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SELF-CHECK UNIT TEST 7 Answer on a separate sheet of paper. Then check your answers. Follow the examples.


1 Rephrase the sentences.

(5 points)

3 Match the two parts of the sentences. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1-a I dont think Id be surprised I cant really see I doubt Theres not much chance of I dont believe

1 2 3 4 5

Zero waste not only helps the environment but it can also make money. Not only does zero waste help the environment but it can also make money. He has never failed any exams in his life. Never . I rarely eat in restaurants. Rarely . Well only be able to save our planet if we manage to maintain balanced ecosystems. Only if . I had no sooner gone out than it started to rain. No sooner . The weather was not even good in July last year. I hope next summer will be different. Not even . (10 points)
Change the sentences to reported speech using the prompts in brackets.

a) that community project will work out. b) whether he will come today. c) the new environmental measures will save the endangered species in the area. d) how theyll manage to finish on time. e) if the campaign was successful. f) any government using alternative energies in the near future. VOCABULARY


Were going to move away from the sea. (We / plan). Were planning to move away from the sea. 1 The best thing you could do would be to stop smoking. (The doctor / recommend / my father). 2 Youd better work harder if you dont want to lose your job. (The manager / advise / his secretary). 3 I really think you should study medicine. (Our teacher / encourage / us ). 4 Ill give you a hand with your homework. Dont worry. (He / offer / them). 5 Can we smoke in here? (We / want to know). 6 I can assure you I wont do it again. (He / promise / us). 7 Are we allowed to go in now? (We / wonder). 8 Lets go to the cinema. (My friends / suggest / us). 9 Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow? (My girlfriend / invite / me). 10 Will Mary come with us? (John / ask / Tom)

(20 points)

1 Match the words with similar meanings. deforestation / in danger / destroy / habitat / wood / rubbish / under threat / wipe out / timber / litter / ecosystem / cutting down of trees 2 Math the words in the columns. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1-a tropical climate global greenhouse rain land-based balanced acid carbon recycling ozone a) forest b) forest c) rain d) species e) layer f) containers g) dioxide h) warming i) ecosystem j) change k) effect

Framework 4 Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing

3 Complete the sentences with the words from the box. disappear / floods / drought / pollution / recycling / throw away / biodiversity / endangered / raise awareness / wildlife / extinction Many forms of life will disappear from Earth if we keep damaging their ecosystems. 1 Due to the greenhouse effect, violent storms are causing enormous that destroy many areas. 2 in Mexico City is terrible. People have to wear masks in certain areas. 3 Dont that bottle. You should recycle it. 4 Some animals face because of the destruction of their natural habitat. 5 species will be wiped out if human beings dont change their lifestyle. 6 The key to the preservation of nature in our planet lies on . 7 Coral ecosystems probably provide the greatest on Earth, rivalling that of rainforests. 8 The area has been affected by such a severe that water has to be supplied in tankers. 9 Greenpeace develops community projects to of ecological problems affecting our planet. 10 The use of pesticides threatens in the area. 4
Put the words in the right columns.

HOLIDAYS (5 points) 5 Match the words in the box and the phrases. holiday / Inter-rail / camping holiday / package tour / touring holiday / cruise / travel industry / ecotourism / tourist destination / skiing holiday / study holiday 1 Tent, caravan, sleeping bag. 2 Snow-covered mountains. 3 Travelling by train. 4 Tour operators. 5 Luxury ship. 6 Accommodation, food and lodging included. 7 Sightseeing. 8 Holiday resort. 9 Environmentally-friendly holidays. 10 Scientific investigation. ERROR ANALYSIS (5 points)
Find and correct the mistakes

1 2 3 4 5

carbon dioxide / trash / landfills / garbage / sewage / oil slick / dust / smoke / aerosols / fires / CFCs Air pollution carbon dioxide Soil pollution Water pollution

Im planning going to go to England soon. Not only hes friendly but also very attractive. The protection of wildlife in this area depends of the control of illegal hunting I strongly recommend you to taking a holiday. I was wondering that youll come here soon. There isnt much chance of survive for some species. TOTAL POINTS: ________ / 50

Framework 4 Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing


11 Never has he failed any exams in his life.

2 Rarely do I eat in restaurants. 3 Only if we manage to maintain balanced ecosystems will we be able to save our planet. 4 No sooner had I gone out than it started to rain. 5 Not even in July was the weather good last summer. 21 The doctor recommended that my father stop smoking. 2 The manager advised his secretary to work harder if she didnt want to lose her job. 3 Our teacher encouraged us to study medicine. 4 He offered them a hand with their homework. 5 We want /(ed) to know if we can / could smoke in here. 6 He promised us not to do it again. 7 We were / are wondering if we were / are allowed in there. 8 My friends suggested (that) we go to the cinema. 9 My girlfriend invited me to have dinner tomorrow / the next day. 10 John asked Tom if Mary would go with them. 3 2-e, 3-d, 4-b, 5-f, 6-c VOCABULARY

1 in danger = under threat

destroy = wipe out habitat = ecosystem wood = timber rubbish = litter 2 2-j, 3-h, 4-k, 5-b, 6-d, 7-i, 8-c, 9-g, 10-f, 11-e 3 1 floods 2 pollution 3 throw away 4 extinction 5 endangered 6 recycling 7 biodiversity 8 drought 9 raise awareness 10 wildlife 4 Air pollution: dust, smoke, aerosols, fires, CFCs. Soil pollution: trash, landfills, garbage, fires. Water pollution: sewage, oil slick. 5 1 camping holiday 2 skiing holiday 3 Inter-rail 4 travel industry 5 cruise 6 package tour 7 touring holiday 8 tourist destination 9 ecotourism 10 study holiday ERROR 1 Not only is he friendly but also very attractive. 2 The protection of wildlife in this area depends on the control of illegal hunting. 3 I strongly recommend you to take a holiday. 4 I was wondering if youll come here soon. 5 There isnt much chance of surviving / survival for some species.

Framework 4 Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing