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VOLUME 99 1968




Philological Association of the Amnerican 100th AnnuLal Meeting


Officers and Committees Award of Merit ......

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PROGRAM ..........


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V. VI.



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the control thereof. Bryn Mawr College. V.Pa. Haverford. and in charge thereof. membershipfees.shall be as provided for in the By-laws. 3 College Lane. Lamar Crosby Merle M. Pa. III. fines. Philadelphia. iii . Haverford. duties. the dues. as well as the matters pertaining to the conduct. 9 College Lane. Broughton Dean P. Haverford. 6 College Cirde. and was incorpoPoughkeepsie. Odgers T. The Corporation shall be supported by dues. rated under the laws of the State of Delaware on January 22. County of New Castle. The membership shall firstbe composed of all of the incorporatorswho shall adopt the By-lawsand elect the first Board of Directors. rightsand terms of office of the Board of Directors and Officers. Philadelphia.AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION I. 1869. Girard College. The objects and purposes for which the Corporation is established shall be the advancement and diffusion of philological knowledge. elected or accepted for membership in such manner as the By-laws may provide. 1937. management and control of this Corporation and all its propertyand membership. Bryn Mawr.Pa.the rights and duties of members. assessments.and upon whom process against the Corporation may be served. ORGANIZATION The American Philological Association was organized at New York. qualification. Afterthe election of the firstBoard of Directorsand the adoption of the By-laws the membership shall be composed of the firstBoard of Directors and such persons as may be qualified. The admission to membership. The corporate name is THE AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. This Corporation shall be a non-profit membershipcorporationand shall have no authorized capital stock.on July29.or in such manner and through the transaction of such business as the Board of Directors may deem advisable for the best interestsof its members. The Incorporatorsof the Corporation are as follows: Name H. in the City of Wilmington. Pa. VI. The location of the principal officeof the Corporation in the State of Delaware is 927 Market Street. Pa. CHARTER OF THE AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION I.the qualifications of membership.Pa. II. IV. Lockwood Howard Comfort Levi Arnold Post Residence 4312 Osage Avenue.the termination of membership. Robert S.the number. and the Corporation Guarantee and Trust Company is designated as the statutoryagent therein.the voting rights of members.voluntary contributionsor endowments.

The Corporation reserves the right to amend. The Corporation may also maintain offices of New York. or in any therein and therein to hold. Delaware.and to sell. The object for which this Corporation is organized is tlle advancement and diffusionof philological knowledge. mortgage.have one or more offices 3. X. on the fourth Monday of December in each year at ten o'clock A. which Board. IX." Object 2. and State of Delaware. Seal shall have inscribed thereon the the Association seal of 5. scribed by statute for the amendment of the Certification BY-LAWS OF THE AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Name 1. or repeat in the manner now or hereafterpreany provision contained in this certificate of Incorporation. This Corporation shall be known as "The American Philological Association. the CorporationGuarantee and Trust Company. assign or otherwisedispose of the real estate or other propertyof the Corporation. Offices of the Corporation shall be at 927 Market Street.M. alter.appoint a different less than twentydays' notice thereofto members. subject to the provision of the By-laws. foreigncountry. and at such other places as the Board of Directors may appoint. unless the Directors shall. in the County 4.officers be subject to the payment of corporate debts to any extent whatever.the year of its organization. County of New Castle. moneys. The registeredoffice the City of Wilmington.provided always that a majority of the whole Board concur therein. and Directors shall not VIII. The upon whom process against the Corporation may agent in charge of said office. the Corporationis expresslyauthorized to carryon its business. alter. The Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directorsshall have express power to make. and to authorize and cause to be executed mortgagesand liens upon the real and personal propertyof the Corporation. and application of the funds. change. The annual meeting of members shall be held at the officeof the Corporation in the City of Wilmington. State of New York. In turtheranceand not in limitation of the powers conferredby statute." Meetings 6.iv AmericanPhilological Association VII. colonies or dependencies of the United States.shall have authorityto exercise such powers as are usually exercised by Directors of Corporations. and rescind the By-lawsof the Corporation. not less than place and time.hold its meetings in any of the fix and determinethe use. to keep the books of the Corporation within or without the State of Delaware. The private propertyof the members. at New York. and assets of the Corporation.and convey real and personal property. purchase.and the year of its incorporation and the words "Corporate Seal. The existenceof this Corporation is to be perpetual. The corporate name of the Association.. and shall give not sixty days prior thereto. amend. at such places as may fromtime to time be designated by the Board of Directors. be served. disposition. . Delaware.

at his address as the same appears on the books of the Association. upon writtennotice. on five days' notice to each Director. The general arrangementsof the proceedings and the annual meeting shall be directed by the Board of Directors and at such annual meeting the Board of Directors shall present an annual report of the progress of the Association.00 annually. shall be requisite at everymeeting to constitutea quorum for the election of Directors or for the transactionof other business. . 16.00. either mail or by wire.or by direction of the Board. a Secretary-Treasurer. and ten Directors. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. 9. hour. 19. an Editor of Publications. One-third of the membership of the Board present in person shall be requisite at everymeeting to constitutea quorum for the transactionof business. On the last day of each annual meeting the Association shall elect a President.00 for student members). $8. The proxies shall be filed with the Secretaryof the meeting before being voted upon. Meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at the call of the President. 15.00 if life members). 10. or representedby proxy. Membership 17.and mailed to each member at least five days prior to such meeting. Officers 13. on all questions or actions at all meetingsof members. a Board of Directors. Ten members present in person. is established for husband and wife who are both members of the Association. The Committee on Nominations shall bear in mind that three of these ten memberswill be designated as membersof the Finance Committee.Proceedingsfor 1968 v 7. Failure in the payment of the annual fee fortwo yearsshall ipso facto cause the membershipto cease. or upon writtenwaiver of notice of the time and place of the meeting signed by all of the Directors. Special meetings of the members may be called by the President.two Vice-Presidents. and place of the meeting and the general nature of the business to be transacted. Sustaining memberswill be designated by an appropriate symbol in the List of Members. or at the request of two members of the Board. A joint membership. least ten days prior to the meeting. either in person or by proxy. stating the day. Any lover of philological studies may become a member of the Association by a vote of the Board of Directors and the paymentof the regular annual fee ($12. who with the foregoingofficers and the retiring President shall constitutethe Board of Directors. Sustaining members shall pay $15. 18.00 annually ($5.costing $15. by a plurality vote. Directors' Meetings 14.who shall serve for one year and until their successors are elected and qualify. Written notice of the annual meeting shall be mailed to each member. by ballot. At the annual meeting the members shall elect. 8. 11.

by a majority vote. the remaining Directors. Without limitation of the foregoingpowers the Board may also from time to time appoint such committeesand delegate to them such powers respectivelyas they deem proper. 21. or otherwise. The Board of Directorsshall have the managementof the business of the Corporation. The Secretary 25. and they may also appoint any person. In case of his absence. or on payment of a lump sum of $250.who shall hold office Resignation at any time. and to make. execute.such resig28. or Editor of Publications. the firstand second Vice-Presidents.or death. and the seal of the Corporation all official The Treasurer 26. resignation.or for any other purand performall such pose. The President shall sign all officialpapers and documents of the Corporation and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and members. All membership dues are payable in advance of the membership year (January 1 through December 31). or in which it is interested. shall attest by his signature documents. Vacancies Secretary. 27. Any person may become a life member of the Association automatically after thirtyyears of continuous membership. by reason of death. The President 24. persons. resignation. Any Director or other officer may resignhis office from the time of its receipt by nation to be made in writing. the Board may exercise all such powers of the Corporation and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by statute or by these By-laws directed or required to be exercised or done by the members. except that all bonds. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of and receive all moneysand other property of the Association. although less than a quorum. or corporation to accept and hold in trust for the Corporation any property belonging to the Corporation. notes and other securities shall be deposited in a custodian account approved by the Board of Directors.and to take effect .or of the President. Powers of Directors 22. one or more. The Treasurer shall give a bond when required by the Board for the faithful dischargeof the duties of his office. In addition to the powers and authorities by these By-laws expressly conferredupon them. The Secretaryshall keep a record of all proceedings of the Board of Directors and of the members of the Corporation.Vice-President. becomes AmericanPhilological Association 20. may choose a successor or sucfor the unexpired term. his duties shall be performedby respectively. disqualification. If the office Treasurer. of any Director. and deliver such instruments duties as may be necessaryor proper in relation to any such trust. 23. cessors.

DIRECTORS.may at the annual the affirmative vote of a majorityof those present. OFFICERS. Phillip Howard De Lacy (1968-73).in addition to the above: CHARLES GoODWIN FREDERICK LUTHER BABCOCK BATTERSON BEACH MALCOLM COMBELLACK PHILIP HARRY HELEN LEVINE LOUIS LEVY FLORENCE NORTH LLOYD WILLIAM DALY GLANVILLE DOWNEY PHYLLIS D. Dorothy Mae Robathan .Proceedingsfor 1968 vii the Corporation. John Lewis Heller (1967-72). Gerald Frank Else (1965-70) Chairman. Directorswho have served continuouslyfor fiveyears shall not be eligible for immediate re-electionafter December 31. The Board of Directors. Amendment 30. The members. There shall be a standing Nominating Committee consisting of five members. Nominating Committee: Howard Comfort (1964-69).one of whom shall retire each year. alter or amend these By-laws.JOHN JAY BATEMAN Editor.alter or amend these By-laws. upon notice. at any special meeting. Other nominations shall require the signature of 20 members and must be reported to the Secretaryeight weeks in advance of the annual meeting. 1940. MALCOLM FRANCIS Second Vice-President. The report of the Nominating Committeeshall be published at least twelve weeks in advance of the annual meeting. at any special meeting. upon notice. AND COMMITTEES FOR 1968-69 President.HERBERT BLOCH First Vice-President.and then from that date. or. The acceptance of a resignation shall not be required to make it effective. GORDAN JAMES HENRY OLIVER BERNARD MANN PEEBLES (1966-71).by the affirmative vote of the majority thereof. 31. but this rule does not apply to officers or directorsappointed to serve on the Finance Committee. unless some time be fixed in the resignation. may at any regular meeting. Nominating Committee 29. EDWARDTOGO SALMON Secretary-Treasurer. and his successorshall be named by the retiringPresident of the Association with the approval of the Directors. JOHN ARTHUR HANSON MCGREGOR Directors.or.

viii AmericanPhilological Association on the Publication of Monographs:JosephEddy Committee (1964-69) Fontenrose Chairman. on Greek and Latin College Textbooks: Walter Committee Robert Connor. Gordan. the Editor. Acting Chairman. for officers 85. to the American Classical League: Samuel Representatives ex officio. William HarrisStahl. on the Award of Merit: JamesWilson Poultney Committee (1968-71). JamesFrank Gilliam (1967-69) Chairman.Vice-Presidents.iv.Paul Lachlan MacKendrick. Cunningham Patrick Delegate to FIEC: William Hailey Willis (1968-72). forofficers 1959 see Proceedings96. Delegate to the AmericanCouncil on the Teaching of For(ACTFL): GeraldFrankElse (1967-70). Delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies: HarryLouis Levy (1967-71).ages PAST OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION.and theTreasurer. the Editor. man ex officio. and Program Committee:The President. ex officio.and the Secretary. to the ThesaurusLinguae Latinae: Maurice Representative (1967-72).Chairman ex officio. Associate Delegate: JohnLewis Heller (1968-72).viii f.cxlvi f. Lieberman(1967-70) and theSecretary.Edward Togo Salmon (196570).JamesHenryOliver (196772). Agnes Kirsopp Lake Michels.and the Treasurer. Philip Levine. for officers from 1946 to 1950 see Proceedings 1910 to 1945 see Proceedings 81. and the Treasurer. John ArthurHanson.Cedric Hubbell Whitman(1967-70). President 1959-60: Louis ALEXANDER MACKAY 1960-61: ROBERT SAMUEL RoGERS 196142: INEZ Scorr RYBERG 1962-63: HOWARD COMFORT 1963-64: GERALD FRANK ELSE 196465: DOROTHY MAE ROBATIIAN 1965-66: JOHN LEWIS HELLER 1966-7: PHILLIP HOWARD DE LACY 1967-68: FREDERICK MALCOLM COMBELLACK 1959-671 from 'For officers previous to 1910 see Proceedings 40. Phyllis D. Chairman theSecretary. . Harry Louis Levy.GertrudeElizaex officio.xi. eignLangu. ex officio..ArthurFrederick ChairAlbert Hartman Travis. rickGoold. SupervisingCommitteefor the Servius Series: George PatStocker. bethSmith.Lionel Pearson. Harry Louis Levy. MyraLee Uhlfelder (1966-71). Naphtali Lewis (1968-73).iv. for officers from1954 to from1951 to 1953 see Proceedings90. CharlesEdward Murgia. Finance Committee:Goodwin BattersonBeach.

Awards have been made for the followingpublications: 1951: 1952: DAVm CEDRIC MAGIE. The Voting Districts of the Roman Republic.. I. Ohio 1967: December 28-30. ROBERT 1953:THOMAS 1954: Roman Rule in Asia Minor. Baltimore. Aesopica. 1960: ALEXANDER The Byzantine Manuscript Tradition of the TrageTURYN.1XXiii f. from1931 to 1949 see Proceedings 85.Conn. 1966: BROOKS OTIS. 1956: KURT VON FRITZ. Detroit and Ann Arbor. from1954 to 1959 see Proceedings96. 1962: LILY Ross TAYLOR. SHANNON BROUGHTON. Md. R. 1965: HERBERT STRAINGE LONG. Janus and the Bridge. Hartford. The Bronze Tables of Iguvium. Republic. 2Business meeting only. The . 1950. JR. 1963: GILBERT HIGHET. Philadelphia. RepresentativeGovernmentin Greek and Roman History. HENRY THEODORE WADE-GERY. WHITMAN. in conjunction with the Fourth International Congressof Classical Studies. The Greek and Roman Critics. 1958: BERTHOLD Louis ULLMAN. FRANCIS The Magistrates of the Roman MALCOLM Athenian Tribute Lists.iv. 1966: December 28-30. 1963: December 28-30. Mass. Canada AWARD OF MERIT The Award of Merit was established in December. 1968: EDWARD TOGO SALMON. Toronto. 1957: JAKOB AALL OTESEN LARSEN. A Studyof Sophoclean Drama. 1955: BEN EDWIN PERRY. Pa. The Anatomy of Satire. 1961: JAMES WILSON POULTNEY.Pa.ix. Sophocles. 1967: GEORGE MAX ANTONY GRUBE. 1959: GORDON NIACDONALD KIRKWOOD. 1962: December 28-30. Pittsburgh. Boston. MCGREGOR.Proceedings for 1968 Secretary-Treasurer 1959-62: HARRY ix Louis 1965-68: LEVY 196245: WILLIAM CHARLES HENDERSON. BENJAMIN DEAN MERIrr. A Study of Heroic Humanism. from 1950 to 1953 see Proceedings 90. Diogenis Laertii Vitae Philosophorum. dies of Euripides. Virgil: A Study in Civilized Poetry. The Theory of the Mixed Constitutionin Antiquity. WVARREN MINTON Editor 1958-65: DONALD WILSON PRAKKEN TIME AND PLACE OF MEETING' 1960: December 28-30. Toledo. 1968: December 28-30. Mich. 1 For time and place of meetingfrom1904 to 1930 see Proceedings62. 1964: August 29. 1961: December 28-30. Studies in the Italian Renaissance.iv.2 1965: December 28-30. 1964: LOUISE ADAMS HOLLAND. Providence. Samnium and the Samnites.

x AmericanPhilological Association II. and the Chairman of the Monograph Committee. for one reason or another. one half of which is payable from the Ordinary Account upon final dispatch of page proof to the printer. mined from time to time by the Secretary. who shall be nominated by the Editor and appointed by the Directors. The Association publishes an annual Transactions and Proceedings. The expenses of the Editor in attending the annual meeting are paid by the Association.xxxix). Philological Association of the Pacific Coast. and the fees therefor. are not published in the regular series of Monographs. and for the insurance of the stock. Transactions and Proceedings are issued as a single volume. EffectiveJuly 1. and conducting negotiations determiningthe format. 3. Authors of a Monograph or Special Pubcopies in all and may purchase up to lication are entitled to 12 complimentary 25 additional copies at an author's discount of 50 per cent. For editing Transactions and Proceedings he receives an honorarium of $1. 1969. with printers. tising materials and selecting the journals to receive copies for review. Effective January 1.xxxvi).and the balance on the date of publication (98. Publications. (b) for the Secretary-Treasurer. the American Philological Association no longer accepts as annual dues the sum of $5.48. For each Monograph honoraria are paid from the Monograph Account. the exact amount to be determinedby the Editor.) 2.500. on the recomAll contractsfor printingare made by the Secretary-Treasurer determines the number to mendation of the Editor. On recommendationof the Editor. Articles submitted for publication in Transactions may be sent to the Editor at any time.. The attention of authors is directed to the rules for the preparation of copy which are published at the end of these Pro- . a sum calculated at the rate of $0. He is responsible for the promotion of sales of Monographs and Special Publications and will distributecopies for review. subject to review by the Directors at the time the budget is adopted. the price to be charged. the Directors determine in each case what editorial supervision is required during the process of publication. the price of all volumes of Transactions and Proceedings is $12. but will be considered for a succeeding volume. On the recommendationof the Editor. Special Publications include works which. verifying Any or all of the functions and payments concerned with a Monograph may be delegated to an AssistantEditor.xi f. 1963. The Editor of Publications is elected annually to edit Transactions and Proceedings and such Monographs as may be approved by the Monograph Committee.xiv f.a suni not less than $100 nor more than $400. payment of duty and brokerage. he arranges for the importationof books. between the two Associations. Members are entitled to a membershipdiscount to be deterwith the approval of the Directors.00 paid by the members of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast. and the printer'sbill. and occasional Special Publications.though they are subject to initial approval by the Monograph Committee.drawing up specifications.see Proceedings (For the formertermsof affiliation 47. on the followingschedule: (a) for editing the manuscript.occasional Philological Monographs. those submittedafter October 1 of a given year will not be considered for the volume published in the following year.00 (98. (c) for proof-reading. preparing the text of adverthe sum of $50. 4. The Secretary-Treasurer be printed and. REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION 1. for Monographs and Special Publications.v f.and 81..50 a printed page.

xxxviii).96. in case of doubt. to ask the advice of a second referee.who have served continuouslyfor fiveyears are not eligible for immediate re-election (70. Except by special arrangement.on consultationwith the Editor and Treasurer..1). one half-hour for each ten pages or fractionthereof). .xviii.a SecretaryTreasurer. Officers. The retiringPresident continues to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for one year (96. The Editor is authorized to plan for a volume of Transactions extending to a maximum of 600 pages without consultingthe Board of Directors (98. may offer a different fee (87. when they have been approved by referees.except that the Secretary-Treasurer will not bill authors for charges of less than $1. Salary of the Secretary-Treasurer. Abstractsof articles rejected by the referees or withdrawn by the author will not be published. 1968. 5. Revised versions of articles rejected or withheld may be submitted for publication in a subsequent volume and may be published. A President.other than officers and membersof the Finance Committee. The Editor has power to appoint refereesfor articles submitted for publication in Transactions. but for manuscriptsof unusually large or small size the Chairman of the Committee.xxiv). convened by himselfas Chairman. abstracts may be published of articles accepted by the refereesbut not printed in full because of lack of space.1. Papers submittedfor oral presentationor for listingby title (see Regwill be given preference ulation 14). forearly publication. Directors.' 10. With the consent of the author. The selection of Monographs to be published is made by vote of the Monograph Committee. changes can be made in articlesonce submitted. The Secretary-Treasurer is allotted the sum of $3. and an Editor. togetherwith nine additional Directors. Authors of articles and Monographs will therefore be charged for any time required in excess of this limit (i. upon notice from the Chairman of the Monograph Committee. are elected annually by ballot.on the advice of at least two refereesand after consultation with the Editor (96. Abstractsof papers to be published elsewhere may be published at the Editor's discretion (78.00 incurred under this rule (77. with the approval of a referee( review their recommendations and.23). and at the discretionof the Editor. Their counsel is welcomed on other occasions.October.xxiii). Chapters of forthcoming books should not be submitted as articles.xli).e. and all correspondence until a Monograph has been accepted for publication should be addressed to the Chairman of the Monograph Committee. plus whatever '-As amended by vote of the Directors. All decisions with regard to the publication of Monographs rest with the Monograph Committee named on page viii of these Proceedings.xlii). he may referfor advice to an Editorial Committee composed of any two past Editors. 6. If the number of articles acceptable for publication is in excess of the limit set by the annual budget.Proceedingsfor 1968 xi ceedings.29). 7. The normal fee paid to referees (for manuscripts comprisingapproximately200 printed pages) is $75. The expenses of Officers and Directors attending the October meeting are paid by the Association (84. a First and a Second Vice-President. Referees' fees are paid by the Treasurer from the Monograph Account.000 a year for the Secretary-Treasurer's salary. Correctionof minor and routine errors in proof ordinarily requires about one-half hour for each ten pages as finallyprinted.xlii). All possible steps should be taken to avoid the necessityof making alterations in the printed proofs.xxxiv. 9. Authors of articles and Monographs are responsible for the verification of all referencesand quotations.

xii). 73. with four copies of an abstract of not less than 500 nor more than 800 words. 78. in addition he shall be allotted $1.xxix.xiii. and shall be allowed to petition the Directors for any expenses exceeding the stated $1. Members of the Finance Committee are entitled to travel expenses and one meal for attendance at not more than four meetingsa year. The Board of Directors shall designate three of its members to constitutewith the Treasurer the Finance Committee. is needed.xii AmericanPhilological Association amount is necessaryto compensate him for such released time froillteaching or other employmentas the Directors may from time to time determine. Time and Place of Meeting.1).1 The expenses of the Secretaryin attending the annual meeting are paid by the Association(54. 15.17). Other nominations require the signatures of 20 members and must be reported to the Secretaryeight weeks in advance of the meeting. and the Treasurer an advisorymember. they should state how much time is desired for oral presentation.on or before October 1.11). The Treasurer of the Association servesas the Chairman of the Committee.000 (95.but the Program Committee may allot less time than is requested.established in 1903 (34.x.ex officio.xii. Vice-Presidents. Securities and investmentfunds are kept in a custodian account with the Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.1968. 14. Finance Committee.000 for secretarial help.and Secretary. if any. The Committee on Publication of Monographs (58. his successoris named by the retiringPresident with the approval of the Directors. they also decide which papers shall be read by title. 50. 12.and what special equipment.xix. consists of five members. 11. The responsibilityfor proposing and administeringa schedule of time and place of meeting shall rest with the President and Secretary.supervise its operation. and control the investmentof the funds of the Association.February. 1As amended by vote of the Directors. They invite the submission of papers for presentation orally or by title at the annual meeting. a new member being nominated each year by the Nominating Committee. The total time allotted to speakers in a single session may not exceed two hours. 13. The Program Committee consists of the President. The attention of authors is called to Regulation 4. which deals with the publication of articles in Transactions.27). a period of ten minutes should be provided for the discussion of each paper. 78.ex officio. They decide how many papers shall be presented orally. 39. at least one member of the Committee must be a Director. The Program Committee may charge such registrationfee at the annual meeting as it deems fitting and is agreeable to the Archaeological Institute of America (85. .xliii). No speaker may be allotted more than twentyminutes. The report of the Committee is published at least twelve weeks in advance of the annual business of whom retireseach year. without vote (81.xxv. This Committee shall draw up an annual budget of the Association.23).Chairman.and their decision shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors in all except current and purely administrative matters (97. and choose from among those submitted for that purpose those which they deem most suitable. One session of invited speakers may be arranged (39. in addition to the elected members the Editor of Publications is a full voting member.xi.xxv) consists of five members elected for five years. The consent of two members is required for action regarding securities. The Nominating Committee. Members wishing to presentpapers orally or by title must furnish the Secretary.

xiii). 1968. on written request to the Secretaryprior to October 1 following.entitled to a credit of $3. 1969. 25. About December 1 all members receive a copy of the programof the annual appointed for a term of five years by the President with the approval of the Directors (84. 24. Munchen 22. at a cost of $15. created in 1946 by a consolidation of the Endowment Fund. 54. Effective January 1. Members whose dues are two years in arrears are dropped from membership.2 22. with the Goodwin 2New Regulation added by vote of the Directors. A delegate and an associate delegate are appointed for a five-year term bv the Directorson the nominationof the President.00 annually ($5.00 a year toward the purchase of other publications of the Association in lieu of a second copy of Transactions and Proceedings.who are both members of the Association. a joint membership is established for husband and wife. subsequent 'As amended by vote of the Directors. International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies (Fdderation Internationale des Associations d'Etudes Classiques-FIEC). On December 31. Joint members are. .00 annually. The Secretary.xxix. elected upon nomination by the Nominating Committee in 1946 and quadrennially thereafter. They are listed separately. 19. at Paris. the Directors shall create such special funds as seem desirable.xlii). which representsNorth America as a member of the Union Acad6mique Internationale. a student membership is established at a special rate of $8. 18. The American Philological Association Invested Fund.but not life members.xxxix). the Association declared its adherence to the Council. 1968. 1949. Constituent societies have one delegate to the Council. Regulations being renumberedaccordingly. Effective January1. whether annual or life members.Proceedingsfor 1968 xiii 16. 1967.xxxiv). Institutionsmay become members of the Association.founded on September28-29. 17. Germany. Sustaining members will be designated by an appropriate symbol in the List of Members.February.xlix. 21. Members who have paid annual dues continuouslyfor thirtyyears automatically become life members. The Secretaryof the Association is authorized to accept personal contributionsfrommembersfor the support of the Thesaurus. he shall be reimbursed for the expenses of such attendance to the same extent as if he were a Director. The representativeof the Association to the Thesaurus linguae Latinae. The President is authorized to appoint one additional delegate to serve for a three year term (95. American Council of Learned Societies. Marstallplatz 8. On the recommendationof the Finance Committee. 26. a sustainingmembershipis established for those who pay $15. Membership. Thesaurus linguae Latinae.00 annually (97. The Association's delegate to the Councl shall attend the meetingsof the Association's Board of Directors. Effective January 1. Members whose dues are unpaid do not receive Transactions and Proceedings. see also 49. The Association is a clharter memberof the Federation. For others the fee for life membershipis $250. New members receive on publication a copy of the next number of Transactions and Proceedings. 1919. which representstwo-fifths of the total. 1967. with voice but without vote.28. 23. Such membership will be available to any one student for a maximum of fiveyears (98.xlix).October. It is to be noted that members employedfull time are not consideredstudents. rescinding 64. Funds.00 for life members): see 97.or his proxy.viii.' 20. is ex officiothe Association's representative on the Council of the American Classical League (77.

1968. established in 1964. publication subsidies. Grants and subsidies for the publication of the Servius Series shall be credited to the Servius Fund. and sales of the volumes in the Servius Series. The income from any investments or savings accounts of the Text Series Fund shall be credited to that Fund (95. The fiscal year of the Association runs from October 1 to September 30. or profession. A taxpayer claiming the benefit of such deduction must show that membership in your Association provides a direct benefitin carryingon his trade or business.xx. The SupervisingCommitteefor the Servius Series (83. Fiscal Year. 29. shall bear the Association's share of the expense and receive the Association's share of the returnfrom the publication of the series known as "The American Philological Association Series of Classical Texts. All other transactionsshall be carried out in the Ordinary Fund. shall bear the expense of and receive any return from the editing. All claims for travel expenses or subsistencenot herein otherwiseprovided for shall be authorized in advance by the Treasurer." The same ruling excludes interpretationof dues as "contributionsor gifts" under Section 23 (o) or (q) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Servius Fund. printing. created in 1928. the Secretary-Treasurer 3As amended by vote of the Directors. distribution. at the discretionof the Treasurer. 1968. 30. Grants and subsidies for the publication of the Text Series shall be made to this Fund. 28. The Invested Fund is kept in a custodian account with the Chemical Bank New York Trust Company. other than those specified above The Treasurer may make inter-fundtransfers with the consent of one other member of the Finance Committee. The income from any investmentsor savings accounts of the Monograph Fund shall be credited to that Fund. reads in part: "Whether amounts paid for annual dues or life membershipare deductibile as an ordinary and necessarybusiness expense will depend upon the particular facts in each case. Grants and subsidies for the publication of Monographs and Special Publications (except the Servius Series) shall be credited to the Monograph Fund. The income from investments or savings accounts of the Servius Fund shall be credited to that Fund. The Text Series Fund.printing. which representsthree-fifths general purposes of the Association." From this fund disbursements will be made for referees'fees. 1948.distribution. A ruling of the Bureau of Internal Revenue dated January22. created in 1960.December.4) consistsof the of the Editor of the American Philological Association. shall bear the expense of and receive any return fromthe editing. shall be used to further the Fund.xliii). Two dollars of each new member's paymentmay be credited to the Invested Fund-Principal Account. The income to the Ordinary Fund and to the from the Invested Fund shall be transferred Monograph Fund in the proportionsindicated by the resolution of the Finance Committeeadopted by the Board at its meetingof October 26. Of the annual dues (not including those of new members) such portion as shall from time to time be determined by the Directors may be apportioned to the Monograph Fund. Travel Expenses. All sums received in payment of life membershipsshall be credited to the Invested Fund-Principal Account. recompense to authors. 27.and sales of the Monographs and Special Publications (with the exception of the Servius Series) of the Association.xiv AmericanPhilological Association of the total. and such other miscellaneous expenses as are directlyconcerned with the publication of the texts.3 The Monograph Fund. . Deductibilityof Dues.

"The American Philological Association Series of Classical Texts" (95.Proceedingsfor 1968 xv American Philological Association. 33.xxiv-xxix).the expenses of typingit. omit the Award of Merit (85. This Fund is devoted to the production. xxiv. and such others as the Directors may appoint. of a new series of Greek and Latin college textbooks. under contract with the Oklahoma UniversityPress." The President reports to the Board at the October meeting on all such activities and calls for discussion of plans for the future. and to insure its eventual completion. The Editor shall: (a) Assist invited authors in the preparation of their manuscripts. the Committee has administered the Text Series Fund. A small sum is provided for this purpose in the Annual Budget under the heading "Appropr. The Editor receives a stipend of $500 for a textbook of normal size (200-300 pages) upon its publication. the Directors undertook to be responsible themselves for the functionsof this committee. the sum of $500 upon the acceptance of the manuscriptby the Oklahoma University Press.xxxv). Since October 31.xxxix). induding the appointment of special committeesif necessary(96. with the approval of the Directors. The Directors voted on December 30. who may call on one or more of the other officers or members of the Board to attend such meetings or perform such services as may seem desirable. 1959. a Committee to "investigateand report on the college Latin and Greek textbook situation" (91. those who agree to assume the chief editorial responsibilityfor an individual volume or volumes. Award of Merit. at its discretion. Each author of a text for this series receives. It is selected by the Committeeon the Award of Merit. 1961. The Committee may pay an honorarium of $100 to secure the judgment of a refereeupon a manuscript. the appointment to be made by the President upon recommendation of the Committee (99.. for considerably larger books. without fixed term. the Directors instructedthe President to appoint.under the leadership of the Secretary. Committee on Greek and Latin College Textbooks. new member being elected upon nomination by the Nominating Committee each year. 1953.xiv.xlii). as reimbursementfor other expenses incidental to its preparation. 32. this Committee supplanted earlier committeesof the Association concerned with the advancement and diffusion of philological knowledge in the secondary schools (84.xlii).xxix. which consistsof three elected members. 31.5).xxxv). The Committee of any given year may. At their meeting of October 30. 1967. monograph.xli).such recompense for his work fromthe Association'sroyaltiesas the Directorsmay authorize upon the Committee's recommendation (95. Chairman. established by a transferof $10. 1965. Members shall not be eligible for service on the Committeeformore than a total of fiveyears (98. Created by the Directors at their meeting of October 17-18. The functionof the Supervising Committee shall be to superviseand coordinate the editing and publication of the series. Committeeon Educational Training and Trends. such increased stipend as the Directorsmay authorize upon recommendation of the Committee. . after the Associationhas recoveredits expendituresfor the text. 1964. On December 30.upon submission to the Committeeof an invited manuscript. The Award of Merit of the American Philological Association is presented at the annual meeting for an outstanding contribution to classical scholarship published by a member of the Association within a period of three years before the end of the preceding calendar year. xliii). Committees. to establish the officeof Editor of the Text Series.000 from the Ordinary Fund (95.with a view toward fulfillingthe desiderata for textbooks established by the Committeeon December 28. The work chosen to receive the Award may be a book. or article.

(c) Conjointlywith the author.xvi American Philological Association (b) Read the manuscript of each accepted textbook. and prepare copy for the printer in consultation with the author and the Oklahoma UniversityPress. read the proofsof galleysand pages. The Association's Delegate to the AdvisoryAssembly of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages is appointed for a term of fouryearsby the President. . the preparation of publicity and of jacket copy. 1968. Delegate to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).December 30. added by vote of the Board of Directors. 1967. (d) Consult with the Oklahoma UniversityPress on matters concerning the actual production of the textbook.December.2 2Regulation 1As amended by vote of the Directors.' 34.

1968. was educated at HaverfordCollege. PresidentCombellack was in the chair. December 28. an annual event that-even afterhis retirement in 1959-he always attended withveryevidentenjoyment and gracedwithhis characteristic his quiet yet zest forgood companyand classicalconversation. and endearing who served in Mr. was established ofmembers 30. Helen F. Canada. for the transaction of business. thenread the at the requestof the President. courtliness of manner penetrating wit. in 1912and thePh. At the first sessionfor the reading of papers on Thursday morning. MINUTES The thirty-second Annual Meeting of the AmericanPhilological Association. Pennsylvania. on May 31.Proceedingsfor 1968 xvii III. was held in the Ballroom of the December Royal York Hotel. The Secretary.B. The identity at the door by George L.M. whichawarded degreein 1911. the son of an Anglican minister Smethport.Chairman. fromwhich he receivedthe A. 1968. Kustas and Howard Don Cameron. namesof the members whosedeathshad been reported during the past year. North then read the followingmemorialminutein honorof Lucius RogersShero: Lucius Rogers Shero was born in Smethport. in 1920.and theUniversity him theA. he had announced the followingappointments: Members of the Nominating Committee:Phillip Howard De Lacy fora term of five years. Lancaster. He was a Rhodes . Committeeon Resolutions: Robert J. being the one hundredthsince the organization of the unincorporated Association. on Saturday. Toronto. The list of members presentis on filewiththe Secretary-Treasurer.Incorporated.and otherPennsylvania towns. of Wisconsin.and died in Swarthmore came as he was on his wayto a dinnerforthe honorsexaminers in Greek and Latin at Swarthmore College. and GeraldFrankElse as Chairman for1969. Shero.M. and the old-fashioned thatwas one of his mostmemorable traits. Death April5. 1891. 9:00 A.D. Lenardon and Leon Golden.

faithfulin attendance and generous in support. and was the author of "A Historical Survey of the Classics in the Schools of in variouslocal and regionalsocieties. until her death in 1952. There he made one of a forehe came to Swarthmore of youngscholars(manyof themtrainedat Oxlivelycompany fordand Cambridge)who. of Greekand Chairmanof theDepartment Professor who He was one of thatbrave and tenaciousgroup of scholars kept the Classics alive in American colleges during the grim years of war and depression and made possible the floweringof classical studies that we enjoy today. He wrote the historyof the American Philological Association. and an officer . Mrs. Shero's three daughters who were also associated with the college and were like their father tireless in devotion to Swarthmore. conferred given annually to a member of the college community whose contributions have gone far beyond the call of duty.xviii AmericanPhilological Association from1914 to 1917.Oxford. Board. the formerJulia Adrienne Doe. For thirty-oneyears Mr. as Chairman manycapacities-as registrar of the Division of the Humanities. Latin and Greek at MacalesterCollege and St. The same devotion was also lavished on Mr. Shero's service to the cause of the Classics in general. and its President in 1949-1950. forsome colat the keycompetence (forhe had a professional lege organist board and was an ardentmusicianall his life). Shero served the college in from1944 to 1948. Mr. under PresidentFrank Aydelotte. as was. Stephen'sbein 1928. Shero. published in conjunction with the meeting of the Fourth International Congress of Classical Studies in Philadelphia in 1964. He had been President of the Philadelphia Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. curricular and extracurricular.was recognized in 1959 when Swarthmore upon the Shero familythe John W.but mainlyas of Classics. Shero's loyal support of all college activities. whichbroughtthe and shaped the honorsprogram established rankof liberalartscollegesin the United college into the front States. He was Secretary-Treasurer of this Association from 1939-1944. Chairman of the Latin Committee of the College Entrance Examination which he was to the end of his life a hard-workingmember.and taught Scholarat New College. Nason Award.even. The Nason Award was shared with two of Mr.

and his sense of timingmade him a valued asseton the stage.including extensivetravel. writing and keepingin touchwithhis manydevotedstudents.and at Haverfordin 1962-1963. civic.and invariablygave a professional performance.Proceedingsfor 1968 xix of the United States. but always available upon request. He was active in the affairs of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvaniaand of his own parish. Sheroworkedon Roman satireand As a classicalscholar. in the Civil Liberties Union.his meticulous pronunciation. thehisitsGreekantecedents (especially address to this toryof Sparta (the subject of his presidential organization in 1950.he carried on a life-long played leading roles in the Swarthmore productionsof two comediesofAristophanes (in Greek). Mr. He cient and modern. In his later years. With the theatre. entitled"Pauci potentes").and classical. the topicof the cena ). and many other organizations. the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. in the field.and appearedin thejoint Mawr productionof the Bacchae Swarthmore-Haverford-Bryn of Euripides. boomingvoice. It was a privilegeto be a memberof his Department and to know that. His three daughtersnobly refrainedfrom attempting to persuade him to curtail the busy life that he spite of bouts of illness (whichhe did not so much suffer bravelyas simply ignore) he kept up a wide varietyof occupations. His deep. In additionto his teaching Lucius Shero was at Stanford Visiting Professor in 1932. religious.whatever the situationmightbe elsewhere . never proffered unasked. Year after character actor yearhe was a featured in the AmeriUniversity can School of ClassicalStudiesin Athensin 1936-1937. sound judgrment and absolute integrity. Most of all he delightedin continuedreading of the classics.and in later both anyearsmythology and the drama."fora recentpamphlet and Universities oftheJACT. His colleagues relied on his judgmentand counsel. love affair.which he served as and he continuedto take an interest Church-Warden. of persons and situations. and his giftforcomedywas littleshortof phenomenal. We knew thatin him we would alwaysfindexact and accurateinformationabout any problem connected with the Classics. at Swarthmore.

by commuting evenings and summers he earned a second M. McDaniel. But in college he shone best in Latin. and en route home to Duke University he was fatally stricken and died instantly in the railway station at Wilmington. will Pudor and the sister of Justitia. Not satisfied with his automatic M. where his fatherRobert William Rogers was the distinguished historian of ancient Babylonia. in 1921. 1968. he entered Princeton. Born in 1900 of Welsh Quaker stock in Madison. he laid to rest the partisan Julian allegations that Tiberius was responsible for the deaths of Julia and Sempronius Gracchus.but unfailing honor and generosity. with thesis at Columbia in 1922. Graduated in 1920. Tacitus.since (as he said) his father was an ancient historian and his elder sister Elizabeth a medieval historian. and nuda Veritas ever findan equal to Lucius Shero? William H. Delaware. Robert Samuel entered the University of Pennsylvania in 1917 with the avowed purpose of studying modern history. we ask. defending for the last time his hero Tiberius against the innuendos transmitted by his life-long opponent and constant companion.A. Willis then read the following memorial minute in honor of Robert Samuel Rogers: One year and a day ago many of his colleagues heard Robert Samuel Rogers read eloquently the last of his many papers offered to this Association. in him one would encounter not only uncompromising standards of teaching and scholarship. and Kent. New Jersey. In the following year. and Israel on the facultyof Drew Seminary. His colleagues were not to see him again. for immediately after his characteristically crisp and punctual address he left. and there turned to Roman history. Assyria. and rhetorically in the tradition of Tacitus himself. 1923-24. from Princeton in 1923. In the tradition of Charlesworth and Marsh. on January 2.A. he was appointed to the Carter Memorial Fellowship of the American Academy in Rome. Persia.D. Returning to Princeton as instructorfor four years. as a student of Hadzsits.xx American Philological Association in the academic world. in 1926 he mar- . When. and decided for classical studies. whose baldric was thereafter the proudest insignia upon his acadeiiic robe. incorrupta Fides. returning to take his Ph.

from companionat meetings of the Association In 1928 he was appointed AssistantProfessor of Classics in WesternReserve University. fromwhichhe publishedeleven articlesand in 1935 his first book. divided equally beCriminal Trials and Criminal Legislation under Tiberius-was His service to and honors bestowed by this Association included two five-year termson the NominatingCommittee (1947-52 and 1962-67). Highly praised in reviews.Studies tween three lecturesentitled"Some Imperial Virtues of Tiberius" and a monographic studyof "Drusus Julius Caesar. PhilologicalMonographVI of this Association. Appointedto Duke University in 1937 as Professor of Latin and Roman Studies. of a letterof St. First VicePresidentfor 1959-60.trenchant Majeste under the Roman Emperors. He was elected Second Vice-President for 1958-59.Nero's. and in 1949.presiding at theAssociation's ninety-third meeting in Detroit. when he retiredfrom thechairmanship to devotefulltimeto teaching and research.straying only occasionallyfromTiberius to write on eventsand trialsof Augustus'.continuinguntil 1966.and President for 1960-61." In addition. and divinitystudents. and Domitian's reigns. A measured. For his colleagues and for generations of classics. twice as chairman (1951 and 1966).he had editedin 1935. Nineteen of his papers were presentedat meetingsof this Association and published in Transactionsfrom 1930 to 1967.a quiet and friendly warmthlighted up his austere and courtlydignity. who was to become his loyal thattimeforth. Thomas More.history. and in 1962 Chairmanof the newlyunited Department of Classical Studies.jointlywithtwo colleagues. with his . sister. in the Reign of Tiberius (Baltimore 1943). At the timeof his death he leftincomplete a book to be entitled Lese a school text of Res Gestae Divi A ugusti. publisheda translation Beyondthesebooks he publishedaltogether forty papers.its subjectto chartthe courseof his enduringinterest and research.Proceedingsfor 1968 xxi ried Dorothy-Elizabeth 1940 he became Chairmanof the Latin Department. From 1953 to 1958 he was a Directorof the Association. His appointment to the Lectureship in Latin at JohnsHopkinsUniversity in 1939-40gaveriseto his secondbook.

new members. August 29. Elizabeth B.. Robertson. Buttrey. The Association has welcomed nineteen new Life Members. Felix M. *Naphtali Lewis. *Marion Tait. Millor. numismatics. Moser. In members. including forty-two Two hundred and forty-five joined the Association between October 1. *George J. Rosborough. 1968). Richmond Lattimore. twentythe same period we have lost sixty-five have been dropped. Sister Luanne Meagher. Coyle (deceased June 3. Trell. Edward A. Albert E. Allen. Hermann Frankel. Hough. and twenty-three 1968.for a total membership of 2. W. 1968 (Life Member) . had died duringthepreceding werepresented: reports The following 1.987 individuals and 368 institutions. to fascination. Agnes Carr Vaughan. *Herbert Bloch. Latimer. Edward F.Fordyce W. 1968 (Life Member) Mrs. Bede Donelan.. A number of Life Members of earlier standing have generously agreed to lend their support as Sustaining Life Members. December 10. Weissbach. persevering to the end. H. 1968. Ruskin R. Fletcher. Molly B. Will W. of Tiberius but all students historians. J. Bluma L. and John N.. Blegen. Lloyd W. Bailhache (1933). *Konrad Gries. Jr. de Grummond. For the task whom he was drawn by irresistible well withRoman criminallaw. This representsa net gain of 180 members for the year ending September 30. They are: Maurice W. Edward C. The Secretaryhas learned of the death of the following members not preReport: viouslypublished in the Secretary's Mrs.Jr. May. W. Billheimer. T. Robinson. Carl W. he armedhimself and an intimateknowledgeof first-century Latin epigraphy. of Roman history wereadoptedby a risingvote. Spaeth. 1968. *Ruth I. Daly. Sumner. a short minutes The memorial who of all members period of silencewas observedin memory year. Minar. Not only the memory are his beneficiaries. On September 30. Avery. and September 30. William G. *Rev. G. Wassermann. Rosamond Burgi. D'Arms. The new Life Members are: Archibald W. *Sister M. Jr. Gertrude Malz. Seaman.xxii AmericanPhilological Association Roman eloquence was his innate style. Gebauer.William M. Glanville Downey. John W. Kendrick deep conservatism and held was his policy. Sister Winifred Mary Carmody. His the line against the typewriter missionwas to expose the prejudicial devices of Tacitus. For yearshe resistedthe telephone. Florence BennettAnderson (1910). Theodore V. eighteen have died. Mitchel. Marjorie S. *Arthur H. Hicks. four have resigned. the number of members carried forward into the next reporting period was 1. Laura E. REPORT OF THE SECRETARY institutions. those whose names are preceded by an asterisk have generously consented to continue to support the Association financiallyas Sustaining Life Members.355. 1967. *Edwin L. *Lucile Kelling Henderson. John F.

