ask o#r permission to go o#t +to fight,! sa 1 '.ever shall o# go o#t with me! nor fight an enem with me1 o# agreed to sit inactive on the first occasion1 then o# sit +now, with those who lag behind.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 9172%75, Then Allah !raises those who engage in ihad $y declaring ihad as /ro!het Muhammad5s sallallahu alayhi wasalam mission and the way of his &om!anions, as 0e, the Almighty, says; *4#t the 'essenger! and those who believed with him! strove hard and fo#ght with their wealth and their lives +in Allah's ca#se,. The good things are for these people! and it is the who will be s#ccessf#l. @or them Allah has got read the Eardens +?aradise, #nder which rivers flow! to dwell therein forever. That is the s#preme s#ccess.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 9177%79, Then follows an oath of allegiance, com!rehensi#e and !rotecti#e lea#ing no e"cuses, in 0is words subhana wa ta’alaa; *Feril ! Allah has p#rchased of the believers their lives and their wealth; for the price that theirs shall be the ?aradise. The fight in Allah's =a#se! so the kill +others, and are killed. It is a promise in tr#th which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Eospel and the /#r'an. And who is tr#er to his covenant than AllahG Then re8oice in the bargain which o# have concl#ded. That is the s#preme s#ccess.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 91222, .urah-al--ital 6commonly known as .urah Muhammad7 mentions two key factors that form the foundation of the military s!irit; o$edience and disci!line. Allah has summari4ed these two factors in the following two #erses in 0is Book. )$edience a!!ears in this .urah where 0e, subhana wa ta’alaa, says; *Those who believe sa 1 HWh is a $#rah not sent down +for #s,GH 4#t when a decisive $#rah +eAplaining and ordering things, is sent down! and fighting is mentioned +i.e. ordained, therein! o# will see those in whose hearts is a disease +of h pocris , looking at o# with a look of one fainting to death. 4#t it was better for them +h pocrites! to listen to Allah and obe Him,. Obedience +to Allah, and good words +were better for them,. And when the matter +preparation for )ihad, is resolved on! then if the had been tr#e to Allah! it wo#ld have been better for them.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah >:10;%02, As for disci!line, it a!!ears in .urah-as-.aff, where 0e , subhana wa ta’alaa, says; *Feril ! Allah loves those who fight in His =a#se in rows +ranks,! as if the were a solid str#ct#re.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 321>, .urah-al-2ath is also dedicated in its entirety to one of the military cam!aigns of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam, and was a s!ecial occasion of ihad, which took !lace under the shadow of a tree

where an oath of allegiance unto steadfastness and death was taken, and this $ore the fruit of tran3uility and #ictory. This is what 0e subhana wa ta’alaa, says; *Indeed! Allah was pleased with the believers when the gave their ba -ah +pledge, to o# +O '#hammad, #nder the Tree! He knew what was in their hearts! and He sent down As%$akeenah +calmness and tranD#ilit , #pon them; and He rewarded them with a close Fictor ; And ab#ndant spoils that the will capt#re. And Allah is Iver All%'ight ! All%Wise.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah >7127%29, These, $rother, are some e"am!les of the -ur,anic references on ihad. Its #irtues are made clear, and those who do ihad are gi#en the good news of the magnificent reward that will $e waiting for them. The Book of Allah is filled with e"am!les like these, and anyone who reads the -ur,an and !ays attention to its meaning will $e astounded at the negligence of the Muslims who ha#e failed to take ad#antage of this reward.

)n the authority of A$u 0urayrah, radiallahu anhu, who said; +I heard the /ro!het sallallahu alayhi wasalam say; *4 the One in whose Hands is m so#l! had it not been for the limitation of reso#rces which ca#sed some of the companions to remain behind +m#ch to their displeas#re,! I wo#ld not have prevented an gro#p from striving in Allah-s wa . And b the One in whose hand is m $o#l! I wish I co#ld be killed in the Wa of Allah! then live again so that I ma be killed again! then live again so that again I ma be killed! then live again so that again I ma be killed.+<eported in Al 4#khari and '#slim, )n the authority of A$u 0urayrah, radiallahu anhu, who said; +The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *4 the One in whose Hand is m $o#l! no one is wo#nded in Allah's wa ! and Allah knows best who is wo#nded in His wa ! eAcept that the color of his wo#nd appears on the da of 8#dgment as the color of blood and his scent appears as the scent of m#sk.On the a#thorit of Anas! ma Allah be pleased with him! who said1 *' paternal #ncle Anas bin al .adir was absent from the battle of 4adr! and he said1 *O 'essenger of Allah! I was absent from the first battle in which o# fo#ght the pol theists b#t if Allah provides me with a second opport#nit to participate in a battle with the pol theists! then Allah will witness m actions!- And when the (a of &h#d arrived and the '#slims retreated! he said1 *O Allah! I ask o# to forgive m brothers for their actions and I eAc#se m self from the actions of the pol theists!- Then he r#shed forward and met $a'd bin '#-aadh and said1 *O $a-d bin '#-aadh! b Allah I smell its scent from below &h#d!-. $a'd said1 *O 'essenger of Allah! I co#ld not do what he did.- Anas said1 *We fo#nd him with some eight wo#nds either from swords! spears or arrows. We fo#nd him m#rdered and m#tilated b the pol theists. .o one recogniCed him eAcept his sister! and even she recogniCed him b his fingers.- Anas said1 *We #sed to think! or s#ppose! that this verse came down concerning him and people like him1 *Among the believers are men who have been tr#e to their covenant with Allah..- #p to the end of the verse +The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 55105,.-. +<eported in Al 4#khari, )n the authority of Umm 0aritha $int .uraa3ah% she went to the /ro!het sallallahu alayhi wasalam, and said; +) /ro!het of Allah, can you tell me a$out 0aritha 6a stray arrow had struck him $efore the day of Badr7A 2or if he is in /aradise, I will $ear his loss !atiently. But if he is not there, I shall wee! for him,. 0e said; *O mother of Haritha! there are man gardens in ?aradise and o#r son is in @irdaws +the highest level,...+<eported in Al 4#khari,

Brother, see how /aradise made these com!anions forget their cares and misfortunes, and ena$led them to !erse#ere e#en through ad#ersities. )n the authority of 5A$dullah $in A$i Awfa, radiallahu anhu,; +The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *"et it be known that ?aradise lies in the shadows of the swords.+<eported in Al 4#khari! '#slim and Ab# (awood, )n the authority of Bayd $in 1halid al 'uhani, radiallahu anhu; +The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *He who provides for a '#8ahid in the Wa of Allah the Almight ! it is as if he himself has made 8ihad; and he who has s#pported the famil of a '#8ahid with an act of goodness! it is as if he himself has made 8ihad.- +That is to sa he obtains the reward for it,

+<eported in Al 4#khari! '#slim! Ab# (awood and Al%Tirmidhee, )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu; +The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *He who o#t of faith in Allah and a firm belief in His promise prepares a horse while waiting for 8ihad then its feeding and drinking and its d#ng are all in his favor on the da of <es#rrection.+<eported in Al 4#khari, This is, of course, true for all ty!es of wealth 6like the horse7 gi#en in the way of Allah; )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu, it was said; *O 'essenger of Allah! what is eD#al in reward to 8ihad in Allah's Wa .- He said1 *Jo# cannot do it.4#t the bro#ght #p the same thing before him two or three times more! and he said1 *Jo# cannot do it.- Then he said1 *The eD#al of the '#8ahid in Allah's wa is he who fasts and stands in worship thro#gho#t the night reciting Allah's verses witho#t becoming tired #ntil the '#8ahid in Allah's wa ret#rns.+<eported in Al 4#khari! '#slim! An%.isaa-i ! Ibn 'a8ah! and At Tirmidhee, )n the authority of A$u .a,eed al 1hudari, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *$hall I tell o# who is the best of men and who is the worstG Among the best of men is he who is active in Allah's wa on the back of his horse or camel! or on foot! #ntil death comes to him. And among the worst of men is he who reads the 4ook of Allah Almight ! and remains #nenlightened +he does not check himself! nor does he admonish and reprove himself,.+<eported in An%.isaa'i,

)n the authority of I$n A$$as, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam say; *There are two e es which the @ire shall not to#ch1 the e e which wept for fear of Allah! and the e e which passed the night on g#ard in the wa of Allah Almight .+<eported in Tirmidhee, )n the authority of A$u +Umayra, radiallahu anhu; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *It is dearer to me that I die in the Wa of Allah than that if the entire wealth of the world were to become mine.+<eported in An .isaa-i, )n the authority of Rashid i$n .a,d, radiallahu anhu, on the authority of one of the com!anions, that a man said; *O 'essenger of Allah! how is it that the believers will be p#t to the test in their graves! b#t the mart r is freeG- The 'essenger said1 *The glittering of swords over his head is a s#fficient test for him!+<eported in An .isaa-i, )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *The mart r feels nothing more from the pain of sla#ghter than an one of o# feels from the sting of a gnat.+<eported in At Tirmidhee! An .isaa-i and Al (armi. At Tirmidhee designates this as Hasan Eharib, )n the authority of I$n Mas,ud, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *O#r "ord +$WT, is pleased with a man campaigning in Allah 's wa ! who! when his companions are driven back! and knowing that the odds are against him! nevertheless ret#rns to the battlefield #ntil he is killed. Then Allah sa s to the angels1 H$ee how ' servant ret#rned to the battle field o#t of his desire for the reward that I provide and o#t of his fear from m p#nishments #ntil he was killed. I call on o# to witness that I have forgiven him.)n the authority of +A$d al 1hayr $in Tha$it, on the authority of his father, on the authority of his grandfather, who said; 9A woman came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam named Umm 1halid, wearing a #eil, in order to ask him a$out a son of hers who had $een slain in the way of Allah subhana wa ta’alaa....The /ro!het of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said to her; *Jo#r son has the reward of two mart rs.- $he asked1 *Wh GH He said1 *4eca#se he was killed b ?eople of the 4ook.+<eported in Ab# (awood, )n the authority of .ahl $in 0unayf, radiallahu anhu; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said;

*He who asks Allah Almight for mart rdom with sincerit ! will be bro#ght b Allah to the mansions of the mart rs! tho#gh he ma die on his bed.+<eported in '#slim! An .isaa-i! Ibn 'a8ah! and At Tirmidhee! Ab# (awood, )n the authority of 1huraym i$n 2atik, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *He who spends a s#m in the wa of Allah Almight will have it accredited to his acco#nt seven h#ndred fold.+<eported in At%Tirmidhee! who classed it as Hasan and also b An .isaa-i,. )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9)ne of the &om!anions of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam !assed $y a ra#ine in which there was a small fount of fresh water. 0e was greatly !leased $y this, and said to himself; +*hat if I were to withdraw from mankind and li#e in this ra#ineA, 0e mentioned this to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam, who said; *(on't do it! When one of o# takes his place in Allah's wa ! it is more eAcellent than if he pra ed in his ho#se for sevent ears. (o o# not wish for Allah to forgive o# and bring o# into ?aradiseG =ampaign in Allah's wa 1 he who fights in Allah's wa mo#nted on a camel m#st necessaril enter ?aradise.+<eported in At Tirmidhee., )n the authority of Al-Mi3dam i$n Ma,ad i$n 8akri$, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *The mart r possesses siA distinctions with respect to Allah1 he is forgiven! amongst the first to be forgiven; he is shown his place in ?aradise; he is not p#nished in the Erave; he is sec#re from the s#preme terror of the da of 8#dgment; the crown of dignit is placed on his head! a single r#b of which is more precio#s than the entire world and all it contains; he is wedded to sevent %two of the women of heaven; and he ma intercede for sevent of his relatives.+<eported in At%Tirmidhee and Ibn 'a8ah, )n the authority of A$u 0urayrah, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *He who meets Allah with no trace of 8ihad on him will meet Allah with a flaw in him.+<eported in Al%Tirmidhee and Ibn 'a8ah, )n the authority of Anas, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *He who seeks mart rdom sincerel will be granted it! tho#gh it ma never to#ch him.+<eported in '#slim, )n the authority of Uthman i$n Affan, radiallahu anhu, on the authority of the /ro!het sallallahu alayhi wasalam, who said;

*He who keeps g#ard for one night in the wa of Allah s#bhana wa ta-alaa will be credited with a tho#sand nights of fasting and standing in pra er.+<eported in Ibn 'a8ah, )n the authority of A$ul-Cardaa,, radiallahu anhu, 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *A campaign b sea is the eD#ivalent of ten campaigns b land1 he who is tossed abo#t at sea is like one who wallows in his blood in the wa of Allah s#bhana wa ta-alaa.+<eported in Ibn 'a8ah, This tradition honors the sea cam!aign, and the Ummah must !roceed from this to !rotect its coastline and strengthen its fleet. This a!!lies $y analogy to the air as well, and Allah will increase the reward of those who cam!aign $y air in 0is way many times o#er. )n the authority of 'a$ir i$n A$dullah, radiallahu anhu, who said; 9*hen A$d Allah $in +Amr $in 0aram was slain on the Cay of Uhud, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *O )abir! shall I tell o# what Allah s#bhana wa ta-alaa said to o#r fatherG I said1 *Jes indeed!- He said1 *Allah speaks to no%one save from behind a veil! b#t He spoke to o#r father face%to%face! sa ing1 HO ' servant! ask of 'e what tho# wilt! and it shall be granted.H He said1 HO "ord! grant me life! that I ma be slain for Thee for a second time!H He said1 H4#t I have alread decreed that the shall not ret#rn #nto it.H He said1 HO "ord! let them know who are KleftL behind me.H $o Allah s#bhana wa ta-alaa sent down these verses HThink not of those who are killed in the wa of Allah as dead...H +The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 51239, And so on #p to the end of the verse. +<eported in Ibn 'a8ah, )n the authority of Anas, on the authority of his father radiallahu anhum, on the authority of the /ro!het sallallahu alayhi wasalam, who said; *It is more pleasing to me to accompan a fighter in Allah's wa and to help him on his 8o#rne ! departing or ret#rning! than this world and what it contains.+<eported in Ibn 'a8ah, )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *Allah's g#ests are three1 the '#8ahid! the ha8i! and the one who intends to perform #mra.+<eported in '#slim, )n the authority of A$ul-Cardaa,, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *The mart r will intercede on behalf of sevent of his famil .+<eported in Ab# (awood,

)n the authority of A$dullah i$n +Umar, who said; 9The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; *When o# deal in hidden <iba! and are f#ll occ#pied in o#r own life and give #p 8ihad; Then Allah shall cover o# with s#ch disgrace! as wo#ld not be removed! #ntil o# wo#ld ret#rn to o#r religion again.+<eported in Ahmad and Ab# (awood! and attested as to its a#thenticit b Al%Hakim, )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu, who said; HThe 'essenger of Allah +?4&H, and his =ompanions set o#t in a h#rr so that the reached 4adr ahead of the pol theists. The pol theists arrived! and the 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam said1 *<ise to the ?aradise! whose width embraces the heavens and the earth!H &ma r bin al H#mam said1 *H#rrah!- The 'essenger of Allah +?4&H, said1 *What impels o# to sa HH#rrah! h#rrah!H He said1 *.othing! O 'essenger of Allah! eAcept the hope that I ma be one of its people.- He said1 *Jo# are indeed one of its people.-H He +Ab# H#ra rah, said1 HAnd he K&ma rL took o#t some dates from his D#iver and began eating them. Then he said1 *If I live long eno#gh to eat all m dates! m life will indeed be a long one!- $o he fl#ng awa the remaining dates! and fo#ght #ntil he was slain.H +<eported in '#slim, )n the authority of A$u Imran, who said; HWe were at the cit of <#m! and the sent o#t a might regiment of 4 Cantinian soldiers against #s. A like n#mber of '#slims! and even more! came o#t against them. *&Dbah ibn Amir was at the head of the Ig ptians! and @adaala bin &ba d was the head of the entire force. One of the '#slims r#shed and attacked the 4 Cantinian regiment #ntil he passed thro#gh it. The '#slims sho#ted and said1 *Elor be to Allah! He has cast himself into annihilation!- 4#t Ab# A #b al Ansari rose and said1 *'en! o# interpret this verse in this manner! b#t it was sent down concerning onl #s! the band of the Ansar. When Allah made Islam powerf#l and its defenders grew n#mero#s! some of #s said to others in secrec ! b#t not to the 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam1 HWe lost o#r wealth at the earlier periods! and then later Allah Almight made Islam powerf#l and its defenders became man . What if we were to settle down to regain o#r lost wealthGH $o Eod Almight sent down an answer! reb#tting what we had said! to His ?rophet1 *and make not o#r own hands contrib#te to + o#r, destr#ction.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 01296,. The destr#ction referred to o#r settling down with o#r wealth! while working to increase it! and abandoning 8ihad. And Ab# A #b contin#ed in Eod's wa #ntil he was b#ried in the land of <#m.H +<eported in Tirmidhee, (otice, $rother, that A$u Ayyu$ said this in his old age, he had !assed the e#ening of life and entered into the night of life yet his s!irit remained young while his faith yearned for the return of the might and the grandeur of Islam.

)n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu, on the authority of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasalam, that he said; *He who dies witho#t having gone on campaign! and witho#t having eAhorted himself to do so! dies in a state of h pocris .+<eported in '#slim! Ab# (awood! and there are man reports of the same meaning, There are many !recious Ahaadeeth on this su$ ect which contain guidance or commandments regarding ihad. They are so numerous though that e#en a large $ook would not suffice to co#er them. But otherwise "Al-’Ibrata Feema Warada ‘Anillahi wa Rasulihi i al !ha"wu wal #ihad wal $i%ra" 6The *isdom in *hat *as Transmitted in the -ur,an and .unnah a$out 2ighting, 'ihad and 0i rah7, $y 0asan .idi3 1han, who is s!eciali4ed in this research, and "&ashari’ alAshwa' ila &asari’ al-’Asha' wa &atheer al-!haram ila (ar as-)alam" and what has come in the $ooks of Ahaadeeth, in the sections on ihad, you will see a lot of good.


