CURRICULUM VITAE Debasis hota Information Technology Gajapati , Odi ha , !in"#$%&'' !hone (o) *+%++,-,,'-$+ E"mail) de.

h/office0gmail/com O12ECTIVE
To work in an organization with the objective to implement my skills developed during my professional degree for the best of the organization.

%/$ year of telecommunication industry experience in WCD ! based wireless network.During this period " have been associated with following# • • • $xperience in 3C6MA7-G89&G%etworks &ptimization for Relaince-G 7'olkata8 under :TE from TEC!L. $xperience in WCD !()*+ %etwork &ptimization and Drive test for Reliance-G 71hopal8 under :TE from T$C,-/ $xperience in CD ! %etworks Drive Test and .eport ,reparation Reliance-G 7Indore8/ for

!rofe ional E;perience )"
• Working with To hni<al Engineering Control p=t/ltd/ as 6T Engineer from jul /010 to till date.

In the a.o=e all project ta > completed <ere) • Taking necessary actions like giving mechanical tilt2 .e3orientation of the !ntennas wherever re4uired for solving the coverage problem by drive tests2 for minimizing the interference in the %etwork etc. • Drive test of 5ite for Call &rigination Test2 6and over test 7 Coverage test. • $xtensive routine drive test to look for patches with bad 4uality and poor coverage and subse4uent proposal of new sites or optimization of serving sites. • Cluster drive test and cluster data drive.

• • • •

!nalysis of call drop on day to day basis and resolving the problems of cells having high drops by changing fre4uencies2 getting hardware checked and corrected etc. Drive test for activation of new sites

,reparation of data reports and data analysing. Conducting 5ingle Cell 8unctionality Test .
-G93C6MA drive test.

C3basic2 53 &ffice2 53$xcel2 .  MapInfo Professional 8. ACA6EMIC AUALI?ICATIO(  1/th Class form 5'C*(auto+ college2. !RO2ECT " had a project assignment in final year titled <6tmf teleremote control y temB.ourkela+. @O?T3ARE E5!O@URE Operating y tem) Application @oft<are) 'nowledge of Win/000 and Win=.'ishore Chandra 6ota .3.VARIOUS RF TOOLS WORKED WITH  Tems Version 10. 12.0 SCP  Goo le !ar"# !RO?E@@IO(AL AUALI?ICATIO( 9achelor of $ngineering in "nformation Technology from :.9 6igh 5chool 2paralakhemundi2 affilated to 9oard of E5TRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIE@  !ctive participation in sports2 other activities.T(.5.  /nd prize in impel 4uiz contest held in college.aralakhemundi 2 &disha !ffiliated to 9. !ER@O(AL !RO?ILE %ame obile %o. Date of 9irth 8atherDs name # # # # Debasis 6ota >?1??@)@@0)A? /Bth Dec 1?CC r.0.T.  10th Class form &disha.0. This project is built to control (&%7&88+ our home appliance from anywhere in the world using our cell phone or landline telephone by connecting the device with our phone at the one end and with appliance at another end.9.5  GPS (Garmin) 18. .10.. 2 ..".aralakhemundi affilated to 9oard of &disha.

in3 BA1/00 " believe in my self2 Confidence2 6ardworking2 . %ationality # .a i hota8 .'ishore Chandra 6ota !t#:angam street . .5ex arital 5tatus -anguage known 6obbies # # # # ale 5ingle $nglish2 6indi.-!C$# "ndore 76e. "ndian 5E& r.ermanent !ddress# ajor 5trength 6ECLARATIO( # " consider myself familiar with $lectronics 7 Communications aspect.&diya .laying cricket2 -istening usic. " hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge. " am also confident of my abilities to work in a team and as a.o#paralakhemundi Dist#*ajapati2 .esponsible.