Sonkowsky. at Boston Universityby J. 1968 (Life Member. at Angelo State College by Robert L. A detailed analysis of the financial transactions reflectedin the report will be found in the Report of the Auditor which follows the Budget. at Westminster College by J. Secretary 2. at Case Western Reserve University by Paul M. at Randolph-Macon College by Talbot R. David Bishop. at the University of Minnesota by Robert P.Proceedings for 1968 xxiii Molly B. Erck. January2. November 1. 1968 (Life Member) William Robert Jones(1940). Treasurer . at West Virginia Universityby Mary W. at Lehigh County Community College by Joseph A. Clogan. Past President) A. Bruere. at Illinois State Universityby John L. at Barnard College by Helen Bacon. August 1960 (Life Member) Lucius Rogers Shero (1920). December 23. Bonaventure Universityby Lloyd B. Urdahl. at Hartford Universityby Goodwin B. January9. Past President) SisterMary Inez Bogan (1932). at the University of Michigan by Gerald F. Earp. Maurer. MINTON. 1968 (Life Member) Rev. Past Vice-President) Robert Samuel Rogers (1920). June South Carolina State College by Rosamond K. Coyle (1932). 1968 (Life Member) The Association has been representedon the followingoccasions by the following members: at the inauguration of the Chancellor of the Universityof Denver by Theodore H. at St. Rovelstad (1920)." of the budget which appears on the followingpages.has been unanimously approved by the Finance Committee. Beach. showing the estimatesfor 1968-69. Sprague. 1967 Philip Merlan (1941). Heller. WILLIAM W. at the Centennial of Oregon State University by C. Leon (1920). Hilton Turner. 1968 (Life Member. May 31. Alexander. August 6. McNeil (1948). Keller (1921) (Life Member) ErnestineF. M. at the Presidential inaugurations of the Universityof Georgia by James W. Pascal. at Queensborough CommunityCollege by Ursula Schoenheim. 1968 Ben Edwin Perry(1919). January15. MINTON. 1968 (Life Member. 1968 Ruth M. B. Respectfully submitted. Singer. 1968 Dorothy Haviland Nelson (1939). at Baptist College at Charleston by Philip Goldberg. Donald F. T. The fourth column of the budget. B. WILLIAM W. Respectfully submitted. November 5.Jr.. September22. Selby. Else. headed "Actual 10/1/67-9/30/68. at Wake Forest University by C. REPORT OF THE TREASURER This report is presented in its essentials as the third column. Johnston. at the Universityof Chicago by Richard T.

.500.00 1.858..00 1.25 10......13 20.951. off. Fund ..500...- .00 1.00 - 2.00 500.00 15.00 625.....00 778...955..35 Joint .000.....500.900..00 3..228..953..500. New ..86 $ 1.572.00 739.555.753...00 250.459. taxes..$15.00 12.. President's Disc.00 450..600.159..10/1/67..00 $ 3... comms..300.00 150.00 10...50 400....10/1/67.905.868..00 2.. 1967...... Papyrologists ..343.00 1. Student ...54 $61...00 350.00 3.2..741.00 1..10/1/689/30/681 9/30/69 9/30/68 9/30/67 $ 380..955.. ... TAPA .. Appropriation.and dir.94 $13. S InClUdeS appropriation of $850 for the Special Committee on Computer Problems.00 802. Secretary-travel1...80 10.357.45 $42....$33..00 500.54 $51....952.54 13....00 215.67 .00 1..43 - Travel.00 Off..54 13..00 13..559.99 Sales of TAPA .00 $37.... Surplus ..00 700.055. and misc ... 1969) Dues Annual .85.000. supp.00 $37.000. .700.00 140.... and cash on deposit $61..453....000..10/1/679/30/68 9/30/67 Budgeted Actual 10/1/67.54 $ 600. Audit .000.49 $29.79 $41..76) $ 668....00 166.. ins.000.33 $43. office.00 0.00 100...23 $43..00 1.00 1.....455....00 200.00 2. ....347..500. ..150.58 $40..69 500... Soc.70 500.045..00 150..... Transf.000.003 500..00 239..845...65 450. Postage..000-00 1.85 1.0.84 Total cash on deposit .500.. Budgeted Actual 10/1/66.00 312. bind...10/1/689/30/69 9/30/68 $12.00 447.250.00 . .500.000.00 958...45 371..00 13. dist.250.02 Fees.. . 2 Includes an additional $650 for editorial assistance in preparing the Index..616.....00 2...00 1.013.500....00 $15. Secretarial help . 1968-SEPTEMBER INCOME 30.059. Transfer of office.245. ..... ..1.000.. to Inv.. Budgeted Actual Budgeted Actual 10/1/66.641..67 13.. Approp. .000.... ....12 $53.54 $51.. Secretary'ssalary .500..54 13....953... TOTAL TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS 1.. Print. Fd.955.67 DISBURSEMENTS Annual meeting.500..000. $47....50 Life .000. .00 350. natl.....00 320.00 1.00 $18...00 0..88 14..00 750..455. Approp...12 $53..35 Sustaining Life .-....804..67 Total inc....90 14. Approp.00 500..00 3. off Appropriation...405. 1As amended December.00 400..xxiv AmericanPhilological Association BUDGET: ORDINARY FUND (FOR THE PERIOD OCTOBER 1. off. L'Ann ..85 Sustaining ..002 2..483...572.00 28.00 Dues ..02 282.000......00 2.70 2.80 1.00 180..00 $ (393.00 1.449.256...350...57 966.453..03 $ 2....50 300....00 0.67 11.58 $24... .00 5.856.405.000.00 Total Dues .00 75.427...14.00 750.99 Total Income .40.00 2..150....200..350.00 8.....00 1. ThLL ..15 3.58 $20.000...00 0..50 Editor and help .141.65 2.....97 13.085...225.00 0.812....$ Investment income .81 1.500. Am.00 $14.51 2.781.00 Edit..exp.

.00 $ 58. Vols.95 0.86 $ 6.00 2.700... 1969) OCTOBER 1.51 $ 200...02 26...14 $33.000.500.....10/1/689/30/69 9/30/68 $ 5.13 27.27..56 1.000.000..280. Monograph 25 .25 TOTAL INCOME .. Monograph 27 .00 9.16 $33.777.501.57 $ 6.1.$41.218.. Monograph 28 .03 $33.00 27...000.057..912...00 - $ 200.. Misc..34 $30..00 680..00 5.00 0..600....00 $13.. 1968-SEPTEMBER INCOME Budgeted Actual 10/1/66.00 - 2..00 2...00 4..00 $ 7..567.00 7.14 $33.03 $30..03 8....154. 1968. exp .. exp .Proceedings for 1968 xxv BUDGET: (FOR THE PERIOD MONOGRAPH FUND 30...1....03 5........434.000.00 5. $41..490. Monograph 26 .890..00 0.. Surplus .400.025.780..280....498..000.53 2.123.89 $ 2.10/1/679/30/68 9/30/67 Sales and distribution ..280.. 121..23 TOTAL INCOME & CASH ON Budgeted Actual 10/1/67.. 1 & 2 Monograph 23 .14 Actual Budgeted Budgeted Actual 10/1/66.890.....00 2.10/1/67-' 10/1/67.413.......057.00 3.030....213.03 TOTAL ...00 6.03 $ 4.000..14 4...000.00 190.16 1.00 2.....37 1 amended Summer....35..00 $ 3.373..890.000.$ Editor's salary .5.....145.500.500..10/1/689/30/68 9/30/69 9/30/68 9/30/67 Editorial off.14 DEPOSIT . Mono.434..780.00 1...000.47 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS.071.300..000.14 $ 4..$ Total cash on deposit ...544.00 Printing and binding Monograph reprints .00 6...Monograph 15.37 DISBURSEMENTS $30.27 3. Investment Income .00 -.00 1.14 .....000..00 $33..10 1.890..000.00 - 0..00 780..00 26.53 0..500.000... Monograph 24 .

00 $ 2.273..80 Actual Budgeted Budgeted 10/1/67.00 5.10/1/67..... TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS Budgeted Actual Budgeted Actual 10/1/66..00 100.000.... ... Miscellaneous expenses ...5.000.71 16.10/1/67..400.273.xxvi American Philological Association BUDGET: (FOR THE PERIOD TEXT SERIES FUND 1..731. ..00 $ 590... . .00 $ 100...000.789..00 6.21 $ 400.00 234..10/1/67.26 DISBURSEMENTS Publication subsidies..00 $ 0. ON Actual 10/1/669/30/67 $ 1...26 $17.26 BUDGET: (FOR THE PERIOD OCTOBER SERVIUS FUND 1..20 1...00 $ 2.654..00 200...57 $ 400..26 Surplus TOTAL ...52 1. $11.34 & CASH TOTAL INCOME DEPOSIT .70 6...00 0.39 $ 7...663..52 $ 6.10/1/689/30/69 9/30/68 9/30/68 9/30/67 0.71 . 1969) Budgeted 10/1/689/30/69 $ 700.273.000.87 $ 600.. ...000.26 14.00 TOTAL INCOME ...10/1/679/30/68 9/30/68 9/30/67 453..91 $16..10/1/67.331.00 10...387..26 $11..91 $16.00 Royalties paid out . Gift .00 235.00 0. ON 453.263..00 $ 0...55 0..57 $ 5..$ Total cash on deposit .55 $ 700.00 0. Interest ...00 0..$ Royalties received .263.863.000.563.873.....873.71 16. 1968-SEPTEMBER INCOME 30.241.00 150......000.037.00 5.00 $ 5.107.0.....70 ...00 1.....10/1/689/30/69 9/30/68 9/30/68 $ 400.165.$ Total Cash on Deposit ..587.00 13....00 $ 234.00 $ 789.10.00 0.663..076.18 TOTAL INCOME ....263....00 Interest..09 $ 6.0...145..71 10..20 $ 3.66 550.98 $ $ 6.00 $ 3.11 & CASH INCOME TOTAL DEPOSIT .00 Actual Budgeted Actual 10/1/66.000.873.71 $16. 1969) Sales and distribution...107.10.00 $ 825..52 6.563.037.71 $16... 1968-SEPTEMBER INCOME OCTOBER 30.26 $17.

Y.....70 3. 1968.... In our opinion..........52 . REPORT OF THE INDEX AUDITOR Page 1 Accountants' letter .. OPPENHEIM.. 4 Securitiesand income thereon-year ended September30....52 TOTAL TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS .....00 6. Actual Budgeted Actual Budgeted 10/1/66.....$ 6........57 $ 200....... 1968 /S/ OPPENHEIM.........587... 5 Monograph sales .10/1/67....831..... the accompanying statementof cash receipts and expenditurse presents fairly the cash transactionsof The American Philological Association for the year ended September30.... .. 6 . Statementof cash receiptsand expenditures-year ended September30............731.....Proceedings for 1968 DISBURSEMENTS xxvii Distribution and misc... ........... October 23................863.... APPEL.........52 $ 6...........331... APPEL............10/1/67............. N..... dards and included direct confirmation verificationof investmentincome and such other auditing procedures as we considered necessary in the circumstances..69 $ 500....70 6...00 $ 131...6...... 10005 (page 1) Board of Directors The American Philological Association We have examined the statementof cash receipts and expenditures of The American Philological Association for the year ended September 30.00 $ 349..... 1968 2 3 Savings accounts ..70 6.00 $ 131. 1968..387....... Our examination was made in accordance with generally accepted auditing stanof bank balances and securityholdings..09 $ 6.....39 $ 7.....10/1/689/30/69 9/30/68 9/30/68 9/30/67 $ 349.......... Interest income on savings accounts .. DIXON 8c CO............ It was not practicable to extend our examination of receipts other than investmentincome beyond accounting for these receiptsas recorded.037.. 1968 ......387.... ................ CertifiedPublic Accountants 140 Broadway New York..........57 $ 200.69 $ 500.............. DIXON & Co.. 5 Dues ............. Surplus .

~~~~~~~~~~ // ~ ~ ~ - CU .' ..-Cd C CdCJ0 4) >. H : : : : : : - _ ( Q ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ En n ..'. - U..xxviii N > American Philological Association t t I cs ( Inf n~~~~~~~~~~~( 11) 00 If U Nf *S If)t1X1 '-4 00 0 00 0 t t- - C 0000 00 00 \ x <jo Zf *II 0 U cn~~~~~~~~~~~0 m 0 -..m- t^1 -q 1? cc m () if ~~~~~o ~C r~~~-c00 Uxo o dq ~~~~~~~> n C'- t....... tCLf)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C .D ... .-4 00 - m o~~~~~~~~~~~~~0 i e 0f) v~~~~~~~c2 o s -W N 00 r.~ 4 ..CI4 W .

:~ : : * * EX 5o d ~ Cd En u Y ~ ~ C/) to 'En bQQQQ .-4 -\ ~~ if) O0 -q OO 00 lf~~~~~t) o -f 00 O O C\ C0 oo oo m C\ 00 0- U df t-ccO O U e O _ O\.If)\f) G * .14 .1 ) C4 If lf0 If) d -t.Proceedingsfor 1968 00 00 t-.f) ChLfi t O-0 r-) I'l if O t df) 001'-8 C --e4iC C C oo )" -4t-m h n iO o tif) U C If)0 Of o ~ m O O N 0 C\ t-. I) xxix . :: 00 442~~~~~~~~~~~~~E ~ -0 *** -* ~ :*S v c. 00 00 00 \ TN - -. V.1 m r f) if O O0 o O0 m ~~n c oX_ En 11 ~ 0 * 0 Odb C I*1 Emmn o o nd 14 N nn qt n : :: v :: -Cs En * :: .

4 :: pq *.:z$lI) s s m n : f H4~ z Cz1 ::::::0- S ': q1 p 0 1 0' * 0 2b -~~~~~~~d hO n~- 0p 0 ~~~~~~Cjpq -Ic 00~~~~~ ?~~cd CC 0Q~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?~~~~~~~~~~U ~ w~ V) : >-0 C)00ONf)CT 00 ~ . V- ) * Cl 0 n 6 3 o o > 1 d pq > . o t O !Iq oc o .xxx AmericanPhilological Association en~~~~~~~~~0 R~~~ tt.o m oo ON U) If)" o 0 ? 0) ::::-. .

... 0z E 42 00~~~ ce cn... . * *:* * ** V~~~bo b ...... ~ ::: :: ..: :* .~ Q ~~~~0 to ce o 0 -4 4 .: . b o.Proceedingsfor 1968 S oo xxxi 0 00 xo'O0 es tcc tur C m a. o~~e E-4 -O0 a Ti ..~~~~ 00 co CJ u: 2 u: B O s -- C) u O'i = cl: o -t C: cc = e 00 aaX 40 t O>O tt- O o> acab 0 to cc4:Obbe o0ot 49 00 D~~~~~~~~~c f cq m HO H oo 000 CC J ~~~~~ .

..N m " co " mo co 0- 00 c eo o mr 00 U' co 0 -o -0 cc0= -: -s -. 0 0 ..... O O . ~ :: X : o.4 co ~~~1 1. : X . 0 0 -00) ~~0) 00 A 0~~~~~~ 001 100) . ~ :: **0E 00 04 ---**a -..m c -0 0 u0 ..0 0)0CO C. .. 0 :: 00*lOo. M 0 0 0 X kQ 0 0 c CD oo OOo O eoOu uz u ec O U 00 00 000 0 -. .4 pc U .911 1001 U'. rs a8<aY OaC) 00C? *- ~~~~~~~~~~~~0b C O 0 ? . _z 0 " m oo00c0o0 oe 0 = ~ 00 "It xf: Ctle CR. : . : ...p .. {.. c400 S ' 0 0 ) C 0 .) 00 0 e V Q~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00> _ 0 cd ~ ~ * O ~ :: ~ : .. to 00 ^l _ 00 e -4 00 t^t m 00 CSObbt>e to _t Q O O O O o ko o t o es o ~~~o 00101 u: o oOo .0 UD U oi0000 C) O O CQUC 00000U-0 i C) U'.a..N Ul. .. 0 = = 0 0 -0 U00 N m o 0O00 U'... ~ : 0 O c ce O O Z 0C)0 :: J. a4c 2 0 ?a 0 t5 M E-- 2$ c E-. O . Ctc c_ oOiQ: t0'-C l~m= 00 U'D " U"5 esu zbcc U"....xxxii o=r0t o AmericanPhilological Association 0 cU0 " t c0 0 0 " t.. .Z 0. - : --. ..0 .. ..E-0 *E** ) -. . E> b..

............. Sales adjustments ...................................................................484 312 1... XX ................ .............................................................................................. XXII .... ....................................... ............................................... MONOGRAPH SALES ASSOCIATION 30................................... New members .. XXI ......................... XXIV .......................................................................... . XXIII ......... II................................................. ..................... I..... III.......... XIV .................................... ........... Sustaining life ...................... Sustaining ...............026 25 (20) $ 5.............................. VII ...............906 447 180 778 750 $18...................... .. VIII ................................. AthetizedLines of the Iliad ...........................324 640 905 Ilias A theniensium ................................................................................Proceedings for 1968 xxxiii (page 5) THE AMERICAN PHILOLOGICAL YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER DuEs Annual ....................... VI .................031 ................... $ 16 73 21 34 4 66 83 22 12 94 373 520 20 91 121 51 226 195 122 1.... XV-1 ............................ IV .................................................... V .......................................................................... XV-Suppl.................. XIX ...................................................................................................................... Life .. 8 5 Printing.................................... ......................................................... 1968 $14.. ............................................ distribution-monograph ....................... $ 5........................................................ XVI ...................................... XII ................................................................................................................... IX .......... (Page 2) ...................................................... XVIII .................................................................................... .................................... ....................................... Joint members ...... binding................. Student ..................................................................... ..................................................................857 XX V .... XV-2 ............................................ ......................................... (Page 2) .. .

d jC . :: . q 4i>~~~4 rl C :: a .. d . . .. j ..~~~~~c :::: cn . . . .0. . .5 .I-- : .4 .xxxiv AmericanPhilological Association '-2 ###BOT_TEXT### N |_ | 0 If)~ ~ ~ ~~0 Uf) 00~~~~~~~0 0 II - I If) 0\ \ 0 . . q En : ). S . 0 . d S cd -d.. U> t * cd . 00 O ? U=mU~\ V: ? i ~~~~~~~~0 m 0000 Nf)t* I s 1 H z.~<? 3 oe oN*n o O~~ ~ 5_ ~ . . 00 NX_ S .

LEVY WILLIAMW. Naming-Constructions in Some Indo-European Languages. Respectfully submitted. Sextili est promissum. is in final proofs ready for photo-reproduction. Octobri tandem mandatum. Adelaide Hahn's Naming-Constructions in Some IndoEuropean Languages in 1969. since he believes that the Association could well increase and diversifyits publishing activities. REPORT OF THE EDITOR Once again the Editor wishes to take this occasion to thank those many members of the Association who have given generously of their time and talents by reading articles submittedfor publication in TAPA. Fink. Jr. have been prepared for the printer and will be produced during the next year. and E. it is hoped." Respectfully submitted. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE PUBLICATION OF MONOGRAPHS At the time of preparation of this report three manuscriptsare in an advanced stage of editing: Douglas E. REPORT OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE Quid nisi nil custodeshorno fecimusanno? Non autem quicquam mutandum nostra erat in re. One manuscript. Robert 0. A Bibliography of Pindar 1513-1966.and should be available early in 1969. submitted during 1967. Ad rem iamque locandam sat simus sapientes. which has been undertaken by Dean John W. BEACH 5. Chairman . Adelaide Hahn. Two manuscriptsare in the hands of the first readers. MINTON. Three monographs are in process of publication. Spaeth. Aprili promissumest legatum AdelaYdae. Spes homines fallitl Quot sunt fallacia verba. JAMES W. We hope to publish this shortlyafter the appearance of Volume 100. Fink's Roman Military Records on Papyrus may. appear before the end of 1969.constantomnes rationes. Although the Editor does not have time actively to seek members' suggestions and criticisms. Douglas Gerber. JOHN 6. POULTNEY.Proceedingsfor 1968 4. he would welcome them.Chairman GOODWIN B. E. Roman Military Records on line with its purpose of the "advancement and diffusionof philological knowledge. Work continues on the index volume to the firstone hundred years of TAPA. Gerber's A Bibliography of Pindar will appear early in 1969. and Robert 0. Gaudia regnant. xxxv HARRY L. lam loculo inspecto. ARTHUR Editor HANSON. Iterum fallacia verba. has been returned to its author. Volume 98 should be out well before the annual meting.

and the ACLS Annual Dinner was held at the Princeton Inn." ProfessorBenson's and Professor Barber's papers will be published shortlyin the ACLS Newsletter. On January 19. No. REPORT OF THE DELEGATE TO THE AMERICAN COUNCIL OF LEARNED SOCIETIES meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies.Delegate 8. annual meeting and the forty-seventh its forty-ninth January 19-20. February 1968. At the request of the APA Secretary-Treasurer.Authority. Universityof Pennsylvania. and the Conferenceof Secretarieswas reconvened in the eveningof January19. Bernard College. has authorized the appointment of an editor for the series. Copies of both these accounts may be obtained in the same manner as that suggestedabove. It was held at the Princeton Inn. terestedmay procure copies by writing to the ACLS office New York. at the suggestion of the Committee. Levy will be chairAgnes Michels.Vol. on "Professors. The ACLS itself has published a brochure entitled: American Council of Learned Societies: A Summary Statement. being The fifty-first meeting of the Corporation..New Jersey.papers were presented by Lee Benson. The Board of Directors. Princeton. Morris' edition of Horace's Satires and Epistles. spoke on "The Future of Area Studies. Members of APA will be pleased to learn that their fellow-memberProfessorWhitneyJ. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON GREEK AND LATIN COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS During this year. Work continues on texts for the new series. Oates was re-electedTreasurer of the Council. Professorof History. Persons inat 345 East 46th St. at morning and afternoonsessions. submitted. and ProfessorHelen North has consented to fill the position. Respectfully HARRY L.New York 10017."and by Bernard Barber. was preceded by a meeting of the Conferenceof Secretariesof the constituent societies on January 18. 19. This was of a series entitled "Profilesof ACLS ConstituentSocieties" published as the first in the ACLS Newsletter. For the academic year 1968-69 ProfessorHarry L. Chairman . recognizing the need for continuityin our relations to the Oklahoma Press. Respectfully AGNES MICHELS. 2. Alan Pifer. the University of Oklahoma Press has issued a reprint of E. Members of the Council and of the Conference of Secretaries attended an exhibition and reception at the Princeton UniversityArt Museum on January 18.xxxvi AmericanPhilological Association 7. January 19. but also your deleof ACLS.and UniversityChange". two of which are nearing completion. on "Computers and the Transition fromLittle Scholarship to Big Scholarship. President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. LEvy. 1968. Professorof the absence of Professor submitted. the fiftieth gate wrote a 13-page account of the APA's firstninety-nineyears. man of the Committee. The year 1969 marks not only the hundredth anniversaryof APA.

that raising the dues to $2. ProfessorKonrad Gries. Acting Director of the Service Bureau. Of 29 affiliates in ACTFL 8 are Classical organizations.Ohio. It contains public relations projects that have proved successful all over the country with suggestionsfor their use. representative of the JCL National Committee. that the Public Relations Packet is now ready for distribution. Oxford. .approved a proposal to get each issue out in the month before the month of issue.and their judging improved. the decline in assets being due to defrayingthe expenses of the National Office. approved the appointment of Father Zeinz as Acting Editor for April-June. so that the June issue would arrive before many teachers had left for the summer. 1969. 2) Heard a report by Mr.. ProfessorWilliam Fairchild.00 dues ACL is engaging in a major membership drive. Some drop in JCL membershipwas reported and attributedto a drop in Latin study in the high schools. that many new materials had been added for distribution. 6) Received copies of the report summarized orally by the Treasurer. which is 5. Edna Cunningham. the main point of which was that while assets were down by about $6. that there was need for new classroomtapes like that on the Aeneid. chairman of the committee involved. run more smoothly.800. Reporting also on the last ACTFL meeting. Professor John F.000 individual members326 are Classicists.that JCL Latin contestshave been expanded.00 had caused no appreciable drop in membership. Adele Knight. and that Bureau sales had declined by about 2%. 7) Heard a report from the Editor of Classical Outlook. the American Classical League 1) Heard a report from Mrs. she expressed satisfactionwith its professionalismand urged working with it. that in tryingto make more effective the representationto the Council she had sent out over 125 letters to organizations entitled to it.000 are entitled to one representative and more than one if of larger size.and of 6.500. Zeinz. 1968 at Western College. 3) Heard a report by the Vice-President.Proceedingsfor 1968 xxxvii 9.ProfessorEdith Kovach. that.800 at present. She stressed that organizations with membership of 50 to 1.outlining the activities of the National Officeduring the preceding year. operations ran smoothly. David Levy. in its firstyear of publication in 10 issues instead of 8. Mich. the Endowment Fund had risen by about $6. of the Oxford Officeof ACL. He also reported that Professor Carr's Placement Service had successfullyhandled about 100 employment requests. that simultaneously with the introductionof the new $5. 9) Heard a reportby the Executive Secretary. 5) Heard a report by the Secretary. while the Editor is on a semester's sabbatical leave. Detroit. Latimer. 4) Heard a report by Father Joseph H. REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO THE AMERICAN CLASSICAL LEAGUE At its annual meeting on June 20-22. 8) Heard a progress report on the revision of the Constitution from Professor Gries. More work is still needed on clarifying representation to the Council.

Other activitiesduring the three-dayperiod included panel discussions with lively participation from the audience on: Classical Action at State Level.800 original respondents send in their replies.meetingif it was then deemed necessary. and Public Relations. Respectfully submitted. Respectfully submitted. Associate Delegate .Washington. C. Zeinz to another one-year term as Acting Director of the Service Bureau. at Oxford. Eaton of Howard University. WILLIS. to a six-year term on the Council. Also reported were: a) Appointment of 350 consultants from all over the country to work for closer co-operation between schools and colleges of communities. 1969. and on the special program planned for the 50th Anniversary meeting of ACL on June 19-21. MINTON 10. Minn. b) the intention to see to it that the new Federal legislation and expected Congressional appropriation for the arts and humanities will be used in part to further the studyof classical languages. ProfessorAnnette H.xxxviii AmericanPhilological Association chief among which was the issuing of the Oxford Report (full title: The Oxford Conference and Related Activities) and the Roster of Classics Teachers in the United States. HOWARD COMFORT.Ohio. 11) Elected: ProfessorKonrad Gries for another three-year term as Editor of Classical Outlook. Father Joseph H. REPORT OF THE DELEGATES TO THE FEDERATION INTERNATIONALES DES ASSOCIATIONS D'ETUDES CLASSIQUES There has been no meeting of the FIEC since the last report (Proceedings 97) of your delegates. the formerbeing based on the Oxford Conference of June. a demonstration of the Nodarse Psycho-GenerativeApproach to the Teaching of Elementary Latin. 1967. Bert Narveson of Northfield. as third member of the Finance Committee. 12) Approved the appropriation of $10. One evening session was devoted to: Interpretative Reading fromthe Latin Poets. and the latter to be expanded as the other than 2. Mr. SAMUEL LIEBERMAN WILLIAM W. State Departments of Foreign Languages Take a Frank Look at Latin.000 to defray the expenses of the National Office for 1968-69. Delegate WILLIAM H. 1968. Textbooks. 10) Heard a report by President Pratt on the planned membership drive to start September 1968. D.with the option of adding to this sum at the December.

in fact incorporates corrections of minor misprints. VII.only the following parts are not yetavailable again: Vol. 1967.2 Fasc. II Fasc. reportsthat the work is proceeding with somewhat more dispatch now that it enjoys the services of 17 collaborators. Ohio: Netherlands-HiltonHotel 1972-Philadelphia. though marked as an "Exemplar iteratum" (Unveranderter Nachdruck). and Vol. D.New York: Commodore Hotel 1971-Cincinnati. VI. 5 (iugumca. which should appear in 1968. IX. COMBELLACK . however. VII. VII. Enquiries about this or any other possibility of securing American collaboratorsmay be directed either to Dr. The Director. "Beitrage aus der Thesaurusarbeit" XIV and XV appeared in Museum Helveticum 23 (1966) 208 ff.Dr.2 Fasc. Newest parts are: Vol. 1959. The photo-mechanical reprint. 12 (inordinatus-insipiens). Work on Vol. 8 (inde-ineber). 1958.1 Fasc. laboro) is in various stages of completeness. 1 (o-obscurus). He regrets. C.Proceedings for 1968 11. VII.2 Fasc. VII. 11-12 (gloria-gytus). 2 (inverecundus-iocus). especially in punctuation. WILLIAM W.that there are no North Americansamong them. Ehlers or to your Representative. 4 (is-iugum).2 Fasc.and 24 (1967) 33 ff. According to current information. Ehlers.and Onom. MAURICE P. REPORT ON TIME AND PLACE OF MEETING The Association and the Archaeological Institute of America have agreed to meet at the followinglocations on December 28-30 of the years indicated: 1969-San Francisco. 2-4 (Carine-Cyzistra). 1933/34.1 Fasc. MINTON FREDERIcK M. Georgia: MarriottMotor Hotel 1974-Chicago. 1910/13 The followingare temporarily out of print: Vol. Vol.2 Fasc. Respectfully submitted. Michigan Respectfully submitted. Illinois: Sheraton-ChicagoHotel 1975-Washington. It is expected that these parts of Vol.California: Sheraton Palace Hotel 1970-New York. 1977-Detroit. VII will be available again in 1970. Representative 12.1943. REPORT xxxix TO THE THESAURUS LINGUAE LATINAE OF THE REPRESENTATIVE The out-of-print parts of the Thesaurus are almost all available again. CUNNINGHAM. and Vol. Pennsylvania: Ben Franklin Hotel 1973-Atlanta. One possibilityworth exploring is that American graduate students with an interestin lexicography might pursue that intereston a cooperative basis between their universityand the Thesaurus.

xl AmericanPhilological Association 13. I was very much impressed with the efficiency and dynamism that prevailed at the firstmeeting. angle for position. colleges. I think that we should participate wholeheartedlyin this new venture. on an equal basis. which send Delegates to an annual Advisory Assembly meeting. we are assured on representationin ACTFL through two channels: through the Board of Directorsand throughthe AdvisoryAssembly. whose variorum edition of ancient non-Servian scholia. More important than the mechanics is the strong impression I gained that this new organization really is intended to embrace all language teachers in the country.of more or less specialized nature. with the assistance of Philippa Forder of Mount Holyoke College. thanks in good measure to the energy and intelligence of the young Executive Secretary. and universities.where the manuscriptsJ and K make their firstappearance. which is constitutedof representatives from each of the state foreign language associations. Delegate 14. REPORT OF THE DELEGATE TO THE AMERICAN COUNCIL ON THE TEACHING OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES As I reported to the business meeting of the Association on December 30. in this portion of the text it is hoped to confirm . in schools. F. Since these associations are required. in short. will furnishan admirable supplementto the Harvard Servius. etc. Aeneid VI. ELSE.and that we have an important opportunity for expanded and improved cooperation with the modern languages and for at least our due share of prestige and influence. He is continuing his work on constituting the text of Stockeron that forAeneid VII. ancient and modern. Andre Paquette. to admit all teachers of foreignlanguages. The Advisory Assembly is intended as a national forum in which every special language interestis represented and can present its own case. or rather the firstday thereof. Respectfully GERALD F. whatever the auspices under which it appears. Attention has now turned to the Georgics. in order to secure membership in ACTFL. intended as kind of a political arena. as is Professor ProfessorGoold reports that in 1968. Chicago on December 27. REPORT OF THE SUPERVISING COMMITTEE FOR THE SERVIUS SERIES ProfessorTravis reports for Servius IV that his examination of the manuscriptsto be used in this volume (except for A which is legible as photographed) was completed satisfactorily during his European trip of 1967 and that the assembling and typing of the final blocked textus receptus for Aeneid VIII has been accomplished. I attended the firstannual meeting of the new ACTFL. It is. ancient and modern. Contact is being maintained with Stanislaus Akielaszek. more work was done on the preparation of text and apparatus for the Commentaryon the Eclogues. The relationship of APA to ACTFL is that we are one of some thirtyorganizations of language teachers. The actual policy direction of ACTFL will come from its Board of Directors.Dr.

2.e. (3) specific problems already being 1:30 P.on which Action by the Directors is reflectedunder that rubricbelow." to appear in HSCP 74 (1969). To meet in Washington. 1967. To authorize the President to appoint a special committeeto report to the Board not later than December 27. Several of these manuscriptsappear to present better evidence for the text than similar manuscriptsused earlier.presented in two parts to the Directors at their meetings of October 26 and December 27. 1967. Respectfully submitted. Stephen V. is an extensive document. Dyer. the Directors met in Boston. . ProfessorMurgia reports that he traveled extensivelythroughEurope in the summer of 1968 in search of additional manuscriptsof the upsilon and sigma groups. Chairman. F."Servius and the Helen Episode. in 1975. 1968. 3. REPORT OF ACTION BY THE DIRECTORS A. Waite. Packard. Volume I will commence wtih the preface (i. the feasibilityof and conditions for institutinga central libraryof machine-readable texts and programs. and Robert R. MINTON. Pursuant to the Program of the 99th Annual Meeting of the Association.e. the optimal method for providing output in Greek type. William H. To add the followingas Regulation 33 [now 34]: Delegate to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). was established December 30. Greenberg. (2) possible future applications. on (1) the present applications of computer techniques in classical studies. To accept the annual report of the SupervisingCommittee for the Servius Series as presentedby the Secretary. 5. David W. to investigate the present and possible future applications of computer techniques in classical studies and to study specific problems already being encountered. 1967.) 16. Murgia for the Aeneid. The Association's Delegate to the Advisory Assembly of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages is appointed for a termof fouryearsby the President. Its report. WILLIAM W. and will be employed as appropriate in his edition of Volume V.g. REPORT OF THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE FOR COMPUTER PROBLEMS (This committee composed of Nathan A. 4. on December 30. and some idea of the editor's methods and preliminaryresultsmay be gained froman article.Proceedings for 1968 xli the new appraisal of separate traditions established by Charles E. To approve the minutesof theirmeetingof December 27. the problem of publishing concordancesalready completed. He visited 48 libraries and examined over 170 manuscripts of which 130 were found to contain Servius in one form or another. Massachusetts. The Directorsvoted: 1. including the so-called Suetonian Life) of Aelius Donatus's Commentaryon Vergil. on file with the Secretary-Treasurer. Willis. Chairman 15.M. 1968.D. containing a number of recommendations. C.

Switzerland. the Directorsmet in New York City on October 26.000 (95. d. To authorize the creation of the post of Editor of the Textbook Series with an appropriate stipend for each volume edited. g. B. 1967. To amend the second half of Item 9 of the Minutes of the Board Meeting of December 27. be properlyreflected and in particular that a new Regulation be added after 20 (succeeding Regulations to be appropriatelyrenumbered): 21. 9. 1968. 1969. with the Treasurer. To authorize the Secretaryto see that the dues increase and provisions for student membership approved by the Board at its meeting of Dein the By-Laws and Regulations. 1968. . at the Annual Meeting in Toronto in December.) b. plus whatever amount is necessary to compensate him for such released time from teaching or other employmentas the Directors may from time to time determine. To approve recommendingto ACLS that ProfessorElias J. 7. To confirm the mail ballots taken during the year. It is to be noted that members employed full time are not considered students.xlii AmericanPhilological Association 6. Bickerman be allotted a travel grant to enable him to read a paper and chair a session at the meeting of the Societe Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquite in September.1968.October 26. 8. J.000 for secretarial help." The final sentenceof Regulation 10 is to remain unchanged. Such membershipwill be available to any one student for a maximum of five years." (Words added are italicized. 1967. cember 27. To approve ProfessorD. 1968. e. To change the firstsentence of Regulation 10 to read: "The SecretaryTreasurer is allotted the sum of $3. Conacher's request to permit the scheduling of a special seminar on Greek Tragedy by a group for which he is spokeman. To meet next on Saturday. 1967. 2. Fribourg. f. . .in New York City.xliii). To support the American Office of L'Anne'e Philologique in its application to the National Endowment for the Humanities for support for the year 1968-69. The Directors voted: 1. a student membershipis established at a special rate of $8.000 a year for the Secretary-Treasurer's salary.00 annually. and in Regulation 13 (firstsentence) to specifythat "three" instead of "two" of the Directors shall. a. and shall be allowed to petition the Directors for any expenses exceeding the stated $1. Levy to the Committeeon Greek and Latin College Textbooks and his appointment as Acting Chairman of the Committeefor 1968-69. To approve the minutesof theirmeetingof December 27. in addition he shall be allotted $1. Effective January 1. such Editor to be appointed by the President on the nomination of the Committeeon Greek and Latin College Textbooks. to read ". constitute the Finance Committee. Pursuant to action taken at their meeting of December 30. 1967. To note the appointmentof ProfessorHarry L. To authorize a change in By-Law 13 to specify"ten" instead of "nine" Directors. To authorize the Secretaryto reinimbursethe editors of the Servius Series for necessarytypingexpenses incurred in the production of the volumes of that Series. with the understandingthat the will be relieved of fromone third to one half of his Secretary-Treasurer teachingduties.

To note the followingappointmentsmade by the President: a. Gerald F. The Magistrates of the Roman Republic). the income fromsuch investments to be credited to the Monograph Fund foroperatingexpenses. Dyer. to serve as Chairman of the Local Committeefor the New York Annual Meeting in 1970.Harry L. F. 7. William H. 1969 on Classical Influences in the Years 500 to 1500 A. Adelaide Hahn.. Greenberg. To approve the Budget as amended above. 3. Levy. to serve as a Special Committee for Computer Problems. for the fiscalyear 1968-69only. 10. 6. Else. To approve the restructuring of prices for Monographs and Special Publications agreed on with the Press of Case Western Reserve University. April 8-12." 5. and the report on Time and Place of Meeting. To approve recommendingto ACLS that ProfessorR. to serveas Editor of the Text Series. the Finance Committee. 9. the Committee on the Publication of Monographs.: Fields AwaitingInvestigation. To accept the followingresolution presented by the Finance Committee: RESOLVED.Helen F. the Representative to the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae. Willis. Packard. 1968.. 11. Chairman.. the Delegates to the Federation Internationaledes Associationsd'ittudes Classiques. To appoint William Hailey Willis and John Lewis Heller as Delegate and Associate Delegate respectively to the Federation Internationale des Associations d'ittudesClassiques forthe years 1968-73. d. That the Finance Committeebe. the Delegate to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. 12. Waite. to serve as a member of the Committee on Greek and Latin College Textbooks. c.David W. Nathan A.D. Walter Robert Connor. and it is herebyauthorized and directed to take the following actions with respect to the securities and other monies acquired by the Association through the bequest of the late E. Stephen V. the Editor. D. To authorize the Finance Committeeto invest the proceeds of the Hahn bequest. To accept the annual reportsof the Secretary. To amend the final sentence of Regulation 9 by deleting all words after "Association. To amend the firstpart of the last sentenceof Regulation 19 to read: "A Delegate and an AssociateDelegate are appointed for ." the amended regulation to become effective with regard to expenses forthe October. North.300 for reprinting both volumes of Monograph XV (Broughton. To authorize amendment of the 1967-68 Budget to add $5.of $500. the Representatives to the American Classical League. 8. k. To approve placing Monograph V and Special Publication II with UniMicrofilms versity (Ann Arbor). Sweeney be awarded a travel grant to enable him to participate in a conferencein Cambridge.meeting. the Delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies. to serve as the Association's Delegate to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) for 1967-70. i. b. and hereinafter referred to as the "Hahn Bequest": . e. Robert R. To undertake expenses of the Special Committee for Computer Problems existingas of this date in sum not to exceed $550. the Treasurer. j. 4.the Committeeon Greek and Latin College Textbooks.Proceedingsfor 1968 xliii h. England. To make a special additional appropriation to the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae.

the proportion shall be recalculated accordingly. and shall henceforthbe administeredas part of that Invested Fund. and that the Award be accompanied by a sum of $200.. which shall receive that proportionof the total income of the Invested Fund which the Hahn Bequest was calculated to bear to the rest of the propertiesat the time of the merger. 14. 22. and XVII with University Microfilms.assign. C. To change the deadline for abstractsof papers for oral presentation at the annual meeting and for articles submitted to TAPA from October 15 to October 1. in furtheranceof the purposes of the Hahn Bequest. 20. Goodwin Award of Merit. 15. except as stated below. this proportion shall be used in allotting the proper share of the income of the Invested Fund to the Monograph Fund.with power to determine to which institutions the Association shall send officialRepresentativesand to which it shall only. and sell the securitiesheld in the name of the Association. be known as the Charles J. 24.of the proportion borne by the Hahn Bequest to the rest of the propertiesof the Invested Fund. To allot the Committee$300 for its use between this date and December 27 and to add this appropriation to the Budget as approved.and to transfersaid securitiesto the name of J. If new assets are added to the Invested Fund other than by income or appreciation derived from the Fund's holdings. 17. X. To authorize the President to appoint a committeeto consider the scope and feasibilityof a paperback series to be published by the Press of Case Westunder the sponsorshipof the Association. ern Reserve University 16. the proportionshall be recalculatedaccordingly. To approve Section III of that Report in principle. 13. shall remain constant. 18. A calculation shall be made. Combellack. 21. for the Toronto meetingonly. To adopt a resolution authorizing the President of the Association. To place the matter of Representativesat Ceremonies in the hands of the First Vice-Presidenthenceforth. to endorse.xliv AmericanPhilological Association 1.except for the contingenciesset forthin (A) and (B) below.Frederick M. To accept with thanks the Report of the Special Committee for Computer Problems. If. Orr and Co. The Hahn Bequest is to be merged with the presentInvested Fund of the Association. That the Committee be invited to propose to the President of the Association forappointmentanyone it may wish to coopt. XI. securities are ordered by the Directors to be withdrawn from the Invested Fund. based on market values as of the date of the merger.regardlessof any fluctuationsin the values of the mergedFund. the several securitiesconstituting A.and B. . 2. To approve placing Monograph I. This proportion. beginning with the San Francisco meeting. To allow the Program Committeeto extend the time allotted to speakers at sessions for the reading of papers to a maximum of two and one-half hours. directwrittencommunications 19. the nominee of the Chemical Bank New York Trust Company. 23. without distinctionbetween the prior holdings of that Fund and the items added by the Hahn Bequest. and to authorize the Secretaryto make the necessarychanges in the Regulations accordingly. That the Award of Merit. That the Association will schedule no meetings at Berkelcy or Stanford during the 1969 Centennial meetingin San Francisco.

1959. 1964. d. Chairman. to serve as Chairman of the Committee on Nominations for 1968-69. xxiv. On December 30. Chairman. ProfessorsRobert J. at 8:00 P. (b) Read the manuscriptof each accepted textbook. The Editor receives a stipend of $500 for a textbook of normal size (200-300 pages) upon its publication. ProfessorsDonald W. To approve the minutesof theirmeetingof October 26. The Directorsvoted on December 30. Canada.with a view toward fulfillingthe desiderata for textbooksestablished by the Committeeon December 28. such recompense for his work from the Association's royalties as the Directors may authorize upon the Committee's recommendation(95. The Editor shall: (a) Assist invited authors in the preparation of their manuscripts.xiv.xlii). to serve on the Committee on Nominations for the term 1968-73. De Lacy. after the Association has recovered its expenditures for the text. 1961. Committee on Greek and Latin College Textbooks. 3.xlii). Else.and prepare copy for the printer in consultation with the author and the Oklahoma University Press. ProfessorPhillip H. to establish the officeof Editor of the Text Series. the Committee has administered the Text Series Fund. 1968. b. 4. 2. and. To substitutefor the presentRegulation 33 the following: 33. to serve as a Committee on Paperback Publication. such increased stipend as the Directors may authorize upon recommendation of the Committee.000 from the Ordinary Fund (95. . 1968. the Directors instructed the President to appoint. To approve the followingappointmentsmade by the President: a. Copley. established by a transferof $10. Each author of a text for this series receives. Pursuant to the Program of the 100th Annual Meeting of the Association.xxxv). This Fund is devoted to the production. of a new series of Greek and Latin college textbooks. c. the sum of $500 upon the acceptance of the manuscript by the Oklahoma UniversityPress.M.xxxv). the Directorsmet in Toronto. Prakken. without fixed term.William H. for considerablylarger books. under contract with the Oklahoma UniversityPress. "The American Philological Association Series of Classical Texts" (95. to serve as the Committee on Resolutions for the Toronto meeting. on December 27. Since October 31. and Frank 0. with the approval of the Directors. To accept the annual report of the SupervisingCommittee of the Servius Series as presentedby the Secretary. The Directorsvoted: 1.the expenses of typingit. and the annual reportof the Auditor. xliii).upon submission to the Committee of an invited manuscript. Willis. 1968. Professor Gerald F.Proceedingsfor 1968 xlv C. 1967. a Committee to "investigate and report on the college Latin and Greek textbook situation" (91. The Committee may pay an honorarium of $100 to secure the judgment of a refereeupon a manuscript. Lenardon and Leon Golden." 5. as reimbursementfor other expenses incidental to its preparation. To amend the last sentence of the firstparagraph of Regulation 26 to read: "The income fromthe Invested Fund shall be transferred to the Ordinary Fund and to the Monograph Fund in the proportions indicated by the Resolution of the Finance Committee adopted by the Board at its meeting of October 26. the appointment to be made by the President upon recommendationof the Committee (99.


AmericanPhilological Association

(c) Conjointlywith the author,read the proofsof galleysand pages; (d) Consult with the Oklahoma UniversityPress on matters concerning the actual production of the textbook, the preparation of publicity and of jacket copy. 6. To approve and forwardto ACLS the followingrequests for travel grants: 1. for the Fifth International Congress of Classical Studies in Bonn, Germany, September 1-6, 1969, those of ProfessorsHerbert Bloch, T. Robert S. Broughton (ACLS-NEH grant),Wendell V. Clausen, D. R. Shackleton Bailey, and William H. Willis (ACLS-NEH grant). 2. for the International Congress of Onomastic Sciences in Vienna, Austria, September 8-13, 1969 (ACLS-NEH grant) that of Professor DemetriusGeorgacas. 7. To appoint Donald W. Praaken as Editor of a practical guide to the use of computersin classical studies and to instructhim to submit a budget to the Directorsfor theirapproval. 8. To approve the adoption of Recommendation II of the Report of the Special Committee for Computer Problems dated December 21, 1968, with the deletion of "(or his nomination)" in line fiveand the revision of the last line to read "and mighthave at its disposal a budget of $500." 9. To charge the Editor and Secretaryand one other member of the Finance of formulatinga plan for the revision of the Committeewith the responsibility Editorship of the Association which is financiallyfeasible, such recommendation to be presented to the Directors by March 15, 1969, by mail for their consideration.

We the members of the American Philological Association on the occasion of this our 100th meeting would like to express our gratitude and appreciation: of our Association and of the Archaeological Institute of To the officers during the past year, administrationof their offices America for the efficient and for their part in the preparation and presentationof the program of both societies; and competent Chairman of the local committee, To the extremelyefficient and comof Toronto, and his equally efficient Alan E. Samuel of the University have contributed petent staffof co-workerswhose courtesyand thoughtfulness so highlyto the successof this meeting; To all who presented papers for their importantand scholarlycontributions to the programof the meetings; To the Royal Ontario Museum for its hospitalityin inviting our organization to view its collection and to the Museum and the Universityof Toronto for their generous hospitality in entertainingour organization at a reception; And to the management and staffof the Royal York Hotel for the high excellence of the food and lodging and the exceptionallywarm and courteous service which theyhave provided.


Proceedingsfor 1968


on Resolutionswas accepted The Report of the Committee byacclamation. The Presidentcalled forNew Business. Professor John B. Van Sicklepresented a resolution that: to theeffect "As studentsof the civilizationof classical Greece and as to freeinquiryand scholars and teachers devotedby profession teaching, we are gravely concerned by the imposition of politicouncal controls by a military dictatorship on our professional terparts in the universities of Greece and we are no less conthe whole cerned by the violence and repressionthat afflict Greekpeople. of the American We therefore resolve that the Secretary Philological Association be instructedto transmitthis expressionof our concernto the Secretary of Stateof the United of the States with the urgent request that the government United Statesof Americacease all aid to the military dictatorship in Greece in order to favora returnto free institutions in the Greek university and societyand to avoid contributing to further bloodshedand violence." It was moved and seconded that this resolutionbe adopted. The motionwas lost. MartinOstwaldpresented a resolution Professor to the effect that: "The Presidentof the Associationbe directedto make representations to the appropriate members of the Congress of the United States,with copies to be sent to the Secretary of that State,on behalfof the AmericanPhilologicalAssociation, the Fulbright-Hays Programbe fully re-instated and supported with the necessary of scholarly and national fundsas a matter interest." It was moved and secondedthat this resolutionbe adopted. The motionwas passedunanimously. The meeting then proceeded to the election of officers, GrundySteiner and Edwin D. Floyd having been appointed tellers. All nominees were elected as set forthon page vii above. The new officers assumedoffice. The meeting was adjournedat 10:00 A.M. Respectfully submitted, JOHN J.BATEMAN, Secretary


AmericanPhilological Association ANNUAL MEETING CANADA 28-30, 1969



First Session: 9:30 A.M. FrederickMalcolm Combellack presiding
GERALD N. SANDY, Catullus 63: A Philological Study FRED ROBERTSON,"Lament forPaetus": Propertius3.7

The VertumnusElegy of Propertius THOMASA. SUITS, ROBERT T. S. BAXTER,Propertiusand Vertumnus HUGH E. PILLINGER,Propertius2.13.25: Books and Funerals ALBERT R. BACA, Ovid's Claim to Originalityand Heroides Second Session,Section A: 1:30 P.M. Malcolm Francis McGregorpresiding in Herodotus WILLIAM C. WEST III, The Motif of Learning Through Suffering HARDY HANSEN, A Re-examination of Nikomakhos' Two Terms of Lawmaking DANIEL J. GEAGAN,Antigonos the One-Eyed and Greek Sensitivity HUBERT MARTIN,JR.,Amatorius 756D: Plutarch's Citation of Empedocles JOHN D. MOORE, The Philosopher's Frenzy (Plato: Symp. 173D) DAVID E. HAHM, Plato's "Noble Lie" and the Brotherhoodof Man Plato and Cratylus: A Suggestion WOLFGANGSCHADEWALDT, ALFRED BURNS, Greek Thought and the Missing Energy Concept DISKIN CLAY, Greek Physics and Epicurean Physiologia: Lucretius' Proem Second Session,Section B: 1:30 P.M. Glanville Downey presiding of 444 B.C. BRUCE W. FRIER, The Consules "Suffecti" CHARLES D. HAMILTON, TresviriMonetales and the Cursus Honorum JOHN D'ARMs,Augustus and the Bay of Naples: Propertiesand Policies COLIN M. WELLS, P. Silius Nerva and the Vennii (16 B.C.) ANTHONY R. BIRLEY, Maximus, the Consular Biographer CHARLES E. MURGIA,Avienus and the Lost Books of Livy LILY Ross TAYLOR, Republican and Augustan Writers Enrolled in the Equestrian Centuries JointDinner with the ArchaeologicalInstituteof America: 8:00 P.M. PresidentMargaretThompson of the Institutepresiding
Presentation of the Award of Merit of the American Philological Association to

and the Samnites Edward Togo Salmon for his book: Samniumn

1969 A. The Myth of Pindar's Olympian 6 EDWIN C. the Roman Grammarian. The Premi&re of Pindar's Third and Ninth Pythians LEONARD WOODBURY. Pedagogy.M. Persona and IntestinumBellum in Horace's Satire 2. DECEMBER 29. YOUNG. Pastor Aeneas: the Pastoral Theme 30.M.M.. Section B: 9:00 J.On the Possible Indo-European Origin of the Greek Hexameter BERKLEY PEABODY. Sinon's Horse and Charon's Barque C. STADTER. 1969 Business Meeting of the Association: 9:00 A. Animals in De Rerum Natura WILLIAM S. CUNNINGHAM.2) MONDAY. MCLEOD. P. Lucan. JR. FifthSession: 10:15 A. WILLIAMS. ANDERSON.. Caveat Viator: Roman CountryInns . A.and the Profession CRANE. GOOLD. Dido's Last Curse. ThirdSession. Some Pindaric Exempla JACOB STERN. Herbert Bloch presiding JOHN THEODORE F. Bernard Mann Peebles presiding Neronian Literary Feud? of Prudentius FRANCIS NEWTON. WOODSIDE Presentationof the Archaeological Institute of America's fourthAnnual Award for Distinguished Archaeological Achievementto Gisela M. The Problem of Interpolation in the Textual Saint Cyprian as a Man of Letters Tradition Harry Louis Levy presiding of the Aeneid G. BARMANN. Good Wine in a New Vase (Horace. MAURICE P. GRIER DAVIS. VIGORITA. Richter Address by the President of the American Philological Association. Unexamined Manuscripts of Classical Authors on Mount Athos PHILIP A. and Seneca-a ANNA LYDIA MoTTo. SULLIVAN.6 SISTER GERTRUDE ANN SKALITZY. Pindar and the Mercenary Muse: Isthm 2.584-629) W.M. Bacchylides'Ode 3: Conventionand Creativity JOHN F. A.Petronius.M. Section A: 9:00 Lloyd William Daly presiding DAVID C. (Aen 4. On Solving the Six ThirdSession. LATIMER. D. LEFKOWITZ. Greek Accents. The Helen Episode in Aeneid 2 R. JR. DECEMBER ANNE AMORY PARRY.2 MICHAEL WIGODSKY. FREDERICK MALCOLM COMBELLACK: Homer and the Fashionable Critics SUNDAY. Horace. and the Beneventan Scribe BERNARD C.Proceedingsfor 1968 xlix Greeting by MOFFATT ST. FLOYD.1-13 MARY R. Senecan Irony QUINCY HOWE. P. Epistles 1. Niccolo Niccoli's Libraryof Classical Manuscripts Fourth Session: 8:00 P.Progress. Epistles 1.

DILLON. Statius and the Equus Domitiani HARRY L. S. J. Plotinus. "My Tongue Swore. FINCH.Deianira's Strategy in the Trachiniae of Sophocles HARRY C. Mystery Elements in Menander's Dyscolus JOSEPH A.But My Mind Is Unsworn" EVAKEULS.4 D and Ox. Catullus and Cangrande della Scala Sixth Session: 1:30 P. H. BLACKMAN. M. AVERY. Aug.. in Roman Britain RANON KATZOFF. Russo. Simonides: fr.J. GRUBE. The A urea Dicta of Augustus and the Poets . Quintus. CONACHER. Aug.1 AmericanPhilological Association DAVID J. The Provincial Edict in Roman Egypt HELGA NEHRKORN. and Later Views of the Intelligible World WALTER F. Enn. Leonard Woodbury presiding RICHARD E. SAVAGE. N. Pap. Homer.The Objective Concept of Ate in AeschyleanTragedy G.1. Aeschylus and Zeus D. A.The Persae and the Agamemnon: Some Formal Anticipations STEPHEN C. The Spring Telphusa MARY-KAY GAMEL.M. SHUCARD. Ovid and Roman Mythological Painting RUTH ISLEY HICKS. DOYLE. and Num. III 9. DONLAN.Venus Saves Aeneas JOHN J. Catalogues and Other Manuscripts from Lorsch DUNCAN FISHWICK. and the Search forOral Poetics READ BY TITLE JOHN M.Some Topographical Problems in Plautus JOSEPH FONTENROSE. LEVY. 2432 CHAUNCEY E.

Officers for 1968: Chairman. Arizona. Donald M. "The Roman Elegists as Anti-Augustans. Baca (University of SouthernCalifornia). Ralph Johnson(University of California." Joseph S. Cumae and Argyripain the 'Aeneids' of Virgil and Ovid.Proceedingsfor 1968 V. Ayers(University of Arizona). Donald M. Ayers(University of Arizona). PAPC . Classical Section II Papers presented: "The Origins of the Latin Alphabet." Albert R.Santa Barbara). Secretary. "Propertian Elements in the Cinthiae Monobiblos of A." Arthur E. Secretary. Classical Section I Papers presented: "Socrates' Mulishnessand Heroism.Irvine). MEYERSTEIN Secretary-Treasurer. Frank (University of California. "Actium.Edward Phinney (University of SouthernCalifornia). Gordon (Universityof California. Officers for 1968: Chairman." Richard I.Berkeley). THE PHILOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION THE PACIFIC COAST OF The followingis a reporton activitiesof the Philological Associationof the PacificCoast during its Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting(held at the University of Arizonain Tucson. "The First Burial of Polyneices. S. "The Two Venuses: Renaissance Allegorizations of the Aeneid. Ayers(University of Arizona). Donald M.Richard I.Edward Phinney (University of SouthernCalifornia).Berkeley). Charles Witke (University of California. W. Piccolomini. on November29 and 30.Berkeley). S. Secretary. R.Irvine). Jensen(University of Arizona)." David Thompson (University of New Mexico). Secretary. 1968). Frank (Universityof California." Diskin Clay (Reed College). Margon (Universityof California." Richard C. Officers for 1969: Chairman. Officers for 1969: Chairman.

645 Eastern Parkway.Susanna M. 48024. and June cates that membership 30. Abrams. 64 Bunting Rd. Mich. D. 05401. (1936). A. Detroit.0.06457. Columbus. Dr. Dates not calendaryears. Catherines. Ames.. Alexander.Wash.Prof. c/o Cambridge U. Dr. of Santa BarClassics. Athens. 127 Dundee Rd. S.N. WesleyanU. JohnA. Alpert. Chicago. Seattle. JohnW. = Seminary. = University. Port Arthur.Ga. Jamaica. of California. Bronx. Zuell P.. was taken out at some time betweenJuly 1. (For example. 820 N. Aldrich. (1968). Dr. Archibald W. Carolina). JamesW.N. (1945). Names markedwith the symbolt are those of Joint Members. Dept. 10471. Y. Vt. N. (Riverdale Country S. U. Lane. 2031 Walnut Pa. Columbus. Canada. (1962). Box 1002. 98102. Richmond Akielaszek.. Dept. Y. S.. and reflects. (1948). Sara Barrett (1969). Alf6ldi.. 11432. ?Abel. St. Names markedwiththe symbol ? are those of Life Members. (1969). Charles C. Philadelphia. LIST OF MEMBERS. Adams. bara. Aly. (1969). Abzinger.. 523 11th Ave. (1968). Bowdoin C. Calif. Alfred (1956). Keith M.. C.. ADDRESSES 1969 whereverpossible This list has been corrected to April 15. Dr. Dept. Chapel Hill. Dundee. C. Maine 04011. N. (1953). J. (1961). N.. Ament. E. The Secretaryearnestlyrequests the assistance of all membersin keepingthis list accurateand up to date. Box 2151 Yale Station. 93106. James W. J. of N. of Vermont. Ambrose. 1969. Prof. Dr. 30601. Wayne State U..JohnP. 272 Mercer St. Allen. 1920.. Sem. 630 W. of Classics. U. Y. Samuel (1959). 1921). Farmington.Ala.. Ernest J. 60611. Howard L. (1960). Atlanta. 08540 (Inst. 0. and Lit. Acad. . Prof. Prof. of Classics. = School. Malcolm E. Marjorie (1969). 60025. Bascom Hall. 2700 Park Ill. 36081.. Ont. 32 E.Jane L. Groton. Jeffrey (Ohio State University). Andrew (1963). of St. Broughty Ferry.Madison.N. Philadelphia.lii AmericanPhilological Association VI.06520. (1963).. Walter R. ?Agard. 43214 W. Margaret Glover (1958). Loyola U. Scotland (U. Dept. 48202. Prof. Prof.. Alston. 01450. Dr. Groton Mass. 19143. St. Michigan Ave. New York. (1939). of Ambrose. P1. Symbolsapplyto the year forwhichthis volumeis published. for Girls).Joyce(1965). Herbert(1934).. Allen. Mile Rd. = College. Ont..Dr. 30303. 105 Ave.. Prof.. Brooklyn. St. Adelson. 53706. State C. of Georgia.... Agnew. 43214. Jeffrey Abbott.Burlington. 4537 Osage Ave. S. Cairo. forAdvancedStudy). 11213.. U. P1.1920 indiindicatefiscalyears of the Association. U. 29300 Eleven Mich. Egypt. (1960). Walter. 20 El Dokki St. 27514 (U. Classics. 10022.e. (1961). Troy. Wentworth. 246th St. (1962). Glenview. = Academy. 159 ?Abbott. 57th St. Allen. Princeton. Dept. Georgia Alexander. Jr. Conn. 1968.. Canada. N. of Greek and Latin Lang. Acton. of Wisconsin. Names markedwith the symbol* are those of Sustaining Members.. Y. Rev. 159 W. Prof. Alexander. (1934). Allen...Ga. (1946).. MidConn. Andrews). Ann M. Brunswick. Press.U. AbdullatifAhmed (1946). Ill. 415 Piccadilly Ave. Y.Prof. (1922). Wisc. Pa.GeorgeR. El Dokki. Altieri. i. 10003. dletown. *?Allen. Winifred (1969). 159 2nd Ave. New York. addresseseffective duringthe academicyear 1968-69. 19103. Jr. KennethM. Adams. Prof. (1960).New Haven. John's U.

Samuel D.Mich. Y. Dept. Dept. Balivet.John A. Y. Y. Md. James J. 12561. Y.England. Apostolos N. Anderson. (1922). Apt. 2474 Valentine Ave.Wis. S. Canada..Harry C.Ont.. Maryland. of Arizona.1 (PrincetonU. 10458. ?Anderson.). N. Angevaare.Los AnAnderson. 5224 Dwinelle. (1963). Mass. of ClasCalif. Dr.. Albion. quetteU. Collegeville. (1937). Pa.Nev. (1959). Roberto (1951). 75 Loomis St. N.N... 94708. Claremont. (1948). Tucson. Fla. Dept. Prof. 1025 cred Heart Sem. Poughkeepsie. of History. 10463. J. Irene Ringwood (1958).. Van Nuys.Calgary. Pa. Hall U. Williamstown. U. N. Paltz. Oscar Ferdinand (1934). Berkeley. 15213. of California..Calif. Pres. New York. West Fitchburg. South Orange. John C.J.David McLean (1967). N. Conn. sinus C. Calif. 175 Babcock. Vt. of New York. Rudolph (1938). (1951). R. Cambridge. Aratowsky. U. *?Avery. New York. George G. Pres. 3103 Arlington Ave. Dept. Walla Walla. Baldwin. Dr.. U. 78 AlexBoyer Ave. Asaka.Prof. 20017. 06320. Italy. Helen H. J. Seton 85721. 10021. 197 Andrews. 13625 Erwin St. ander St. Princeton. Appleton. New 43210. (FitchburgH. Ala. 14214.. Lawrence U.. Dr. Dept. Mass.. C. 364 *?Atkins. Prof.. E.). 90024. U.. Martha (1965). Bronx. Calif. *?Avery... 08540. Baimas. (1948). Dott. Appleton. 230 The 94720. 91711. Rev.). Dept.Pottstown. Mass. Wadham 10027. Boca Raton. Y. Prof. 05401. C. Berkeley. (1963). Ashley. Arnold. 01420 Arnakis.Richard E. MidArmstrong. Tadashi (1965). of History. 20742. 19426 (UrArnaud. Andronica. (1961). Chicago Michigan Ave. 54911. 19464.). (1967). 512. Classics Canada.Mass. Amyx. 245 Wilbur Blvd. (1950). Detroit. Buffalo. Islington. Columbus.N. 2701 W. 07079. Rev. U. 1. Washington.Clara W. Dr. (1944).. Anderson. (1940). of Avery. JamesI. Y. Leona (1965). Norman (1962). geles. 28 Claremont Men's C. 35486. SaArtzer. Via Cantelli9. Box 6012. (1910). 89502.. (1940). U. East Mall. FlorNorthSt. Pittsburgh. Daniel (1960). Dr. 464 Riverside N. D. U. Oxford. New York. Dept. 8th 78712.. Baldes. Arlington St. 05753. lege of Humanities. C. (1968).Prof. California.Rev. U. Bacon.E. Blvd. 43 Irving St. Baldwin.. Wash. Baker. FlorenceM. University. Armayor. Parma. (1947). Calif. Deceased December1968. Mass. (1936).Ann (1958). 79th St. Apt. The Hill Austin. Berkeley. Nevada.. U. Kimball (1968). B. AlfredC. of ClasArnold. (1960). of Classics. 48206. Prof. Bernard (1956). College Park. Calif. Hayes Hall. Austin. W. Baca. J. Dr. Dept. Richard W. College.Proceedingsfor 1968 liii Amory. Ohio U. 02114. (1941). Md. Maurice W.. of State U. ton Ave. Rev. Badian. sics. Roderick (1969). Classics. T. 94720.. 99362.. (1968). (1955). 53233. of Pittsburgh. ?Bale. N. (1952).Prof. Dept. (1934). Y.Alberta. 02166. (1954). Pa. Ascher. Edward J. of Calgary. of California.John L. Armstrong. ConnecticutC. (1955).Prof. Ave. 127 Day St.0. 02148.. N. Donald G. D. 01267. A. U. J.N. Andreotti. of Texas. Reno. Malden.. 5004 ClifAvotins. (1962). of Alabama. 91401 *?Arbesmann.. Albert R. I. Doris N. 671 Oberlin Auburndale. of Classics. 12603. 21207. Middlebury.. Marsics. Charles F. Ariz. (San FernandoValley State C. Vt. D. Antczak. . State 110 Brown Hall. Court. 49224. Athanassakis. (1968). ColE.Tex. Donald M. Barry (1967). of School.. Ave. RobertA. Prof. ida Atlantic U. Milwaukee.Ohio State U. 111. (1967). Ayers. Prof. Wis. 30 Hannigan dlebury C. Baltimore. William S.Mich. New London. Burlington. of Classics.S.. of 33432..

. 1922 N. of Classics. N. Rev. David Booth (1965). 2. (1965). Edward L. S.Prof. 10014.Ont. N. (1967). Columbus. Barrett.Mass. 221 47th St. of Classics. of Classical Langs. SusquehannaU. Oval Dr. 6349 Alamo. Notre Dame. (1960). St. 734 15th D. 06117. Jane F. Dept.. (1946). of Classics. 10027. 57069 (U. Emory U. Bedrick.J. Selinsgrove. 838 JohnJayHall. of Classical Langs. Dept. (1965).. 20005. Dept. Baxter. (1930). Sienna C.James B.Pa.Sylvia (1963). 30303. Claude W. Worcester. (1961). *?Bellinger. Rev. of Classics. 92115.. N. Atlanta. RobertJ. (1962). U. Lily Y. 10 West St. N. (1963). Vermillion. Balmuth. 01060. Colo.Prof. Y... Wash.. Dr. 361 Lincoln Hall. Robert(1967).liv AmericanPhilological Association Bartling. ?Ballentine. 30322.Q... Leonard... Northampton..Ga. Ind. of Notre Dame. Barton. sics. Barrett.. N. (1953). Cross C. (1965). Y. Montreal. New York. (1962). of ClasBecroft. Calif.. 12206. 17604. Hazel E. Pa. Conn. Waterloo. Alfred R. JohnF. Dept. Mass. College Park. . S.. Bell. (1967). U. Mrs.Prof. 52 Orchard Rd. Barnes. Dept. William C. Bassett. 06517. Urbana.. *?Beach.. St. Ball. 24 Mass. (1955).. Faculty Rd. 71 Bernard Ave. Elsah. tBarrett.Riverside. *?Beckmann. Robert F.Tufts U.John J. of Classics. 59th St. Clark U.J. 01810. Barnard. Holy Cross C. of Classics. Y. (1959). 3-V Hibben Apts. Cambridge. Canada. 01106.St. Lancaster. Skidmore Rd.. Dept. Beck.. (1969). Georgia State C. 1050 E. Canada. Banas. Medford. (1903). 53081. 17870.. Roger Lyne (1968).0. *?Barlow. Dept. (1960). Pa. WaterlooLutheran U. 02138 (Harvard U. Mass. Crawfordsville. Ga. U. 60637.F.Ill. Stephen(1969).. 63105. Barlow. (1962). Mass. Barr..).M. Washington Belmont. Jr.. Rev. Walter J. Boulder. Frederick (1967). S. (1967). Andover. *?Beede. Douglas R. Dept. 43210. Dr. Ind.. #2. C. Becker. Allan P. U. of California.. 92502. NW. Classics Dept.N. West Hartford. Dept. and Marshall C. G. 01610. of Classics...Ont. Downsview. Prof. Barnes. Princeton. ronto. T. AnastasiusC. Prof.. 30 Homeland Terrace. Shaw Hall 206. Barthelmess. 3524 DalefordRd. (1927). and Mrs. Mo. 12569 (Oakwood School. Worcester. Yale U. of Colorado. 17837. Beers. Worcester. Mass. 01610.W. of Ave. Baxter. 08540 (PrincetonU. 46556. 126 Forest S... Y.Conn. 405 Bleecker St. Mrs. *?Ball. Loudonville. San Diego State C.Dr. F. Seattle. 62028. c/o Kaynor. Barry.Poughkeepsie). Banta. 80304. 47933 Water St. Hamden.James A. Mrs. Longmeadow. New Haven. Herbert (1950). Principia C. Theodore (1940).Mr. (1931). 63130. R. Edward J. tBenario. 27 Gosford Blvd. Ill. Bandy. Janice M. TH 5.. Beck. U. of Chicago. Dept. (1965). Canada.. tBenario. (1957). Dept. Mrs.. Dr...Charles R.Bernard C. (1958). Pleasant Valley. St. (1905). Carol Mansfield(1964). U. 23rd St. O.. University C. Louis. Robert T. Conn... Prof. of New York. 06520. (1964). Bateman. (1958). Louis. Emmett A. Atlanta. 02155. 98107. of Classics. Wayne N. Albany. Bauer. (1939). Canada.S. Ill. South Dakota).Dr. George F. Canada. Dept. J.Wis. CorneliusG. Barmann. 44120. Apt.Mass. 01610. (1920).Prof. 154 N. Holy Mass. San Diego. 38 CrescentRd... Bernardete. Banks. S. U. C. 1444 Mackay P.. 12211. Grace (1932). Cleveland. of Classics. Ohio State U. 61801. D. of ToToronto5. (1952). State U. Toronto 5. S. 615 S. of Ill. Sheboygan. David E. (1940).. (Wabash C.. Chicago. Conrad (1968).. ColumbiaU.C.. Dr. Washington. Mo. New York. Lewisburg.. Ontario. N. 0. Salem St.). Franklin Barnett. Goodwin B. MiriamS. Y. Calif.).

East sics. (1944).. 02766. N. E.). 98119 Birch. Prof.. New Haven.Alva Walter (1962). (1960). Uppof Classical Studies. N. 3100 sics.Colo. Classics. Classics.Mass. 524 Pleasof Classics. Box 1023. 10027 ?Bennett. (1953). pect St. Benson. D. Bessenger. Vt. 88 ProspectAve. for Research in the Humanities. (1963).Sarasota.Joyce (1961). 6.New York. J. N.F. 45501. Berkhofer. William (1962).St. Dept. U. U. 33577. Siegmund A.. 6E. (1940). 34 Hillside Bliquez.. Y. Jr. (1955). Calif.. N. of S.). David J. Inst. New York. 901 Bigwood. Athens. Apt. of Race St.Ont. Bergmann. 05401. 0.. Stephen (1962). (1951). Benton. ChristosJ..Canada. Y.. (1962). St. U. BostonU.W.Windsor. Dept. 9 Plutarch ten. Frances G. (1964). Burlington. 22202.Sewanee. Birley.Frank Hill (1968). C. Dept. Mass. Jr. 1. N. Lowell. St.Va.. Dept. Leicester. ORBenedict. St. Y. (1920). N. Cordelia M.. (1965).. Dept. (1967). Calif. (1964). Prof. San Francisco. Plymouth Harbor E 311. of California. New St. 02215... Mrs.Elaine (1967). Army ling Blvd. vard U. Box of Foreign Languages. PersonnelServicesUnit. Berkeley. New York.Charles M. 15E.Tenn. 05740. 20008. Arlington. Calif. Dr.. Athens. nati). 3080 of Wisconsin.Irvine. Prof. AnthonyR. George H. Bennett.Kathleen Morgan (1969).). N. P. EmmettL. S. U. of S. 02766.. Ont. Berry.JohnC. 08817. C. Queens U. Betz. Mass. R. Caliaway Ave.. Joan M. Y. Manitoba. Dept.. Denver. Apt. of Blank. England. Va. 22nd St. U. 714 S. Arlington. Jersey City.. Toronto5. C. Belmont. 10580 (Rye Country 06511. Luci (1965). 12 Hathof Classical Languages. Bickerman. 22nd St. E. Dept. Canada. 0. Kingston. J. Prof. 80206. Cincinnati. Wittenberg 1023. 20th 4thAve. 360 Flower St.Proceedingsfor 1968 lv Bertman. Paul. 700 John Ring(ColumbiaU. 94122. Edmund G. W. (1937). of Windsor.. Y. 10011.Santa BarOhio Ave. 27706.Mass. U. (1965). 15010. 2413 Dept.Dr. sala. N. tBishop. 2706 8th St. 194 Bliss.. of CincinYork. 3018 (Seattle U. 90007. Madison. Bieter. Rev. 37375.Wis. Biermann. Apt. of ClasCanada. Bernstein. Berman. of ClasBlackman. Ave. South.N. of Bentas.N.. Moshe J. Fla. of California. 92651. 130 Midland Sherman Ave.Canada.. Francis R. 346 Blair. Conn.55101. CharlesR. 94305. fornia. Whitney (1952).. 02178 (Harpeg. Ga. (1969). C. Thomas. Classics Dept. 129 Eleventh St. Ave. Norton. c/o SchuyBlegen. California). W. 1850 31st Ave. Vt. Walnut St. Prof. Day S. Apt. Norton. P. (1969). *Benedict. N. Ethyle Wolfe (1947). Richard (1964).. (1945). Rye. Classics (U.. Beye. of the South. New York. 263-C. 1120 Benjamin. 10011 (ColumbiaU.. LawrenceJ. of California). 30601. Ontario. Dept.VictoriaC. Stanford. Beaver Falls. Pa. of Manitoba. 10014. 0. . Doris Taylor (1944). Bernabei.).. Wash. 161 S. Marilyn (1964). Minn. Joseph R. 93017. J. Berrigan. Los Angeles. Middlebury. (1944). Edison. Boston.Anna Shaw (1952). FredericA.Prof.. David (1946).U.Mrs..Calif.Calif. 90007 (U. (1951). (1941). 1816 10th Binnicker. Duke U.Prof. Carl W.. Herbert(1939).. Durham.). 22204. 305 W. 45219.. Seattle. Bloch. ProsBroomsedge Tr. Springfield. Y. APO 09757. Stanford U.. Berg. Marvin B. 360 W. Berkowitz. Apt.ColemanH. Berry. 53706.). of Classics. bara. 3762 S. 94707 Bennett. Calif. J. 01850 (Tufts U. Braunstone. Edgar (1960). WhitehavenSt. Y. (1954). U. Kathryn (1929). Albert (1912). (1957). Los Angeles. Gerard A. Apt. Mass.. Calif. 07306. A. 0.. Washington.. Gotgatan1.U. Prof. lBernstein.Leif (1967). Bessette. Peter's C. (1969). Dept. Sweden. Winniant St.Dr. Berglund.. Greece (U. 13th St. New York. Broadway. 10040. 15E. *?Billheimer. Blockley. Bergson. lBishop. A. (1967).

(1924).. of ?Born. (1967).. Danville. Alice F. Mrs. of Classics. O. Morgantown. Classics.. Ga. OxBorsay. 38 Kipling St. Chicago.N. (1961). H. of History. U. Brooklyn. of Classics. Classics Boegehold. consinAve.. 12 Fiske pool. Lynn L.Prof. Bovie. S... Classics. (1957). Y. H. Iowa 0.). 10530. of Brady. J. PatrickT. DougDr. Bowersock.Ill. Dept. (1915). R. Brearley. Greek.Dr. 21. 4 ProsHistory. C. Dept. U.F. Francie Masters Rd. Lockport. 10027 (ColumbiaU. Conn. Library. Carolyn (1955). of Ottawa. Claremont Ave. (1963). St. Ave. forniaState C. 30648. LesterK. U. of Classics. N. Alan K. Prof. K. G. Canada. 704. Brown U. 16802. Houston.Blanche B. of Dept.Mass. Peter B. DelaSt. of NorthCarolina. Jean Rhys (1964). Eugene N. Donald J.U. ton. 807.Ark. Boecklin. (1957).. (1948). 37th& 0 Sts.Dept. U. $Boggess. 222 Seaman Ave.. & Latin. (1968). James R. Ottawa 2. Dept. 0.F. U.CanAve. 19 Lascelles Blvd. sey State C.Ont. Bowman. #2. U. (1969). of Blumenthal. St. ware. (1968). of Bram. Ottawa 2.. . (1947). Cedric G. Rev. 7401 4th R.7. Calif. Frank C. Los Angeles. Oxford. *:Boggess... 03301. 30648. Rev. N. No. Norwood. 45219. of Greek Bourne. Baldwin. England.. Basil's Classics. Lewis C. Hill. (1932).Bruce (1963).E.P.N. Brayton. 52803.. W... Chapel R. of Borysiuk..D. Tex. D.. of Technological C. J. Apt.. To07043. Dept. 12 GranBoutton. Ill. Bock. (1965). 10034. Bradley. 48104. John J.Rev. CanHanover. 77036. Prof..J. Pennsylvania State U. Dept. (1962). Lexington.. Dartmouth C.. 20007. G. FayetteBookout. Stamford.Canada. 181 ville. 45221.0. (1936). Braun. N. S. Robert. 72701. 79409. (1964).England. D. Dept. Y. Edward.Denis (1967). ?Boulter. (1964). Dept.. (1963).M.R. Richard E. Prof. Prof. 60 Daly Dept. N. 95063. U. Boardman. J. 45221. Providence. (1961). Palmer (1951). I. Roland (1949). Cincinnati. Princeton Ont. Prof. Y. ronto. Charlottetown..Rev.I. Edmonton..N. 08540. U. Upper Montclair. (1965). (1922). Cincinnati.I. Canada (U. University 60441. of LiverBowen. C. St.Liverpool. Alan L. Bodnar. N. of ?Braunlich. 06902. Lexington. 0.Myroslav (1952). Classical and RomanceLangs. Bragadin. of Cincinnati.). J.Mich. The Croydon. N. Hill. Ohio Wesleyan U. (1949).D. 6616 Beechmont tham Place.lvi AmericanPhilological Association Blodgett. Kirkwood Blvd. (1929). Mary V. 24551. New Jer02138.Alberta.. Kevin E. Braswell. Balliol C. William F. 02906. 841 OakU. Pa. 20016. 337 Dorsey fordU. 26505. Braun.Chapel pect St. 27514. of Cincinnati. 6331 Cincinnati. of Arkansas. H. 0. Texas Bradeen. Alberta. Y.. Henry W. C. C. of Alberta.W. ada. ?Boyce. Dept. Brady. Cambridge. Va. of Brader. (1962). Ave. New York. c/o Athenaeum of Ohio. lass C. Donald W. Classics. M. Jr. Dunstan's U. Stratford C. (1969). W. Elizabeth MacNeil (1965). Boylston (1958). Apt.. U. 60637. 5515 Clarewood. 319. Tex. Henry C. Prince422. Dept. of North Carolina.. 03755. Dr. 11510. A. (1942). Santa Clara. (1967). Laszlo A. Dept. U. (1965).. Dr. Jr. 2920 Scioto Classics.Ann Arbor. 27514. Michael L. of cago.N. (1967). Brannan.N.Ann (1965). Ave. N.Prof. of Toronto). Park.. Apt. 08903.. 3210 WisSanta Clara. 43015.Prof..Calif. Borza. ington. Brady. Bradley. 1903 Hall.. New York. Edward M. Classics.Edward D. Mrs. Albert. S. ?Boyer. Mrs. ada. Y. New Brunswick. Davenport. 45230. WashGeorgetown land.... Boggins. *?Braginton.Canada. W. 11209 (CaliGa. Ont. #2. Dept. C. Harvard U. Prof.JamesF. Washington. (1963).(1965). (1963). Lubbock. Hartsdale. Borgeaud. Prof.. Concord.Va. Boren.N.. of ChiBodoh.

Jr. Brosnan. of Classical Langs. Ontario. Ill.N. Dept. 3215 Macomb D. Buchanan.Prof. (1958). 2715 ConnecticutAve. of North Carolina. Brooks. Fla 32601 (U. (1965). (1967)..Italy. Oak Lawn. c/o Wesley Palms. RichardT. Apt. Prof. 44805. Buckley.Chapel Hill. 20008. (1951). 63857..Prof. N. of Classics. Canada. Williamstown. 1446 Day Valley Rd. C. Broege.. Virginia (1968). Dept. 824 Paxinosa Ave. Dept. Ruth (1929). 19141.W. Jackson. Division St. John P.N. (1968). 1919 Mo. C. 18042 (LafayetteC. 7141 SherbrookeSt. S. 26 Maple Mass.S. N. Gainesville. C. St. Kennett. 01267. Dept.. Chapel Hill. Berkeley. 2404 Loring St. W.EmeritaRuthW.Mich. U. ?Brown. St. Dept. 20016.Skokie. 27514.. San Diego. 70118. Aptos. John. (1967). (1935). Edward. La Salle Pa. Miss. RobertJ. Mass. 20008. Deerfield. Prof. ...). Harris St. *?Broughton. II (1969). den-Sydney.C. C. 26 Maple Mary-Anita :Browne. Kelly (1961). (1952). (1965).. Frank E. Dr. U. *?Brown. Dept. Canada. #2. U. 0. Brunner. (1968).Gerald M. Loyola C. 13820 (Kartwich C. (1967). Brooke. Buck. Dept. tBruere. AlbertusMagnus C...W. Baltimore. 92664. Prof.Ky. Isabelle L. Montreal. Bruce.Ill. Box I.).Conn. of Classics. of Florida). Providence. 55101. Box I. Bronx. JamesJ.. of Classics.. Y. Easton. 10471.. T. (1941). Ashland. David F.W. Joseph (1945). Mass. Classics Dept...Canada. Brigham. of Chicago. Dr. Dominic Ruegg F. Minn. *?Brokaw. 87501.Irvine. Massey C.Ill. 60076. Brunet. New Haven.Prof.La. RobertS. London. N. 94709. 1630 Calif. 60459. tBrowne.). C.. Jr. Brown. 39202. Jesuit Minn. Cambridge. Lexington. La Salle C. Apt.Canada. Ave. Dept.RobertA. Edwin L.). Paul. Brown.. (1962). L. Ave. Macalester C. Sylvia (1969). Classics Dept. Washington. Pa. D. BrotherJude Sapone (1967). 753 Richmond St. American Academy in Rome. 06511. (1962). Apt.. MurpheyHall. 3301 St. Alberta. Jim Richard. Dr. 95003. #6. Middletown. of Classics. Browne. JosephineP.Prof. Via Angelo Masina 5. (1969). Manhattan C.. Brown. Sangre de Christo. N. Tulane U. (1928). (1958). (1949). R. Mass. Bright.S. New Orleans. M. Box 54... 21218 (Johns HopkinsU. Dept.Lucy (1927). (1912). (1940). 9025 Skokie Blvd. 45236. (1947)... 19141. Daniel (1963). (1962). Brown.Anne (1969). N. Evert van (1965). I:Bruere. Oneonta. Brown. Ivii C. 8119 South Meade.W.Jerrold St. John W. Brong. Calif. Y. of Classics. of California. St. (1961). Cincinnati.. 4th Ave. Cambridge.Chicago. 712 S. 92109. Brooks.Chicago. Paul St.. Brother AlbertPaul (1955).. U. Ann Arbor. 60637.. Mass. Brown.. Peter C.. Breuker. Anthony Dr. Brush. 2. 2. Edmonton. Williams C. Md. Arch St.Marilyn Anne (1968). 02906.Route 5. Rome. H. (1967). American Academy in Rome.StevenJ.Ill. 19709. U.Rev..John L. Ont. Apt. William Edward (1954). 34 Academy Brown. Brown.. of Chicago.. of Classics.). Washington. 1221 N. Brinkley. (1967). Santa Fe. Ashland C. Dept. 01342 (Deerfield Academy). St. Rev.. Via Angelo Masina 5.Dr. 201 WilbrahamRd. of NorthCarolina. Calif. of Classical Langs. Norman 0. (1969). 657 St.Proceedingsfor 1968 *?Bree. 60637. Philadelphia. Brown. Philadelphia.Carol R. of Alberta.. TheodoreF. Dr. Brusherd. Rome. Brozowski. Carol W. Brother David H. 02138. Dewey. Washington. Jr. of Classics.. 40505 (Lexington BaptistC. (1954). Bonifacius. D.. Pa... BrownU. of Classics. Buchem.Italy. I. Prof. 55375.. 4201 MassachusettsAve. Rosco (1951). 48104. Belhaven C. Toronto5. HampVa. Brown.Valerie Anne (1965). Brother S. 27514. AnDel. 3022 C.. 23943. drew's S. 0. C. Hampden-Sydney C. ?Brown. Calif. 01109 (Pratt H. U... (1947). N. Frederick H. Springfield. C. 02138. 8814 MontgomeryRd. (1956).

Toronto 5. St. Apt.Pa.LonSt. III (1953).Stanley M. Burnett.Mich. St. New Vale. London European Langs. PhilosCarleton.. Baylor U. 1779 Woodland. Birmingham. ?Campbell. WashGeorgetown ington. 1505 Sunny ophy Hall 711. 48104. (1934). JohnMcK. (1969). U. EngPhillmore U.W. RobertJ. Dr. 1129 Savoy St. 83 Brattle Caldwell.). C. San Diego. Yonkers.Mich.0. Rosamond (1928). (1967). 60637. Birmingham. 2 Hamburg13. 28036. Durham.0. Upton St. Dept. 24595. ventureMinor Sem. Alison Mary (1968). St... Sweet Briar Ann Arbor. (1960). BonaBurzynski.S. Averil (1968). Archie C. NoviWerners. Callahan. John0. John F. ada.). D. John F. C. Graduate S. 10708 (ManN...Mont. Capps. 169 Morrell tiate of St. Pickwick P1. E?Caplan. geles.. Paul V. of 47401 (Indiana U. C. C. Cambridge. N. Washington. of Classical Studies. 2935 Calif.Va. Brunswick. 10028.. Miami U. Gardens. Southern C. Classical Studies. 10027. Camp. N. N. CincinWisconsin. 2519 State St. Y. Buffalo. of Mass. 02891.59701..Italy.S. Howard Don (1956). LinguisPhilatics Dept. 20007. $?Callahan. (1965). (1968). C. land. Regis H. (1956). Wis. St. 19565.. (1959). Dept. Apt. C.Ha. York. 94303. of Classics. 02215. 92107. Watch Hill.. Classical Studies..S. of ?Buttrey. Alan (1968). of Michigan. Classics. (1946).Ill. P. Germany. of Callahan. 21013 Gallarate. Burns. 20008. Bedford C. Prof... U. Dept. Dr. Emerita Gail A. Dept. 27706. 5757 University. (1956). R. Edward. Y.Carbone. III (1968).S.N.lviii AmericanPhilological Association Budenz.Dr.. Box 452. Dept.Palo Alto. 19104.London W8. Kings C. Classics Calvert. Alister (1934). Sturtevant. (1967). Peter Hart (1965). NW 1... delphia. Y..Prof.. of Classics. Isaac Joguies.. Martin (1967). JosephSt... 32. Ala. 48104. Candon WC 2. Downer Ave. Ind. Calder. N. Roberto. Butler. Ithaca. of Michigan. S. 1111 Doug$Callahan. Dept.. . Dept. 14212. N. Mount Allison Canada. (1951). England. George (1963). Miss. (1969). Eugene W.J. Y. (1959). Baerbel B.Wis. ard U. Dept. ville. Thomas D. 3203 N.. Ont. Alfred (1964).. Columbia U.. 14850. Davidson C. Sweet Briar..Los AnBiihler. 45221. Reynold L.. Caalham Prep.Rev. Brantford. Sawtelle Blvd. (1968).Tex. of of Classics. 90024. Y.Harold C.Calif. (1964). 57078. (1949).. 84th St. Calif. Los Angeles. Yankton. Tex. (1953). Dept. JohnP. Cannon. of Greek & Latin. 55 E. Burney... Bronxville. of $Cameron.Austin.Von-Melle-Park6. (1969). Sackville.Cardona.. Cameron.. Enosburg Falls. 3256 S. Dept. U. (1965).Pa. Duke U. Helen F. Ave. 55204. Howlas Ave. University. Burian. 53211. James M. 78741. Chicago. Paul (1969).William M. Aloisianum. I. Waco. L. Bloomington. of Cincinnati.Dr. 45056. 811 Palmer Bush. of Hawaii. Winfried (1965). Prof.. 96822. Callender. New York.. U. (1922). England. Y.Calif. Prof. of Pennsylvania. 1630 way. Klass. of Latin.Dr. #215. Washington. Burns. The Strand. Prof. Dept.Prof. 10705 (FordBusa. D. Sem. Burns. 2. Cornell 76703. Rev.. nati. JamesA. hattanville Bushala. Davidson. 02138. (1959). ?Cameron. Burker. Rev. (1955).Boston. Dept.Mass. f. Ave. (1940). Dr. D. 169 Rother Rd. 05450. Burrows. Butte. Burstein. 20001. B. R. (1967).N. (1964). Milwaukee. U. Regis (1962). C. Ann Arbor. Roy F. (1922). Mary Ann T. D. Canavan.. Oxford. Classics.). Basil's S. B. Byrne. U. ?Carey. 6 Livingston 53177. Ontario. U.Canada. Harry (1919). Vt. U. U. 95 :Cameron. 90066. ?Butts. Virginia W. 1 Upper Burford. 50 FenCantarino. *?Burgi. TheodoreV. Rev. of California. H. Regents Park.FrederickM. James (1968). (1949). Honolulu. Callahan. 38677. N. R. N. Julia M. Philologie.

N. CambridgeU. Cincinnati. I. 65201. Ohio State U.F110. of Cincinnati. Y. Clifford U. U. 1469 Neil Ave.D.Anne E.Dr. Mrs. Dept. of California. Rev.Jacques (1968).. Chapman..Rome. Seattle.. (1948). of KenLexington. Tempe. Winooski. Lionel (1937). ?Carpenter.). 02852. 10588. (Bryn Mawr C. 47401. VirChambers. of Langs. 21157 (Garrison ForestS.. N. 99202. Donald (1969).JohnS.Italy 00165. ICastro. lix Catterall.). (1965). Harvard U. Box 225. (1953).. Cambridge. FrederickH. Chicago. of Manitoba. W. Pa. 4. Ecole Normale Superieure. of Cincinnati. 14618. (1967). Carney. Md. Barbara L. 0. N. History Dept. Francis S. J. Robert E. (1962). 7518 Eastlake Terr. Catlin. Alfred McCrea (1960). (1954). Ardmore. of Foreign Langs. Carriero.Prof. Dept.. Citarella. Md. City C. Chakemian. J.Lubbock. Chapman. Dept. (1965). *?Chubb. Rome. Apt. 19335 Run. 10701. ICastro. Steven(1968).Rochester. *?Caskey. Stanford E. Carrubba. 0.. St. (1952). Classics. Woodlawn. tChisdes. Dept.Prof. Carriere.. (1965). (1965).N. (1967).Princeton. Gonzaga Carroll.). JohnP. Ann F. Classics Division. Thomas F. (1956). ginia PolytechnicInst.... L. 02138. *?Chase. Kingston. Dr. of 0. 11704 (St. Piazza Stefano Jacini5. Gwynedd.Paris 14.Laurel. (Brock U. 45221. A. Man. Broadway. Wash. Portland State C.. Mo. (1965). Carter. Harland A. Y.Dr.. 20810. Rhys (1933). 79413.). Robert W. 02176. (1962). Cavarnos. 23113. Alston H. 1108 W. 2. Midlothian. Francis S.. Blacksburg. JohnL. 44 W. J..S. 40506. 279 N. (1967). Los Angeles. RobertE.. (1967).). Carrel. Pa. J. 19436. (1954). 701 N. 24061. Jr. Ore. for AdvancedStudy..England.Mass. 11 Whitelawn Ave. W. Arizona State U. tucky. Wash. 2475 DisCattley. U. 08701.Eileen H. Babylon. 43210.Proceedingsfor 1968 Carlson.Henry E. (1949). N. 49 ArlynDrive. Emerson St. Carter. Dwight (1969). (1954). 'Clark.Joan J. (1938).. John'sU.Dr. Dr. (1956). 933 13th St. Stewart Rd. Christiansen. Champagne. 60025. 19 Bruce St.Mass. Columbus. 98105.. Newnham C. 08540. Classics. of New York. 08701. (1967). Clark. (1965). Main St. Jean-Claude (1963).. Mortimer H. Chambers. . (1967).Rev. of Christopherson. Carver. Carter. covery St. tChisdes. James A.. Loyola Sem. 21163.Bloomington. McQuaid JesuitH. of Cincinnati. John P. Foulkeways. Ill. 13910 Briarwood Dr.Italy. Charles. Classics. Ky. Catherines. France. Dept. Rev. 8 Avenue du GeneralMaistre. (1965). Olympia. A. U. Va. St. Jerry Pa. Kenneth (1969). Cambridge. (1933). 85281. of Rhode Island. Columbia. D. Dept.Ariz. 0. lawn.. Bernard J.. Cashdollar.).Tex. Cassidy.Canada. 10031. Y.Md. 26 St. 701 N. 01810. (1929).. #2023. 45221. Casler. Y. Centa. *?Carter. R. J. Glenview. Mary Eileen B.. (1965)..Peder G. (1920). of Washington. Melrose. Ill. George L. JohnJ. (1919). New York. Harold (1929). Westminster. Portland. N. St. 3609 59thStreet. K. Chernick. JohnL. (1960). 19003. Carter. C-26. South.Mass. Rev. B. Clark. Downingtown. 346 Glenridge Ave. 2. U. (1964). ShrubOak. Armand(1967). (1964).Vt. *?Casson. Paul's Rd. Ethel L. Inst. Martin's Abbey. U.Bloomington. Prof. Dwight 0. U..S. Canada. 16 School Mass.. Lakewood. Dept.. Clive L. 47401. Spokane. Columbus.).. Rt. of English. Va.Calif. 60626 (North Chicago H.. Winnipeg. Woodstock. (1968). *?Cherniss. of History. Elisa M.. 101 E. 97207. 98502.Prof. 02187.Wash. 49 Arlyn Drive. 05404 (St. Classics Dept. N. Michael's C. 43201 (Ohio State U.. Y. Canada. ?Carr.R. 1800 ClintonAve. 109 Richards Hall. (1954). Andover. 290 Via Aurelia. Ind.C. WoodInd. Vancouver 8. 90024. Milton.N.. Dr. 27 Elm St.Dr. Yonkers. Lakewood.U. WoodstockC. Ont.

44140. Prof. Anselm's Abbey. Y. Cohn-Haft. Southwestern U. erford C.Prof. (1913). Y. Cleary... Dept. 6 Gosslerstr. Apt. St. 426 Arden 0. Rd. Buffalo. (1960). Mass.Peter (1965). Walled Lake. Dept. 30322.Louis (1954). 0. U. Columbia U.. 97403. U. 90049.. Md. 44106. Germany (TechnischeU. N. 78626. Toronto 5.. of Classics.Los Angeles. Theony (1969). Dept. Portland. Classics Dept. 186 Blue Hills Rd. Suffield. Cody. ?Colton... *? Combellack. 10025. of Classics.. Cambridge. Brooklyn. Y. Rev. 21218. Ont. Jr.. Conn. of Classics. Marvin L.Eugene.. of Classics. 4. Hamilton. Dept. (1936). Clinton. 1523 Corinth Ave.. Vincent J. Portland. Chicago. Dept. Clark. 12 Knowle Drive. of Classics.. Bldg. GeorgeSt. 2305 N. Exeter. (1959). Dept. The Albany Acad. Conant. 224 St. Dept. Y. Clogan. Dr. N.Linda L. Frederick (1960).. 12208. 03833. Dr.Sean (1968). Atlanta. N.. 08108. 19041.. Ont. H.Exeter..Dr.Margaret(1967). La Jolla. ton Ave. (1968). Calif. of Classics.N. N. England. Clavelle..N. 221 C. Canada. Apt.N. (1930). Lit. Margaret (1969). Dr. *?Comfort. Salem Station. *Clay. of Classics. #501. of Greek and Latin. Ore. Apt. Winston-Salem.Reed C. Royce 340.David D. HavPa. 03102. (1956). 97403. 41 Westland Row. Schenectady. J. Kevin M. Haverford.Prof.. 8. Jenny (1969). Prof. Eugene. Richmond Ave. 08540.. Rev. Charlottesville. JosephM. 3021 Friendly St. 12308. 97202. Johns Hopkins U. tCombellack. Ore. Parkview Apts. Rd. N. 0. Frederick M. Colaclides. 43214. 11625 Mayfield Ave. Eleanor B. H. 08108. Dublin 2. New Haven. Prof. D. Manchester. 06511.. 320 BoylstonHall. Clark. 1538 E. (1961).. New York. of English & Comp. Ont. NorthHaven. of Classics. *?Clement. (1968). 54 KensingMass. 90024. Georgetown. Oleson Ore. Columbus.. Wendell (1945). 22204. C. 221 C. lClay. C. 19103. (1934). Albany. Los Angeles. (1933). Philadelphia. 27038 Bruce ?Coffin. Richard Day (1950). Claus. Los Angeles. Ireland. (1968). Richard F.Canada. Northampton. (1947). Cohen. Prof.. Newark. JohnsonBurns (1967). Harrison C. Departmentof Literature. Mich. Calif. Jane Merriam (1965).Ill.lx AmericanPhilological Association Coghill. Collingswood. Colker. 14222. 401. Collingswood. J.. Chestnut St. Howard (1931). 02173. c/o Flannerys. Clark. Edward (1959). J. P. Conacher. 19711. Classics Dept.. Johns Hopkins U. Tex. 19081. Harvard U. Emory U. *?Clift. of Virginia. 92037. Connor. C-200. TrinityC. Swarthmore. ?Colburn.. Frederick B. Box 184. 1919 Pa. Cody. Colton. PrincetonU. (1923). Susan P.Prof. Apt.John (1967). Paul A. Mrs. St. Joachim(1968).). 109 Dwight St. Ernest A. 10027.Irvine. 90025. ?Coleman-Norton. 11234. of Classics. 60639. (1960). Clarke.06473. Dr. Toronto5. 3985 Detroit Blvd. Kedvale. Calif.Donald E. Case Western Reserve U. Princeton. U. Conn. (1968).. Howard W..JohnV. RaymondJ. U.. 97225.. Evelyn Holst (1928). SwarthPa. Classen. $Colton. Dept. of Oregon. $Colton. of California. Clifford.. David B. (1957). (1968). of Delaware. Parkview Apts.Del. (1946). New Haven. J. Dept. RobertE. Diskin (1967).. Rd. Conn.. Bldg. Connolly. 01060. (1968). Lucy Austin (1963). Bay Village. moreC. Calif.06078. Calif. Cole. (1968). 184 N. Cleveland. 7450 Olivetas Ave. (1950). Y. (1920).. Collins. 1 Berlin 41..Henry Steele.Md. Baltimore. McMaster U. U.. 27108 (Salem C. Collins. Ore.. James B. Condos. Prof.N. N.. Guy B. 853 Nott ?Coffin. Clausen. Ga.. Clinard.Prof. Yale U. . of California. SufConn. 5820 S. Paul Maurice (1961). fieldAcad. Berlin).. Va. (1957).Devon. 48088. *?Cobbs. 46th St. Dept.Dr. Coffin. 21218. Canada. Dept. Commager. Baltimore.. R. Thomas (1961). McConnell Hall North... (1911).

. William D. Crake. Dr. Arthur. E. 573 Croft.. (1938). 915 West Coulson. Providence. A. C. 191 E.93013. Creighton JohnB. of 52240. Maurice P. Craik. 406 Richard. (1965).. J. (1961). 13323.. 10003. University Crowell. H. N. New York. (1939). 68131. Fla. Prof. Chicago.). Wilmont Rd. 10588.. of Classics. Pennsyl. of ClasWis. Constantinides. 1. Va. 6525 N. 169 Lunado Vine St. 49283 (Spring Charles St. H. M. Ruth Swan (1959). Ann Arbor. of Michigan). ClinN. N. Carolina. Loyola U.Tenn. East Lansing.. Costas. Dept.. Andrews. Ann Arbor.. ada. C. (1930). (1967). C. pleton.). 08540.. Brooklyn. I. of Classics. 37212. Lawrence U. U. B. New York. Crum. 55414. Mass. Storrs. Minn. Ont. 48104 Classics. St. Frank 0. Y. Y. Prof.... Procope S. of S. lumbia.). Paul (1928). 0.06320.Calif. Cool. tonAve.S. E. (1938). Elizabeth (1959). N.Y. ?Crosbie. N. Dept. 94127. Rock?Crawford. (1968). (1945). 1142 W. Dr. U. Rev. 06430. Iowa City. New 49001. 10025. 64068. York. Bergenfield. 90280. Mrs. UniversityStation. necticut H. Grinnell Cotter. of ConCrawford.Virgil S. Sheridan Corbett. J. of ForBox 3441.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxi Craig. Victor C.Mo. Cedar Lane. 171 Street. Fredricksburg.E. ApCox. 07621. Coutant. Way. N. (U.. R. U. 93rd St.Edith Fries (1949). Robert L.W. Eric Marsland (1948).James A.Iowa Corcoran. St. (1959). Dept. Costelloe. ScotMo. Montreal. San Francisco. (1965). J. (1965). Mt. 29208. Box Cunningham. sics. Omaha. Pa. Winona.. New Brunswick. (1965). Stuart (1928). 54911. Mass. Theodore (1968). F. vania State U. Shrub Oak. New York U. (1963).. Minneapolis. Delvin L. Prof... McGill U.Neb. Medford. Mem..U.Dr.. Mary Washington Prof.. 10 KilryConnor. Jr. Sackville. Fife. ?Crawford. of Cate School. 217 Pleasant Grace A.. (1945). J. Y.06268. 90-35 Arts Bldg. J. Conroy. KatherineT. John T. (1933). 420 Spring Arbor. (1962). Allison Broadway. Lucile (1962). 11432 Canada. New York. Y. 64110. P. 63 FedhurstC. Chareign Langs.S. Coulter. Conn... (1921).Mich. S. of quois Dr. Hadley. Classics. ton Square C.. Minn.Joseph C. John P. The *?Copley.Thomas H. 10025 (ColumbiaU. of Michigan. Clinton. (1957). James S. Edward (1969). (1932). ?Corey. South Gate. of Classical Park. Washing*?Culley.. Classics. 01075..S... WesternMich. Kent. CoVa. U. Cunningham.. 01105. Loyola Sem. C. Mich. U.. Matthew E. Calif. Mich.. Fairfield U. 2012 side Dr. 02155. C. Robert (1958). Prof.Dr. Covey. Mich. West Hill. S. Prof. ?Crist. Springfield. Dept. History. U. 2238 N. 22401. Y. FirstAve. N.. A. Rd...J. Liberty. Calif.. Dept. 10534 Blumont Rd. Fairfield. Y. Blanche Brotherton(1954). Princeton. Marietta (1965). Conn. Cunnion.Carpinteria. Scarborough C. Mich. (1965). 425 River. Library. Iowa 50112. 11217. Mass. Terry-Ellen(1965). 16802.. Grinnell.Ill. (1965). . 60626. Creighton. of 220 W.). Crane. Dr. (ColumbiaU. S. (1947). New London. N. Dept. Louise M.Dr.Dr. Counsell. Rev.KennethB. Dept. Apt. eral St.J. 02906 (Vet. Classical Studies. (1935). of Canada. S. land. 48823 (MichiganState U. Langs.Conn. Dept. Cummings.Oliver Curtis (1937).Jr.F.. ArborC. Cox.. of Iowa. (1960). 22903.. Cranz. 1039 5th End Ave. *?Constantine. lottesville.*?Crownover.William Bradford(1965). Theodore. S. Nashville. Kalamazoo..Crossett.Can55987. Connecticut 10025. Tufts U. Elizabeth M. (1958). liam JewellC. Apt. 32601. 1410 IroConnor. Princeton U. (1961). Jamaica. R. 235 N. Kansas City. Lincoln Place. Dept. *?Cooke. Rev. Y. 48104. Dept. Cox. N. (1964). Cox. St. Joseph (1951). 13A. W. RichardHenry(1965).). Hamilton 84. William S.. Crisafulli. Gainesville.

Mo. Classics Dept. 19464. 10021. ?De Ferrari. 210 Davis. Cutter. 61101 Classical Stud. 802 Woodbrook Dr. Dawson.. Syracuse. Conn. Theresa S. Jr. Y. 5050 D'Arms. Nashville. Robert E. Dempster. Dr. Miller St. Austin. (1950).Ann (RockfordC. Custer.. Edmund W. of Michigan. Ave. ConcordiaSem. (TrinityC. State U. 63rd St.Thomas B.. 10025 (City C.). 13214. 302 Waverly C.. H. (1917). Raymond(1961). San Diego. New York. De Merit. 9520 Tenn. Ann Fleming (1955). Prof.. (1964). Florida State U.E. ?Davis.N. Prof. ?Dengler. Conn. Riverside Dr. Prof.St.. New York. Ga. (1955).Madison. tonU. (1968). 32306. Richard (1965). Pennsburg. of Classics. Dept. Davis. U.06106. 13. of PennsylGardens. 15213. Curry. 27410.Ixii AmericanPhilological Association Deagon. (1963). Leo C. Pa. 10021. 19104... Dr. Hunter C. Hamden. Raymond St. Davis. 10021. Prof. Mass.. C. Brunswick.. 175 E. Alexander (1954). Davies.. Dept.. Edward F. 218 Marshall sics. ?Dean. of Classics. Calif. Phillip (1936).. . 37212.. 08540 KingstonRd. Daitz. de Laix. of New York at Buffalo. St. *?De Lacy... P. 53705. 5353 Vickie Damico. 76703.. (1963). N. (1961). Dr. Canada vania. Y. 0. 121 Old Farm Rd. Columbus. 18073.Tenn. 132 Densmore. 22901. Bowdoin tory.). 08540. Le Moyne Dessen.. 31st St. Roy J. Poughkeepsie. Christopher Dewey.. Louis. Chapel Hill. Day. Prof. W. Y. Toronto 12. (1915).. John T. J. John H. C. Anthony (1965). Charlottesville. N. 37212. of Classics. 16801 Conn. Princeton. Marion Leathers (1963). U. Dept. Thelma B. 131 E. 1655 Demarque.Philadelhassee. Dept. (1920). J. J. Carrol Manor. Box 1317. N. Atlanta. N. Eugene W.Samuel E. Peter S.Denton. 10801. Dept. of HisDane. Greensboro. Marlene (1962). HolmesV.. 12601. of Texas.Md. M. P1. (1943). De Angeli. of ClasDerow. Maryville. Y. Dr. Ann Reynolds Lawler (1967).. (1950). (1963). Prof.D. JamesJ. 27514. 19104. Pa. Maine 04011. Dr. Hyattsville. Apts. S. 36 *?D'Arms. (1955). Vassar C. phia. N. 43023. handle.Fla.. of Pa. Northwestern c/o Peoples National Bank. N.. 4922 La Salle Rd. 06517 (Yale U.N. Mark I.W. 92109.N. B.. Dalzell. Princeton. U... of Virginia. Denison U. Nashville. M. (1912).. C. (1965). 0. S. Hugh H. Ohio State U. Y. (1932). (1935). M. Foundation). Frederick W.). Prof. (1955)..Dr. Prof.. Dr. Dell. 06473. Waco. 98107. New Rochelle. New York. Curtis. 60201. BernardF. N. Dept. The Hill Danker. Buffalo... 48104. 63105. Hartford.U. (1959).U. Rev. James H. Lloyd W. Linda Littman (1960). Rockford. (1962). (1967). Box 14.Tex. 30307 (EmoryU. N. Dept. TrinityC. Dept.Tex. 79thSt. State C. Davidson. of Toronto). Y. Pottstown. Daniels. Pa. (PennsylvaniaState U. 8 Garfield Ponce de Leon N. Dept. Tex. of Pennsylvania. 02140. NorthHaven. W. Cynthia (1963). New York. Philadelphia. Roger (1968).). *?Daly.. 37801. 1002 Lawrence 78712. New Ill. Apt.Mr.. Classics ?Dennis. Pa. U. fax Ave. 08540 (Prince43210. Pittsburgh. 1. Stephen G. (Rockefeller Den Adel. U. Brunswick. Dick. Seattle. J. Dept.. (1936). C. Grier. Gill St. Cambridge. Va. N.. of Classics. 14214.. Dr.Wis. College of Classics.Ill. Lindley R. ?de Grummond. Edna S.Mich. 76201. Y. (1962). Pittsburgh. U. Prof.N. 20782.). (1968).. Iona C. Pa. Dee. TallaHall..J.). (1943). Davis. R. (1969). Y.Wash. Curran.. Harry J.O. James Andrew (1967). C. 1907 Capers Ave. Ont. *?De Graff. Arbor. (1944).. Nathan (1940).Elizabeth O'Neil (1963). of East State St.Tenn. 425 N. (1969). III (1920). Evanston. E. Granville. 08903. 410 FairDengate. Baylor U. 49 DeVere of Classical Stud. 195 Daniels Rd. 1801 PanDr...Princeton. N.

cal Studies. N. of California. (1960). 02186 (Boston College Dubnoff. Mary-Lynne (1969).Italy.S. U. David B. Howard U. Di Marco. Ruth W.). Dept. Y. Tenn. 61820.).. Dickison. Dept. S. Huntington ?Duckworth. Donoghue. Rd.. Princeton U. Dept. (1968). Prof.. Classics. Macalester C. ton. Putnam. 62025. J.. Trinity Classics. Dept.. 204 BerkDickerson. Niles. of Texas. JohnM. ature. cal H. Dept. Dressler. Robert (1967).Urbana. 999 MasH. *?Downey.Miriam (1969). American Donovan. Calif.. 201 Colfax lantine Hall. Dole. S. 78712...R. 08540. Northampton. 100 Prospect of History. 01060. 2. van (1965). Ave. 27701. Durham. 07666 (City C. H. Nashville.Los Angeles.. sics. (1965). (1969). Kenmore (Town of TonaClassics.. of California. (1961).Ill. Edwin F. Walter F. of ClassiDiego. Spokane. ?Dorjahn. Trier H.Muir C.N. #1. Rev. Donlan. N. Dartmouth C. 20017. Bryn Mawr. Mass. George E. Dept. of Greek and Latin. 306 hamU. K.. 62 Revell Dubuque.D. Dietz. 1821 U.. Dept. Dolin. (1961). 02138. Wash. 60236 Broomfield Rd. Guido (1959).. Champaign. Ave. Dorsey. Dept.Rev. Bloomfield. St. (Bloomfield H. Ave. wardsville..Tex. R. Widener the Classics. 603 East White. Paul F. David F. Shelia K. Langs..Prof. Drabkin. 179 Crosby Donovan. FordDittenbrenner. Via Angelo Masina 5. 60201. N. (1967).). Eileen (1956). U. of Walnut Creek.). 94720. 07003 19010. 02130. 02906 (ClassiInd... Philadelphia. of ClasDuda. Ill.S. D. 19145 90024. Cardinal O'Connell Sem. William P. 03755. West Somerville. (1959). (1959). Dept. BloomingSt. Calif. 2512 Denison Dr. J. JohnB. Loras C. Domenico (1961).. U. 20th St. San Drews.. Marcia W.Proceedingsfor 1968 Ixiii W. 94598 (St. 30 Avalon Ct. U.Susan B. Ill. 02118. 47405. sachusetts Ave.. (1968). C. wanda). (1962). Bloomington. (1925). 61801. George (1961). (1968). Catholic U. Sterling (1937). Helen Russell (1956). Jr. 47401. La Jolla. Davis. R. Ill. (1954). (1963). Minneapolis. Aubrey (1930). U. Dillon. Paul. 350 S. Dr. of Classical Doorninck. (La Salle C. Austin. 55101. Julia Gerdes (1965). Library.Ill. Providence. Milton. Richard E. Rev. Dept.. JamaicaPlain. 1027 Garrison 55414. 60648 (New 60637.. Ave. 361 Lincoln Hall. Pa. N. Dept. (1951).Pa. 10th Ave..Prof. Prof. 547 Balff?Diller. Frederick H. MervinR. 95 Otis St. 14217. Wash. J. Y.). . A. of Dillon. (1963). Norman A.Ind.).). J. Elizabeth N. Iowa 52002. 1014 Minor Ave. of CityU.Calif. Princeton.. 20001. 37203. of New York). (1961). Prof. Donelin. (1965). of Art. Providence.Gregory Bryn Mawr C. 8032 sics.Minn.F. Cambridge.). of ClasDouglas. Michael (1965). 98104. Hanover. Dilts. (1968).C. George E. of Classics. Illinois. Mary's C. Donaher. SouthDoig. 1840 SherDunbar-Soule. of Library690. AlfredP. of Chicago. Evanston. (1967). Ill. of Ave. Indiana U.. Hermigild(1953). 10458. of LiterD. of America. 95616..Indiana U. I. Evanston. Minn. Dept.Washington. 99202. ern Illinois U. Dimock.EdU. Lake St. Bronx.06260. Mass.. (1963). Dietz.Rev. 28 idan Rd. Donini. Dr. Doyle. (1969). Washington. Chicago. Ill. C. eley Ave. Berkeley... Mass. Glanville(1931). Hans (1961).E. St. (1922). Downey. of California..N. B. Apt. (1955). 02144. Mass. Dept. GertrudeG.S. Cambridge. Downing. Bruce E.. (Northwestern U. of ?Dow. Calif. Teaneck.Brian P. Dr. Doenges. Calif. C. Wanda (1968). 230 W.. Mass.. Dodge. Gonzaga U. Drake. 92038.. Dr.Vanderbilt U.Mass. Dragstedt. 28 Edgehill Academy.S.. Seattle. 02906 (Brown Rome. Di Maio. I. N. at Edwardsville. J.Conn.

W. Earp. Prof. 115 RunnyBarlow S. Dutra. Bloomington. (1959).Madison.Conn. Theodore H. (1921). A. Maplewood. 48103 (U. 3736 hill Dr. Minnesota). Y. 02138 47401. U. of St. 630 Eckert. P.E. Dr.. Ont. . Athens. 53706. couver8. Oswego St. 520 Edwards. Mich.. (1958). (Radcliffe C. Prof. (1954). 2 Quartz Meadville. 616 Michigan B. U.Colo. Michael (1968). 194 BasMass. 19087. cordia C. Dept. of Michigan). New London.Gerald M. Prof. C. J. Allegheny C. Cecilia Anne (1965). Dept. Dr. Dept. Vancouver. 06268. 1419. Elliot. 27109.Mich. Fannie C. Dusing. Dept. Prof.). Canada.. of Classics. (1964).. New York U. Reynolda Station.. Bronx. Ann Arbor. Van Courtlandt (1935). 20011 (Howard U..Mont. *?Elliott. Dept. M. (1948). (Harvard U. of His107 Walker St.C.Pa.. (1965). Avondale Ave. (1955). B. 10453. Egan. John's Rd..). C. of Oklahoma. Oxford. (1962). Y. com Hall. Mrs. Mass.lxiv AmericanPhilological Association *?Dunham. of Classics. Okla.. Charles (1962). Dyer.. Michael (1960). Exeter. (1964). Edwards. Prof. (1963). Myrtle S. Lowell E. of British Columbia. Minneapolis. Mass. Cambridge. Prof.Pa. (1948). Wayne..Conn. Dunmore. Amenia. Queen's U.. Cambridge.06320.Ohio 45701. Kathleen 0. 800 WoodEaton. J. Howard T.O. Mich. ConnecticutC. Eadie. 121 E. 60637. RobertR. Pa. Harry G. Dept.. Mass. 122 Denver.. Etheridge. B.. (1940). Charles W. Mary Jane L. (1965).C. Toronto 4. Mark W. William (1961). 632. (1946). Prof. Kingston. ant View Dr. 59801. Dept. Ann Arbor. *?Dunlap. (1963). James Dennis (1967). Rd. 19057 (St. 15 Esterhill. Gerald (1936). of Oklahoma. *?Else. of Michigan. Ave. U. 12054 Erickson. Dept. JamesL. 48104. Eisenstadt. Carol C. Sheila (1969).I. (1956). Levittown. Mass..N. (1930).. Denver. Roger (1964). H. Somerville. Prof. Canada. Lowell. Box of RomanceLangs. (1959). Humanities. Colada. Washington.Canada. H. 51 Sr. Chicago. U.. 48104.Ohio 45056. 2012 Acadia sics. (1968).L. Sanford G.. (Bethlehem Minn. Mrs. 1524 E. Storrs. Walker St. (1935). of ClasEliot.. Edmunds. Wis. Con59801. Edmonton. Apt. Mass. of 02139. New Orleans. Samuel K. (1943). Canada (U.. Edwards. *?Einarson. 02145. The 12601. TenthAve. (1959). Rev. Edinger. Mary Ann C.). 35 N.. of *?Easton. JohnA. Dept. 73069. (1962). 97219. *?Evans... New York.Ont. (1961). Delmar.T. of Classics. 59thSt. H. Elizabeth (1930). U. Colgan P. *Duval. Norman. Missoula.. Ann Arbor. of Classics. of ClasElliott. gress St. C. of Michigan. Richard P. Evanston. 80220. orado Woman's C.. U. N. Salem. Dr. 48104. 73069..Mich. Canada. AnnetteH. Indiana sics.Henry D. ConKrameria St.I. Dr. N.. Marguerite H.. of Classics..N. 16335.O. 02139. (1965). Dunkle. Dr. 55419 (U. CottageSt. 10034. Rory B. of Wisconsin. 1515 Canada.). Ont.C. James E.. Donald Place. Dr.Ill. (1954). N.N. 357 Rusholme U. VanRd. 800 D. Dept. Benedict (1932). Cambridge.Prof. Eddington. $Ephron.). Prof. JohnP. Cambridge.. WinstonConnecticut. 509 EdgeEllery. 145 Pinkney St.. CherryAve. Erck. 13 Mcworth Ave.Prof. (1945).. Egan. Missoula..Ill.). N. C. tory. Dunn. U. of BritishColumbia). Francis J.. Vancouver 8. Esler. 60202. Norman. (1961).La. medeAve. 02138 (RoxburyLatin S. 825 JeffersonHeights Ave. JohnW. 02114 Okla.. Jamaica. U.Col. Boston. Elder. Apt.). U. Claudia N. Ellsworth. of 7343. III (1962). Prof. of British Columbia. Eaton. (1968).. 109 BartOre. Mont. Ann Arbor. tEphron. 1800 Pontiac St.. CanErck.. Edson.. 80220. Y. & Classics.. 03833. Y. 12 PleasClassical Studies. Woodworth Ave. Etris. lettSt.Alberta. (1962). Dr. Fred S.S. B. Dept. 107 Ind. 70121 (Tulane U.

of Classics. 14221. of Minnesota. WolfFelten. U. Fincher. Worcester.. J. St.. (1956). History.). Fahy.. Terre Haute. Dept. 1812 Camden. Dr. West End Ave. sics.Pa. S.). Fishwick. Prof. FitzGerald. Margaret M. ?Fine. U. Dept. Ferguson. of Colorado. Franklin Los Angeles. (1965). Glencoe. (1955).Rev. Cambridge. Portland. Ind. Robert0. Farber. Eliot House. Donald E.Calif. Princeton.. 62002 (Western Mil01610. (1959). (1934). Fleischer. 540 Evans. Mary C. *?Fields. . William G. Wabash C. Rev. of Classics.. Minnie Keys (1930).. Hamilton. Hugh McCommon (1969). Kan.. *?Finley. of Classics. Ohio 45207. (1958). Finley. (1936). St... Federle. John V. U. of ClasChicago. J. C. William H. Pa. Lancaster. of California. sics Dept. *?Fink.Alice C. Dr. Rev.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxv Fineberg.. 07079. U. (1950). Seton 08540. 17003. Nova Scotia. Felten. 10025. Ruth (1958).Mich.. Chapel Hill. Antigonish. Louisiana State U. 33 BrookSt.. 19066. 60201. Lehigh U. Langs. Stephen C. Box 351.. Pro1931 East Court St. Forbes. 52240.Ill. Conn.. MerionStation. Finn. ?Finch. Columbus. 2 Horatio Feldman. Lawrence. Princeton. 27514. A. (1934). Dept.. of Classics. of Pittsburgh. 1860 Sherman Ave. 60402. Ind.. Clarence A.. GeorgetownU. Dept. Prof. Falk. 08540 sics. Joel (1956). McMaster U. 15213.D. Fisher. Harvard U. J.. AlbertT. (1939). Ind. 20007.. #1. 18018. N. Master's Residence. Festle. Baton Forest Park. Indiana State Mass.. ?Flickinger. Francis 17604. Gertrude(1969). side Dr.RobertL.John H. 534 Valley *?Fontenrose. Canada. Y. U. Calif.Pittsburgh. Douglas D. Dr. N. E. (1959). Albany. of Classics.. Oberlin. New York. 10014. 10705. 60022. Valley C. ChaunceyE. Kenneth(1962).Rev. N. Y. Fitzgerald.John (1967). (1927). Iowa City. and Marshall C. Rev.. Jersey City.. Dept. Y. Dr. Prof. 90025. Thomas R.. Ohio 43210. itaryAcad.William D. Berwyn. M. ?Forbes. Louis. 48823. Prof. Colo. 572 Cortland Ont. Duncan (1957). (1954).N. Ewing.Nova Scotia. Joseph(1931). MargaretR.Canada.Edwin D.. J... (1963)..Ohio 44074. Prof.. ClasFiesel. Ohio State U. 45 Devoe Canada. J. U. Rouge.. Prof.. Thalia P. 07302. Mass. of Fischer.. Orange.Dr. C. 02138. 112 Ford. 47371. Victor (1957). H. Xavier U. Ill. Classics Dept. Thomas G. Y. Williamsville. *?Ferguson. Farron. Dr.N. (1957). Minn. N. Feaver. 63103. of ClasRomance Langs. Acadia U. 1844 S. (1957). Washington. Boulder. J. (1968). (1954). of Foreign Fischer. (1950). 89 S. Sharon Lea (1929). Pa. 915 *?Fitz Patrick. Louis H. (PrincetonU. Ia. Feldman. of Kansas. 60626. Lebanon 06520. Joseph'sC. of Classics. (1955). 94720. Fletcher. Louis U. New Haven. Thomas C. Rita M. (1926). S. Flory.JohnE. Rev. Pa. Stewart (1969). Fairchild. Evanston.. 7440 Adams. Dept. Minneapolis. 144 Erie St. Ill. Bethlehem. 1605 Langof the Holy Cross. Lansing.N. Prof. 70803. View Rd. of North Caro78712. St.. (1934). Berkeley. J. St. don. Dept. of ClasRollingmead. sics. U. ?Finch. Harold D. Dept. 12208. Dept. ville. (1967).55455. Y. of Texas. Evjen. Austin. Rt. J. N. C.. Dept. W. (1957). Dept. St. GroveAve. sics.Ill. Hall U.La. U. Xavier U. of Drexel Ave. Prof. Michigan State U. 60130. of ClasFloyd.N. Prof. (1960). Ill. 47809.Ill. Yale U. Dept. lina. Cincinnati. Dept. of Classical Langs. fessorSt. Annville. Crawfordsville. 80302. New York.N. Dept. Sarah R. Steven G. (1932). N. (1968). 66044. Yonkers. Tex. (1967). (1932). (1955). Mo.. Ave. Loyola U. (1955). 47933. Alton. Rev.. (1969). A. Pa.

Upper Montclair. of Classics. J. Furley. New York. Eugene B. 02138.Col. Boulder. St. 2720 Derby St. History Dept. South Hadley. Williamstown.. Dept...Prof. Fredericks. 60201. La. Gahan. Iowa City. Veterin22. 12601. 24019. Norristown. Robert-Henri.).2-IIv.. Freienmuth WinthropHouse D-24. Pancrazio). Ernst A. Galatola. Brooklyn. 11 Park St. Gagne. Francis de Sales. 08903. of Classics. Wis. A. Holyoke C. Forehand.. Dept. ?FriedlInder.Julia H. Susan (1969). Frank. 08540.. Frier. Calif. Cincinnati). Palo Alto. Prof. Los Angeles. New York. St. Fowler. 70122. D. 32306.Walter E. Milwaukee. Village. Dept. Dept. J. 11 Park Mass. 23rd St. New Orleans. Bryn Mawr C.. Dr.. U. Calif. of Illinois. guistics. 93106. Harvard U. Y. N. Vassar C. Y. . G. 1624 W. Mt. 00153. of Classics. of California. 1102 ShermanAve. 1960 Buchanan St.. N. Pa. 19010. Madison. Pa. ?Fritz.Pa.92664. (1968).. (1962). in Rome. Mass.John W. Maple Glen.. (1969).. Dept. Princeton. Dept. (1967).Sigmund C. Hollins. Jay Michael (1968). Gambet. I. von Helms. Fredricksmeyer. Dept. Dept.. Cincinnati. R. Elfrieda (1951). Johns Hopkins U. 538 BrysonAve.Bruce W. Gonzaga H. tFuqua.. Washington. (1968). 2012 Camden Ave. Tallahassee. Barbara Hughes (1968). Mildred (1921). (1963). Fox. Gaisser.. U. Garden Grove.. Frazer. U. Cambridge. (1968)..Mass. Ford.Rev. 10011. Philippa (1964). Dept. (1968). Main St. Dept. William W. Calif. Mary-Kay (1969). 264 Park St.Bette (1961). Florida State U. Mass.. 435 W. Galinsky. Dr. 402 Resor Ohio 45220 (U. *?Freeman. 94926.Newton.Arlene (1967). Baltimore. W. of Classical Langs. 10012. 70118. 94306. many. Md.. San Francisco. Johann(1965).. 2720 Derby Calif. bia U. Wis.. (1956). of Ave. Allentown C. 1801 Dillon Rd.151 Engle St. Apt. 07631. 02912. *?Franklin. of Classics. Dept.RichardI. 19 Eye St. 78712.W. 6A. (1963). Hermann (1935). William K. *?Fraenkel. Fortenbaugh. M.. Tex. Gamel. (1969). GordonB. (Porta S. 11602 Donna Lane. 94705. U. Y. U. Ford. 19401.06511. Frost. Providence. Louisiana State U. Hollins C. 2054 Coleman N. Conn. Marquette U. David (1968). Daniel G. Dept. (1908). Williamstown. Kathleen M. 420 Temple St. Forder..lxvi AmericanPhilological Association tFreis. New Haven. (1960). of Classics.. Freyman. Austin. New Orleans. N. Franzmann. Y. of Classics. New Brunswick. 80302. Dept.S. CenterValley.Ill.. 601 S. Frank J. 94115. Englewood. 20001. Santa Barbara..Irvine.. Fla. Dr. (1959). Frank. (1963). American Acad.. Bryn Mawr. Catherine (1969). Karl (1963). Susan C. WashingtonSq.. Evanston. of Wisconsin). of St. RutgersU.Italy.. Fujimoto. 01075. Forte.N. Calif. Richard(1969). Charles W. Dept. Waterman House. Muenchen. of Calif. of Classics..Michael (1963)..Calif. Ford. Governor St. Genevieve S.Rev.. Calif. tFreis. of LinU. 53703 (U. of Classics. Poughkeepsie.Northwestern Ill.. (1965).Dr. Fornara. 94705. of Classics. J. 01267. Tulane U.Mass. N. 18304. Pa. Two Funderburke. of Foreign Langs.. of Classics. Freiert. of Texas. Berkeley. 11234 (ColumSt. Dept. of Colorado.Urbana. U. 01267. Mary Louise (1960). (1965). tFuqua. (1957). Gardiner. J. (1957). of History. (1968).. N.N. Prof. Va.La. JohnJ. Brown R. Walter H. Berkeley. C.Cynthia P. 02158. James Terrace. of Latin. Rome. Fromchuck. 53233. 07043. 19002.Iowa 52240. Paul (1938). (1963). PrincetonU. Kurt von (1936). 90025. Charles (1960). 61801. Gaebel. 21218. (1962). 23 St. N. Calif. Geraerstr.. Via Angelo Masina 5. Robert E.

Buffalo. U. Holt Ave. Y.N. Mount Dora. (1945).. Garrison.. of Classics. Russell M.2951 W. of Classics.Marion A.. Weston.. Gibson. 16 Audubon St. Tilton House. (1969). Gelzer. Michael G.Berkeley. 849 S.Prof. of Texas. Hamilton. Prof.Canada. Buffalo. Demetrius J. of Classics.. 01450. Apts.. Exchange 39. Giannini. Dept.. 90035. 687 Third Ave. (1968).Chapel Hill.. Dept. Canada.).W. of Classical Stud.. State U. Gillingham. 514 Princeton St. Westpenna Farms. P.G. of New York. Classics Dept. Giegengack. St. Giangrande. N. A. Dondoukov. 02181 (WellesleyC. Greece. (1947). Gascoyne. Geier. Pa. of Buffalo). 8057 Zurich. Ill.. Hubenstrasse 18. tGeorgacas. Mass.. N. Bulgaria. Antonio (1965).. N.Vt. of Classics. Sofia. tGeagan. of Western Ontario. Norman (1957). H. of N. (1940).. Garnsey. Faculty of Arts. Cheney. Classics. Robert J. D. Gilliam. 02193. D. 19041. U. Lawrence (1957). Getty. Gariepy. Calif.Elizabeth R. 58201 (Univ. Rochester.Marie (1953). Gebhard.Mass. 90064.N. Gignac. Los Angeles. tGeagan. of Classics.). KatherineA. Ill. (1954). Pa.. Austin. (1939). Gerber. Y. Dartmouth College. Norris M. (1965). 12601. Groton S. of Vermont.. Davis.N. 14610. 95616. Humanities 352. Brady B. of California. 27514. Joseph (1967). (1967). Hanover. Haverford C. (1959). Italy (Naples U. Rev. N.. 514 Princeton St.. 66thAve. 05401. Harry M. Daniel J. (1967). Mass. Dept. (1969).Proceedingsfor 1968 Tudor (1962). Gillis. Dimitrov (1969). 60201. Grand Forks.S. Ghisletti. Bronx. U. Gersbach. . *?Geer. 78712. Phelps (1964). Garton. Gilgallon. Anthony Conn. N. Paul's C. Y. Edward V. Prof. Pa. Dept. Helen A.). D.Dr. 2236 Overland Ave.Charles (1965).N. Rev.George (1969).. Gelsinger. Garzya. Jr.Daniel H. 47401. 10458. 94720. Y. Rev. Karl A. Gienapp. Bloomington. Y. Garrigues. Evanston. J.. (1965). Francis T. Gershenson.. Gill. (1922). Daniel E. Athens140. Prof.. David (1969).Canada.N. Barbara (1947). 08540. George.06525. Calif. *?Gebauer. Haverford. of Classics. Prof. 815 10th St. Macerata. (1959). 308 Laurel St. Albany. 12182 (Troy H. 60461. Chicago. 9 HalGeffcken.Allan G. (1968). of Ottawa. 1236 E. Brooklyn. Poughkeepsie.Calif. Concordia. C. 60615 (RooseveltU. 29301. Tex. (1963). Vassar C. 2000 Fla. Wellesley. Burlington.Thomas C. (1955). Groton. of U. Louis V. S. State C.. Dept. Inst.Alfred (1962). Gishkin. Gates. (1964). C.Rev. 54 Souidias St. Northwestern Ill. Princeton.. Madison Park. 16506. of New York. 38th St. Troy. Via Cassiano de Fabriano 50. (1969). F. 37 WarrenSt. 11210. J. FordhamU. (1963).. London.).Dr. Y. Erie. OlympiaFields. H. State U. U..Rev. Los Angeles.. Dept. Ottawa 2. Y.. Fla. Gilmartin. GeorgeA.Bethany.. lxvii tGeorgacas. Dept. 58201. (1961). Court. 99004. U. Ont.. Weston C. Dept. Mass. Committee of Friendshipand Culture.Ont. 14214. 32757. S. McMaster U. (1964). 64020 (St..). lowell House. H. N.. for Advanced Study. Giuriceo. Grand Forks. Tolentine C. Douglas E. Spartansburg. PhillipsAcad. Daniel J. Petersburg. Frank R. Jane (1965). Gardiner. 1765 Hilltop Drive.Andover. Jr. Prof. ConverseC.Mass.N. EasternWashington Wash. 36 Oak Terr. Dakota). AmericanS. Gilleland.. Kristine (1965). ?Gay. Indiana U. (1964).John T. Y. Mo. Brooklyn C. 07870.. of Classics. Dept. (1956). 402 Faculty Lane. 524 Winspear Ave. (1967). 03577. English Ind. Georgeacakas.Richard C. of Classics. 12203. Warren (1967). 18403. 14215 (U. Brookline.. 02146. (1955). (1926). Geduld. Dept.Switzerland. Archbald. 33712.Prof. Calif.

deis U. Phoenix.. (1926). 10 StanfordP1. Cuddesdon. Richard A. J. Salt Lake City. (1958). 91712. Calif. Our Gruenbauer.N. Los Angeles.Davis. *?Gries. Kathryn(1948).06514. GettysPa. Albany.Frank J.. 1002 E. Dept. Pa. C.. Houghton.State U. (1962). 08540. ?Grant. Dennis G. Graves. 13676. of European Langs. ?Gordon. Dr. Victoria C. (1961). Box S. 21218. Prof. Anna (1944). Gettysburg.Canada. 02144 (Harvard U. (1951). 2528 The Mall. 84112. ?Glenn. Main St. (1957). Philip (1965). Princeton Goff. Grube. 12203 (N. 76 Blake Rd. Denton. N. Y.. of Classics. 19464. N. Konrad (1939). Silver Spring. Dr. (1960). (1968). Princeton. C. Houghton N. N. James B.. Mary A. forTeachers). College. Mass. Gottsman. Goldstein. FordGrimaldi. of California. Dept. 02138. Goold. M. Princeton Glick..N. Thomas F. Austin. 11367 (Queens C. (1957). (1949). (1962). William McAllen (1926). 94707. Pitzer C. U. Y. C. of Toronto. Groten. Somerville. (1915). Glew. OberlinC.. Princeton. John G. Goodhue.Oxford. U. *?Godolphin. Cecil Paige (1944). 45-31 171st Place. State C. 17325. (1958).Ga. iOO25. Iowa City. Prof. P. Claremont..Susan (1963). 44074. (1965).Ga. 1040 N. Greengard. Gertrude Smith (1921). Leon (1957). *?Green. 1911 Yolo Calif. of Classics. Y. (1961)..JohnM. . G.. Amherst.). Rev. Y. 425 Riverside Dr. 38478. U. Nr. Honolulu. 07042. (1935). (1959). (1951). (1938). Ave. Ont.RichardA. *?Goggin. G. N.Toronto. Prof. C.. of Texas. Cambridge.Chapel Hill. Greer. 02154.. of Classics. Bronx. J. (1957). N. Cyrus H. 97420. Kent State U.Canada. M. Nathan A. (1933). 30601. Gresseth. 140 Greenwood Dr. (1940). of Calif. Anne K. Dr.Prof. A. 11210. *?Gordan. Dept. 95616. Gotoff. (1967). Streator.Harold C. ArthurE. Y. The Hill S. (1925). N. Erich S. State U. 30030. 10021. J.Md. Dept. Y. U. Baltimore. 1444 Engel Rd. Trinity C. Brooklyn Griffths.. Fla.0. U. Los Angeles.. Goldberg. Glass. Berkeley. St.. Gordon. S. 08540. 113 E. J. 14744. Tenn. Dept.U. Cincinnati. Princeton. (1968). Webster 801. Golden. Grimm. Elsa R. Francis R. of Classics. Manor Farmhouse..New York. John R.Prof.Prof. 2116. Prof.. 20 Grove St. RobertF. (1969). C. ton U. U. Hawaii 96822. PrinceN. N... Graser.. Ave. H. N..Ohio 44240. 1306 W...Conn. 10458. N. of Classics. B. 61364. burg C. JohnD. C.. 32306. *?Greenwood. of Iowa. 05404. 8107 Eastern Gordon. Rev. Mass. U. Dr. M. Prof. Florida State U. of NorthCarolina.O. of California. (1967). M. Dept. Tex. W. Flushing. Charles J. Y. (1968). (1961). Portland St. Apt. Ill. Montclair. (1951). 541 Western Ave. Martin C. F.. 78th Street. Ont. 78th St. of History. Dr.EstherL.. *?Grant. 2735 N. 01002. Pleasant St..Marie (1959). Waltham. Pulaski. of Hawaii. X. Potsdam. Hall.Calif. (1968). Prof. RichardE. Dr. Center Sandwich. BranMass. CharlesSt. Hamden. Dept. 90024.Nicholas (1967).. Decatur.Mrs. Ohio 45206. Charleston. WinooskiPark.Prof. Vt.Ia. Gruen. of Foreign Langs. 78712..lxviii AmericanPhilological Association Gould...N. Kent. Prof.Ariz. Classics. 319 Boylston Mass.. U. Tallahassee. *?Greene. Gerald K.Calif. Dr. Dept. (1968). Greenberg. Grassby. Pottstown. 90044. New York. RobertJ. eley. P. Athens. Classics Dept. Goheen. Gokey. 529 W.Prof. Stephen L. 08540. Lady of Cincinnati C. (1951). Y. U. of Kansas).Prof. U. Michael's C. 03227. 75. Prof. Gross. of California. 27514.England. Lawrence.. 29403. Diane R. 5215 BerkDwinelle Hall. Dept. Dept.).Kansas (U.Mary G. of Classics. Y. 85003. (1926). (1921). Oberlin. 20910... Gould.. A. Agnes Scott C. Goar. Carola (1969). Jonathan A. Grant. Gleason. Golann. Harvard U. W. Greene. Calif. (1948).. Md.R.Pres. of Utah. Toronto5.. Brooklyn. ham U. 52240.

of ClassiWilliam Emmett. Box 95. of America. 02138. J. Haggard. 49 Cardinal Crescent S. 20017. James B. Brookline. Ill.. 60187 Harkins. U.. U. of PhiGrummel. . 1. Canada. *?Hale.. (1967). Northfield.Mich. Calif. N. ClaytonM. (1937). JohnD. Dundas. 35486. 20822.Richard M. 424 Dunedin D. Halton. Pa. 56510. Erwin M. Minn. C. Classical Langs.. Princeton. Pa. Va. 1629 W.... S. Circle. Mason (1932).. Va. 96-050 FarringtonHighway.Berkeley..). lege. 1470 U. Selby (1958). 700 E. of Canada.. Hanssen.W. Washington. (1969).Washington. 02146 1071.Prof. Evelyn G.Kevin (1933). Dept. Springfield. P. (1923). 3253 (Wheaton C. Ont. Gordon (1954). lantine Hall. Mary St. (1963).JohnL. Dietmar (1969). 19104. 515 22401. Clarence B. Canada.Room H. (1963). Princeton Gunn. Vt. Prof. Gulick. (1951). 27514. Leeward CommuAve. (1963).. Dr. (1967). 92502. Mich. Guss.Kan.. ship H.. Ont. Valerie (1968). 08540. of Newcastle Upon Hanifin. of North Carolina. C. Kingston.. Dept. Rd. Dr. Press. William C. Ky.Vt. W. of Pearl City. Gubbins. N. Patience (1953). #336. 199 St. (1964). Mt. 3468 Platt Gunderson. Hagel. C. Chapel Hill. 20017. 3100 Whitehaven Hargrove. Center for Ave. (Queen of Angels Sem. RichTownAla. (1967). Prof. U. of Vermont. Guite.D.. St. 16 Bertram Hamilton. E. The 13thSt.Ind. Montreal 2. Hansen. Hamson. RobertW. losophy& Religion. of Classics. Philadelphia. 94701. Prof.D.Canada.F.UniHagemann. (1953). Richmond. Clarendon Rd. Dept. of Washington. Apt. of Alabama. of Pennsylvania. 2nd Hass. 65 Laurier Hahm. 426 Wilson Guggenheimer. 98105. John Arthur (1953). Hansen. Vancouver 8. 08540. 02138. (1965). D.Mass. 33617.). ligious Studies.. Hanson. Lloyd L. 3755 W. Princeton U. Thomas P. U.U. Indiana U. McGill U. Dept.Dr.. of History. Central Campus.. 60461.TempleTerr. Fredricksburg. Ithaca. 55057.Wash. William F. N. Hamilton.. 91341 (Harvard U.England. N. of California. Waterloo.Ursula F. 67203. (1922). 984 *?Hammond. Philip (1965). N. (1967). (1965). Patrick G. Charles B. (1947).. Weston. C. Dept. 48013. 48104. Harkins... Dept. Catholic Hall. N. 27 BouMd. U.Hawaii 96782. 303.. Olympia Harding. Jr. R. Ann Arbor. (1968). Prof.U. Box Paul St. Calif. (1964). Dept. Minn. Union ColB. Prof. Halporn. 6th Ave. John F. Ottawa 4. Cambridge. Hempstead. of Classics.. versity. Scott St. Mass. Hardy (1968). Harewood.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxix Hall. 11552. Hellenic Studies. 301 18th St.. Seattle. *?Guinagh. of ReU..C. (1921).. Mass. (1950). Dept. Princeton. Dept. Widener Library. Prof. Classics. U. J. BloomingSt. 529 Leacock Tyne. of Princeton. Que.Hugh T. Cornell U. J.Canada. 20008. (1945). Canada. dinotSt. Guillaume. Olaf C. S. James W. Dr. Fields. J. Hallett. Y. of Classics. Ill. Paul W. 14850. Hansen. David M.. (1965).JohnF. Washington. C. 40906. Y. cal Studies. ?Gummere. Mass. Calif. 05401. BalEva (1967). (1965). ton. Bloomfield Hills. Barbourville. Weston Parker Hill Rd. Michael J.Ont. of America. 08540. (1961). Rev. Margaret (1965). Riverside. Harold F.. Rainier.. ?Harland. ?Hall. CatholicU. Dept. (1965). Hanford. San Fernando. Ada.J.. 47401. N. Woodford B. Rev. of Richmond.S.. Prof.Fla. Bldg. J. (1929). 05156. Prof. JudithPeller (1967). ?Hackley. Hall. nity C.). U.Charles D. Memorial Dr. (1907). Huntington. Classics. (1960). 02193. Cambridge. Box 48. Queen's U. David E. *?Gwatkin. of California. Washington C. Dr. 23220. JohnG.. Wichita. Queenstown Dr.. (1969). Burlington.. 16652. Wheaton..

60637. Rev. Hawkins. Dept. Calif. at Beirut. 10027. sics. 34 N. of Classics. of Classics. Norman L. Jack D. 146 N. (1931). Kevin (1955)... Heesen. John(1961). 37212. Prof.0. Edgewood Rd. U. 5-3522 SepHistory.Tenn.lxx American Philological Association Healey. Y. Philip T. (1951). Harris. Valparaiso. WinstonBroomfield Rd. Louis U.. Prof. Ave. Atlanta. David F. Charles. N. Michael P.. Princeton. 46383. Nashville. 98105. P. Haywood. New York.. Hatch. Audrey M. C. 2414 Pierce 94703. (1948). Henderson.Mass. Dr. 220 U.R.. Dr.Leonard A. 60615. Baltimore.). William V. 27514. of Illinois. 44074.Dr. Williams C. D. St. Y. William C. Bellefield. 05055.. Y. Roslyn B. 02115. Millersville.. 27106. (1952). Hartsdale. (1965). U. M. Col. 14850. Boulder. Ill. Marcus A. Richard (1950). 15213. 10i Wey?Harriman. Lincoln Hall. 02720. 80302 (U. Rev. Harrison.). Box Dept.W. (1957). Y. BostonRd. Salem. Mass. JohnG. OberlinC. RobertB. Robert W. John L.. (1944). Norwich.. J.. *?Heller. 614 E.Seattle. Chicago. Boston.J.. of Washington. Pa. (1965).. C. 17837. Prof. Prof. Middlebury. L. Chapel Hill. of Classics. New York.Chicago. Dirk (1962). Y. 17011. Pa. Prof. 10031. Mass. Fall River. Oberlin. 158 Larimer Ave. 06520... Pa. Dept. St. Y.Prof. BufSt.. bridgeSt. of Texas. JosephE. Marian (1929). St. J.Calif. Ithaca. Jr. Latin S. (1969). Urbana. of Chicago. 5728 S. Pittsburgh.. Dr. 248.. (1963). New York.CityC.. . Austin. Somerville. Albany. U. 17551 (CheltenSt. Newberry Harmon. C.S. 63130. Dept. (1941). Northampton. Louis.. GeorgeMcLean (1921). 01267. 135 Riviera Vt. 61801. Miriam Wilson (1963).Col. U. (1968). Los Gatos. H.Ga. (1969).. 30322. Chambersburg. of Illinois. (1962). Smith C. Wash. of versityC. P1. E. 10453. Mass. Hash. Dept. Ind. Mo. of ClasHassell. Berkeley. Bucknell U. New York. 72701. 175 New EmoryU. 318 S. X. of Colfalo St.. N.N. New Haven. N. 10 Ill. 80302 Tex. Boulder. (1963). *?Havelock. Helms. Pittsway 71 North. of Heath. 168 Brevator Helm. WilHeilbrunn. (1967). Chicago. Ave. 2125 Roosevelt. (1962). 852 Hendricks. Prof. A. Orchard Circle. Heibges.. N.. (1965). Floyd C. Herbert. (Arvada West Sr.S. (1969). 361 Hartigan. Dept. Fayetteville.. Pa. Prince *?Harper. Gunther (1968). Paul B. burgh. Dr. Dr. N. Heimann. Held.Ill.Apt.Ill. Robert F. Rev. 352 RiversideDr. of ClasHerington. Lucile K. Yale Station. (1928). Prof.. Harwood. Classics. of Classics. New York U. Heacock.Beirut. Lewisburg.). Dept. Loyola H. Hathorn. 345. Josephine Pa. 19104.. 32 sics. 05753. 61801. Dr. orado). Philadelphia. (1965). Healey. N. Haymes. Aurora. Md. 60637. (1963).Prof. (1963). 519 Henderson. N. 15206. non.Mass. 02144. E. St. 10025. 12206. Classics.. Louis. (1956). Faculty Dr. 08540 (LawrencevilleS. U. 10530. WashingtonU. Dr.Karelisa V. Dept. Donald W.. Conn. Bishop's Route High9. Pa. Dept. Y. 2446 Huidekoper UniD. 40th Prof. S. Hubert W. Pa.Rev. son C. Rev... of Illinois Library. (1939). Hennion. St. Vt. (1936). Woodlawn. hamH. (1961).. Haworth. (1965). Prof. (1950). AmericanU. Columbia U. Nancy P. N. Dept. Ark. N. 300 Urbana. 28 ulty Apts. of Classical Langs. Prof. 2900 E. 63103. Washington..W. (1960). Harvey. Ill. C. Mo.S. C. (1932).. University Henry. (1969). Henry. (1955). Williamstown. JamesF. Daniel P. Camp Hill. Prof. Valparaiso U.LebaHooper Lane. of Held. Harris. James (1965).. 20007. (1916). (1965). 17201. St. 21204. 5321 Hawthorne.. Helmbold. James M. 78712. Harvey. O?Harman. 01060. 95030. *?Helmbold. Robert (1963). Richmond Y. 765 15th Harris. Ursula (1962). tember N. I-J FacHenning.

of ClasCity. D. of ClasingtonSq. Dakota). (1948). HQ S Hoerber. 63131. 1219 Indiana U. 1149 Fairfield Campbell Ave. Richmond.. PacificPalisades. Rimmer Ave. Hornsby.. 21201. Mo. (1965). (1961). of Colorado.Ia. Dept. Apt. Louis. Vergil E. Y. Edi. of Oklahoma. Salt Lake City. DorothyK. Dept. 315 E. Albany. W. (1961). Grand Forks. W. Classics. Abraham (1947). Huntbridge Ave. St. George N.. of Iowa. ?Holtzclaw. *?Highet. of Iowa. *?Hickman. 55240. (1953). Louis. San Franminster C. (1967). N.. c/o Nick 90272 (U. Prof. Dorothy L. Graduate *Hoenigswald.). Y. cisco. The Hotch. Ill. F. Ave. Pa. Iowa City. C. 79415. Dr. 19104. 17201. Vivian L. Donald H. S. Y.. Houben. Dr. Thomas F. (1962). Jr.Mo.*?Holland. *?Highbarger. (1928). Lake Ave. (1962). Millbrook. (1926). Ia. Canada. Clark (1935). Erling B. J. Md.. Philadelphia. N. Hilinski. Storm Lake. (1939).. Iowa Hitt. U.. Dr. of Richmond. U. Bernadette (1960). (1965). Hess. Erie. Ave. U.. (1923).O. (1963). 7 HarHill. Canada. U. (1940). 90303. Holliday. Hoffman. Dr. St. Pa.. of Hotel Bradford. 10021. Dept... Ia. C.. Dept. Dr.. HerbertB. Austin. 311k S. 16503. of Wooster.. Texas Tech olis. I StonehengeLane. 12980 Lucas St. Iowa City.Mich. *Hoenigswald. C. of Hogan. (1954). Dept.). Hitchcock.Boulder.. Hornstein. 52240. Calif.. St. Henry M. N. John N. 73069.0. Ave. (1947).Canada. 19104. Price St. (1960). London. (1967).Prof. James E. kiss S. Wilson C.. of Pennsylton U. Benjamin C. Y. Prof. Ind. 78712. Bonaventure. Frederic W. 60025. Fr. 69-49 179th bia U. Lester C..Conn. Dept.. Hamilton. 65251. of Texas.Calif. Art Gallery. JacksonP. L. Ind. Langs.. Philadelphia. ButlerU. 19144. 1735 N.Alan D. of Michigan).Dr. ColumHoltz. (1960). (1967). Box 747. of California at L.. 149 York 1. Robert (1944). Irenaeus (1969). of ClasLangs. Dr. 2213 12th Hoffmann. Lubbock. Allan S. Tex... 63139. WoodworthAve. JamesC. 80302. 91429. 14778. Scott Foresman. U. Dept. Ont. 69thSt.. of Pa. Donald E. of Utah. 58201 (U. B. Chicago. 10027. Dept.Okla. Horner. N. 06039. Philadelphia. Port Jervis. S. 2185 Hampton of N.Ia. Hinckey.*?Hough. (U. Dept. Utah 84112. of Manitoba. Lakeville. Prof. Dr. 48104 Ontario. sics. N. Man. Maspeth. 52240. 47401. Winnipeg. of Classics. N. Fulton. James A. Ruby M. (1941). Dept.Norman.N. 60647 Ave. of Holland. 12771.. T. 46207. (1940). (1933). J. Chambersburg. (1963). (1968). Gilbert (1937). Louise Adams (1920). ?Hopkins. (1935). Ernest L. 2312 23220. Y.). U. 11378 (Princeof Classical Stud.. Houston. Mo. 44691. Prof. Flushing. Hill. Hoey. Oswald C. 11365 (WashHijmans. Acad. Ill. 12203. (De Paul U. sics. Hoey. 62-19 53rd GabrieleS. Hiatt.. (1942). U. Roger A. Dr. Walters Horner. of Western vard Place.. The Lutheran Hour. Dr. Y. New York. of Pennsylvania.. Va. 50588. Prof.Calif. Princeton U. Pa. Inglewood.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxxi Herscher. Nerlaney. sics. Bloomington. State U. Greek & Latin. Houck.. William H. McMasterU..N. 46205. New Haven.1900 E. Jeffrey L. (1962). Wooster. U. Indianapolis. 23 BennettHall. APO. St. . (1949). ?Householder. Y. vania.Pa. U. IndianapClassical & Rom. Y. torial Dept. East Ave. Baltimore. 10235 Bonaventure U. Houston.Prof. Alice V. Hershbell. Ind. St. U. 112 Schaeffer Hall. Susan L. (1926). Dept. 215 W. Princeton. Col.. Hicks. St. New York. (1969). WestMACV Box 101. Ann Arbor. (1927).. 9A. (1967). George N. N. A.06511. Y. Glenview.Ont. Ruth L. 12545. N. ?Hettich. Prof. N. (1921). (1961). P. L. *?Hoffleit. of Classical Langs. Hoffman. RFD Holahan. U. Holtsmark.). Ernest L. 08540. (1962).Tex.. Conn. of Classics.

. Joffe. Rd. of AlQue. Howard. 2011 ChadIversen. Dept. Leslie (1958).. (1942). Klyvorvagen8.Rev. U.. Dubuque.Wis. Dr. Va. (1935). Dr. 259 W. 10956. Nashville. 2001 Main St. (1951). 25701. Larchmont. ington. ?Jacks. U. E. Classics. Prof. U. (1941). Classical Stud. (1965). Wilfred (1961). Canisius Jennings. 14215. 48103. (1938). Classical Langs. lina. Classics Manchester). 2706 D. Champaign. 91st Hubbe. William E. Dept. of Maryland. Infield... Y. Texas Tech. *?Hulley. (1967). Eleanor G. N. Leo V. Arlington. Dept. of Jirgensons. 10538 (C. Johns Hopkins U. 50thSt. of W.Howard (1967). Prof.). 8th St. U. ington. Ann Arbor. 251 Hillcrest Mich. Jackson. berta. WashIrwin. E. 02125. Hunter. of Box 2460.. Allen R. 263-C. 10708. C. Greece. (1964). Rd.Walter H.Col. Washington. Tucson. Ariz. *?Hutton. David S.Prof. (1962). 1676 Valley Armory St. C... 20740. Janson. 22204.Canada. CornellU. Dr. 04935.. Classics. Goldwin 20910 (U. Donald F. Buffalo. (1948). Mrs. N. Herbert H.. SmithHall. Iowa 52001. Dept. Rev. Sweden. Manchester16. Ithaca. Ann Arbor. Y. Jane M.Karl L. Hunt. Rt... 1130 W. Blanche K. Hoy. 14850. Huzar. (1962). Greene Lubbock. 1502 S.. St. of North CaroFrederic S...Michael H... 20218.. 43214.. (1965). St. District Heights. Dept. Youngstown State Hricko. (1956). Boston Itkowitz. 48823. Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. (1968). Pershing Dr. Omaha. Silver Spring. (1964). Apt. (1922). England (U. Princeton. 52333. Elinor M. Alberta. Athens140. (1969). 48104.Me. Dept. American S.. Buffalo. (1961). Dept.. 61820. of 85720. (1965)... (1965).Joel B. of Classics. MonroeSt. 54 Souidias St. of Arizona. N. of Johanson. of Classical Stud. 27514. 79409. ImmaculateHeart C. of (Bryn Mawr C. sota Ave. 53705. ?Hyde. Dept. (1950). (1911). BaltiIngalls. Howe. Wayne B. Hessel Manor.... #1. (1911). of Maryland. East Marit (1967). Rolf 0. 216 College Hall.Md. ForeignLangs. 1339 Rd.Walter W. Iverson. (1969).Neb. (1931). of Ave. N.. of more.Tex. 19144.VirginiaJ. Md. HerbertM. Y. C. 415 Jashemski. Dept. College Park. (1947).. ?Husselman.S. Hartley (1958). Dept. Md. Dr.. Canada. Dr. Michigan State U. Dept. HuntIves. 150 Morrissey Blvd. Pa. Md. Classical Langs. Pa. 0. Loras Immerwahr. Rd. of ClasbourneAve.lxxii AmericanPhilological Association Howard. Marshall U. Q-2. Mich. 80302.Iver P. Dr. Philadelphia. Quincy (1967). Pa.. Vassalboro. 37212. Y. 13 Dorann Ave. N... U. *?Hyde. 31 Jacobson. C.. 39 Briarcliff N. C. (1965).U. New City. N.. N. Henry R.Tenn. Madison. Ia. Apt. Chapel Hill. Classical Stud. Y.N. Strafford. (1932).. U.. Harry M. Lennoxville.College Howe.. of Maryland). (1953). JohnJ. 1331 Marshall *?Jameson. College H. Park. RichardC. 08540. Columbus. of Michigan.Mich. 68124.Bronxville. 3 Lindow 14208. sical Langs. J. Southgate. 100 3rd Jentoft-Nilsen. of Rd.Wayne. Manor. Conn.. Apt. 90027. U. Vanderbilt U. Mass. of Arta F. John M. 5. (1951). Leonid A. Y.. . WilhelminaL. Boulder. St. JohnW. Philadelphia.. Bishop's U.Stanley (1965). 319 E. Foster St. Solon. James (1925). D.Calif. Johannes. Mary Roberta (1941).. 19104. N. Alger Court. Youngstown. Va. S. of Jensen. Ladislaus (1957). New Rochelle).Prof.Edmonton. (1938).. New York. Lansing. Prof. Harriet C. 19087 Jameson. Rd.. Dept.Ill. New Haven. 0.. 153 Aldrich Johnson. 656 Minneof Pennsylvania. 06511. History.. Howard. 10022. Stadium Blvd. Y.. Cynthia (1967). 44503. Quaker Hill Iranyi. ?Hubbell. C. ?Johns. Dorchester. 20028. Stockholm SV. Rev. Tore (1964). C.. Los Angeles. Rev. Johnson Dr. Classical Langs. 20740. 7503 20017. Huxley.

. Aaron L. U. Soloman (1940). GalbraithRd. JohnsHopkins U. 21204 (Loyola C. Hadley. Kaegi. RobertL. Edith C. Jones. Kahn.. 379 Harvard St. Memphis. 408 Carolina Rd.N.. 06511. Apt. Champaign. Ashland. (1963). Kehoe. R.. Jacksonville. Elias (1958).James H. PrincetonU. Apt.Ill.. Katzoff. Jones. Mountain View. (1957). Berkeley. Y. (1961). 3750 Hudson Manor Terr.Cynthia(1967). Jacksonville U. Mass. (1964). Brock U. Dept. Dept. of Classical Archaeology. D.. (1947). Chicago. of California.U. (1959). of Classical Langs. Munich. Y. 21218. of Pennsylvania. 28.. Kek. Dept. Williamsburg. Ruth M. W. of Classics. of Toronto. Richard Strauss Str.). JohnE. 01075.. 10463. Academic ?Juniper. Calif. Va. 61032. 57 E.0. Keaney. Leslie (1949). Cambridge. Dept. St. *Jolly. Kane.. Toronto. 228 Park St. 77 Kensington Rd. 94040. Michigan Ave.. 11530. 02138 (Tufts U. Ill. of Classics. Baltimore. Apt. Canada. 45215. 200 W. Rev. (1965). ?Johnston. P.Los Angeles.D.. Arthur (1962). Tufts U. N. Johnston. Monica (1965). 804 S... P. Jones. 9.. 08540. Pa. Kaltenbach. (1960). FranklinP.. Thomas. Mary (1923). of Classics. . Toronto5. Dept.Seattle. Abilene.Canada. Riverdale.). Santa Barbara. Kaiser. 33 Lexington Ave. S.. (1945).O. Calif.. Dept. Josten.Ont. Jordan. R. Gisela (1967). Conn. Columbus. U. Walter E. 02155. (1965). (1968). Phyllis B. 94707. Crestwood Dr.Ky. Kalkman. Dept. 25 River Rd. New Britain. Katz.. Deceased. Edward (1957).Leslie W.. 61820 (U.06050. 150 N. New Haven. Germany. Jones. (1956). (1959). of Classics. C.. Calif. Ont.Va. Md. W. 1-F.. 565 EN 23. RichardJ. Apt.N. Johnson. Chicago. 23185. Ft. 10027. Katchen.Prof. Calif. Loyola C.. Cambridge. Ill. Osceola. Y. Deceased August6. GardenCity. Leo M. CharlesH. Anna Dale (1940). Ind. 60637. (1968). 02912. Ohio State U. Berkeley. Richard G.. (1948).Wash. Kampff.. of Philosophy. West Texas State U. U.Pa.. 225 Virginia Ave.W.. Howard (1969).. Jones.William Robert (1940). Cincinnati. 11201. of California. (1965).N. Chicago. 93106. Va.). Johnson.. 19104. Kaplan. U. Johnston. of Washington. 02138. (1969). Jolly. Kapp. O?Jones. (1936). 3 Park St. Canyon. 100 Remsen St.. 820 N. 424 W. (1967). of Classics. Joseph's C. Homer St.D Tex. Patrick E. Kapetanopoulos. 12 Scarth Rd. Dept. Rev. Dept. University C.. Conn. Dargan (1962). 26241. Jr. 5822 BlackstoneAve.1 Jope.Borimir(1962). 20007. of History. (1963). St. Mo.JohnJ. Md. 0. Washington.. RobertEpes (1935). 46135. Box 963. Ill. of California.Canada. Ernest (1938). Susan M.. Catherines. 90024. of History. 1423 W. (1926). Mass. Mark M. 43210. of Illinois). 64776. 23005. of Pennsylvania.Ranon (1963). Cambridge.. Tenn... Jordan. ?Keller. Patricia A. 41075.. Paul (1967). Dept. Jones. Y.. Kaufman. (1967).Christopher P. 116th Jupiter. N. De Pauw U. Freeport.Canada. Brooklyn. (1964). 79015. William T. lxxiii Walter H. (1968). 7-F. Johnson. ArthurD.. Fla. Tex. of Classics.U. 60637.. ?Jones. 1968. 60611. (1965). 38117. Dept. Montreal. Ont. Tacoma.Ill. Frank P.W. 1968. Katz. BrownU. 714 W. (1921). Philadelphia. 7141 SherbrookeSt. 98403. 02138. 5th St. Jones. New York. Classics Dept. 94704. Calif. U. 79601 (Abilene Christian C. 98105. (1965). Kahn. A. J. Maple St. (1963). 222 HarpertownRd. Vice-Pres. Jones. CentralConnecticut State C. 32211. of Chicago.. Towson.. Robert L.1 Kelly. Mass. Medford. (1921).Julian W. I. Princeton.. 1200 Massachusetts Ave. Greencastle. Van L.Philadelphia. GeorgetownU.Mass. Urbana.Proceedingsfor 1968 ?Johnson. 61801.. Jordan. U. Elkins. Providence. RandolphMacon C. Wash. St. Keefe. R. Mass.StanleyL. (1967). 187 Wetherill Rd. Ill. 19104..

Dennis M. Krill.Alberta. N.Dr. U. of the New Pa. 19119 TownshipSr. Kirby.S. William J.). of Ottawa).Fla. 702 E. Keresztes. Victoria C. Franklin. Kennedy. University City. Middletown. David (1965). 48th St. (1957). Md. Dept. Acad. 55 E. Y. N.. U. (1968).V. Glenn M. Ann Arbor. 1642 E. . Pa. Annapolis. N. of Pennsylvania). Dept.Wis. C. H. of NorthCarolina. Knudsvig. Thomas (1969).. 6702 Hardy Dr.. (1948). Emma (1967). Y. of Greek. 20008. Box 236.. 900 S. 53947. C. Kilpatrick. of Foreign Langs. Wells C.. W. Canada.). (1962). 115 Coleman Hall. Kotrc.. W. Canada (U. Kramer..N. 263 South Mass. Eastern Illinois U. (1967). 21401. Far Rockaway. Dr.lxxiv AmericanPhilological Association Klein.. Aurora. BrynAthyn.. 63105 (ConcordiaSem. Ill. Ohio 43606.Mich. Basil C. IKing.Ronald F. Keuls. 10028..William N.Mass. Y. John'sC.. Roxbury. Canada. 84th St... Heidelberg Ohio 44883. Philadelphia. JohnP.. Macomb. of Michigan. of Classics.Tex.. (1957). 11 No.Canada.Ill. Andrew. U. n?Kieffer. Kistner. Kresic. 6347 ?Korfmacher.O. Lynn (1935). GordonL. (1935). Doris E.06457. Paul F. 07043.. 06520. 48101. of New Brunswick. 01746. Kolar. 04901. C.. 2900 S. (1941). Kramer. Seminary Terr. King. 60532. (1965).W. of Classical Studies. 1207 Oakland Ave.). of Classical & ModernLangs. Louis. Conn.).George A. Pa. Center for Hellenic Studies. Eva (1963). FranklinB... Dept. John VianneyMinor Sem. Theresa Ave. 63130 (St. Conn. Kratz. 33165.. Keyes. Baltimore. Marjorie E. Colby C. 21210 (Johns HopkinsU.Fife. Charleston. Ian G. Edmonton. U. 19009. New York. Wesleyan U. U. Montclair N. Rev. 19143. *?Kirtland. 16801 (Pennsylvania State U. 61920. Ont. CharlesF. Dr. 5407 Roland Ave. Ont. of Toronto. Dept. 87th Ave. New York.0. 415 Jerome Pa. C. St.. (1968).Edgar M. of Waterloo. Procopius C. Kennedy. (1967). 1030 Bay 30th N. Eldric (1949). Konishi. Austin. St. Rev. of Alberta. N. (1962). 27514. Toledo. State C. Kidd.. J.St. (1959). Knox. Bellbrook.. King. 11691.Mich. St. D. (1968). ?Krauss. Robert P. Box 203. (1963). Dept. U. Konstan. (1952).. St. 02132 (RoxburyLatin S. Holliston. Waterloo.. Lisle.: Miami-OhioState U. Kingsley.. (1962). Kirkwood. (1969). Kerenyi. Upper Montclair. of Toledo.W. Normal. of Classics. Y..Ill. (1965). William C. Mo. 2480 16th St. Catherine E. Frank R. Babette S. Ont. Illinois State Normal U. RobertG. Md.). (1943). (1962). DorothyM. haven St.Marquette U. Ann Arbor. George L. of ForeignLangs.Ill.N. Dept. (1960). N. 61761. St.. 13026. 31 Olin Library. ton. 60637. Regis H. Koonce.. of ClasFredericsics.Canada. 0. 10028 (Columbia U.S..). Milwaukee.). (1965). Paul (1961).. CynthiaKent (1963). 14856. Miami.. Kirk. Bernard M..Leonard J. 27 Oakwood Rd. (1928). lKing. Dept. Yale Station. Leonardo. Ottawa 7. Homeric Acad. 61455. Cornell U. 20009.. 121 E. Krentz. Kozak. St. Scotland. Pleasant.. (1965). of Classics. (Springfield King. Andrews. Belbrook.Chapel Hill. JohnS. U. 231 E. J. State Kibbe. P. 101 St. Kizner. Dianna (1955). Ithaca. Dr.. (1959). Kelly. Feasterville.. (1956). 45305 (WrightState C. Dept. 56thSt. Pa. 3100 WhiteD. Box 1967.Toronto 5.GordonM. (1965). 48104. Waterville. Kornblith. Dept. C. Mt. S. Krieg. Mo. (1922). (1968). Louis U. Washington. Waterman Blvd. (1965). 45305. Kline.Ross S.. Koniaris. New Haven.U. 19047. (1954). Ill.B. Haruo (1965). Philadelphia. of Classics. Irving (1959). 07737 (U. of St.). 9 Queen Mary St. Washington. Me. Chicago. RichardM. Y. Prof. Box 203.. 90th St. Tiffin. Eleanor (1967). Dept. Church. N.. 78757.Barbara K.

JoClassics. Y. (1967). (1968)... A. Lalonde. of WesternOntario). Larson. Va. C. MoyneC. Greens01610. Bronx. 11102. (1963). Lane. of Missouri. Lewis W. 14605 (Johns Friends S. Richmond (1926). Stephen D. wards Ave. Chapel Hill.). 23168. 1557 BerkDavidson. Lambert. *?Larsen. Kurth.. 46617. 01810. of Delaware.N. Dr. Toano... St. Prof. 65201. Kulinski.Prof.. (1953).. Francis (1946). (1968).Steven (1968).Linda Jane (1968). Lacey. Dr. 71 Sand Laing. Larkin. Columbia. (1967). Marian (1955). U.) . Dr. Kathryn N. William C. Pa. of Missouri. Sturtevant. of Idaho. 344 McIver Holy Cross C. George St. Kuhl. Dept. G. (1965). Langs. Amherst. Anne (1964). St.. of Classical Langs. 28036. 52101. (1969).. Y. 217 S. Gilbert (1958). of NorthCarolina). of New York). 53177. eley St. Mass. 14214 (State U. 09293. Rev. 22030. 31 W. Columbus.. Y. seph's Sem. (1968). Hyacinth (1969). Prof.. Elmhurst. (1963). Ohio 43210. Calif. 19144. Prof. Astoria. U. Maurice (1969).) Gimghoul Rd. N. Y. 19711. LutherC. (WesternReserveU. Mohammed Y.). (1968).N. Bryn Mawr Leahy. Prof. Dr. Francis A. Y.N. CedarestRd. D. 19010. Fr.Dr.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxxv Larsen. David G. Box 1177. Ind. Amlin. N. Landesman. (MillersvilleState C. Iowa City. 65202. Rev.. 1115 N. Mass. RFD 3. Jane R.... of North Carolina. 182 Hunt Layman. C. . 2826 Club Dr. 1233 EdHill Rd. Ave. Prof. 73118. Lattimore.Va. Del. Hall. Emerita Lillian B. of Washington.N.Mo. London..). 20006.Curtis P.La. Laval U. PhilaHopkinsU. Laine.. S. 14 W. Fairfax. APO. 13200 (Le Wash. Newark. Worcester. Lane. N. Laban. Washington. St. land St. 27514 (U. 52240. Court St. Classics Moscow. St. Calif. (1963).. Dept. George (1949). Ohio 44107 01002. Dept. (1955). Quebec City 10.Canada. Germantown St. John Francis (1928). 17551 Mo. Buffalo.. 94703 (Lowell 57th St. M?Latimer. 83843.. (1962). Gerald V. Prof. Lebel. J. 661 E. La Placa. 98105. C. Ia. Gerard B. St. Pa. Benedict. Univ. 11230 (N. Hayden Run Rd. 01002. 309 N.Lebeck. Garth R. Laruccia. Lang. (1935). John W. 15235. Lakewood. (1968). U. Lois A.Ida.James C. George S. Ill. wood. *?Lane. New York. John (1952). (1968).. George L. South Bend. Canada (U. N. 0.. 46 Miller Leavitt. of History. Pleasant Weigel Hall. RobertE. 308 HighDept. Box Andover. PhillipsAcad. 94022. of Classics. 519 Fairview Bonaventure Prep. ?Lawler. 40th TAC GRP.).. (1948). Donald R. Laird.. C. Lakeman. Y.S. Anthony0.. (1962).N. of sics. 18th C. Dept. St. Donald L.Mass. (1951). Lawall.. Harry H.. Dept. Ia. Amherst. Santa Monica. (1958). Wis.. BrynMawr. Anthony(1958). St.Pa. N. Mass. BrynMawr. 4586 Notre Dame Blvd. 70457. 33rd St.. Seattle. CoulterSt. (1929).Ohio 43002. Davidson C. H. OklahomaCity.Pa. Dept. Lavery.Columbia.). 60126. VillanovaU.. 899 SherLawrence. (1962). Ont. 735 Leach. Box 89A. Austin (1950). Daniel (1956). 10022 (BrooklynC. Kustas. 177 Heath George WashingtonU. of ClasLeach. Bryn Mawr C.Y. Elinor Winsor (Mrs. 27412. Rochester.... 836 NW 40th 90404. 193. Lazenby. (1963). Apt. 1520 Grant Krimsley.).. 1024 Old (1921). *?Lattimore. 300 E. 10458.. Calif. delphia. U. Fordham U... Decorah. J.. (1961). U. Millersville. 19085. Gate Rd. Murray.. Dept. of Foreign Lang.. of Larmann. St. boro.. Villanova. Dr. Brooklyn. 25-75 Kurmally. Leadbeater. Mabel (1945). Eugene N.Okla. Pittsburgh. 19010. Dept. Lashbrook. Pa. Peter J.Las Altas.N. Y. Y. Ohio State U. Quebec.U.Mary Lou (1967). Stephen G. Berkeley. (1948). Classics Lawrence.. Pa. Syracuse.

Blumenthalstr.lxxvi AmericanPhilological Association Lewin.). U. Le Moine. (1961).D. N. Gail (1968). 18 Atkins N.. J.. (1932). CornellU. (1960). (1951). Littman.. 380 Riverside Dr. Y. W. 94708. C. 792 Columbus Ave. 537 N. 10025. New York. 90004. 109th Terr. (Randolph-Macon David J.Robert J..). (1967).. 50707. Y. 72 Tamalpais Rd. East Millstone. Margaret T. N. 5940 14th St. Dickinson C. 3480 Del Calif. (1967). *?Levy.Pa.. Dept. Lieberman. Wolf-Luider(1969). Calif.. (1958). Levy. Madison. N. New York. Prof. Lever. of English. Rev.. (1956). *?Lewis. Apt. Montreal28. Philip (1952). Y. Lewis.. Katherine(1947). Baton Rouge. (1953). A-4.. Lawrence. 123rd St. Y. Box 776. Wellesley Mass. of New York. 13820. Reading. 30 E. 10023 (BrooklynC. (1964).Tex. 68508. Hodges St. of Classics. Berkeley. (1956). Houston. 345 E.Q. Prof. 77 Olden La.. (1967). Dept. Prof. Mrs.Philip N. Mo. P.. Dr. 69 Heidelberg.Austin. 1614 Alsace Rd. Charles S. 716 W. Ann Arbor.Calif.. 4986 Houston. Lindahl. U. Dr. 60680. U. N. Levine. Leonard.). Md. Canada (Loyola C. Arnold H.. view P1.). Dr. Prof.. Wellesley. 78712. 02181. Oneonta. Levy. Washington. Va. L. Vt. Harpur C. New York. Brooks E. 9 RiverVa. of St. (1936).. Owen (1960). 48105. Lockhart. Dr. 02766. of Nr. Hartwick C. Liebermann.. Chicago. . 02181. of Philosophy.Tex. (1967). F. Lefkowitz. 19012. 5. 305 College Ave. Wellesley. U. (1956).La. 94720. P. Lempkowski. 20902. R. Ill. of WindOnt. 10021. 10025 (ColumbiaU.. (1962).Pa. Dept.Calif. New York. ?Lind. John 0.. Middlebury. Levin. Edwin B. N. 05753. Box 9643. Binghamton. N. 95838. Paul J. 1821 Billman Lane. MiddleburyC. Lee. St. (1952). Lockyer. Edward (1937). ArdmoreAve. Dept. Lewis. 13901.Prof.Elizabeth R. N. Lincoln. of Littlefield. State U. Bayside. 10021 (FordhamU.. of California. of Neb. 1714 Indiana St. Windsor.Charles W. C.N.. 90024.)..N.Wis. ?Lipscomb. (1968). 70813. Los Angeles.Roy E. Mrs. Levine. (1968). Box 15.Calif..Lynchburg. of Classics. Lippmann. ?Leddy. Saul (1948). 3E. 75th St. Mass. of Classics. Dr. Apt. U. S. Dr.. Apt. Joel B. 15010. 6550 SherbrookeSt. Flora R. of Classical Langs.. #2SelleryHall. Prof. Donald N. P. tLenaghan. *?Linforth. (1963). (1949).Prof. Y. Ave. Licht. Y. Germany. 15 W. (1967). Greenville. Box 15. 2823 4th Ave.Kan. (1965). Leinieks.Neb. (1967). Sacramento. Lloyd. 92037. W. Lendman. Dept. ?Levin. (1965). C. Lydia H. Charles M. Cortland. N. Dept. Albert E. 16C.Dr. Southern U. J.. Lidov. 3812 MontroseBlvd.. 17013. Pa. Lindsay.. 3201 Breeze Terr. N. 447 Hilldale Dr. 77035. New York. 602. ?Loane. Mary F. Eastern Langs. Queens. Lenz. Furman U. Prof. Norton. U. Harry L. 69th St.. 10027. Herbert (1909). Kansas City. New York. 08540 (PrincetonU. Ashland. Apt. Naphtali (1938). N. Frederick (1945). 501 W. 14850.Canada. Lesko. Dept. 23005 Women'sC. Carlisle... Richard J. 53706. Samuel (1947). 19604. Columbus. J. Apt. M... sor. 7611 Front Pa.O. Lee. Leonard (1963). Y. of California.Dr.). Dumfries. (1962). Prof. Ivan M.. Martha Hoffman(1950)..Jan M.Valdis (1955).Los Angeles. Y. Isobel S. Box 4348. 29613. Ohio State U. 08874. (1955).. RobertB. (1942). John E. 43210. N. Dept. Thomas. Berkeley. Beaver Falls. Paso Blvd. Y.0.. Y. (1960). 64114. c/o Cabisius. F. J. Lin. New York. 24503. Libourel.Edward Y. (1903). (1962)... English. lLenaghan. Y. Lenardon. La Jolla. Chettenham. (1968). Calif. Levine. Prof. 330 E. East Millstone. Silver Spring. 11364 (Queens C. 80th St. Robert J. Levin. (1965). 13045.Tex. Ithaca. of Classical Langs. C. of Illinois. *Lindsay. 08874.Mary R.. 56-57 205th St.). 20011.. J. 77006. Dept.O.Mich. Princeton. Wellesley Mass.

306 E. Bonn. Box 134. Stanford.. MacKay. 44120. 10010. Riverside MacAdoo. 60068. N. Y. 08540. of California. 8 SemMadden. 08075.N. Columbus. New York.). New York. 6B. Dept. Dwellings. J. Buffalo.. Riverside. 10010 (Lehman MacKenzie. 21st St. *?Lowrance.. of Losada. (1969). MargeryW. Waterloo. Loyd. 08876.Wis.. Y. R. Lueker.55455. 10705.. N. Hugh (1955). of Alberta. Syracuse U.Peter J. Anthony(1967). Walter (1951). 08540. Dept. Cambridge. Thomas (1967). WashingtonAve. Y. N. Y. Edmonton. Lofstedt. St. (1926). of Classics. 82nd 02138. Apt. James 0. Park Ridge. Georgia (1967). cuse.. 13210. 1400 Lilac Lane. MacCary.Bengt (1967). Long. Education 10024.W. Luck. Donald C. #2. Johns Hopkins U. Classics. 164 W. 24060 (Va.. Luis A. (1959).). Paul's C. U. (1941). Chapel Hill. Georg (1955). MacKenzie. T. Machemer.. 21218. hamU. 17201. Prof. 84thSt.. 10007. Blacksburg. ArthurM. Lopston. 23 Francis Ave. Kensington. J. 08902 94305. Minneapolis. 06520. Nicholas (1956).. ?Macdonald. (1969). 19 Mercer St. C.S. Philadelphia. 4400 Centre 46131. U. Seminar fur Macro.0. of ClasKlassische Philologie.. 15213. Prof. U. *?Lutz. (1965). 10024. Dept. Waterloo St. Calif. N. (1941). Princeton. Ethel (1968). Ave.. Prof. (1965). Princeton U. 1467 ?MacLaren. Baltimore. 02138. 140 Claremont Classics. N. St. Wilson C. Loomis. of Washington. Dod Hall.N. Alberta. New York. (St. Prof. 27514 (U. Dept.. New Brunswick. 14214. St. New York. New York. of Lotze. J. N. Syra(Ohio State U. (1956). Y. Prof. of ClasLynch.. (1965). 06510. Chambersburg. 10028.Ont. 2820 Polytechnic Inst.0. N. of MacMullen. (1956). of inaryTerr. Dr. 20th Classics. Cora E. Cleveland. Calif.. 4B. Ann L.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxxvii Lux. Herbert S.Los Angeles. (New Brunswick H. (1968).. Paul L. New York.. Joan M. The Bellefield 598 N. H.D. Y. Ill. U. 4431 Spruce Pa. of Minnesota. Miss Leslie S. Classics. James. 53706. John P. Jr. Y. *?MacKendrick. New Haven. Thomas 0. (1951). Canada. Mary Louise (1941). Dr. Universitat sics.).S. (1960). of California.). St. 03906.). *?ELord. Ramsay (1961). (1938). 90024. 10027 (LehWash. 119 Livingston Calif.. N. 301 E. Mackay. Calif.. Alexander(1963). Editor. Charles (1937). Erwin L. (1948). Luce. (1968). (1967).West Germany D-53. 23 Francis Ave. Pa. Madsen. of LutheranU.Rev. Long. Cambridge. 303. Ave. Princeton. Y. 10913. man C. State U. J.. N. (1969).Canada. NorthCarolina). 98105. 66044. 19104.. Pamela H. (1967). Lombardi. Dept. (1968).. Thomas W. Dept. 914 Van Hise Hall.. Princeton U. Yale U. Winnie D.N. (1962). Mass.). Conn. Mo. Mack. 43201 Hall of Langs. Dr. New York. New Haven. 208 Worthington St.. 8-1. Long. Classics. StanfordU.Seattle. Franklin. Apt. Looby. of Wisconsin. Kan. (1922). Prof. Apt. 531 E. N. Ave. (1935). 92502. Rd. U. Me. U. Prof. Pittsburgh. Loewy. Conn. Y. Malcolm (1926). of Conn. Yonkers. MacKay. J. Somerville. Main St. Erna M. Louis A. MacCoull. Loxterman. Y. C. Md. Helen H. Timothy(1969). 41 W. Louis. Dept. 79th St. Albert B. Y... of Chadbourne Rd.. Apt. Lawrence.. Werner (1947).Riverside. Julia Wolfe (1969).. MacDonald. 13 S. B. (1965). *Love. Pa. Pierre A.Hartford. Minn. Dept. History Dept. James F. Blau?Loughran. Ind. MacKeller.. (1964). sics. 36 Ardmore 1:Lord... 102C Bernard MacLean. N. Prof. NorthBerwick. N.Prof. 54 Trumbull St. 257 Valentine Lane. Mass. N. N. Janet M. Va. John A. N. 94707.. (1936). Hartford Courant. Dr. Fordvelt. 600 S. Madison. 63105 New York. . Dr.

St. Baltimore. Conn. New York. Vt.. King Building. Lehigh U. (1956).Anthony Rd. Holliswood. of Illinois. of Classics. 27514. c/o Offi-Lib. Patricia P.53 E. Dept. Dept. Victor U. sics.Mo. C. U. Jr. 10003. Loyola McCarty. Boston C. of McCall. Hugh J. King Ave. 01610. Dept. 05401. 48. 10028. *?Maurer.. (1969). West Knoll Apt. of Marshall. Brooklyn. D. Hayne R. Dept.. wood Dr. 30326.Dr. Y. Classics.Canada. 3659 N. Dept.. Rome. (1967).Chapel Classics. (1930). Via CassioGuelph. 11210. Philip (1949). H. Edward (1939)..Urbana). Columbus. of Cagliari). for Boys).N. . AmherstC. ?Martin. 197 W. N. Louis. Berthe (1929). Mo.Ont. 12700 TopAlberta. Marzullo.Seattle. 1516 W. Mass... St. (1925).).. Calif. Martin. Pa.. Queen's U. Rev. I11.. C. F. Prof. 64744. N. 2802 Mantinband. (1967). UniversityC. of 48017. Hill... Markowicz. Marsh (1964). Via Md.HubertM. St. JosephP.Kathleen (1969). John's (Oberlin C.). U. Susan H. Mass. of California. U. David J. May. Benedetto(1965). Mich. (1963). John R. Holy 43212. U. Matsen. Pittsburgh. Lennoxville. Charles St. *?Marti.. Prof. (1969). (1938).Canada.. 40. St. Worcester. J. Harold W.. Clinton. of NorthCarolina. Peter K. Gladys (1927). Washington. Minn. Dr. 98105. (1969). Albany. Canada.. Jay1429 (1963). U. St. 63141 Mo. of Mt. S.).Mass. 93105. Carolyn J. C. Donnis (1927). Wellesley. 20008. C. Joseph A. 25 Clover Residence. 83rd St. Duquesne U. (1968)..Paris 5. of ClasDel. New York. Mayer..JanetM. Edmonton. Ohio 44074 McCall. of Washington. Vincent).Dr. Dept.Ont. of North Carolina.Canada. Centerfor HelMass. 3100 WhitehavenSt.U. Mayerson.. Kingston. U. Barbara P. Amherst. (1968). *?Marique. 70 Hill... 105A N. Y. U.lxxviii AmericanPhilological Association Martin. of Classics.. U. Burlington. (CovenantTheological Ballet School. Ave. 1 Price Hall. Gertrude (1925). of Classics. (1955). 18015. I. Dept. of Toronto5. 12205. 248 Osborne J. of Toronto. Mass. El Dorado Springs.S.Canada. Canada. N. of *Magboo. 06 Haywood Rd. 01002. Hermy (1956). Dr. France. Bethlehem. Dept. Atlanta. of ClasMcCargar. 260 Elkton Rd. (1959). 400 N. 581 Pa. (1967). Y. Dept. Roxboro Circle. Euclid. N. The National Sem.. Champaign. 63131. Hamilton ?Mattingly.56321. Aidan (1967). Markway.. (1968). Manak. (1967).Rev. ?Martin. Wellington C. 111 Maitland St. N. 13323. M. (1968). (U.N. (1969).. Matthews. Rome. ?McCarthy. of San Fernando. Ont. 02159. Classics Ont. Prof. Italy (U.. U. Apt. bara. Robert J. (1953). Virginia L. 64744. Classics. C. Clawson. (1964). Magdelain. Mare. 190Fernando.Calif. 11423 (Barnard S..Prof. (1934). (Brockport Martin. Chapel Que. Collegeville. Dr. Oberlin. of Marcucci. doro 19. Newark.06112. Y. Cross C. Niccolo Piccinni 51. 27514.William J. Douglas (1969). McCarthy. lenic Studies. St. Marshall.Italy 00193. 14 Mile Rd. Louis. Donald J. (1932). New York. Main Main St.E. Main WellesleyC.Kemp (1925). Marshall. Thomas (1967). 400 N. JohnsHopkins 10027 (C. Glenn L. Howard (1968). Wash. Dept... Chestnut O?Malone. Y. Ralph E. Ga. 21218. Theresa (1962).. 94117.. Y. of Alberta. N. 02138. El Dorado Springs. Mastronarde. U. *?Martin. Maguire.. E. Prof. Giacinto (1945). pingAcres. JamesH. (1946). Hill. Dept. 50 Follen St. MorningsideDr. Joseph S. of Classics. Classics. Dept.Santa BarMatzke. Matula. 02181. 19711. Y. Y. 14420 Mo. 15219. Bishop's sics. Marblestone. Cambridge. Rue Gay-Lussac. J.. ToMargon. 1109 W.... *?Malz. Y. 279 S.Mr. U. Brockport. (1931)..Rev.N. Classics. ronto. Alexander(1948). 61801 Matteucig. 10. 0. Hartford. H-4. Rev. N. Mason.. St.San Marcellino. Apt. Prof.