I ha#e ust !resented to you some #erses from the (o$le -ur5an and the (o$le Ahaadeeth concerning the im!ortance of ihad. (ow I would like to !resent to you some of the o!inions from uris!rudence of the Islamic .chools of Thought including some latter day authorities regarding the rules of ihad and the necessity for !re!aredness. 2rom this we will come to reali4e how far the Ummah has de#iated in its !ractice of Islam as can $e seen from the consensus of its scholars on the 3uestion of ihad. The author of the 9&a%ma* al-Anhar i )harh &ulta'al-Abhar9, in descri$ing the rules of ihad according to the 0anafi .chool, said; 9'ihad linguistically means to e"ert one5s utmost effort in word and action% in the .hariah it is the fighting of the un$elie#ers, and in#ol#es all !ossi$le efforts that are necessary to dismantle the !ower of the enemies of Islam including $eating them, !lundering their wealth, destroying their !laces of worshi! and smashing their idols. This means that ihad is to stri#e to the utmost to ensure the strength of Islam $y such means as fighting those who fight you and the dhimmies 6if they #iolate any of the terms of the treaty7 and the a!ostates 6who are the worst of un$elie#ers, for they dis$elie#ed after they ha#e affirmed their $elief7. It is fard (i.e. obli+atory) on us to fight with the enemies. The Imam must send a military e"!edition to the Car-al-0ar$ e#ery year at least once or twice, and the !eo!le must su!!ort him in this. If some of the !eo!le fulfill the o$ligation, the remainder are released from the o$ligation. If this ard ,i ayah (i.e. -ommunal obli+ation) cannot $e fulfilled $y that grou!, then the res!onsi$ility lies with the closest ad acent grou!, and then the closest after that etc., and if the ard ,i ayah cannot $e fulfilled e"ce!t $y all the !eo!le, it then $ecomes a ard ‘ayn 6i.e. indi.idual obli+ation), like !rayer on e#eryone of the !eo!le. This o$ligation is $y #irtue of what 0e, subhana wa ta’alaa, said; *Then fight the pol theists...!+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 916, And $y what the /ro!het sallallahu alayhi wasalam said; ‘#ihad is in e e-t until the (ay o #ud+ment’ If the whole $ody ?of $elie#ers@ a$andons it, they are in a state of sin, 6u! to where the author of the $ook says; +If the enemy con3uers any territory of Islam, or any regions of it, it $ecomes a ard ‘ayn, and the woman and the sla#e shall go forth without the !ermission of hus$and or master. In the same way, the child shall go forth without the !ermission of his !arents, and the de$tor without the !ermission of his creditor., And in the /itab al 0ahr; *$ho#ld a '#slim woman be capt#red in the Iast! it is inc#mbent on the people of the West to resc#e her #nless she is taken to the stronghold cities of the enemies! and it becomes impossible to free her.The author of the 90ul+hat al-)ali, li A'rab al-&asali, i &adhhab al-Imam &ali," said; *)ihad in Allah's wa for the p#rpose of eAalting Allah Almight 's Word ever ear is a fard kifa ah. If some f#lfill it! the remainder are absolved of it. It becomes specificall designated +i.e.! it becomes a fard *a n like pra er and fasting,! when the Imam anno#nces it and the enem attacks the pop#lation of a specific region! where#pon it becomes obligator on them and if this in s#fficient then it becomes

obligator on those in their vicinit . In this case it becomes obligator on the females and the slaves even tho#gh the ma not have the permission of their h#sbands or their masters. It is also obligator on the debtor even tho#gh the lender ma not agree to it. It also becomes fard 'a n on that individ#al who vows to engage in 8ihad. ?arents have the right to forbid their child from taking part in it onl #nder conditions of fard kifa ah. And if a '#slim is held as a prisoner of war b enemies and he does not have eno#gh mone to pa to free himself! then it is obligator on the others to sec#re his release! even if this reD#ires all of the '#slims' wealth.And in Al-&inha% of Imam (awawi of the .hafi5i school; *)ihad d#ring the time of the 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam was a fard kifa ah! tho#gh it is also alleged that it was a fard *a n. $ince then! there are two conditions relative to the #nbelievers1 If the remain in their own territories! then 8ihad is not an obligation on all '#slims. As long as a s#fficient n#mber of '#slims #ndertake it! the remainder are released from this d#t . If the invade one of o#r territories! its pop#lation are obliged to repel them with all their force. If fighting is possible then fighting becomes an obligation. Iver slave! poor person! son and debtor m#st prepare for war! even tho#gh the ma not have permission..H And in Al-&u+hni of I$n -udama of the 0an$ali school, who said; *)ihad is a fard kifa ah. If a gro#p of people engage in it! the remainder are released. It becomes a fard *a n #nder three conditions1 If two armies meet and two lines of soldiers confront one another! those present are forbidden to leave the battlefield! and it becomes a fard *a n on each one to remain at his station. If the #nbelievers attack a territor ! it is a fard *a n on its pop#lation to fight and repel them. If the Imam calls a gro#p of people to arms! then the m#st 8oin his militar forces. And he sho#ld at least anno#nce )ihad once ever ear.Imam Ahmad $in 0an$al said; *I know of nothing after the divine commandments more eAcellent than 8ihad! and campaigning b sea is more eAcellent than campaigning on land.Anas i$n Malik, radiallahu anhu said; MThe 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam was asleep. Then he awoke la#ghing! and &mm Haram said1 HWhat makes o# la#gh! O 'essenger of AllahGH He said1 H?eople of m &mmah embarked on a militar campaign in Allah's wa ! riding on the s#rface of this sea as kings on their thronesH And at the end of the Tradition, Umm 0aram asked the /ro!het sallallahu alayhi wasalam to $eseech Allah on her $ehalf that she might $e one of them. .o he !rayed for her, and she li#ed long enough to ride u!on the sea in the Muslim fleet which con3uered the island of &y!rus. .he died and was $uried there, may Allah $e !leased with her.

