K.Vijaya kumar, s/o Mojes, indira nagar colony, Medikondure post& mandal, $untur dist.

Email:!" %ell &o: '!( !)*+,-(.)(

Seeking /or a position to utili0e my skills and a1ilities in t2e industry t2at o//ers pro/essional gro3t2 32ile 1eing gro3t2 32ile 1eing resource/ul, inno iati e and /le4i1le.


S.S.% /rom 5.6.7 Sc2ool, Medikondure.

8iploma in Electronics and %ommunication Engineering 98E%E:, in $.M.R polytec2nic Raja2mundry. ;.<ec2 in Electronics and %ommunication Engineering 9E%E:, in ;.V.%.=.<.S >malapuram.

 "perating systems : MS?8@S, Aindo3s !B, Aindo3s C6.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: ) Dears o/ e4perience in <elecom industry.
PRESENT EMPLOYER: Employer Vendor 6osition Job profil     =nstallation and commissioning o/ &okia, 7ue3ai and Ericcsson ;<S. =nstallation and commissioning o/ &E% 2ops9S87 & 687 (-&(B$75: "..m,".Bm,(.)m,(.Bm antennas. %oordinating and supporting and implementation Engineers in Minting Euality at ne3 sites and site 3orks done in time to meet project roolout. Maintaining Fuality at sites 1y coordinating 3it2 implementation engineers : >dit2ya <ele ser ices pri ate limited 9&E% 7ops:, 7yd. : <><>. : 6roject %oordinator.

M/A9&E% "..attery . Won prizes at school level in various co-curricular activities Got state ranks in various competitions held at state level in school days Deputy School Pupil Leader in school days Pro ect leader for all my pro ects STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: . <elecom and 8ata %a1le laying.    %onnectorisation & Eart2ing.O!"#oor I$%"&ll&"io$ A'"i(i"i %:    Aorked on to3ers up?to B" mts. .ank installation. mts to (. Mu4 =nstallation & Krooning.B mts $rid (. I$#oor I$%"&ll&"io$ A'"i(i"i %:       %a1le <ray installation. STREN)T*S: • • • • • Good oral and Written communications Skills helped me inbeing in active member of my team. Geeder %a1le 2oisting.<S =nstallion & =nternal Airing. installations. M/A >ntenna >lignment. >%/8%/6%M/$round %a1ling Iaying & routing. .H(/). M/A9>ccess Radio:/88G =nstallation. +/B & (?(/*H.) mts. (?-/B. to * mts: and $SM and M/A antenna 2oisting and installation.

Vijaya Kumar : $. %o es2 /ndhira !agar 8olony2 %1D/$9!D.< 5ndhra Pradesh-(==>?+ DECLARATION: / here by declare that all the information provided by me is true to the best of my kno0ledge.= 3is2 to ser e t2e organi0ation to my 1est 3it2out t2e precedence to my sel/ interest and put all my e//orts in 1ringing credit to t2e organi0ation.%o es : '(-)*-'*+. PERSONAL PROFILE: !ame "ather#s !ame Date of &irth Se%arital Status !ationality : K. DATE: PLACE: (K. Languages kno0n : 1nglish2 3elugu2 4indi Permanent 5ddress : $. : %ale : .2 Guntur..:.Dist. : /ndian.nmarried. 6i aya $umar2 S7o $..VIJAYA KUMAR) .