Loyola U. William T. Lancaster. 10580. Apt.Winnipeg. McEvilley. 94501.. Johanna M. Canada. Toronto9. (1935). 08540.. Mrs. Grinnell. B. Loyola McMaster U. Prof. McManus. Barbara F.Miami. Victoria Union St. Hamilton.' Claremont.C. 77006. ?McDermott.. ard..Fla. Princeton. U. Clair Shores. 6525 Sheridan Rd. New Brunswick. C. 4082 Malaga Ave.Calif. D. Irwin L. Washington. Mass. Y. U. 6525 N. Canada. Stanford U. Meador. (1922). Deceased December23. Conn.. N. McDonald. 45017 N. (1947). Y. 5632 C.. Nichol Ave. Melrose. Dept. ClassicsDept. Prof. O. 711 Lawrence St. C. 60626. 92502. Y. C.Thomas (1968). Bala-Cynwyd. Chicago. Man.C. Conn. Ont.. (1908). Kenyon Canada. 1016 1McLeod. James J..James T.. Prof. Sheridan Rd. (1957). of Texas.L. Dept. (1945). J. N. of Toronto. Minneapolis.43022. of Pennsylvania. O?Mertz. (1937). Dept. James (1962). Bronx. (1947). (1963). *$Mendell. (1962). Victoria *?McDaniel. of Washington... 48082.N. New Rochelle. MartinR.. Date Ave. Prof. of Dept.Tex. #1-E. ica. 205 Wilson McNeal. of Winnipeg. 78712. of California. 13346. Route 6. ada (U. U. Prof..06518. Dallas. 1968. 08901. Palo Alto. 75230. (1960). Pa.A. Gambier. 169 School St. 06232. D. James C. Grinnell C.N. Dr. 45 Peach Andover. PrenticeA. Aberdeen Ave.. CatholicU.. P. Iain (1969). Minn.Toronto 5.David J. Beacon McEnerney. of British Columbia... (1958). Manor. Merlan. ham Rd. Dept.Fred C. (1956). CanU. Pa.N. 161 B.. (1901).. McGuire. Robert (1969)... 98105. 33133. Philip (1941). 60637 Hill. Chicago. 94305. Boston *?McKeon.. 1503 BranMenes. Calif. 9 Peter Dept. Calif.. (1967). .. Prof. Dept. McKay. Riverside. Mich. Walton B. Michael P. 230 PelCollege Hall. McGrath. of Toronto). Calif. 54th St. McCaw. 43210. Chestnut BlackstoneAve. McDiarmid. for Advanced Study.1 McHugh. Y.... Dr. Glastonbury.. Inst. Alexander G. C. J. ?McDonald. of Toronto. (CatholicU. McDonald. of 0. Benjamin D. *?McGregor.).Clarence W. & City Line Ave. Ohio State U. Chicago. (1965).Dr. C. Ill.Tex. William F.Toronto 5. NorthCarolina).. 02167. McCulloh. RichardAlan (1965).. Hamden. 91714. Classics. Bethany. McLaughlin. of Mench. Merriman. Leo (1936). of Classical Langs. of Classics. Lachlan M. U. U. Ont. (1930)... Edwin P. McCoy. 19004. of History. Rye Shore Ave. MarionAve. 332 Bryn Rd. Elizabeth S. U. 7135 Pa. (U. Ont. New Haven. (1927). Alameda..Rev.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxxix ?McCauley. of Minnesota. Austin. Ont.. 20017.Ill. Mellor. 1968. Lynwood... 15 B. Washington. (1967). William T. 87 Medland Crescent. C. Houston. (1960). N. lMcLeod. Philadelphia. (1948). Geraldine (1965). Colgate U. 90262 (U. Ill. 10805. Conn.).N. (1960). Country Day S. 10458. Classics. (1944). Chapel Hill. Ronald J.. Hamilton. MeCraith. Ia. Prof. William C. 27514 (U. (1965). St.. 19104. Peter J. (1969). 60626. N. Columbus. (1940). of Classical Langs. U.Prof. Deceased March 15. 19131. Ian R.. of AmerMenge. 06525. CanSeattle. 20017. 2870 ?Meritt. Albert E. William E.. Classics Dept. (1955). W. Calif. (1965).. 3152 Los Flores Blvd. Philadelphia.Calif. 50112. U. E. of Chicago). 06033. 22006 McCracken. (1961). McDonough. Tex. Rev. Joseph's C. U. ScrippsC.John I. McNair. Malcolm (1932). St. McGonagle. JohnBrodie (1940). (1960).Conn. Classics St.. (1964). McDougall. McKibben. ada. 93534. Wallace E. Mawr Ave. (1959).Wash. Canada. Dept. WilliamA.Prof.. Merker. Vancouver 8. Rye. Richard P.Elizabeth W.. Tree Lane. of Greek & Latin..Dr.55455.

Marvin (1962). 08540. 14850. 94720. cordia C. State U. Michael G. (1965). Minton. 10025. Calgary. Stanford U. of Pennsylvania.N. (1965). Cleburne. Minar. G. Dept. Dr. S.. troit. Metzger.Agnes K. of Missouri.. of Greek & Latin. (1940). Milham.). Jr.. Dr. J. of N.. Greenville. K. Minyard. Frank A.Berkeley. 46135. 02138. Dept. Mass. Mass.). Olaf C. (1968). of Pennsylvania. Catholic U. Mo. 13901.Pa. More. 56 Kirkland Mass. Gerard (1965). Stanford. 16125. 17604.. (1955). Lehman C. Pauw U. (1951). Box 22 College Hall.. Susan A.Walter 0. of Classical & Oriental Langs.. George R. Prof.. 2146 17th Ave. Greencastle. 102 Circle Dr. W. 60201 (Seabury WesternTheo. Binghamton. Hatboro. *?Millor.N. sics. Vernon. of America..Elmira. Pa. 0. Frank F. Dept. H. La.Prof. Miltz. Washington. Y.N. Edmund F. N. New York.. 19104..Jenkintown. N. Amherst.). Prof. 915 E. Dept. General Mass. Calif. ?Moorhead. Mitchell. Calif. (1924). 19010. Northfield.Richard E. (1960). Mix.. 1118 Camelia Ave.N. Douglaston. N..Elizabeth C. 511 Logan St. (1920). Mt. Dr. U. Pa. Morante. Dept. Bucknell U.Ia. Ont. 60615 (U. of Illinois. Beaver Hill. of Classics. Dept. Bronx. U.Ill.Los Angeles. Moeller. ?Mohler. Urbana.. Box 255. Dept. 20017. Cambridge. Moore. Rev. (1967). Rev. Thiel Pa. 15701. Prof.. (1939). JohnCarroll U. Princeton..Michael V. Edwin L. 19040.. Minn. Mills. U.Pa. of California. Delivery. Prof. (Victoria C. Floyd L.U. of Classics. (1968). (1961). of Detroit. 19046. of Foreign Langs. Daniel de (1951).. 227 S. Cathedral C. *?Miller. St. (1968).. 53rd St. Apt. Indiana U.EvelynV. (1968). 116 Glen Montmollin.Mass. of History. Canada. 53151. Rev. Miltenberger. D. 48202. Y.John Douglas (1965). J. Princeton Theological Sem.Fordyce W. Prof. 5 BirchlandAve. of California. Philadelphia..55104. *?Michels. Dept.. U.Samuel L. of Classics. *?Miller.. Margit (1969). Rev. Moreau. (1963). N. 01119 (Heidelberg Springfield. 76031. Mong. Classics. 70806.. of Chicago). (1969). Warren (1968). 03833..Canada. Y.. 17837.Charles J. C. 10468. 11362.Prof. 90024. Langdell Hall. 65201. 458 Mittelstadt. Ill. Rev. (1969). Union. Molitor. of Mittelstadt. Cornell C. (1946). Wis. (1961). Cleveland Ave. G. (1938).. Franklin& MarshallC.. Jules L. Indiana. Y. (1952). Calif. Michael C. 44118. of Classics. 07083. (1960). GordonM. of Classics. Eugene W. De Ind. Messing. St. Jr. . Minadeo. BrynMawr C. CornellU. 01002. 20900 W. C. Paul. (1964). Minkin. U.. 61801. Dept.). Exeter. 94305. Moon. N. Erving R. Detroit. 50 Fallen St. of Classics. Pa. (1956).-8 South. Harold W. Tiffin. Baton Rouge. 02138. Ill. Herbert H. Dept. (1939). (1948).1 Mohr. Robert T. Milhauser. Minogue. Dept. ConMiddendorf.. 275 WashLake Forest.JohnH. Y. 14901. Holyoke C. Dept. 103rdSt. 0. (1965). Phillips Exeter Acad. Donald H. 600 Haven St.Alberta. 14901 (Elmira C. 52314. John Andrew (1949).. Chicago. (1935). DeMich. Miller. Moffat. St. Cleveland. Evanston. Moreland. of ClasMinn. Richard M.W.Mich. Mary E. Miller. Bruce M. of History. Ithaca. Pleasant St. (1952). ington.Cambridge.. Meyer. Y.Ill.William W. (1956). 1163 Magie Ave. Moore.lxxx AmericanPhilological Association ?Mitchel. Pa. Classics Dept. (1957). Paul G. Columbia. Riverside. UniversityHeights. Richard W. (1944). Elmira. Sem. (1955). S.Prof. J. 60045. 1969. C. Lansing-ReillyHall.JohnD. Cambridge. Lewisburg.John (1964).)... Lancaster. Wayne State U. Y.. New Berlin. (1962). 02138 (Mt. Moore. Dept. (1929)... Tex. James W. Moore. Y. 305 W. Moretti. 48221. 21 AX.. 55057.Pa.Prof.N. Rd. BrynMawr.. Deceased March 30. Toronto 5.

Ga. Dubuque. Ill.. 9 University Ave. CatholicU. 498 Culver Parkway. (1965). Louis H. of Sheffield. Box 8325. Vivian H.. N. (1955). Mary Ann T.Rochester. Md. Calif. 24503. Dept. of New Rochelle. C. 94720. Rev. Y. 14609 (U.).. U.. 68467 (York Morin. Princeton. Fla. Prof.N.. Dr. Atlanta. ?Murphy. Muller. 90 La Salle St.England. N. C. Ind. (1959). 735 McKinley Rd. 0. Nehrkorn. 02138. 1012 McKaig. Box 62. 3941 Deer Park Ave. of Calif. Swarthmore. of Classics. 13346. Apt. Madison.Prof. Neb.). England. 4525 Henry Hudson Parkway. J. (1962). Lynchburg. C.Walter (1969). The Chapin S.Dr. *Naoumides. T. 515 RutgersAve.Rev. 45236 (Xavier U. of the Pacific. 0. Dept. Athens. Chester F. PrincetonU. *Natunewicz. Princeton.. 2514 Deerwood Dr.). California.N. 13026. G. Harvard U. Hoover. 30311 (DartmouthC. 07940. 06513. ArthurH. 603 E. U.).0. Charles T. 10805..Berkeley. John Clark) (1953). Morgan. Classics Dept. Oberlin. MotherMary Russo. Cincinnati. mMorse. Muhr.Mich..Helen F.Prof.. Paul Robert(1938). Mass.H. 78712. ?Mosser.. (1935). Dept. (1968). (1946).). Herbert (1951). 10027. Carroll A. (1960). Murray. 361 Lincoln Hall. 10028.Ann Arbor. Ohio State U. RobertD. C. Pa. 08540. Dept. (1965). Martin Earl (1968). 44074 (Oberlin C. N.Walton (1959). Dr. Y. Va. (1961). J. (1929). JosephC. 94720.Tex.. Towson. (1961). (1927). . Musurillo. Calif. 100 East End Ave. James (1943). U. 94546. Virginia (1926).. Drew U. B. 43210. The Royal Masonic S. Dr. (1953). Knoxville. Morgan.Prof. Dept. Helga (1960). Robert J. of Illinois. (1937). 32306. Nabers. of Classics. of Classics. Lake Forest. Morris. 61801.. Dept. (1961).. Fort Wayne. Murray. GoucherCollege.Va. Hamilton. Murray. Morrison.. of Classics. Prof. Nelson. Mosley. of Classics. M.Stockton. ?Murphy. New York. Prof. Hartford. Baltimore.. U. Liquori (1950). Neale.... Tenn. 1Naoumides. U. Bronx. 626 Lynn Valley Rd. of Greek & Latin. Ohio U. of Classics. Tallahassee. Bushey. m?Mullens. 95204.. U. York. 37916. D. Murphy. Wells C. U. 64 Spring St. 14G.RobertL. Y. 52001. (1963). New Rochelle. of Texas. Sheffield. Rev. Moskalew.. Fordham U. Dwinelle Hall. N. 48104. New York. N. 100 Eastern St. (1964). Nagler. Grace F. 21204. Glenn R.Derek J. Y. (1939). C. (1946). N.). 310 Child Hall. Cambridge. 0.. of Classics. The Friary.Prof. 46805 (ConcordiaSr.. Michael N. John R.Ill.06106. (1965). Trinity Conn.). Box 267. N.U. Berkeley. C.Robert E. (1965). (1965). Classics Dept. Y. 348 College Ave. 49503 (Aquinas C. lxxxi Murgia.E.Alex P.. 10458. Randolph-MaconWoman's C. Dr.. Paul (1959). U. Y. *Natunewicz. 08540. Florida State U. Herts.Prof.Proceedingsfor 1968 Morford. S. Austin. Anna Lydia (Mrs.. 45701. Muscarella. N. Most. (1964).0. Royce L. tMotto. 61801. Loras C. Dept. Mich. Mark P.Calif. Emory. ?Naylor.Dr. Aurora. Dept. 20017.Prof. Ill. N. Dept. (1960).. O. Urbana. 21128 Bafer Rd. Castro Valley.Loudonville. Dept.. Siena C. Oton (1965). (1969). Washington. William G. of America. Prof.. N. of Tennessee. J. Bronx. (1938). 12211. Ned Parker (1963).Prof. The Avenue. Prof. 10471. 60045. Geoffrey C. Mark (1959). Conn. of Illinois. PrincetonU. Columbus.S. Moscrip. ?Morrow. Urbana. (1967). Naylor. of Greek& Latin.. Dept. of Rochester). of California. N. Y. 19081. Ia. Grand Rapids. Y. Mourelatos. of the Classics. Charles E. 24327 (Emory & Henry Morris. ?Moser. D. New Haven. Y. Sawyer McA. Dept. Murphy. of Classics. of Ancient History& Classics.

90007. Rev. of To27707. Jacob E. The Milne of Classical Langs.. Prof. Norwood. 10025. 23943. (1955). University C. (1967). Hampden-SydHampden-Sydney cordia Sr.Chicago. Los AnJr. Ind. Nodder. of Iowa. John F. (1946).U. of U. Port Washington... of Bldg. ington. 73069. Pa. J. 02167. S. da (1948).. of St.Canada. Dept. Ann Arbor.Y. Ardmore. (1961). N. St. 34 Edgehop House..Prof. Y. N. Frank R. Prof. of sical Langs. Swarthmore. H. Y. Urbana. tral Ave. ronto. Nielsen. Johns Av. William Lee (1962). (1950). (1968). California. LinDilsberg.N. Dept.. Dept.N. Albany. O'Neil. John Joseph (1960). Dept.Mary E. Princeton. Royal C. Kilroe Sem. of ClasOney. moreC. 419 W. (1931). Rd.Urbana). N. Ill.. Dr. Ill. 22042. J. A. (Temple U. O'Malley. (1930).. (1961). Robert J. 90045.N.. 70 RemO'Neil. 60611. 326 Carr O'Brien. Brazil. 27708.Ia. 12203. 938 22nd St. U. J. Ormsby. Prof. Ga. (1965). P.. Dept.J. 8 Chaunrey Nogle. of Oklahoma. 61801 (U. Prof. W. Ft. NorthAurora. Durham.*?01iver. Loyola U. 55987. 2710 W. Oost..Prof. Classics Novakowski. 76 Winderof Chicago.Rev. 46805 (ConC. 4090 Geddes Mo. East. 98102. Prof. (1919). resa. (1959). 08540.N. Prof. Norton. The BisNethercut. mereBlvd. 20006. (Northwestern Classics.. P1. of Clas.Frances (1959).. ville. O'Malley. 14226. Dr. 3163 Nealon sics. Baltimore.Katherine SchaefferHall. William R. Mich. 185 sala 1114. U. 80 Bayview Mass. (1965).. (1965). 707 Ohio St. Vandrick L. Olstein. Dr. 48202. Ont.. (1955). MichiganAve. Norman. Rollins C-19.. Eugene M. *?Oates. 10027. 19565.Wash.Buffalo. New York. George E.Pa. (1969). Falls Church. O'Brien. Cricket Ave.. Nobrega.. 19003 E.Rosemary of Classics. Judy Jane (1964). Wayne. of Theology. 08903.. geles.S.Canada. Mass. GraduateC... Wilmette. 19081. 148 Niven. C.).. U. William cordia LutheranJr. de Janeiro. C. Brunswick. Isaac Jogues. 108th St. N. C. (1968). (1952). Detroit. Mo.. (1962). (1947). Norton. 64068. Y. Philip J. hill St.Harriet S.. 325 W. State U.Mich. Douglass C. Raymond T. North. Wayne State U. of Los Angeles. U. John P. 8BB Dept.). 60091 Nolan. Eileen M. WernersAlberta. Bradley E. 11050 Ave.. Christoff (1969). Pa. D. Pa. coln Way.). Swarth65202. Dickinson C. C. New York.Minn. ConOffutt. C. (1936). of Southern S. Stewart I. Oscar E.230 S.. Dept. Revilo P. N. Columbia.Stanley (1961). (1965). Princeton. William Joseph (1969). Prof.Duke U.). (1969). Dept..Ill.Prof. WashVa. JohnF.. O'Neal. Honesdale. James H. 3 Wycliffe Niermann. The U. HopkinsU. 119thSt. Helen F. of Classi*?Nemiah. Prof. 21218. Okla. Hanover. 11201 (Sands sen St.. RutgersU. Athens. Dr.Calif. TeAlevisios N. Classics. George WashingtonU.. Novitiate of St. Michael J.. . BelNeumeister. Carlisle.MargaretAnn (1962).. (1961). Chestnut Noonan. Martha M. 812 Cen(N. Chicago. (1960). New N. 03755.Va. Orzechowski.JohnD. 60637. 6904 larmineS. Y. Nix. Durham. T. Y.H. (1963). Seattle.Ill.Calif. Duke U. 52240. 60542. 48105. Y. (1955). of Georgia. N. (1968). 08540. O'Connor. O'Rourke. Illinois. N.. 17013. 111 ?Nybakken. U. Edward N. Hill. ney. Rev..J. Germany. Mullin (1965)..lxxxii AmericanPhilological Association Oates. Toronto. ?Ohl. Los Angeles. Francis (1952). Odom. Ernest R. Prof. 737 Oikonomides. of the Sacred Heart. ?Oliver. Newton. Katherine (1965). Michael S. Boston C. C. (1931). (1953). Iowa City. Whitney N. Brooklyn. 30601. Liberty. Ill. mouthC. Pa. (1969). Dartcal Studies.).Edmonton. Rio Branco. 02138. of Alberta. Eugene W.. Norton. JewellC. Nyenhuis. 18431. Cambridge.Ringweg4.. S. Winona. Nissen.. (1968). Rio Md..

. Dept. Robert E.N. (1968). 48104. Hempstead. 78712. of Classics. U. 11550. of Texas. U. 90049.Mich. Dept. of Classical Studies. Pearce. Swarthmore. U.. Champlain C. Watertown. Middletown. RichardA. Chapel Hill. Rev. Rodes Ave. St. New Haven. of North Dakota. Dept..Proceedingsfor 1968 Oscarson. of Classical Langs. HU217. Western Michigan U. Dr.Mich. 19081.Prof. Prof..... 10th St. Ore. Evelyn W. Los Angeles. State U. Prof. 06457 (WesleyanU... Dept.). David W. of Classics. Dept. O'Sullivan. Mass. Palmer. Ore. JoN. of Goteborg. H. 55116. 10011. Papademetriou. Tex. Calif. Y. Apt. 48104. U. Pa. (1963). Bronx. Prof.Ann Arbor. Y. Palmer. Y.. Marcia L. 10014.. Peachy. Goteborg. (1967). (1968). Eugene. Thalia (1965). 98105.N.. (1961). Ostwald.. David J. J. of Texas). Toronto.N. UniversityPark. N. Owen. 507 E. *?Palmer. 1640 Scheffed Ave. lxxxiii Parker. 420 W. Paul (1954). Pascal.. Trier H.V.. Parry. Suite EE 525. 1001 Jerome Ave. 29488 MichmanSt. Friendly Hall. Brooks (1935). 49001. Taft S. Seattle. San Antonio. *?Patterson. 78209 (U. 10453. Parry. Paraskevopoulou. Roger A. N. 2 Whittier P1. 90007. 80302. Gettysburg.. Dept. C. 225 W. 48206. Gettysburg. McMaster U. Calif.Mich. Founders C. 17325. 17325. for Neurobiology. Albany. Pearce. South Orange. Stanford. Y. of Pennsylvania). 58201. Kalamazoo. Smith C. (1965). Pavlovskis... Detroit. Dr.. Peacock. Classics Dept. 2701 ChicagoBlvd.). Dept.. U. Y.. of Classics. Inst. 301-2 Furnald Hall. Louis (1961). (1963). Dept. New Ill. Hugh (1962). (1940). Portland. Robert B. George F. Cecil Bennett(1955). 1005 S. Peterborough.N.. of Classics. Walterboro. Payne. Philadelphia.S. 15 Carlton St. (1950). (1930)... Peabody. J.. Dept.Zola Marie (1965). Howard C. (1968). ColumbiaU. Parrish. of Washington. of Michigan. Minn. seph's C. Pearcy. 8940 Holly P1. HiltonAve. of Oregon. Martin (1949)..Ont. Osebold. East. Rev. William H. Scripps C. 0.. New York. (1935).. New York.. St. Gettysburg C. Adam (1955). R. Patterson. 10452. 19104. New York. 37 N. (1967). Dept. Ruth E. Packard. Pavlantos. N. (1957). Dr. Bronx. Prof. (1960). 20th St. D. Packman. N. ridge. Hamilton. Y. U. Tex. Austin. (1969). 10027. A. Princeton. Trent U. David F. Northampton. 01060. of Pennsylvania. 91711. 19151 (U. Pa.Eve J.. ?Otis. Paul. Douglass S. of Southern California. of Colorado. Palanca. (Walterboro Parks. Donald (1963). E?Pauli. Pascal. *?Pearl.. Canada. U. of Classics. John A. Lee T. 205 Arvin. Packard. Prof.Faculty of Medicine. Yale U. John T. of Langs. Dept. Prof.Boulder. 101.Mich. Ann Arbor. Col. Jane Phillips (1965).. Calif.06520. Stanford U.Ont. Ont. 119 Pa. Y. Pandiri. Parsons. Medicinargatan5. (1965). of Classical Langs. Los Angeles. Ancil Newton (1967). of NorthCarolina).Prof. 60093. of Classics & Oriental Langs. 130 W. Pa. Emerita Georgiana P. U. 06795. (1965).. . of Classics. Paul. Parker. Grand Forks. Zola (1960). Binghamton. Page. Mary Frances (1958). 272 Court St. Osmun. Apt. 183rdSt. U. Conn. James B. George MacKay (1958). Classics Dept. Frederic(1950). 97403.. Harlan Berkley (1965). N.S. Beryl C. Rosemary St. Conn. Y. C. 94305. (1969). Dr.. Pa. Canada. 27514 (U. 08540.Dr. 97202.).Calif. of New York.Wash.. Conn.. 10G. Dept. *?Pack.Canada. Seton Hall U. Sweden. of Classics. Gerald F. of Classics. Adolph (1921). (1935). 12203. Dept. 2A. (1964). (1967). 3200 Over. Apt. York U. M... (1969). Rev. Philadelphia. 07079. of Classical Studies.. Reed C. N. Claremont. 1001 City Line Ave. Winnetka. (1932). Dept. 13903 (Harpur C.

England. *?Phillips. San Diego State C. 4716 St. Stanford. (1959). Collegeville. 08540. 90thSt. 1311 Chicago Ave. Poe. Porter. Pickel. Pence. Emil (1959). W. Rev. Plainview. 1227 E. Donald M. Cambridge. 49707. Mo.I. 1968. Gary (1960). Rev. 202. Catherine UniversityParkway. N. Deceased November S. F.. Prof. Kan. Box St. 1500 Pine Polak.. C. 18 W. Mt. Tallahassee.. Tex. 92115. Calif. Y.Prof. Dept. Kalamazoo C.0.. 1. Poduska. 06437.. 8. 32306. of Classical Langs. Apt.. 66002.. C. Piffard. J. Podlecki.... 202 Elm St. Holyoke C. (1960). Ont. U. N. Lionel (1935). (1946). (1967). Petersen. 66044. Carter (1965). Prof. J. Baltimore.. 158 Conn. N. Prof. James Stanton (1965). N. Classics Dept. Classics. Angeles. 16802. Anthony J. (1957).. Plante. St. 56312.Washington. Sayville. John Carroll U. (1968). (1968). 56321. Whitfield St. (1967). South Hadley. 11782. of Texas. Dept. Y. San Diego. Minn. of New York. 10024.. 214A Halsey Pillinger. 63130.' Plescia. Far Rockaway.0. 214.. Howard N. H. Bohus Jan (1962). 53705 (U. Minn. Prof. 53711. Classical Langs. of Classics. Y. Linda Jane (1965). Milledge Ave. (1948). Pearson.N. of Wisconsin).. Apt. Sparks Bldg. Frank G. Rock Hill. Helen St. New York.Mich. Princeton.. Samuel (1964). Rev. Gran Pepe. Ill.... of SouthernCalifornia. N.U. ?Pharr. St. Robert D.. York. JohnJ. 2606 Arbor Dr. Austin. Percy. FredericC. Phillips. Paul (1958). Guilford. Trinity C. NorthProvo. Clyde (1912). New Orleans.. (1965). Athens. Madison. G. Prof. C. of Classics & Archaeology. Dept. P. (U. *?Perry. A. NewcombHall.N. of ClasTulane U.. sics. Pearson. Lawrence. Anselm (1959). 78712.N. St.Calif. 12 of Classical Langs. Mass. Stanford U. U.lxxxiv American Philological Association Phillips. Bronx. 90007. 111 High Pomeroy. (1957). (1955).).Hans A. Y. Cincinnati. RegentSt. 110. Louis. (BrooklynC. Apt. Evanston. (1964). Y.I. Pa. 11691 Park. 61801 C. 30601. (1937). 116 West Pearson. Porter. of America.. S.Sarah B. 29730. Hugh Edward (1968). Library. N. CatholicU. Daniel E. lumbus. Phillips.). La.U. 14214. Tucson. 6 William State U. 01075.. Philips. Vermont Ave.R. Richard (1968).. Fla. Y. State U. (1967). 20017. 504 ?Platnauer. Penn Petroff. of John's Abbey. 5006. 44118. of Arizona). CoCleveland..Hans (1948). Apt.. Pilarczyk. MilfordC. Kansas. (1959). Dr.L. . 49001. edict'sC.55057. (1963).Maurice (1924).Wis. State U. 02138 (Harvard U.Wis. Edward (1964). Atchison. Bernard M. Ohio State U. 40208. 6616 Beechmont D.. Gerald E. Rev. AlToronto5. Washington Ellen Apts. of Classics. 0. 45230. Ronald E. Gregory's Sem. Julian G.Ky. 94305. W.Kan. Northfield. Jean (1961). 14 Margolia Dr.. of Minn.. Joseph (1969). (1947). (1961). St. Perodatto. Post C. 1130 W. Oliver C. L. Pepin. Collegeville. Henry(1927). 60201. Brasenose W. University Court. Pohlsander. George M. Prof. Milford. Dept.. 43210. *?Peebles. bany. GardinerHall Florida State U. 414 Mirre St.Canada.. Mich. St. D. Jacob W. U. 03883. Phayer. Oxford. Dr. 269 Lincoln Ave. of Louisville. Ill. Guerard (1958). 12203. Plass. (1955).Md. St. U. 84601. Calif. 10468. BenKalamazoo.Prof. Philadelphia. 900. 85719 (U.. (1960). of Philip. Urbana.. 1200 N. Apt. Exeter. (1919). Ohio 45105. Joseph S... Piper. of Pezzillo. Pedrizzetti. Joe Park (1963). Ave. John'sU. (1967).. of Illinois). of New Barby Lane.. Alpena. Dept. Prof.). 20 East 190th Pipkin. Dept. Phinney. Pearson. 70118. 3.. Prof. Dept. Pa. Y.. Professor Ben E. Mass. Dept. (Long Island U.. 19102.. Dept..Louisville.. Buffalo. *Pissko. St. Madison. Ga. Ariz. Classics Los Dept. 495 S.. J. Foreign Langs. Poggi. (1965). Pendergast. 21210.David H.

JohnH. of California. 47401. U. Prof. 55057 (CarletonC. Northfield. 11210. Erlanger. (1925). Tex. 30024. Putnam. Y.Pa. 01075. Prakken. Box 661.. (1940). of Classics. Arnold (1921). Haverford. U. *?Poultney.. Querbach. Mt. Raubitschek. (1939). of Classics. 6F. of California. 07109. Ind. Calif. (1935).. Sesto (1962). of Art & Science.).Rev. 66044. ?Rapp.C. Bowling Green. *?Qualley. Ill.. Dept. James L. Knoxville. C. L. Pietro (1959).Dr. Jaan (1957).. Grand Rapids. Ont. Pius X. Monmouth. Calif.N. Chicago. ?Rasche.. Belleville. 1935 Montclair Ave. Dept.Washington Sq..Ltd. Prof. 50 Goddard Ave. Raia.Joanne L.. Windsor. Via Archimede 120.N. Barry (1965). Haverford. Australia. Carlyn (1964).). N. Ramsey. W. of Sydney. Hadley. Ann Arbor. of Tennessee. 31204 (Mercer U. 1025 Pedro St. 208 Ayres Hall. Prete. Albany). 43402. Gerald M. Dr.AustralianNationalU.J. Rawson. of New Rochelle. Dr. of California. 537 New Gulph Rd. 94720. Costas M. James W..Proceedingsfor 1968 ?Post. Charles St. Calif. FordhamU.. lxxxv Quincey. U.N. 19041. Railsback. Santa Cruz. Betty Nye (1957). Albert (1932). 95060. Dr. Dr. N.. Alaska 99701. Beryl M. (1965). Ralston.Los Angeles. Tenn. (1940). J..Berkeley. 14850. Prof.. Apt. 02912.. Brooklyn N. W. Raymond. Y.Ga. HaverfordC. Y. Radius. Rauch. (1947). Leo (1969). Prof.. 19041. N.A.Canada. of Classics.). HolyokeC. Pa. 49506 (Calvin C. of St. Mich.. Monmouth Ill. Prof. James W. Ind.06511. Ennio I.W. (1968). Bronx. Dr.JohnHenry (1965). (1969). Fairbanks. U. Dept.Canada. Bronx. Pucci. Charles S. Ithaca. 0. 02146. of Kansas. Quinn. Y. (1961). Providence. Kendrick (1939). .. Md. 94720. Ont. Berkeley.. Dr. 158thSt. U.. 2 Elena PI. Y. of Classics. (1957). Dept. Anthony E. Luther C. Rayment. Powell. U. U. Brookline..Mich. Dept. (1963). LondonWl. Goldwin Smith Hall. Bronx. 420 Temple St. 00197 Rome.. Gertrude G. 0. C.N. of Classics. Alexander M.Calif. of Classics.. 4th St.Mass.. S. Quinn. Gerson (1948). Mass. S... Dept. I. (1969). Raanes. Baltimore. Loyola U. 510 E. RobertArmstrong (1949). Windsor. Kan. of Classics.Dr. George Howard (1955). Harold J. Ramage. 12159 (S.Calif. J. England. Radko..Ky. Rao. P. 10451 (ColumbiaU. Slingerlands. R.. U. (1962). Y. Donald W. Ann Rose (1963). 60611. Pozzi. of Chicago. 52101. U. 604 Knollwood Dr. Praus. 77004. Sem.. (1960). New York U. Raymond. (1948). (1969). c/o CommercialBankingCo. Dr.. (1965). 94301.. Liberty. Povsic. Quain. T. Washington Square C. Prof. 364 E. Dr. Box 338. Decorah. of Classics.. S. Edwin A. Proussis. (1928). CornellU.820 N. 3704 Old San Jose Rd. Indiana U. (1949).. 61462.). Brown U. 10801.. (1969). Conn. 21218. Macon.. Florence E. 10458.. Dr. 49-50 BerkeleySt. 10003. Bloomington. Raditsa. Edwin S. CorinneV. Brooklyn. of Classics. of Michigan). W.O.Md. New Haven. (1959). 1341 Colorado Ave. Carl W. Johns Hopkins U. (1926). Puhvel. Dept. of Houston. Fordham U.Ia.. 3339 N. 37916. Rabinowitz.Italy. 1652 Winship St. of Classics. of Windsor. 10458. C. 21218. (1959). ?Pugsley. Minn. Y.N...Michael C.N. Bloomington. 617 E. NormanT. *?Pratt. (1969). MichiganAve. Boleslav S. Houston.New Rochelle. Baltimore. Lawrence. Querbach.Doris (1963). Dept. 47401. (1932). *?Pritchett. Dept. Dora C. Y. Y. 8 Caldwell Blvd.T. Stanford. of Windsor. Dept.Dr. Canberra. Pratt. 48108 (U. 41018.E. StanfordU.

of Classics. Princeton. Edith Farr (1964). 83 West GreenSt. Ronald E. Prof. mondRd.WesternC.N. of British CoB. Frederick A. Toronto12.S. 46383. of Washington. N.Prof. (1963). 01742.. Reesor. Dept. N. 45207. Replogle. Binghamton.Oxford. J. 63 Hood Rd. Kenneth J. (1895). Dept.Mass. TrentU. Y. (1953).Canada. of North Carolina. 408 Hooke St. of Classics. of Classics.Wales. 14... Y. PeterOnt. Canada. 02178. Western Reserve U. *?Reinke. 400 W. Concord. G.). (1950). James John (1968). Rist. *?Robathan.JolineF.Meyer (1964). 10027.0.Georgiana (1955). P. (1921). Charles H.lxxxvi AmericanPhilological Association Rexine. Prof. L. Hugh Carroll Rd. D.)... W. 416 John St. U. 27514. (1937). Geoffrey Riddehough.. Cleveland. Bayport. (1960). Cincinnati.. 1103 $Richardson. 2335 ?Richardson.. (1968). (1926).Vancouver. Richardson. 45056.. $Reynolds. Wash. (1969). Ill.Prof.. Minn. Y. (1962). Rinkevich.. 11372... Boston C.. Kingston. for Women. Fordham U. Dept. Apt. 119th St. U. Christopher Classics. Mo. Seattle. N. Prof. Harold A. Prof. State U. N. William M. Mass. Prof. S.. Reiche. (1968). S. 2505 Costa Dr. Prof. Emeline H. 61401. of N. 83 West $Ridington. Richardson Co. Tex. 127 Gerritsen L. Y. Pacific Ave. Chestnut Hill. Y. Building 2602. Md. (1968). 53213. Calif. 3. Ont. Greenville. (1968).Jeremiah(1962). Reece. 2479 N. CatherineI. Main ?Reinmuth. lumbia. 1 Howell's Crescent. (1930)....Neb. Y. UniversityC. Prof. 3022 S. F. William A. Union C.. U... 55343 (Blake Rettig.N. *?Regenos. C. Dept. Valparaiso. N. Galesburg. 0. Schenectady. 1103 N. Seattle. Furman U. Y. New York. kinton. 11705 (La Ave. T.). N..).. (1967). Lincoln. 68502. (1964). of Classics. Chapel Hill. of Classics. Apt. Prof. (1960). N. KenmoreAve.C. Brooklyn. C. 11210.David M. Paul. . Robert (1962).. (1953). (1958). U. U. ?Richards. (1948).Prof. Reid. 12308. St.Ind. 55116. Liberty. $Richardson.. *?Read. Cardiff).B. 01876 (U... C. Salle Military Reingold. borough.. 98105. 94115 (U. Edgar C. Prof.. 29613.. San Francisco. J. 27701. J.. Latin Dept.. Dr.).Wis. Reardon. Leon J. Queen's Ont. Prof. New York.Estelle (1961). N. (Hood C. Rizzo. FrederickA. Reeves. of Reagan. Graydon W. B.Prof. Dept. of California). Rice. Rev.Rev. N. 13346. John David (1968). 110 Wilson Ave. Reilly. Y. Canada. 0. 299 Madison Ave. 27701 (Duke U. Westminster. 17thSt. Md. 1398 St. 21157. 08540. (1954). U. 44106. Y. Belmont. 14 Claremont Rd. 02833. of Toronto. (1951). Durham. (1962).. GregsonSt. (1945). Lawrence (1951). 64068 (William JewellC. of Texas. Tewksbury. Minn.. Mass. Llandaff. (1962). Edward V.. Thomas (1968). (1931). 98105..Toronto5. Dept. Ridlon. Princeton H. Pres.ConstanceH. U. Xavier U. C. of Classics. Dept..Wash. of N.. Reedy. Classics Dept. 65201. (1937).. Brooklyn N. Margaret E.I.. Gregson St. Anthony(1931).. C. Renehan. Reynolds. Hopkins. John F. Prof. of Classics. Dept.. 10017. Reinhold.N. Paul Ave.). 610 MorniingMo. 10583 (New York U. James H. Dept. Y. Columbia. John M. Scarsdale. 13901. Richard. Rebenack. (1926). (1969). of Langs. Dept. Reid. J.Ill. *?$Ridington.. 78712. Ben R.Prof. Westminster. C. 21157 Green St. JohnE. 71st St. Bronx. Britain(U. Reinhold.. Reece.N. Chicago.0. Austin. N?Rini.. (1958). Colgate U. side Dr. C.N. of Washington. Hamilton. Y. Carolina).Canada. Valparaiso U. Ont. 10458. Richards. 87-10 37th Ave. *Richardson. I. of Classics. 60614. 2233 N. Butler Hall... Glenda G. David W. Wauwatosa. Queens.Canada. (1959). Durham. 43 RichMass.. Acad. John W. 02215. Robert J. (1960). Classics Dept. HopR. Dorothy M. Reckford.

. Rozema. 07079 (RutgersU. P1. 14760. N. Prof. Conn.. VicEmerson South. Greece. of ClasU. Roberts. Wisconsin Ave. Athens.Dr. 12303 (Union C. David 0. Potsdam. 06520.Thomas M. Cincinnati. Ill. Norton. S.Rachel Sargent (1923). 19301 (HaverfordC. 19081. ?Robson. JohnsHopkins U. (1938). G. Robinson. 08648. Conrad (1962). Ithaca. J. Somerville. (1967).Lois L. Y. Mass. Classics. *?Rowell.BurtonJ. 32721. Evanston. Princeton. Dept..). Dept.Minn. Robinson. 312 WashC. C. Northwestern U. N. Rockwell. 21218. 4310 (Proviso East H. sics. Nicholas (1965).. N. Easton. Fred (1969). 22 Chauncy Philosophy. Vincent J. Dept. Donald A. H. 51 W. shire. Rudall. Rt. (1964). 47978..). (1963). Rosen. 45220 Spanish & Classics. Latin ConsultantTDD. Peter Wires (1967).Madison. Ont. *?Rosborough. Kiffin A.Kan. N. Galen 0. Roberts. (Yale U. ington Blvd. of Ludlow Ave. 53211. (1965). H. S. ton H. U.06851. Wheaton Dept. (1965). Ruck.. Conn. 45223. 407 ColDr. Mass.). Rothrauff. 1901 W. Robert H. of Le Moyne Heights. South Orange. lege Ave. Henry S. Joseph's Heights. 52240. Lawrenceville.. of Kansas. of Poquanticut Ave. of New Hamp(U. Cambridge. Laura (1940). Mass. (1965). 60201. westernat Memphis. Fla. Amer. 02766. 13214. Carl Anton Paul (1965). Ross.N. Ont. Pa. John P. Conn. Lawrence.Noel D. Fairfield. Box 7504 Rosenberg. Rubino. (1967)..U.S. Classics.. 794 Yale Robbins. 02138. Rudd. of Toronto.). Robertson. (1968). Rodgers. sityPark. 66044. Swarthmore. Carl (1951).N. of Cincinnati). Rochefort. . Thomas Gustav Lakeview Terr. John E.). (1963). Karl M. Donald Oakley (1932). New Haven. (1950). Yale U. Ross. Fairfield Classics.. Prof. Dept. 06520 ing Service. Calif.Wis.. Rosenquist. 53705.. 506 L Eagle Rodak. Y. Memphis.). 03820. Classics Robbins. Ind. (1969). Toronto5. N. D. Swarthmore renceS.. Y. (1969).. (1968). Univer94701. Robson. Cincinnati.. Mary Ann (1959). 60153 Rottenburger. Liverpool.D. Edward A. Rensselaer. SouthRosso. Iowa City.Carl A. Henry T. Elizabeth (1968).ArthurG. of Classical Studies. 55403. Winthrop Terr. (1941). Dorothy (1951). 54 Souidias Ross. 0.Canada. toria C. J. Paoli. Scotia. VicIa. Ont. Olean. Educational TestStation. Robert J. toria C. School of Classics. Stephen L.). 08540. 1820 Kenmore St. Y. New Haven. Beloit. Dr. of California. N. Prof.. 16802.Prof.Md. (1919).Canada. of ComparativeLit. C. J. (1968). Mass.. De Land.). Toronto5. Ithaca. C. Prairie Rd.. 3 RollinsRd. (1963). (1965). Winston-Salem.. Y. of St. Dept. Rosenmeyer. Tenn. of Clas*?Robinson. 53511.. George R. 276 sics.. (1931). (1959). 65201.. 27109 (Wake ForestU.Wis. RobertC. Berkeley. 38112. 723 Church Rowe. ?Robinson.. The LawRose. R. Dept.. 02144 (Tufts U. (1924). Syracuse. Stanley (1967). (1947). Y. Le Moyne C. 86th Reynolda Station...). Shorewood. 527 W. England.. Classics. (1969). N. State U. of Iowa. 02334. (1961). Cornell U. Lane.. St. (1967). 116 Birch Robinson. of Liverpool. N. Minneapolis. 439 Rouman.. Y. Francine T. Carter Rd. Beloit... Dept. Pa.. 60 Roebuck. Rowland.U. Niall (1958). Dept.0. of Rosivach.Durham. Ill. 13676. Dept. St. Rev. of Rounds. (1967). BaltiBroomfield Rd. Harvard U. Columbia. Ruskin R.Wis.. 1. John C.. Joseph(1965). 10024 (Dalton N. 53511. 1701 *?Robertson. Cambridge. 14850.. Robertson. Dr. Mo. U.S. Gilbert P. Robinson.. 02138 (Arling5. (1961). Wis. Dr. more. Toronto St. D. C. 61 Darby Rd. (1965). State U. 14850. Mass. New York. N. LanglandSt. Louis W. U. (1968).Proceedingsfor 1968 lxxxvii Robbins.. PennsylvaniaState U.Edward A. 105 of Classics. Pa. Maywood.. Rose. Canada. Dept.

Illinois 60304 (Rosary C. A-2.. ?Sawhill. Schlam.. Sadler.. 21217 (Goucher C. Schlatter. R. Apt. GarethL. Russo. 6600 Clinton Rd. Ont. 38 Thorndale Crescent. St. D. Y. Edward Togo (1934). Louis. (1969). 32601 (Vassar C. 61801. Hamilton. Ia. C. of Classics. 65201. 382 Central Park West. R. Wash. $Ryberg. Farmington. Wolfgang (1960).C. 14 C. (1967). 75090. 01867.D. Dr. 10025. Iowa City. 716 N.. Apt. of Missouri.. Dept. Conn. 19041. 28 Lakeshore Dr. William C.. Tex. D.. Harrisonburg. Dr. 106th St. Dept.. Oak Park. St. Apt. Prof.). Conn.E. Charles F. Williamstown. Worcester. Canada (Glebe CollegiateInst.. Austin C. (1959). 522 N. 14.E. AlexandraM. New Haven.. Jr. Vancouver 8. 01610. 200. Ryan.. Hamilton.Alfred C. Patrick J. (1949). New York. Fla. Sanders. C. Dept.). U.. Vt. William (1959). Samolin. of Classics. State University C. 02906. Ont. Reading. 37916.. 211 W. Schein. Canada... Sandy.... of Ancient Langs. McLean. Sampey. William (1955). Va. (1968). Ont. Robin R. 0? Salmon. Dept. Toronto. son C. Fla. (1967). Ont. Columbus. of William & Mary. Mo. Charlottesville. Conn. Dept. Prof. John J. Fort Wayne. U. Ill. Tenn. 10025 (Cornell U. Spokane. Md. 06268. Conn. J. (1921). Towson. Box 245. Prof. 40403. 139 VirginiaAve. (1962). 08106. of Classical Langs. Russo. of British Columbia. Dept. Canada. Mass. (1964). 0. (1961). Dr. Apt. Prospect St. Ky. (1950)..N. 4616 Lindell Blvd.. Frederick A. (1957). U. 13 Hillcrest Park. (1908). St. George J. Sherman. 6th St. 560 Schneiderman. New York. Apt. (1965). 1811 Lansing Court. Rev. Cambridge. 46805. Fort Wayne. (1967). Canada. Clifford J. Dept. Canada. East Ave. 06032. (1964). Columbia. Schmiel. Savage. of Illinois. Ottawa. Robert G. Russell. Dr. 61 Lake P1.Robert J. 4. Prof.Ind. 1704 Bolton St. 91771.. Linn. 6226 Chinquapin Pkwy.D. :Samuel.. Classics. 13 Hillerest Park. Seth L. Inez Scott (1925). Scheidt. 32601. 4.. MadiVa. Baltimore.. StephenW. Berea C.Burlington. Mass.). Classics Schmidt. Salyer. Sarbanes. Dept. Rev. Toronto.TheodoreL. 01267.. 06511.. ?Schlesinger. Claremont. Schneider. Louis. JohnA. 1. Apt.. Urbana. Pa. Va. N. 644 So. Schmid. Harry (1959). Germany. of AncientLangs. Haverford. (1963). (1965). Richard T. 7 Endenicher Allee. 43202. New York.). (1964). (1963). 1163 Meadowlands Dr. (1967).. of Schmeling. Md. Gerhart(1968). (1961).. (1932). Savage. Gainesville. Lawrence H.. (1967).. 3229 Indianola. Foreign Langs. GonzagaU. (1959). .. Scripps C. 10027. Mo. of Classics.Dr. N. 63130. O?TRyberg. (1965).. Jr. Paul (1960). Scavone.Robert C. Canada. (1960). McMaster U. Rutledge. I.. Gerald N. 22101 (GermanS. jSamuel. 4.JohnJ. Schmuch. (1961). 114 George St. (1921). 21212 (GoucherC. (1965).). Mass. 69 Lowell St.Va. Y. O?Savage. 1645 Colony Dr. Sale. 52240 (U. Ont. Bonn/RH. 22801.). Ind. Williamsburg.. of Tennessee. U. Gainesville. N. 63103. New Haven. 44 W.. 06511. Storrs. J. Rusch. Sidney A. 99202..Carl C. of Vermont. Providence. B. Y. Joseph A. Sandberg. Holy Cross C.JosephJ. Lionel J. O?Ryan. Prof. (1952). of Virginia. Daniel C... Dept. U.. Knoxville. Prof. Milton (1953). 22903. Riverside Dr. 6th St. Saylor. 23185.Calif. 46805. ?Sargent. Mo.. (1963). Apt. Scanlan. Dept. Rev. Christine D. Fredric WV. (1965). U. (1924).Wash. 14063. C. Schlunk. N. (1960). of the Classics. of Iowa).). Washington U. Winthrop. Deborah H. Y. R. Berea. Fredonia. 02138 Ruddick.lxxxviii AmericanPhilological Association Saunders. Alan E.. Audubon. 05401. 1 Craigie (FordhamU.).Mass. Dr. T.. Susan May (1938). of Mod. Schneeweiss. 716 N.

Schreiber. Lee E. Princeton. Dorothy C. 94720. New York.). Berkeley. N. N. J. New York.Ill. Hanover. Y. Russell (1963).Marigwen (1968).. 324 S.. Conn.RogersV. Schechter. of HisCross St. Washington. 48108. Shadi. 10458. R. 14108. J. Prof. Art & Archaeology. Y. Ann Arbor. 63108. *Sheerin.Prof. Scranton. N.Mich. N. (1967). Jr. Bloomington. 10028 (N. R. 905 Shackleton-Bailey. East Lansing. Dept.Gary S. MichiganStateU.O. (1968). Box 237. Dept. Kenneth (1922).JohnJ.. Erich (1969). Anna H. 5?Seaman. sics. Dept. (1952). St. (1941). Schrider. ToSchoenheim. Mo. Scott. 621. Hanover. 1936 Kenwood Pkwy. Dr. Sharpe. 10017. of Classics. of Classics. Graduate of California). 8312 Draper Ann Arbor. Classics. Dr.. (1969). Prof. 55405. ACLS. Providence. N. Dr. Pa. Seligson.. 10463 (Xavier Jersey College of Medicine. 02138. 10021. (1965). New York. England.. 02912. N. (1932). P. 11364. 19 Eye St. (1928). Segal... D.. 60626. Olivia. 48823. (1936).0. 243 W. 10014. FordhamU.O. Shear. Schork. New York. Trinity C. Thomas (1969). of ClastSchuyten. 2F. & Four Ln. T. (1955). (1965). Minn. J. E. Historyof Science Collection. Y. U. George (1968). 99th 46thSt... of Latin.WhitneyA. 13th St. (1963). Wirral.). Durham. 305 W. Dept. *?Schuman. of Chicago. (1969). Loyola U. C. Jersey H. 03755. Peter J. of California. 75 W..O. Ann Arbor. Seittelman. 90064. Dept. State St. Elizabeth (1965).Frederic M. Dept. N. Dept.06511. Dr. & Research. Los Angeles. (1952). Louis. (1957). Y. U. Henry R. 48104. (1957). Scully. Harry C. GonSears. Duke U. William M. Mass. New New York. 12867 Town Ill. 600 Louisiana St.Mich. Dept.. (1956). Bronx. Schoder. Bryn Mawr. Scofield. 2nd. land Ave... (1965). CharlesP. O?Schullian.Rev.JamesN.). Raymond V. Box of Classics. (1968). of Michigan. Schovanek. 86 Saughall Massie Rd.Stanley (1959). ?Scott. Dorothy M. Louis.Fred (1965). P. 34 Irving St. Box sics. C. Kingston. Y. U. Dr. R.Calif.. Shea.Md. 1304 E. U.. Apt. 6050 Wallace Ave.).N. Newfane. 60637.Calif.. (1965). Schwartz. Conn. Y. Emma Willard S.Marilyn(1963). Lib.Proceedingsfor 1968 lxxxix Schnur. of Kansas). Dept.Canada. Prof. Y. James E. John R. (1968). (1967). Lawrence. Y. Troy. Bronx.S. N. of Classics. Chicago. Berkeley. Prof. 47243. of borough Community C. Inst. Seliskar. Ont. 311. S. N. U. Seaver.James G. of ClasSchroeder.Daniel J. Prof.. 6E. acter Ed. Y. Segal. (1969). Talbot R. Scott.. JamesE. JohnCarSchwab. 4515 MaryBox 1158. University Heights. Rev. N.. Upton. Silver Spring. New Haven. Ithaca.Erwin (1964). 19010. Bayside. (1953). Richmond. DartmouthC.. Scudder. Dept.. Apt. 20910.. New York. (1961). 345 E.. 10468 Schumacher. 328 ronto5. 66044 (U.C. J. . Schroeder. of CharCheshire.N. Schwarz. RobertL. Y. 94701 (U. R. Ursula (1956). Leslie. 190th St. 63141. (Bronx Comm.. St. Settle. D.. N. 07304. 160 E. 3092 Yale Station. H. 48104.Kan. 06904. Mich. Prof. of Richmond. of Bryn Mawr C. Chicago.. Queen's U. 14850. 23173.Mich. William D. Box 267. N. N. Prof. (1948).. 20001. Fort Lee. Selby. P.Minneapolis.. Conn. 08540. William C.. St. Va. Y. 235 Naples Terr. Cornell U. Calif. (1960). Rev. Gerda (1955). St. Y. (1956). Ind.. Lane. (1967). Brown U. Stamford. Y. 07024 (Queens C. QueensShea. 10024. 695 Park Ave. of ForeignLangs. Scott. D. 44118. 27706.06520. Scott.Canada. Cambridge. Apt. Searles.. 61. 169 Dwight roll U. 8th St. (1968). Verne B. Raphael (1963). I. zaga H. N.S. New Haven.10381 Glenbarr Ave. 12181.Ind. Sealey..Dr. (1968). City. Ont. Center.. tory. N. Mo. Dept. 47401.