And it says in Al-&uhalla of I$n 0a4m; M)ihad is obligator on the '#slims! b#t if the borders of the '#slims can be protected! the enem can be repelled and fo#ght within his own territor then the remainder of the people are released from it. And if not! then the obligation remains. Eod Almight said1 *Eo e forth! +whether eD#ipped, light or heavil ! and strive and str#ggle! with o#r goods and o#r persons! in the =a#se of Allah!+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 91>2, It is not permissible to participate in 8ihad witho#t the permission of the parent. 4#t if '#slim land is invaded! then it is obligator on those who can help even if their parents do not grant them permission. However! it is not lawf#l for him to abandon his parents if his parents wo#ld s#ffer in his absence.N And Al-.hawkani said in Al-)ayl al-#arrar; *The arg#ments regarding the 8ihad being a religio#s obligation! both in the /#r-an and in the $#nnah! are too n#mero#s to be set down here. .evertheless! it is a fard kifa ah as long as some people are f#lfilling this fard kifa ah then the rest are absolved from the d#t . Otherwise! it is an fard *a n inc#mbent on ever ad#lt b law #ntil the d#t is f#lfilled. $imilarl ! it is a fard *a n also on those people who are ordered to 8ihad b the Imam.The scholarly !eo!le are of one o!inion on this matter as should $e e#ident and this is irres!ecti#e of whether these scholars were &u%tahideen or &u'alideen and it is irres!ecti#e of whether these scholars were .alaf (early) or khalaf (late). They all agreed unanimously that ihad is a ard ,i ayah im!osed u!on the Islamic Ummah in order to s!read the Cawah of Islam, and that ihad is a ard ‘ayn if an enemy attacks Muslim lands. Today, my $rother, the Muslims as you know are forced to $e su$ser#ient $efore others and are ruled $y dis$elie#ers. )ur lands ha#e $een $esieged, and our hurruma*at 6!ersonal !ossessions, res!ect, honor, dignity and !ri#acy7 #iolated. )ur enemies are o#erlooking our affairs, and the rites of our din are under their urisdiction. 8et still the Muslims fail to fulfill the res!onsi$ility of Cawah that is on their shoulders. 0ence in this situation it $ecomes the duty of each and e#ery Muslim to make ihad. 0e should !re!are himself mentally and !hysically such that when comes the decision of Allah, he will $e ready. I should not finish this discussion without mentioning to you that the Muslims, throughout e#ery !eriod of their history 6$efore the !resent !eriod of o!!ression in which their dignity has $een lost7 ha#e ne#er a$andoned ihad nor did they e#er $ecome negligent in its !erformance, not e#en their religious authorities, mystics, craftsmen, etc. They were all always ready and !re!ared. 2or e"am!le, A$dullah i$n al Mu$arak, a #ery learned and !ious man, was a #olunteer in ihad for most of his life, and 5A$dul *ahid $in Bayd, a .ufi and a de#out man, was the same. And in his time, .ha3i3 al Balkhi, the .haykh of the .ufis encouraged his !u!ils towards ihad. And Al Badr al Ayni, the commentator on Al Bukhari (s-holar and muhaddith), would take !art in ihad one year, study for one year and go on !ilgrimage one year, while the udge Asad i$n al 2urat of the Maliki .chool was an admiral in his day and Imam .hafi5i would shoot ten arrows and not miss once.

.uch was the e"am!le set $y the early generations of Muslims , radiallahu anhumD My $rother, how do we com!are with themA


