The Invitation of Heaven 6-3-01 Isaiah 55 There is one word that rings throughout the universe today – a word from

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a word from the cloud of witnesses that surround us this moment. It will not resound forever – like the holy, holy, holy around the throne. It is a word for today, for this age, for this moment in eternity. It is the word come!. Isaiah often forwarded a message from "od that tells us we need to listen. If we listen we hear the call, come!. Here in #ri$ona we live in a climate very similar to Israel. #s I prepare this message for you today the outside temperature is over %&& degrees. The wind is warm and steady. 'hile working this morning I consumed several (uarts of water, and upon return home at least another (uart. 'ithout that water I would )e increasingly uncomforta)le, eventually misera)le, until heat stroke would set in with a severe headache and nausea and disorientation. This is the kind of world in which the words Isaiah wrote were first read. *ot only is it a hot and dry place physically )ut the people were spiritually dry. +Isa ,%-%.,%/0 # drink of cool refreshing water would )e the most wonderful thing one could imagine. Have you )een in that kind of spiritual state in which a word of comfort from the 1234 would end the dry thirst that has consumed your thoughts and emotions5 +6s 78-%0 Then if we will still our souls and listen we will hear the call of Isaiah 55-% +*I90 1 :;ome, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters< and you who have no money, come, )uy and eat= ;ome, )uy wine and milk without money and without cost.! #nd where are we )eing called to come5 'here is the water5 >ohn .-8.)?8/ +*I90 >esus said :If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. 38 'hoever )elieves in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.! ;ome to me and drink! >esus says. That is where the cool refreshing waters of life are. The prophet @$ekiel saw the heavenly throne and out from under it flows a river that )rings life wherever it goes. 3emem)er >esus is at "odAs right hand upon the throne. He is the source. 3ev BB-% So if we will hear the call and come, our thirst will )e (uenched. 'e need no money to eat our fill of the )read of life. He freely gives himself to us. He has paid the price so that we could have the Spirit +the wine0 and the 'ord +the milk0. >ust )ecause it is free to us we are tempted to take it lightly. If something is free we tend not to value it. Cut the price of the )read, the wine, the milk was more than we could possi)ly pay – and so it was paid )y "od himself out of his great love for us. 4onAt value it less )ecause it is free. 3eali$e the price paid was more than you could ever afford, and value it as an incompara)ly precious love gift.

)ut for food that endures to eternal life. 'hy5 So our soul may live.ome to >esus.22 *o enemy will su)Fect him to tri)ute< no wicked man will oppress him. +*I900 That is the ultimate goal of their work.ol 8-%. my faithful love promised to 4avid. +Hag %-70 3 "ive ear and come to me< hear me. and eat what is good. In this #merican culture we often hear the eEpression. give him our ear. They have faith that pleases "od< their focus is the unseen. Here is that dou)le word use of the He)rews that emphasi$ed the importance of the word – listen. )ut one few stop to ask. . His faithful love promised to 4avid will )e yours.0 They work as unto the 1ord. +6s /. #nd so they take their wages and use them as He directs. *ot )ad things in themselves.2 'hy spend money on what is not )read.-. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. )ut if we think they will satisfy. that in them we will find fulfillment. The 3edeemed children of "od go to work to honor and glorify "od. To really live is to know the love of >esus and let Him live in you. and hear Him. listen. to me and eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest fare. and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. That )egins with coming to Him and hearing his words of love and mercy given to you.0 They take seriously the command of their 1ord when He said. The world goes to work day after day )ut there is an eternal difference in the reason. that your soul may live. Here is a part of that promise from 6salms /G-B&?B7 +*I90 1isten to it as from the 1234 to you. Their satisfaction is the fountain of living waters. Their wages earned they consider a gift from "od who gave them the strength and wisdom and talent to work. The feast for our ears is the )est meal imagina)le as opposed to the husks we have )een dining on. listen to me. 23 I . and your la)or on what does not satisfy5 1isten. 'hy waste your time on things that will never feed your eternal soul and work for things that never satisfy5 "ood (uestion. we have another god – an idol. Here is another repetition of the great need of mankind. 20 I have found 4avid my servant< with my sacred oil I have anointed him.21 Dy hand will sustain him< surely my arm will strengthen him. get a life! which implies you are not enFoying life and you need to get out and have fun. which the Son of Dan will give you. It is so urgent that we listen. 'e come. They reali$e all our fresh springs are in thee!. listen. +. )ut to drink and eat what He has for us we must listen. +>ohn 7-B. Some work to earn enough to )uy a car or a house. In reality getting life is to come to >esus and to hear Him. 27 4o not work for food that spoils. If you will do that this verse promises a covenant that never ends – a marriage contract from which He will never )ack away. Some work to earn enough to take a vacation in which they hope to find pleasure. The worldAs idea of life is death in disguise.

