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To obtain a position in information technology ind stry !hich ma"es se of my "no!ledge and e#perience by ser$ing best comm nications technology channels to the !orld. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIO S %isciplinary &rofile 'aster in (ireless )omm nication *ngineering +2,,9-2,1,. /ni$ersity 0 /ni$ersity of 1reen!ich2 345%452 /6 7ac lty 0 (ireless )omm nication system *ngineering. %isciplinary &rofile 8achelor of *ngineering +2,,9-2,,9. /ni$ersity 0 :5%;<: /ni$ersity-=5%=: 7ac lty 0 *lectronics and comm nication *ngineering +*)*.. %isciplinary &rofile =ntermediate +2,,>-2,,9. )ollege 0 5arayana ?r college 7ac lty 0 '.&.)

#$ Idea %ella& ' H(de&abad "o)i*ion held0 RF en+inee& >1 @21 D,&a*ion o- .o&/0 7eb 2,11 A present Re)0on)ibili*ie):  &erforming and e$al ating $oice2 data and $ideo calls sing T*'B =5C*BT=1:T=45.  )ollection of 3i$e 5et!or" %ata sing T*'B =5C*BT=1:T=45 Tool and analysing the performance of the net!or". 7inally deri$ing a comparison and s ggesting 6ey parameters settings for =mpro$ement.  &erforming the cl ster dri$e and chec"ing 6&= +"ey performance indicators. li"e signal strength2 noise @ transmitter po!er at different places in idle and dedicated mode.

1. Network Performance Service. %atabase 0 BD32 'B 4ffice &rogramming 3ang ages 0 )2 )FF Testing 0 T*'B2 &robe ..  Implement BTS /DT/Network Planning & Optimization.  *ns re des"top comp ters interconnect seamlessly !ith di$erse systems incl ding associated $alidation systems2 file ser$ers2 email ser$ers2 comp ter conferencing systems2 application ser$ers2 and administrati$e systems. A %*)2.. Re)0on)ibili*ie):  =nteract !ith n mero s comp ter platforms in a m lti-layered client ser$er en$ironment.  8e a$ailable at all times for any assistance.&a*ion o.  (or"s !ith . /sing T*'B performed site sha"edo!n for s ccessf l integration.. COM"UTER S5ILLS 4perating Bystem 0 (indo!s 5T2 (indo!s 98E2. 5e( d.*ie) and Re)0on)ibili*(  *ns re great prod ct and great c stomer ser$ice is offered at all times.  :ssists in maintaining 3:5E(:5 records and2 as appropriate2 telephone systems cable.o&/0 +4ct 2.1.  8eing a role model for the team by follo!ing the right policies and proced res.  *ns re smooth r nning of the shift.  &ro$ide all the team members !ith necessary tools and reso rces.2 (ido!s Cista. "o)i*ion held0 ?r. Network design & Transmission planning. %es"top *ngineer D. &erforming )o$erage2 D ality @ .ando$er tests sing T*'B in$estigation  1i$ing ne! plans for site &lans.  <ecommends and E or performs pgrades on systems to ens re longe$ity. "1234"&o%*e& 1 2amble..elp %es" and 5et!or" 4perations staff as appropriate to determine and resol$e problems recei$ed from clients. icrowave !inking and BTS pro"ects# 2.

mbe& : .a+e : )ric"et2 ' sic2 Tra$eling2 )hatting !ith 7riends.n E3Mail Hobbie) .:5G:3: '4.:''*% : 9948762621 : *nglish2 /rd 2 ."ERSO AL "ROFILE      ame "hone . Lan+.indi2 Tel g : hanzala_mohammed@yahoo.