53211. 114th St. (1965). 01602.Michele S. Ithaca. Gladys (1969). David L. Providence.JosephE. 53222.. Michael's C.5401 Wilkens Ave. Bethlehem. 14214. (1964). Sister Jane Patricia (1956). 3018 Bard Pa. 02912. Vanderbilt U. C. John the Baptist H. 123 South St. (1965). Sidney (1965). 19104. 60626 (MundeleinC. Ind. W. Shobo. (1962). 18017. Tokyo. Sheffield. Stephan C. Sister Gertrude Joseph St. 61101. Siskin. D. Shelton. Orange. Maureen (1965).). Rockford. (1959). Torrington. (1956).. Paul's Priory. Akron.F. 06281. 10003. Chicago.. St.John W. Adelaide D. (1968). H. U. Jr. of the Sacred Heart. Ann C. Eugene. of Toronto. R. Toronto5. U. (1944). 75 Autumn St. of AdCharles(1965). 1216 Sunbury Rd. 20014. Sister Eileen Mitchell (1969). Georgiji Semenovic (1962). Sigsbee. Sister Kathleen M. Erie. missions. Chapel Hill.. 37203. 520 W. Guilford. Edmund T..Canada. 22401 (Mary Washington Shey. Prof. R. 16505. Sinz. Sheridan. 9th St. 97405. Whiteaker Shugrue. of Cincinnati). St.. St. Pt. Robert (1950). *?Simpson. Sherwin. Sister Emma Theresa Healy (1944). Ind... 0. Ill. 44320 (U.. Y.. 01060. Philadelphia. Minn. Bloomington. Mt. ManhattanvilleC... 10577. Northampton.. 323 E.. of Classics. Ohio Dominican C. 248 Grandview Ave. of New York. Sister GertrudeAnn Skalitzky (1968). U. Ont. James E. Philadelphia. *Sheridan. Conn. Sherwood. St. Sister Dorcus Sullivan (1967). 1303 Washington Ave. 46556. Va.xc American Philological Association Simon. of Classics. of Marylandat BaltimoreCounty. Dept. 90049.N.). of North Carolina. (1964).Stephen(1961). Pa. 2843 N. New York. RFD #2. Villa Maria C. Rev.. 21228. 1-6-10 Fujimi. Sister Joseph Damien (1967).David K. 984 Peerless Ave. 6363 Sheridan Rd. Indiana U. Mass. Torrington Conn. Rockford Shepherd. James J.06437. (1965). (1964). Va. Y.R. Dept. Nashville.. Annhurst Sister Gertrude C. Silhanek. David (1965). N. Prof. Puerto Rico 00928. 4977 Battery Lane. Brown U. William M. U. C. Baltimore. 47. of Pennsylvania. Sider. Mary W.... Pa.Walter K.S. Simonson.. CornellU. St.Japan. Rio Piedras. 27514.Canada. Rd. Mary's C. C.. Mary's C... Paul. of Classical Studies. N. Dept. Shchur. Mlilwaukee.. Y.). Y..Calif. Sister DorothyHoag (1964). of Classical Studies. Sister Luanne Meagher (1939). Buffalo. H. 10028. Singer. Buffalo. Morgantown. 07945. N. 03820. Ore. O'Brien (1964).. Purchase. Sherk. of Classics. Krabbe (1968). William (1959). Chestnut Pa.. 02193. NotreDame. (1969). 55109. Loretto C. of Classics.N.. C. 43219. 19118. Woodstock. #2. Ind. #620.. New York. 14850. St. NotreDame. 47401. State U. N. N.Calif. Sister Adele M. 46556.. Wis. of Classics. 4890 St.Toronto 5.. Weston. Dept. Sheerin. Dept. Ill. St. Prof. Sara (1963). Medaille N. Moscow B-418. 92666. Y. Worcester. Milwaukee. Chiyoda-Ku.S. Box 8A. ?Silk. Mendam. Frederick Ave.2675 Larpenteur St. (1965). 24 Kvartal. Y. A.. N. New Haven. 0. MemorialLibrary. Prof. JosephC. James W.. Howard James (1965). Shumaker. Simpson. Sister Lucilla Dineen (1943). Regis C. I.Md.06790.Md. Prof.John R. N.. Emile (1941). 228 E. Columbus.D. Philip J. 06511 (Yale U. of N. . St. H.. Fiske (1959). Rev. (1969). Conn. (1919).KorNovye Cheremushki pus 231. U. Shriver.. 684 Mulberry Conn. Y. Ave. 26505. New York. Mass. J. Wis. 81st Shoemaker. 14214. Kv.S.. Hill C. Ont. of Notre Dame. Kugatsu (1967).). Mt.U.. Dept. (1961).Tenn.S. Sister GeorgeEdward (1963). (1928). (1967).U. Shucard. Mary's Sister Judith C. Fredericksburg. Sindel. Durham. 17 Beeching Mass. Donnelly(1967)... 10025 (Hunter C.Bethesda. Los Angeles. Dept. Office Shumway.

MercyC. 6801 N.Ill. Trenton. Cynthia Klas (1965). School of Library Science. Y. Ont. St. C. McNamara (1959).. Dubuque. Baltimore. William J. 320 E.. J.S.112 Ware Ave. xci Sister Mary Francis Holloway (1945). NazarethC. 90049. Pa. Vincent. of California. C. C. 67401. ChestPa. Sites. Gwynedd-Mercy Valley.. 19118. Conn. ?Sister Mary Joseph Aloysius Buck (1935). River Forest. 08610. "O.Ont. .. Dept.. Mt. U. Sister Mary Joan Brady (1951). Milwaukee. W. 3339 N." Brooklyn. of Classical Langs. Sister RichelleWilliams (1963). O?Sister Mary Inez Bogan (1932). St.. St. Charles Slotoroff.. Mo... N. 27514. Wis. 63125. Calgary. H..New York 10503. 08701. Iowa City. 1968. N. 7900 Division St. 55987. Clarke C. 21210. of Notre Dame. *?Sister M. C. 60624... Chapel Hill. U. 70118. (1931). BrendansDioc. *?Sister Mona (1930). *?Sister Mary VincentiaBrown (1932). Kan. U.. Towson. 40206. of Calgary.06119. Chicago. St. 21204.Joliet. Incarnate Word C. Gregory H.Berkeley. Ursuline C. Weston. Dubuque. C. Ill. Frederick (1968). West Hartford. Chicago. Sister Mary William Miller (1968). of St. 52001.. Mary C. 94720.Minn. l Deceased September 22. Sister Margaret Mary (1940). Sister Mary Isaac Jogues (1959). Nazianz. Baltimore. Wis.. 06117. 60305. Sister Marie Regina (1963). 198thSt. Toronto5. Ellen (1969). Sister Patricia Glazewski (1968). Ia. Sister M.Ill. Inviolata Barry (1923).Pa. Louis. Md. 323 E. Dubuque. Pittsburgh. 52240.Calif. J. Canada. Gwynedd (1964). La. 52002. London.. Xavier C. 6363 SheridanRd. 11230 (St. Sister Rose Marie Hauber (1968). St. St. John Aloyse McCormick C...Ky.Canada.N.. Sister Margaret Hanley (1969). of North Carolina. 44121. U. (1969). 53222. San Antonio.M. Sister Mary Ambrose (1959).Md..Ky. 60435.N. 78209. Sister Mary Sarah (1959). Mary?Sister Marie Antoinette mountC. Ia. 60626. 7214 St. Anthony H. Mary C. of Classical Langs. Ia. Mary's C.. 2133 Burge Hall. 55116.Mass. Los Angeles.. (1965).. 60655. Ill.1 54232. Sister M. Mt. Sister Mary Aloysius Casey (1967)..S. Magdeleine (1952). Mt. Georgian CourtC. Fern (1968). 15213. of St.. Lakewood.Proceedingsfor 1968 Sister M. Salina. Dept... Tex.Md. 78209.N. Paul. Silvio L. 103rd & CentralPark Ave. Ardsley-onHudson. St. Charles Ave.S. Sister Mary Laurnina (1964). Regis C. C. of Iowa. Ripa Ave. Sister Mary Josepha Carton (1964). N. SisterTherese Marie Doughtery (1969).. 27514.). Louisville. C. Winona. ?Sister Mary Columkille Tex. Sister Mary Esther Hanley (1967). Slater. Y. Slusher. Brescia C. nut Hill C.. ?Sister Mary Emily Keenan (1934). Dept. S.. 21218.. San Antonio. New Orleans. Y. of Classics..Donna M. Colbert(1923). of Mt. Skefich. Yates Rd. 10458. Canada. ImmaculateConceptionConvent. of North Carolina. 52001.. Bronx. Chapel Hill.. of Classics.Alb.Wis.. Alexaidia (1948). St.. 10471. Dept..Calif.New York. 53217. 3105 Lexington Rd. *?Sister Maria Walburg (1935). Francis. N. Louisville. 175 Leonard Ave. Dept. Joseph's C. U. (1964). Euclid. Sister Marie A. Rd. Clarke C. St. 53222. Classics Dept.. Notre Dame C. ?Sister Mary Dorothea Diederich (1932). Milwaukee. ?Sister Winifred Mary Carmody (1936). Sister M.. 19437. AlphonsineLesousky (1955). Sitterson. LorettoC. ?Sister Mary Donald (1933). 13. Ill. of Classical Langs. Sister Mary Germaine(1962). Our Lady of the Lake C. Ia. 02193. Sister M. Chicago. 1219 Ave. Teresa.1 ?Sister Mary Inez McHugh (1935).St. Sister Marie Michael (1963). Dominic Villa. Catherine. Minn. Sister M. of St. 1968.. Philadelphia. Deceased November Wis.. Hartford. 0. Milwaukee. 27 Park Conn. St. Bede Donelan (1939).

. Pa. 19010. 327 Washington St.. Peter M. 10027. 0. 0. Smethurst. Trinity C. C. D.. Smith. Smutny. 260 Elm St. Smith. 15205. of Classics. Prof. U. New Orleans. The University. 15219. ?Snyder. U. Kingston. of Pennsylvania. Alberta.. 04005. P. N. Apt.. Dept.. Dept. 110 E. Dickinson (1965). Conn. Dr. Dept.. Dept. Dept. 60201.. U. Ithaca. Hartford. Calif. Lawrence A. Middletown.. Trenton. Dept. Apt. ?Sollmann. No. 55455. McGill U. 6th St. C. Brooklyn. 44103. N. (1947). Y. 60035 (Loyola U. New York. Chapel Hill. of Classical Studies.. Spath. Smith. 27701 (U. (1938). 5. Richard J. Mt. Columbus... 16214. (1968). Washington. Pa. Pa. Cleveland. Y. Dept. Minn. of Philosophy. Cyrus F. Pa. ?Spring.. Warren S. N. Charles A. Dept. 19018. Anaheim. (1963). Va. Prof.L. Christian (1967). Jeffrey Stachniw. La. (1965). 305 Highland Rd. 95204. Mass.. Smith. Canada. Dr. of Victoria. Sochatoff. of Classics. Brooklyn C. 1008 N. Merion & Montgomery Aves. House. of Classics. Y. Y. Victoria. Smith. (1967).. JoAnn (1964). Prof. Robert J. Smith. Mae J. Pittsburgh. Calif. (1950). 11210. St. Fred (1957). of North Carolina). 905. of Classics. of Ancient History. Edward (1959). of Classics. 15213. (1957). Smith. U. 01075. 45206. Highland Park. Parkville. 10028. N. Smith. of Classics. E. (1964). Mill Lane S. Stadter.xcii American Philological Association Snyder. Prof. of South Carolina. of Classics. of History. Sowa.. *?Spaeth.. Phyllis Snyder (1967). 1689 Slaterville Rd. 45 Lawn Ave.. Dr. Classics Dept. 515 E. Gregson St. 43210. O?Solmsen. Harrisonburg. 405 Hilgard Ave. 2800 Columbia Rd. Baton Rouge.I. 14. Prof. (1938). Peter L. Spatz. N. (1967). Spofford.. (1957).. 1420 Centre Ave. Los Angeles.S. *?Smith. Box 3494. Minneapolis.. Prof.. *?Stahl. 27514. (1967). Vivian M. L. Wesley D. 6009 Walnut. Dept. (1938). S. 20011. Evelyn (1917). CarSchenley Park.. N. 22801. Philadelphia. 06457. Friedrich (1936). Prof. Prof. La. 06106.. Dept. Morton (1957). Dept. (1961). John W. of the Pacific. S. Holyoke C. Queen's U. Canada..). Mo.C. of North Carolina. Biddeford.O. Columbia U. Sodja. Prof. The Mermont Plaza... Stanley E. Prof. Parker Blvd. 23005. 64112 (Park C.. N.. (1967). Snook. Frank M. Canada. (1946). J. George L. 920 Park Ave. Lois Settler (1969). 11735. +Solmsen. Pa.. Bloomington. Geneva. Dept. (1969). Dept. Calif. Smith. 70808. Servite H. Sonkowsky. Pa... Columbia. Manchester. Edmonton.. Richard E. Mary's C. Box 763. Howard (1956). Montreal 2. Richard C. of Classics. of Classics. Madison. Barbara E. U. Y. Ont. N. (1968). Antoinette R. of Alberta. 43 Gropp Ave. Wis. Philip A. Aldan. A. St. England. Ithaca. Me.). Canada. Madison C. Mrs. Evanston.). 2800 Columbia Rd.. 11-A Rd.. 19104. Cora A. Le Roy (1960). 14456 (Hobart & William Smith C. Smith. Sophie Newcomb C. (1923). Martin D. Dept. 627 Pleasant Ave. B. Sprague. of Classics. 336 W. Prof. Northwestern U. (1955). 53505. R. Robert P. negie-Mellon U. Va. Miftar (1962). 92803. N. Small. Clarion. Mary A. 50th St. Clarion State C. Walter F. Dr. (1932). Friedrich (1939). C. 14850.A... Dept. (1946).. (1935). Cincinnati. Durham.. Dr. U. Maria (1968).). P. 08610. Snyder. Smethurst. Smith. 47401 (Indiana U. Mildred (1969). Pa. 53505. Ashland.. Rosamond K. Mary G. Smith. 94575. C. ?Snowden. Stockton. Stuart G. Conn. N. Ohio State U. Our Lady of Cincinnati C. of Minnesota.C. Pittsburgh. Ill. Ind. U. (1956).. 14850.. Madison. Bryn Mawr. Clair. South Farmingdale. . 29208. 6727 Edna Ave. Pittsburgh.. Wis. Y. U. (1956). Springer. New York. C. Spahija. Smith. William H. Kansas City. (1967). Sondericker. Calif. Howard U. Stabinski. (1968). (1957). Dr. 0. Ill. Hadley. 70118. Mo. 90024. Smith. Jane M. of History. Y. Dr. (1964). Snider.

81. ?Steel. Tex. Stockett.Ill. Shirley (1968). Ronald (1957). 95114. 75. Peter (1963).N. 02138... U.St. 312 Arts *?Stuart. N. (1965). Paul. Lawrenceville. Ind. .Dr.Dr. N. 4101 N. 72 MacArthur Storvick. wood. ArthurC. Meriwether(1928). Grundy(1940). Calif.. ington Ave..Tenn. tria. Washington. I. 03755 (DartmouthC. H. Ann Arbor. tStephens. Va. I. J.Philip M. Berkeley. 20017. biltU. 69 Crestwood Rd. Caroll Lynn (1965). 14744. Stoessel. 37203. U. ConcordiaC.. Mary (1964). Wilmette. #5. (1955).Rudolph (1967).Urbana). Brandeis 20017. (1915). (1937). R. Ceri (1964). Stetson Rd.. Apt.Dr.Mass. Va. N. Vcevold (1925). John B. (1963). Zeph (1950). Rt. San Jose. Stage Coach Stewart. D. Cleveland Heights.Proceedingsfor 1968 xciii Stallings. 877 Englewood Rd. Library516. Stockin. Md. New York.N. 27706. St.John E. (1967). Dept. 94705. Mrs.. Thomas B. W.Canada.. Moorhead. F. 3331. 22903. ?Strittmatter. 08648. Ill.. *Steiner.Henry A. 1. Dr.). Prof. 07302 Storch.Mass. Wade C. 08081. Pennsylvania St. Houghton. Stead.Viola G. Apt. 66 Kirkland St. SicklerFrances (1969). Calif. Downing Rd.). Jersey City. 3 Classics. of (Seton Hall U. (1952). Hanover.. Stewart. Stewart. 10028 (Columbia Dom Eugene (1922). C. The Catholic U.S. J. Box N.Olin J. Steciuk. Prof. Waltham. tStocker. 527 WashIndianapolis.D. Durham.. (1969). Stenzel. Boulder. C. 60625. tStokes. 02154. Basil W. Nashville. Cambridge. (Lehman C.Md.Wis. 01760 (Brandeis ?Stout. Betsy Ann (1965). Va. Willowdale. VanderJose C. Lloyd (1936). St. Natick. Dr. Ill. 02138. H. Y.). Prof. Afton. (1969).). Mass. Box 3331. Prof. 55104 Stern.Calif. Busey ville.. C. renceville S. Royal (1962). U. Chatfield Rd. Y.Mich. Yonkers. Walnut Creek. JoachimA. F. 60091. 01267 (Williams C. RobertP. 13 Morton (ConcordiaC. Rev. Apt. tStephens. 80302. J. Houston. Franz (1965). Duke U.Marian W. WoodstockC.Ont. 4.. (1965). of Dr. AusWoodstock. U. J. John E. (1966). Canada. Minn.. N. University Station. Stein. Cambridge. 22903. Alfreda (1940). (1939). (1965). U.George B. Syndicate. Ont. ?Strekalovsky. Mass. of Colorado. N.Charlottesville. (1965). Rd. 1208 sics. 5401 Wilkens Blvd. tStambaugh. of ?Stearns. Anselm's Priory.. 44121 (Shaker Hts. 89th St.Prof.. Prof. (1955). 6511 ?Strickler. Prof. Richard S. U. tStokes.). North Park C.. St. 48104.. The Priory.). 111 S. Stroud. 21228 (U. 6. (1911). Stickney. Keith (1968). HoughtonC.56560.Portsmouth. Urbana.. Maryland).. Widener Mass. Charlottesville.KathleenH. Minn. (1955). (1969). Stetson Rd.. Rd. R. (1940). of Virginia. 21163. 2405 Woolsey Stanley. 06320 (U. (1921). Waukesha. Prof.. of Stallman.Conn. Stork. Brookside.. J. Olivia.. Dean Emeritus Selatie E. Dedham. Willowdale. Williamstown. ArthurF. 01267. 63 Sussex St.. D.. 734 Stephens. San *?Stow. 46205.. *?Stone. S. 0. A-8010 Graz.. Michigan). Calif.Canada. 53186. Gordon (1948). New London.JacobH. George's 94529.. 10708 Sudbury. Dom Julian (1957). #1. 02871. Stebbins. Classics Dept.. tStocker. Theodor Stark. F. of California. 1112 Rockledge La. C. Y. Williamstown. Col.SherrieA. Baltimore. Stern. Mass. 61801 (U. (1960).. Koerner Str.. (1962). of ClasStewart. Apt. D. St. Jean M. H. Chicago. St. Robert Conrad (1936). LaurentianU. 40 E. Douglas J.. N. Carroll Illinois. 77023.). Mass. Newport. Stanton. (1964). Box tStambaugh. Washington. Box #114.Ont. R. Prof. 275 Streufert. Dept.)... Kedzie & Foster Aves. of America. Berkeley.. LawHigh St. 02026. 20 Bldg. 94720.. 69 CrestStrater. 22920. 02843.

. Dept.Dana F.0. Waldo E. N. of Kansas). Prof. GrahamV. Tex. Rev. Washington.Kan.W. (1965). U. of Illinois. (1925). Winona. St. N. of Classics. Dr. Cambridge.. Szoverffy. (1935). 78712 (U. Sussman. H.U. Prof. Tatum.Mich. of Classical Stud. 6 Ash St. Marion (1939). Dept. Swanson. Sullwold. Sydney (1969). of Santa Clara.Newton Issac (1965). 03755. Toronto 5.Leonore B.. 329 Carney Faculty Center. Ont.Mich. Toronto5.. Chestnut Hill. Prof. Joseph (1965).Prof.. John P. 86 Spruce N. Ellenor M. 14214. Sweeney. Rev.Prof. Roy A. Tennison. (1969). 99202. Mass. (1956). GeorgeJ.Wis. Sumner. Francis A. . Canada.U. Dept. X?Tait. 2737 DevonshirePlace N. D. Robert (1965).. of Minnesota. 3300 W.Milwaukee. (1957). (1946). Taylor. Ont. of Classics. Sulauke. Suits. 75211 (Austin C. Szymanski. Dr.. of North Carolina. V. U. Y. (1965). of Greek & Latin. 61801. Duns Scotus C. Paul. James T. of Minnesota). 96822. Dallas Baptist Church. Rev.Minn. Swanson. (1964). Hanover. State Sylvester. *Tejera..Ha. Daniel (1968). of Wisconsin). St. Dept.N. Storrs. Princeton. State U. N. 53201. Thomas A. 20000 W. 2. Nine Mile Mich. Ill. 20 C. Summers.xciv AmericanPhilological Association Sweet. 32306.O. Chapel Hill. Svendsen. (1962). 02181. Jennifer Estates. Apt. 49 Mass.Canada..Prof. Ottawa. Dr. *?Taylor. Stonybrook).. Louis J. Ladislaus (1960). Honolulu. Sullivan. Mary Frances (1937). Bronxville. South Orange. Boston C. Temple. Rev. Pa. Y. Taylor. Mass. Rd.Saskatoon. (1968). U. V. of Michigan.. (1968). N. 12601. 7-5 Stouffer Place. E. 48076. J. University C. 2. U. CarletonU. St. 17815 (Bloomsburg Bloomsburg. Mary's C. Y. N. Robert A.James F. Dept. (1967). Prof. Dept... Andrew-on-Hudson. U-57. of Connecticut. Minn.. of Saskatchewan.Sask. 316 Richards Hall.).N. 48105. ?Sullivan..55987. Columbia U. of Classics. of Texas). Conn. Vassar C. Calif. Santa Clara. Dept. Sherwood Village. 116 Laurel Lane. Fredericksburg.. C.. *?Stukey. Prof. (1969). Minn. 14214. P. Lewis (1969). 83 ElmwoodPlace. DartmouthC. FrederickD.. 44074. of Classics. 10708 (U. Ann Arbor. Dallas. (1965). ?Tenney. Y.). P.. 22401. New York. Canada. James B.. Fla..N. Sullivan. U. Dr. Lexington. St.Storrs. Sturgeon. ton & Lee U. Ann Arbor. of New York. 02138. Lawrence. Dept. of Classics. The Mermont Plaza. Donald C. State C. 02167. Ont. of the Classics. U. Robert (1958).Wash. James H.. Urbana. of Classics. Spokane. Buffalo. 06268. 612 Ross Va. (1969). University 06268. (1955). Sweet. PhilosophyHall. U.. Laura B. Margaret E. Prof. Bryn Mawr. Cambridge. WilliamA. Wellesley. J. 12601.55455. Swift. Taylor. of English. (1942). Dept. Canada. F..Y. (1961). of New York N. (1957).HermanWard (1964). 08540. Poughkeepsie.Rev. Mary Washington Va. Dept.. Y. 2475 Makiki HeightsDr. CottageSt. Michael (1958)..Conn. 07079. of Classical Langs. of Classics. Southfield. (1949). 86 Lowther Ave. JohnH. 55105 (U. Lily Ross (1912). (1947). (1969). Pa. 19010. 66044 (U. Seton Hall U. 02138. Oberlin. 10027. C. Sullivan. N. Y. Swallow. Harvard U. Rd. Taran. Buffalo. 1710 Jefferson Ave. Apt. Setauket.. of Wisconsinin Milwaukee. Box 21206. 11733 (S.. N. Poughkeepsie. Dept.. (1944). Mrs. Tex. ?Taylor. Taylor. Dept.. 48103. Swan. Dr. Taylor.Dr.Mass. Old Post Rd.. (1968).Thomas G.). (1935). Gonzaga U. Austin. Harold J. Tallahassee. 95053. 27514. Tarkow. U. 20008. 24450 (WashingRd. 205 Nottingham Lane. Cornell Taylor..Theodore (1965). (1969). Sutton. C. Leonardo(1963)..Richard G. Florida State U.Minneapolis. Y. 133 Pondfield Rd. Joy Rd. ?Sumner.

95616. New York. Wells C. U. (1924). S. Loyola Hampden-Sydney ney. (1923). (1948). Dept. B. 63301. Ian (1962). Albert H. Truesdale...Carol G. & Latin. LindeThayer.. S.Ariz. (1960). Tovar. (1936). 91106. N. 2121 E. 27706. N. 42nd 43210. HamiltonB. Toronto. Durham. Traupman. 4426 S. Cincinnati.E. (1965). Dr. Classics. Paul (1967). 1. 28801. morial U. C.U. J. Trapp. Wells C.Prof. Dept. $Tobias. of Lexington. Thibault. $Tobias. 225 60626.Wis. Travis. C. of New Mexico. Thurman.Ore.N. con St. E.Canada.. St... Prof. Wellington C. Asheville. sical & Mod. Canada. Dept. 6th St. 53233. Dept. Ont.*?Trell. Chicago. William R. (1968). St. Seattle. Dr. Norwalk. PhiladelInd. of ?Tracy.Margaret(1969). 6 Bricin St..N. Tsagarakis.. Rome. of Cincinnati. 45221. Graves H.06854. of Classeph's C. TheodoreJ. 6330 N. querque. Calif. Biltmore C. 13440.Wesley E.S. 80302. Y.N. Classics Trainor. Lynette(1952). Y. Lawrence S. 02168. D. Thompson. Traill. Aurora. Bluma (1937). (1968). (1963).Prof.. Timothy. Oakland Ave. Ont. 23943. Madrid 1.E.. Ky. Mo. Richard (1963). ada. . KathrynA.. of hassee. Charles. Castellana 76. 02181. 281 Echo Dr.). (1951). 261. Mass. House. Oblate Fathers.Ont. Tron. New York U. 54th & City Line. 98125.AlbuGuelph.. Thomas. Wellesley C. Tracy.. Odysseus (1968). Appleton (1960). Bloomington.Davis. of Classics. Irvington. Catholic U. Tompkins. 32306. Dept. Dr. Apt.Proceedingsfor 1968 xcv Toliver. John C. Newfoundland. C. Donna (1969). Tucson.... S. 932 S. Calif.. of Greek Thompson. Carl R. Prof. Hampden-Syd. Athens.Daniel P.Mrs.Col. Y. 80th Theis. (1969)... Langs.Va. U. Columbus.Canada. (1959). Wayne. Guelph. East. (1968).Ohio State U.Ont. 11301 Exeter Torchia.N. MarquetteU. (1965)... Stephen (1968). 103. 87106. U.Dr. Pasadena. Boulder. of Kentucky). Pa. Trezevant. 1398 BeaN. 65202. Y.. Tolles. of Languages. Acres.Pa. J. (1962). International 10533 (Hastings H. 116 Classics. U. Ottawa.. Dept. (1965).N. Thomas. (1953). Dept. Marion M. St. Y.. (1965).Leslie L. Rev. 122 VicWinthrop Ave. toryDr. of California. Washington. David A. 19131. D. S. Chicago.. Dept. Tracy. 0. 97206 (Reed C.. Peter G.. Louis A.Canada. Ill.. Valerie Allison (1963).. Nathan wood C. James N. (1967).Tracy.George R. (1964). (1957).Wash. (1965).Canada. (1968). 949 Marine.. Thompson. 47401. 19087. Box 247. 330 E. (1967). sics.. 10003. (1940). Capt. JoThomson. Douglas F. 223 Club Rd. Middletown. Duke Station. 29115 (DaThreatte. ?Torrey. Alfred J. 10021. Box Aurora. J.). Dept. Orangeburg. (1965). B. N. Antonio(1960).Calif.Ont. Hale Dr. Asheville. 54 Souidias vidsonC. Thompson. Thomas. John's. Indiana U. of Western Ontario. HermanL.). M..06457. of Newfoundland. Ave. Spain.Prof. C.. Laymon L. Dept. Dr. Classics. (1955).. phia. 20017. Thompson.Greece. 75 Leacrest Traywick.Fla. TallaTrahman. Hampden-Sydney. Culpepper. J.Ont. 60626.. 13026. C. U... 85719. 21403. Canada. Prof.. (1963). ?Thompson. Ruth W. 300 0.. Mass. London. Thomson.Edward P. Missouri. San Francisco State C. Washington Square.Conn. Trivelli. C-8. Langs. (1960). of Classics. of Thomson. San Manor Rd. MeTodd. 94132.Marie M. (1948). 6525 Sheridan Rd. U. 227 ConestogaRd.Mo. Prof. Y. JohnC. Annapolis. Guelph U.Guelph. Calif. 5126. St. St. Prof. Apt. of ?Titchener. (1935). Katherine G. 23943. Dept. Hazel M.N. Thompson.. Box Va. William S. Berkeley. 13026. Md. 101 High Milwaukee.Columbia. Richard L. Toronto17. of Classical Langs.. Portland. CanFrancisco. (1942). of ClasSt. 40502 (U. Jesse Hall.. New York..Dr. Wellesley. Florida State U. Delight (1940). (1969). Buckout St.. Dept. Apt.Ill. Brookline. of ?Tongue.. Conn. (1947).

(1911). of Philosophy.Ill. Dr. Tucker. 527 Salmon N.N. of Box 235.U. Hilton (1957). Pa. of SouthAve.Ont. (1962). C. Classical Studies. Vail. NegleyAve. of North Carolina.Dr. Brooktondale. Los Angeles.PrincetonU. 14778 ?Varner. de InstruccionPublica. N. Turlington. Bayly (1949). U. 10027. (1969). Prof. 19010. Lloyd (1956). Baltimore.). Founders 307. Dept.N. 15206. Johns Hopkins U.. Bryn Mawr. 10027.xcvi AmericanPhilological Association Tsirpanlis. 11843 DorTurner.. Dept. Wallace.). (1961). Albany. Dept. Y. Vermeule.Calif. 13088. Bonaventure. 45221. Waterloo Towers Apt. the South. Vlastos. Paul W. flin Ave. of 98105. Box 175. (1963). Classics Dr. C. Malcolm V.. 600 (N. Dept. Rochester. Cheryl(1965). 14802. (1929). Cambridge. 03755. of Georgia. 40422.. Y. 117 ManningBlvd. Dept. U. of Classics. Box 61. 10468 70 La Salle St. N. Liverpool. Bryn Mawr C.. Y. Dept. Lincoln.Va. (1951). Park Vartsos. N. Mirko (1953). Dept.John F.. Alfred. line Dr.Dr. 27th St. 34th & CharlesSts. Vives. Williamson. 7thSt. 1011 N.. Dr. Md. 47 30601. N.. of Ohio).. (1969). 14817. Bertha D.Greece.N. Alden G. of Vishio. J. (1967). Wallace. 31 S. J. Apt. 502. (1955). U. 93 S. of Greek & Wagner.Lina S.. Wendover Rd. (1917).Sewanee. Pa. Calif. Edith 0. 14589. of Nebraska. mington.. 1784 Coddington Vincent. (1963). 27514. Dept.. State U. 62221. (1955). Vaio.Neb. (1960). forTeachers). 6616 Turyn.Pa. Emil (1965).. Y.Wash. 20 Sky(St. 44022. Ave.Ky.. Mass. Oakland U. Athens. BelleVellek.Canada. (1965). 14 A..Y.. Dr. Wallace.. Utuado. U. Bronx. Nedro Classics. Bonaventure U. 0. Y. RobertA.U. AthensC. H. Williamsburg. Cincinnati. StephenV. Vandersall. of sics. Classics. Dept. Ont.. Chapel Hill.. Prof. of Clas?Wagener. John (1963). (1932). 43210. Urdahl. Alexander (1941).. Y. Halifax.. Urbana.Prof.Ga. N. Puerto Rico 00761. Prof. Gregory(1946).. 960 Ritchie Wade. Canada.S. Calif. Y. Dept. N. 12203 Van Lengen.. Robert W. Urban.Myra L. (1938). B.Dr. Cincinnati. Wallace. Encino. Hanover. Vera F. of Pennsylvania. 61801. St.. Richard T.. Creek Rd. Seattle. ChagrinFalls. Pa. *?Waldrop. C.Dr. Anthony P. 48063. U. sics. 148 W. Vignoli. 0. State C. (1959). 19120 (Ohio ern California. George B. John B. ColumbiaU. Canada.. 21218. Philadelphia. (1946). 18066 Karen N. (1952). JohnA. (1963). (1948). Creston Vaughan.. Emily T.. Uhlfelder. 0. T. U.. (1968). James (1967).Athens. William B. . 461 Fitzpatrick Ave. 45230 Maple St. 16142. 6. (1921). Charlotte. 23185 (William & Mary C. Beechmont Ave. Donald W. 43 MacVan Sickle. 702 0.. Vincent..).. Tyrrell. Dept.N. New WilLangs.Rev. sics. 7 S. H. Waterloo. F. Mich. 137 University Waite. 90007. Francis L. (Athenaeum Tyler. Latin. Y. 68508. U. Apt. 03755. Vanderlip.AntonJ. Toronto5. St.N. N. of Clasville. Jamestown Rd. David (1967). Y. Y. (1964). (1967). of Clas28211. Philadelphia. Dept. Columbus. (1947). Westminister 90049. sics. ?Tucker..Apt. New York. (N. Escuela Superior. (1965). Danville. Pittsburgh.. (1968). Dept. Marie T. Ill. Louis (1965). 801 S. Tucker. Rev. William H.. N. 2754 Cla. Volk. Rd. Usmiani. Vigorita. Stanley T. 217 Derby Hall. 08540. Princeton. of Kenzie St. Dept... Prof.MargaretW. of Washington. of ClasLatin. Hanover. Los Angeles. of Cincinnati. James M. N. Arms. Malcolm B.*?Vaughan. Oval Dr.Tenn. New York. 1839 Coolidge Hill Rd. Gary F.Agnes C.). of othy St. (1964).. Main St. 19104. 27 School St. Pa. 37375. 91316. 02138.

. Paul (1963). Wells. P. Colin M.. Calif. Charles Albert (1958). Louis. Greece. (1967). U. (1941)..Wesley E. William (1957). Ind.U. 6186 McPherson State C. 3200 U. Md. 63112 (WashWarren. 10580 (Harrison. Luitpold (1951). MichiganState U. Prof. (1965). 48823. 60613. Mo. U. 815 Shattuck Westerink.. 08540.. of Illinois. Wells. ?Wedeck. Wass. Chapel 38677. of of Mississippi. & Latin. Beloit. *Walton.55455.Canada. State Ave. C. (1928).N. Werner. Wevers. G. (1961). 07626 (Columbia Rd..Tex. Hermann (1967). 201 Morrill Weinrib. Wallin.. Blairstown. of Langs. Box 453. 1935 FredeWeinstein. *?Welles. H. 150 Lyons St. 361 Weisbrod. Classics. Milton. Y.Prof.. St. 425 E. Classics. Dept.Prof. 1731 Hobart sics. Rye. (1964). J. of New York. Amherst. Dept... Weiss. Rd.. Ward. CarletonU. *?Weissbach. Theodore W. Calif. Francis (1961). 02186. 91786. L. kinsU. Richard F. Chicago. West. of Toronto. (1939). Canada. 94305. Bradford (1928). of Wheelock. 46805. 10003. (1920). 92115. Ont. Buffalo. Warden. (1963). Box 284. Lansing. San Diego.Ill. Prof. 60453. 11973. N. (1961). Miss.). Rev.Prof. (1965). 205 Wilson rickSt. Ralph L.. J. (1942).Wash. C. Hill.. Grafton St. (1956). Grand.. 79thSt.. Dept. ?Way. herdSt. (1965). Y. 5062 Wick Wisconsin Ave. ada.. Harry E. Box 736X. Wheeler.. N. D. 27 Rumsey Rd. cordia Sr. Wassermann..Wis. U. Library.. Classics ington U. Princeton. 18 Oakwood Yale Station. Classics. Calif. Wertis. Ottawa 2. Arlington. St. (1946). Webster. 27514 (U. CanSt.Mass... C. Mich.. 27514. Ottawa.). of ToMich. William C. Gaspard E. Elizabeth B.JohnC. Wis. Louis C. 07825. Cresskill.West Hill. 95521. Dept. Franklin S. Grand Rapids.. Athens140. Dept. 19 Walter. Ont.. Walter H. Urbana. Francis R. Minn. 53233.MinneapWeter. L.S. Dr. 03031. HunterC. William L. E. Bruce (1967). 61801. of Hall. 06520. Mo. W. Milton U. Baltimore.Proceedingsfor 1968 xcvii Wallach. (1965). University C. Blair Acad. Ont. H. Stanford U. 21218. 10021.. Dept. (1960). Seattle Pacific C. Philip S. of NorthCarolina. Y.. Anthony's Sem. B.E. N. Michael (1967). 78212 (St. Box 1544. (1963). (1965). Rev.).RichardL. 652 Lincoln Hall. J. N. E. Mack Hill NorthCarolina). San Diego Weltin. Welch. U.Tex.. (1959). Ave. N.Ill. of Texas. 49506. JohnsHop63103.Edward W. Ill.. Ward. Winifred E. J. Conn. C.. Arcata. Y. St. N. 94549. New York. Dr. N. Miriam A. Y. GordonTer.O. U. Box 504. (1969). Stanford. New York U.Calif. (1963).. Acad. Clifford(1969). Y. Whallon. Dept. (1961).). Fort Wayne. Gennadius of Classical Langs. Welsh. U. Dept. F. Louis.Nancy F.. John (1967). Weber. ScarboroughC. Welch. Yonkers. Berkeley. ?West. N.. Chapel Hill. (1955). N. ronto. of Greek Ward. Evelyn Lee (1937). (1964). N.. 20009.. G. of Ottawa. New Haven. U. Md. Larissa B. N. 1309 W.. UpWente. University. of 16214. Walton. U. Austin. Upton. (1968). 02174. T. Conland. Dept. 98119. 53511.. (1945).Dr. Classical Langs. Margaret M. New York.N. . Y. New York. U. ter.. M.Prof. Francis (1959). 221 N. (1965). Milwaukee. 20015. ChevyChase. Ave. JohnJ. 25 Waverly Wender.. Y. Box 571.N.W. Marquette U. Scarsdale. N. St.Mrs.. C. Warren. Allen M. Toronto5. Oaklawn. (1967). San Antonio. Louis N.Brookhaven National Lab. (1968).. of olis. Washington. 10021.E. 78710. John R. of ClasWarman. Medical CenMass. 94707. Prof. (1964). Toronto. Prof. McCulloughAve. Seattle. M. of Classics. 126 14th Weller. Dept. 10705 (Columbia Watson.).. Weber.. Martha E. Y. 1237 Calif. 3414 ShepPlace. (1928). of Minnesota.Canada.

(1968). 1901 DillWittman. Md.. Rochester.. sics. Brooklyn. Prof. Y. Dr. Gary L. (1952). 2528 The RedfernDr. 21212 (Johns cago.. Francis (1949). (1918). Cambridge. 94132. Montreal. fordCenter. of GraduateCollege. 4100 Alle$Whitfield. 1140 7A St. of Euro$Wiencke. (1960). Conn..Wash. ClasAlberta. W. J. Robert E. Missouri State C. N. of Rochester. 60637. 63701. Winter. White. Brooklyn. of Clasward's Sem.Ia. Wingo. Mall. Mass. of ChiRd. 45056. Dept. 624 Overbrook $White. 07090. Classical Studies. U. (D-3). (1965). Dept. U. Md. (1945). 4921 Strass Guy K.Mitchellville.. Hubert A. L. Dept. Austin. Ave.. Widdifield. Dept. Stony Brook.. Miami U. Chicago.Pearl C. Reading.Patricia T.0. Ballantine Hall. H. (1965). Helen R. Dept. Honolulu. TrinityC. Michael (1958). eign & Comp. (1965). D. Dr. Alice (1950).N. 14627.Berkeley. 96822. Place. Calif. J. JamesJ. sics Dept. N. 46227. Southeast MarylinA....Prof. Michael (1960). N..Tex.. Germany. White.Prof. 47401. 01730. of New York. 1425 Witscher.. Wolman. (1969). (1956). Lexington. 21109. William H. Ha. Y. 05075. St. Prof. Ill. Rev. *?Wolff. Leonard E. ElmWitty.. ThetWinters. (1954). Middletown. Iowa City. (1941). Elizabeth (1930). G. 600 W. 78731. SchulD 7815 Kirchzarten/Breisgau. Y. Kenmore. Rd. JosephL. 15219. Williams. Cedric H.David S. 12203... (1969).William E. St. Dept. 94708.. 4 Warren N. Prof. Diana C. Berksics. Princeton. (1951). moreDr. 06457. Calif.Canada. Dr. *?Wiss. 05075. N. San Francisco Calif.John M. Hartford. of Wilcox. Wolverton. IWiencke.. St. Austin. EdWilson. Dept.I. Dept. 116th $White. Bedford.TrinityC. Theodore (1969). The University.Mary E. 946 Creston 08540. (1963). Elmhurst. Classics. 295 Evans hausstr. Ont. Vernon. Mass. Indianapolis.England. HopkinsU. (1952). 16220 Oxford Ill. Webster 301. Vista Blvd. Phyllis (1956). Pa.). $Will. Fashion Sq. ?Wilson. of Classics... Rd.35. N. Cape Girardeau. 3 Winquist. (1964).JohnR. 06106. San Francisco.). C. 60 Remsen shire. Wilson. 418C Alberta. 503 Carlton Shady Hill Sq. 0. David S. Camarillo. RobertW. Durham. Ave. Daniel C. Center. (1959). 5118 E. $Will. . Rd. Mass. Devereux Ave. Thetford pean Langs. of Hawaii. 23 Blueberry N. Witke. 45056. Box 151. Indiana U. 02173. (1943). 14221. Matthew(1953). Winston. Pittsburgh. Y.Miami U. Oxford. Whitman. 60637. State U.. (1951).. D. (1952).. Albany. Stanford.. Elizabeth L.Canada. 11201. (1965)..Calif. Wickersham.Dr.Robert J.R.. Oxford. Classics Dept. Bloomington. 2501 Ind.xcviii AmericanPhilological Association Wills. of California. Lois V.Chicago. Lit. ToInd. quippa St. Prof. N. of White.Ill. of ForVt. (1962).Tex. Dept.Philip (1967). Y. (1957). Westfield. Calif. John C. Calif. Berkeley. of ClasN.Dr. C. jur. Vt.A. Calgary. U. 14617. (1962). of Classics. (1968). of Foreign Langs. E. Los Angeles. 90046. 02138 (Harvard U.).. 78703. Y. Baltimore. 11201. Stanford U. Williams. (1964). Prof. (Hunter C. Williams.. (1968). 27706. Duane A. Wiesen. State U. Robert L. Jr. Y.. 07090.. Alta Conn. Wind. (1955).. Dr. 10552... Samuel F. Mt. 526 Hillcrest Wolff. Williams.CanWillinder. sics Dept. Rimbey.Canada. Richard (1961). Mo. J. Westfield. Seminary State C. 108 BiltClassics. of Chicago.. Lane. (1952). McGill U.. 74 Home $Whitfield.. New York. Williams.Mrs. Rochester. (1951). 11790. Williamsville. J. 52240. Otha (1958). Y.. Peter (1968). hurstC. ClasWolfe. 53141..Mo.N. Winspear. Duke U.. (1936). Court.93010. Wigodsky. (1968). Williams. (1963). Dept. U. Wiseman. N. D. 55 Sheridan Ave. New York. (1969). U. 93828... of man St. Creve Coeur. Rd. Thomas (1968).Martha C. E. 94720. (1960). Willis. ronto5. 60126. 1025 Buresh Ave. 1300 N. 94305. Woloch. N. St. Y.Howard B.Prof. 130 Ent ada...Prof. Wiesner.

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Proceedingsfor 1968
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American Philological Association
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Proceedingsfor 1968
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Avoid large numbers of very short footnotes. 10. use the formula. 9. Be careful of spacing within and between Greek words. Attentionis called to the followingpoints: 1. When they occur. not italics. Use cross referencessparingly. indented and typed in double space like all the rest.etc. etc. giving the page and line numbers of your manuscript to which the cross referencerefers. LEAVE WIDE MARGINS. phyteuma. within parentheses. put the referencesin the text. Where possible. use the formula "see above. except those whose Latinized forms are familiar in English.Proceedingsfor 1968 cvii VII. 7.Museum. 11. The best general treatmentof problems of style remains The MLA Style Sheet. Transliterate Greek words as follows. reprinted from PMLA 66. Verifyaccents. list the titles of all such works in an early bibliographical note with their respective abbreviations. page 000. Samos. koinonia. 1951) 3-27. which also includes a helpful list of abbreviations of journals and standard referenceworks. note 6) 49. In citing passages from ancient authors. 8. Use quotation marks. 3. Use moderation in quoting Greek." If many referencesto the same work have to be made. Long quotations in any language should be set offin separate paragraphs. Use Arabic (not Roman) numerals whereverpossible. TYPE IN DOUBLE OR TRIPLE SPACE EVERYWHERE. Italicize (single underline) titles of books and periodicals.3 (April. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PREPARATION OF COPY In general. but not quotations in foreignlanguages. include in the firstor last paragraph a brief statement indicating what the article is about. At the top of the first page of the manuscript. Make the Greek formslook like the type used in recent volumes of Transactions. For subsequent references (above."Jones 6. 5. for the titles of articles in periodicals or encyclopedias and of chapters in books. typed in double space with triple space between notes.write the address to which proofs should be sent. 13. to a work already cited. distinguishing original omega and eta as 6 and e respectively:Nikd. Assemble footnoteson separate sheets at the end of the article. model your copy on recent issues of TAPA. 12. Excellent rules for articles on classical subjects will be found in AJA 69 (1965) 199-206. 4. (b) Other words." or "see below. Allow ample space in your typescriptfor the Greek to be inserted." and supply the editor with an exact key. at least in all work dealing with literature: (a) Personal names and place names should be Latinized according to the best Roman practice: Thucydides. and single foreignwords. . pages 000-000. names of classical works. 2. should be transliterateddirectly from the Greek.

Give place and date of publication (within parentheses) of all books except verywell-knownhandbooks.. 17. and hold this copy until the the verifications article appears in print. strictconformity to any external standard a poor third. TYPE IN DOUBLE SPACE EVERYWHERE . Do not italicize the common abbreviations: cf. viz.consistency within the article the second.and f. 15. e. Use standard abbreviations for the title of periodicals. Record on a carbon copy of the article. Pol. n. in order to insure ease of comprehension. Use p. or v. for page and line references. Clarity and avoidance of ambiguityare the firstdesideratum. only when indispensable.cviii AmericanPhilological Association 14.. Base abbreviated referencesto ancient works upon their Latin titles. etc. vol.. as abbreviations. For standard titles. or O CD. and pp.e. Verifyall quotations and referencesagainst the original source.. 19. but abbreviations for both titles and authors' names must often be expanded. collections. but do not abbreviate titles consistingof a single word. i..v. s. Avoid excessive use of ff.g. 18.. Do not use 1. Indicate columns or sections of columns in standard texts by letters in small capitals (two underlines) placed immediately after the page number: Arist. Capitalize the firstletter of titles. 16. f. see LSJ.. not English or Greek..since confusion may result. and handbooks. 1252A1-22.. ThLL.

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