Paul University Philippines
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500
MSN- Philosophy of Education St. Paul University Philippines- Quezon City REQUIREMENT/RESEARCH WORK 1. 2. 3. 4. I. What is Philosophy? What is your philosophy in life? What is your philosophy in life as a health provider? Why is it important to have a philosophy?

A. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS BASED FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES AS A HEALTH PROVIDER? BRANCHES OF PHILOSOPHY BRANCH FOCUS GENERAL QUESTIONS QUESTIONS METAPHYSICS Nature of What is the meaning of What experiences as health provider will better Reality existence? enable you to meet the challenges of the real world?


Nature of Knowledge and methods of obtaining knowledge Systematic and orderly reasoning Aims and values of society

What is true?

What is the validity of Nursing Diagnosis in terms of Data Analysis and Problem Identification?

What is the method of reasoning that will lead to the truth? How do we determine what has value, and on what criteria is this judgment based? What is the highest standard of behavior each person should strive to attain? What is beauty?

What process should a researcher use to determine the value of health practices to program participants? What is the value of health education programs to the individual?



Issues of conduct, right and wrong

How can you be an aid in developing ethics among your fellow health providers and your patients?


Nature of beauty and art

Is there beauty in sickness?

SIDDAYAO MRS. MELISSA B. Among the famous philosophers. Is doing good to others the best medicine to maintain your health? 2.” VI. How does it affect the life of your fellow health providers and your patients?(Choose at least 2) “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What is your greatest achievement in life as a person? Is this achievement guided by your philosophy in life as aperson? VII. BILLY P. Naturalism E.” “The endjustifies the means.” “Honesty is the best policy. Pragmatism D. Which among the following commonly heard sayings are you interested in? How does it affect your life as a person and as a health provider? V. What are the influences of the following traditional philosophies in our health education/health practices today? A. Existentialism IV. B Answer the following questions and justify: 1. B. who do you admire most and how do they affect your life? Prepared by: DR. TUDDAO .II. Idealism B. Realism C. A. Why do nurses need a CODE OF ETHICS? Do you think it is necessary? III.” “Be the best you can be.