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February 20 !

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9 ereinafter referred to as YNL: a3in) its ead.ea$ P)#-ber&4 ere referred to as MYICT on one and6 7nd YEGO NETWORK LIMITED re)istration nu2ber 80+8-'+/. Responsibilities of YEGO NETWORKS 8$ "reate =obs for t e yout in line wit Go3ern2ent of Rwanda yout e2ploy2ent policies '$ 7d ere to t e principles and 3alues of t is collaboration$ Page 2 of 4 .bya on t e ot er and4 enters in an a)ree2ent ere referred to as %artners ip 7)ree2ent$ To)et er ereinafter referred to as /Par&#e%0 SECTION II" OVERALL PURPOSE #ot %arties4 ereby a)ree to establis a lon)5ter2 partners ip and collaboration ai2ed at creatin) e2ploy2ent for t e yout $ SECTION III" AREAS OF COOPERATION • • • • • !dentifyin) and lobbyin) for strate)ic partners ips 7wareness and public relations< Guidance and ad3isory !nfor2ation s arin) 7ny ot er collaboration dee2ed i2portant as a)reed between parties$ SECTION IV" RESPONSIBILITIES I.+Ki)ali5Rwanda4 represented by t e Minister4 H'$+ NSENGIMANA .SECTION I" PARTIES T e M#$#%&ry '( Y'u&) a$* ICT located at Nyaru)en)e4 Ki)ali "ity4 %$O$ #o* +.a Ka&e$*e Luy'.uarter at Kicukiro %$O #o* &'(& Ki)ali4 represented by its " ief E*ecuti3e Officer Mr$ S)e.

+$ E*c an)e infor2ation on t e status of t e initiati3e II. represented b !inistr of Yo"th and I#T !!!$ !dentifyin) and lobbyin) for strate)ic partners ips !>$ 7wareness and public relations >$ 7d3ise and )uidance >!$ !nfor2ation s arin) >!!$ 7ny ot er collaboration dee2ed i2portant as a)reed between parties Se1&#'$ V" TIME PERIOD 8$ T is a)ree2ent s all be e*ecuted wit in a period of / years4 durin) w ic bot %arties s all assess t e ac ie3e2ents attained under t e pro)ra2 and a)ree on t e way forward$ '$ T is a)ree2ent will be re3iewed after e3ery fi3e years startin) fro2 t e date of its appro3al and si)nature by bot %arties$ +$ T is a)ree2ent is renewable on a written consent by bot %arties$ SECTION VI" M'$#&'r#$2 a$* E3a-ua&#'$ 4M5E6 #ot %arties understand t e i2portance of 2onitorin) and e3aluation$ YEGO NETWORK ad eres to t is principal and will s are its M?E outputs$ Se1&#'$ VI" TERMINATION T is a)ree2ent s all re2ain in force and 2ay )et ter2inated under one of t e followin) circu2stances and eit er party s all )i3e one52ont notice. Responsibilities of the Government of Rwanda. 8$ !f two parties 2utually a)ree in writin) to ter2inate it4 '$ Eit er party fails to respect t eir co22it2ents as stipulated in t is a)ree2ent4 the Se1&#'$ VIII" GOVERNING LAW Page 3 of 4 .

7ny dispute4 2isinterpretation or 2isunderstandin) arisin) out of t e i2ple2entation of any pro3isions of t is a)ree2ent s all be settled a2icably$ @ailure of w ic 4 t e a)ree2ent will auto2atically ter2inated$ 7ll t e si)natories are co22itted to workin) wit in t e re. CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC H'$+ N%e$2#.a Ka&e$*e Luy'.e$& '( R:a$*a 7ut oriBed si)natory.a$a .bya Mana)in) Director Page 4 of 4 .uire2ents4 policies and )o3ernin) le)al instru2ents of t e Rwandan )o3ern2ent and will take all 2easures to ad ere to t ese constraints$ T is MoA as no i2plication on procure2ent procedures$ Se1&#'$ I7+ COMMUNICATION 7ll notices4 consents4 or ot er co22unications 2ade pursuant to t is 2e2orandu2 s all be in writin) and will be addressed to t e si)natories to t is 7)ree2ent$ Se1&#'$ 7" EFFECTIVE DATE I$ WITNESS WHEREOF8 &)e u$*er%#2$e* )a3e 2#3e$ &)e#r %#2$a&ure% '$ be)a-( '( &)e#r re%9e1&#3e #$%&#&u&#'$% a% '( &)e *a&e be-':" /t day of @ebruary4'08& THE PARTIES On #e alf of t e G'3er$.ea$ P)#-ber& Minister of Yout and !"T CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Mr+ S)e. and On #e alf of YEGO NETWORK LTD 7ut oriBed si)natory.