Story of Ekalavya Stories from Mahabharata


there lived a small bright boy. Acharya Drona would not accept Eklavya as his disciple. Eklavya did not like this. "O young man. Near his house. He attributed his success to his Guru Dronacharya. he shut the mouth of the dog with an arrow! Dronacharya and Arjuna were surprised to see the dog with his mouth sealed with an arrow! Naturally the curious Arjuna asked his Gurudev as to who could have done this delicate job. He had great desire to learn the art of archery from Dronacharya. this devotee put flower and natural perfumes in front of this image and took Self-Lessons in the art of bow and arrow. the boy Eklavya was more that overjoyed and said. who has taught you such wonderful skills in archery! Who is your Guru?" Seeing the Guru in front of him. One day. They decided to trace this skillful fellow and reached the spot where Eklavya was practicing wonders with his bow and arrow in front of the clay image of Drona. morning and evening. under a tree Eklavya installed a clay idol of Dronacharya that he worshiped as his Guru! Daily. where Arjuna and his brothers used to take lessons in various arts.Guru-Dakshina!" 2 .Near the ashrama of Drona. Dronacharya went to Eklavya and said. as it happened. But his mother had told him that as a shudra. this all is your grace! I worship you as my Guru. Even Dronacharya was amazed and knew the archer must be exceptionally skilled artist. and said. Hence the Guru thought for awhile and came to a decision to remove Eklavya as a competitor to Arjuna. It was futile to dream of such a privilege. The talented young Eklavya soon acquired high knowledge in archery. Look you are there in that image!" Dronacharya was pleased with the dedication of Eklavya. But as is customary. "I bless you my son. "Why. shudra by caste (lower caste). Acharya Drona and Arjuna were passing near the hut of Eklavya. his determination knew no bounds. Dronacharya loved Arjuna very much and had declared him to be the best archer on the earth. His name was Eklavya. He realized that Eklavya was superior to Arjuna in some respects. It was pleasant and peaceful afternoon and people were taking rest. won't you give me my fees . and therefore. But the boy was not be put off. O Gurudev. It took no time for Dronacharya to understand the situation. But the tranquility and silence was broken by constant barking of a dog.

"O Eklavya. he cut his right thumb and placed at the feet of Dronacharya. I want the thumb of your right hand as my fees – GuruDakshina. I am pleased with your respect for Guru.pne 3 . Cnu. this humble disciple of yours will try his utmost to offer you as GuruDakshina! I am blessed. cheerfully and without protest. "O Honorable Teacher.] Eklavya was overwhelmed to see Dronacharya had accepted him as his disciple! Out he said." The trees and atmosphere around stood still for a minute! Even Arjuna was stunned on listening to the unusual and almost cruel demand of his Guru. whatever you ask.Guru-Dakshina for the knowledge the Guru has given to the disciple. Guru Drona said. Gods in the heaven silently praised the greatness of Eklavya's sacrifice." And now comes a very touching and pathetic incidence in Mahabharata. To ask for the thumb of an archer was equivalent to almost kill him! How could Dronacharya demand such a heavy prize from one disciple to protect the honor of the other! But Eklavya had no such remorse.[It is customary in India to give to the Guru whatever he demands as his fees . Unruffled and with due humility.

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