Islam allows ihad and !ermits war until the following -ur5anic #erse is fulfilled; *We will we show them O#r signs in the #niverse! and in their own selves! #ntil it becomes manifest to them that this +the /#r'an, is the tr#th.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah >2165, /eo!le ha#e for some time now ridiculed this $ut today these same !eo!le acknowledge that !re!aration for war is the surest way to !eaceD Allah did not ordain ihad for the Muslims so that it may $e used as a tool of o!!ression or tyranny or so that it may $e used $y some to further their !ersonal gains. Rather ihad is used to safeguard the mission of s!reading Islam. This would guarantee !eace and the means of im!lementing the .u!reme Message. This is a res!onsi$ility which the Muslims $ear, this Message guiding mankind to truth and ustice. 2or Islam, e#en as it ordains ihad, it e"tols !eace; the Blessed and Almighty said; *4#t if the incline to peace! o# also incline to it! and +p#t o#r, tr#st in Allah.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 7132, The Muslims in war had only one concern and this was to make the name of Allah .u!reme, there was no room at all for any other o$ ecti#e. The wish for glory and re!utation were for$idden to the Muslims. The lo#e of wealth, the misa!!ro!riation of the $enefits of war and stri#ing to con3uer through un ust methods are all made for$idden to the Muslim. )nly one intention was !ossi$le and that was the offering of sacrifice and the taking of !ains for the guidance of mankind. )n the authority of Al-0arith $in Muslim, on the authority of his father, who said; *The 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam sent #s on a militar eApedition. When we reached the area to be raided! I #rged on m horse and got ahead of m companions. The people of that area met me with cries of lamentation! and I said to them1 HIf o# sa 1 *There is no god b#t Allah- o# are safe.H $o the said it. ' companions reproached me and said1 HJo# have prevented #s from taking an spoils!H When we came back to the 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam! the told him what I had done. He called me over and fo#nd what I had done praiseworth . Then he said to me1 HAllah Almight has indeed decreed for o# so m#ch and so m#ch reward for ever h#man being.H And he said1 HI m self shall write something for o# in the wa of a beD#est after m death.H He did so! sealed it! and handed it over to me.+<eported in Ab# (awood., And on the authority of .haddad $in al 0adi radiallahu anhu; *A man of the KnomadL Arabs came and believed in the ?rophet sallallah# ala hi wasalam. Then he said1 HI shall emigrate with o#.H And the ?rophet sallallah# ala hi wasalam p#t him into the charge of some of his =ompanions. In a campaign the ?rophet sallallah# ala hi wasalam took some boot and this was divided #p! and he gave him his share. And he +i.e. the Arab, said1 HWhat is thisGH He said1 HI have apportioned it to o#.H He said1 HIt was not for this that I followed o#; rather I followed o# that I might be pierced here +and he motioned with his hand to his neck, with an arrow! and that I might die and enter ?aradise.H He said1 HIf o# are tr#thf#l in what o# have 8#st said! then Allah will f#lfill o#r desire.H $o the remained there for a space; then the rose to do battle with the enem . He was carried over to the ?rophet! having been str#ck with an arrow eAactl where he had pointed. The

?rophet sallallah# ala hi wasalam, said1 HIs it heGH The said1 HJes.H He said1 HHe was tr#thf#l in what he said! so Allah answered him.H Then he was shro#ded in the garment of the ?rophet sallallah# ala hi wasalam! and he +i.e. the ?rophet, walked before him and pra ed over him. This is part of what he said in his pra er1 HO Allah! this is o#r servant who went forth as an Imigrant in o#r wa and was slain a mart r. And I am a witness #nto it.H +<eported in An%.isaa'i, )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu; *A man said1 HO Apostle of Allah! what of a man who wants to engage in 8ihad in Allah's wa ! b#t desires the goods of this worldGH He said1 HThere is no reward for him.H And he +i.e. the man, repeated this D#estion to him three times! b#t he said1 HThere is no reward for him.H+<eported in Ab# (awood, )n the authority of A$u Musa al-Ash5ari, radiallahu anhu, who said; *The Apostle of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam was asked abo#t a man who fights co#rageo#sl ! one who fights Cealo#sl ! and one who fights h pocriticall . Which of these was in the wa of AllahG He said1 HHe who fights so that Allah's Word is the most eAalted is in Allah's wa .H+<eported in '#slim! Ab# (awood! Tirmidhee! An%.isaa'i and Ibn 'a8ah, The com!anions, radiallahu anhum $eha#ior in the $attles and in the territories they con3uered indicates the e"tent to which they a$stained from indulging in their !ersonal desires and cra#ings, and the e"tent of their dedication to their fundamental and original goal; the guidance of mankind to the truth until Allah5s *ord is the most e"alted. The charge of some !eo!le who accuse the com!anions of $eing co#etous of !ower and authority, desirous of gra$$ing countries and ascendancy or that a !assion for earning a li#ing was dri#ing their acti#ities is ludicrous.


The Islamic ihad is the no$lest of endea#ors and its method of reali4ation is the most su$lime and e"alted. 2or Allah has for$idden aggression. 0e, the Almighty, has said; *4#t transgress not the limits. Tr#l ! Allah likes not the transgressors.+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 0129;, And 0e commanded that ustice $e o$ser#ed, e#en towards the enemy and the ad#ersary. 0e subhana wa ta’alaa has said; *And let not the enmit and hatred of others make o# avoid 8#stice. 4e 8#st1 that is nearer to piet .+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 617, Allah instructs the Muslims to act with the utmost mercy. 2or when they fight, they do not instigate hostilities, nor do they steal nor !lunder !ro!erty, nor do they #iolate someone5s honor, nor do they indulge in wanton destruction. In their warfare they are the $est of fighters, ust as in !eace they are the most e"cellent of !eacemakers. )n the authority of Burayda, radiallahu anhu, who said; *Whenever the 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam appointed a commander over an arm or a band of raiders! he told him to remain conscio#s of Allah Almight in his inward self and to remain concerned for the care of the '#slims who were with him. Then he +i.e.! the ?rophet, said1 H$trive in the name of Allah in Allah's wa ! @ight those who disbelieve in Allah1 campaign! b#t do not ind#lge in eAcesses! do not act treachero#sl ! do not m#tilate! and do not sla children.H+<eported in '#slim., )n the authority of A$u 0urayra, radiallahu anhu, who said; *The 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala hi wasalam said1 HWhen one of o# fights! let him avoid KstrikingL the face.H+<eported in 4#khari and '#slim, )n the authority of I$n Mas,ud, radiallahu anhu, who said; HThe 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala
hi wasalam


*The most self%restrained from amongst mankind even at the time of killing are the people of Iman.+<eported in Ab# (awood,

)n the authority of A$dullah $in 8a4id al Ansari, radiallahu anhu, who said; *The 'essenger of Allah sallallah# ala
hi wasalam

forbade pl#ndering and m#tilation.-

+<eported in Al 4#khari, It is for$idden to slay women, children, and old !eo!le, to kill the wounded, or to distur$ monks, hermits, and the !eaceful who offer no resistance. &ontrast this mercy with the murderous warfare of the +ci#ili4ed, !eo!le and their terri$le atrocitiesD &om!are their international law alongside this all-em$racing, di#inely ordained usticeD ) Allah , $less the Muslims with a correct understanding of the deen, and sa#e the world from these in ustices with the enlightenment of IslamD

Many Muslims today mistakenly $elie#e that fighting the enemy is %ihad As+har (i.e. a lesser %ihad) and that fighting one5s ego is %ihad A,bar (i.e. a +reater %ihad). The following narration ?athar@ is

3uoted as !roof; HWe have ret#rned from the lesser 8ihad to embark on the greater 8ihad.H They said; HWhat is the greater 8ihadGH 0e said1 HThe 8ihad of the heart! or the 8ihad against one's ego.H This narration is used $y some to lessen the im!ortance of fighting, to discourage any !re!aration for com$at, and to deter any offering of ihad in Allah5s way. This narration is ()* a )aheeh (i.e. authenti-) tradition; The !rominent muhaddith Al 0afi4 i$n 0a ar al-As3alani said in the 1asdid al-2aws; *It is well known and often repeated! and was a sa ing of Ibrahim ibn 'Abla.Al 0afi4 Al Ira3i said in the 1a,hri% Ahadith al-Ahya’; *Al 4a haDi transmitted it with a weak chain of narrators on the a#thorit of )abir! and Al Bhatib transmitted it in his histor on the a#thorit of )abir.(e#ertheless, e#en if it were a sound tradition, it would ne#er warrant a$andoning ihad or !re!aring for it in order to rescue the territories of the Muslims and re!el the attacks of the dis$elie#ers. Eet it $e known that this narration sim!ly em!hasi4es the im!ortance of struggling against one5s ego so that Allah will $e the sole !ur!ose of e#eryone of our actions. )ther associated matters concerning ihad include commanding the good and for$idding the e#il. It is said in the Ahaadeeth; 9)ne of the greatest forms of ihad is to utter a word of truth in the !resence of a tyrannical ruler.9 But nothing com!ares to the honor of shahadah ,ubra 6the su!reme martyrdom7 or the reward that is waiting for the &u%ahideen.


My $rothersD The Ummah that knows how to die a no$le and honora$le death is granted an e"alted life in this world and eternal felicity in the ne"t. Cegradation and dishonor are the results of the lo#e of this world and the fear of death. Therefore !re!are for ihad and $e the lo#ers of death. Eife itself shall come searching after you. My $rother, you should know that one day you will face death and this ominous e#ent can only occur once. If you suffer on this occasion in the way of Allah, it will $e to your $enefit in this world and your reward in the ne"t. And remem$er $rother that nothing can ha!!en without the *ill of Allah; !onder well what Allah, subhana wa ta’alaa, has said; *Then after the distress! He sent down sec#rit for o#. $l#mber overtook a part of o#! while another part was thinking abo#t themselves +as to how to save themselves! ignoring the others and the ?rophet, and tho#ght wrongl of Allah % the tho#ght of ignorance. The said! HHave we an part in the affairGH $a o# +O '#hammad,1 HIndeed the affair belongs wholl to Allah.H The hide within themselves what the dare not reveal to o#! sa ing1 HIf we had an thing to do with the affair! none of #s wo#ld have been killed here.H $a 1 HIven if o# had remained in o#r homes! those for whom death was decreed wo#ld certainl have gone forth to the place of their death1 b#t that Allah might test what is in o#r hearts; and to p#rif that which was in o#r hearts +sins,! and Allah is All%Bnower of what is in + o#r, hearts.H+The .oble /#r-an! $#rah 5126>, 8ou should yearn for an honora$le death and you will gain !erfect ha!!iness. May Allah grant myself and yours the honor of martyrdom in 0is wayD $ha kh #l%Islam $haheed Hassan al%4anna