The disciples forsook their nets and )oat. and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it )ud and flourish.5 Surely you will summon nations you know not. HIou are my Father.9 :#s the heavens are higher than the earth.: declares the 1234. for we will rule and reign with . 10 #s the rain and the snow come down from heaven. Forsake means to leave )ehind. HeAs calling out to mankind. There is a day coming in which the call to come will go out no more.It will not return to me empty. so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. I have made him a witness to the peoples. 2ur thoughts and ways are so wicked that Isaiah tells us all we should do with them is forsake them. 'hat a wonderful thing to look forward to.: 4 4avid was promised the rule over nations and so are the redeemed. The nations will su)mit themselves to us for they will see the glory of "od upon us. neither are your ways my ways.11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth. Cut then His work in us will )e complete and the world will see that likeness.will crush his foes )efore him and strike down his adversaries. and nations that do not know you will hasten to you. 1et him turn to the 1234. 24 Dy faithful love will )e with him. and to our "od. #s a )ride is the glory of her hus)and so we will )e the glory of >esus. )ut it took 6entecost )efore they forsook their thoughts and ways. for he has endowed you with splendor. :For my thoughts are not your thoughts. 'e are the evil man with evil thoughts. . 7 1et the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. )ut will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. the 3ock my Savior. times it declares the glory and splendor of "od will )e visi)le upon us. . and through my name his horn will )e eEalted. a leader and commander of the peoples. 'e are that wicked man with wicked ways.H ?That is for you if you will Fust come and listen. Cut if we will forsake our thoughts and ways we will find mercy and )e freely pardoned.hrist. 3ight now we often fail to eEpress the likeness of . and he will have mercy on him.hrist. so that it yields seed for the sower and )read for the eater.hapter 7& tells more a)out this time in the Dillennial Jingdom. 6 Seek the 1234 while he may )e found< call on him while he is near. This is the time to KcomeA. 25 I will set his hand over the sea. my "od. the Holy 2ne of Israel. 8 . He will )e found )y all who seek Him in sincerity. for he will freely pardon. 26 He will call out to me. In that chapter. )ecause of the 1234 your "od. See. The invitation to come will not last forever. his right hand over the rivers. HeAs not talking to a particular group.

you need to give up yours and listen – listen to mine. There is lasting good from it. and let your soul delight in the richest fare5 @veryday the choice is ours. "odAs thoughts and ways are so much higher. la)oring for what will not satisfy5 2r will you come to >esus.*ow we have this verse in conteEt. forsake your thoughts and ways and listen to his here is the promise from "od that follows12 Iou will go out in Foy and )e led forth in peace< the mountains and hills will )urst into song )efore you. holier. let him take the free gift of the water of life. listen and live= 3ev BB-%. . It too. 'hat it is sent for gets done.: 6aul tells us in 3omans / that all creation is waiting for the sons of "od to )e revealed )y "odAs splendor upon us. 'hy do you keep walking in your evil destructive ways5 1ook= Dy word accomplishes good. :. His thoughts and ways )ear good fruit and accomplish things. which will not )e destroyed. +*I9017 The Spirit and the )ride say. let him come< and whoever wishes. give him your ear. :. and instead of )riers the myrtle will grow. So what are we to do5 Forsake ours and 1IST@* to his. 'hy donAt you give up your thoughts and listen to mine. The rest is soon to come to pass in the second coming. So much of Isaiah has come to pass in detail in the first coming of . How will you live today5 @yes on the physical. for an everlasting sign. 13 Instead of the thorn)ush will grow the pine tree. )ecause it knows the curse will then soon )e lifted. and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. 'e usually (uote this to mean we are una)le to understand what "od is doing. 'e canAt see all the repercussions and factors involved in a situation.ome. That is not at all the conteEt. will )e fulfilled in every detail. .ome=: #nd let him who hears say. #nd if you doL if you come and listen. The curse of thorns came )ecause of sin and it will )e lifted when we receive the fullness of our inheritance. This will )e for the 1ordHs renown.ome=: 'hoever is thirsty. Dine are so much higher than yours. )etter. your thoughts and ways are wicked. The conteEt is. whereas ours only )rings pain and destruction.hrist.