Eclipses in April 2014 and Countries Prone By Engineer Astrologer anil aggarwala

Eclipses in April 2014 and Countries Prone . I have already written an article vide link Eclipses in 2014-what they fortell for the Globe. In this connection, I would like to ellaborate the Finding due to Eclipses occuring in April 2014 I am using Calculations for the Zodical signs used by a Leading Astrologer Raghavendre Khare . There is a special calculation for the Zodical signs calculated on the basis of the Latitude and Longitude of the country . Sensitive houses from this sign including the Lagna could be crucial and the intensity will be derived from the Tarabal. In Upchaya houses and in benefic tarabal the eclipses can also bring Growth for the nation and the political scenario depending upon the dasha in operation. Calculation for the Zodical sign with Reference to India and New Delhi the capital of the country Take the longitude and latitude of place in question. Convert them in to degrees. Out of them, use North and East c0-ordinate with plus(+) mark and the South and West co-ordinates with minus(-) mark. Zodiac sign= 9(Latitude – Longitude) Then make the resultant figure within 360 degrees, after deducting or adding, as many times the value of 360 as possible. It must be within 360 degree and with plus mark and then convert it into Zodiac sign, providing 30 degree for each sign. The value we get should be increased by the nearest Navamsa-pada. This is the Zodiacal sign of place. But for the use of political purposes we should extend it up to last limit of star but within same sign. See an example of India. The capital of India is New Delhi it`s co-ordinates are 28 degree36 minutes and 50 seconds North or 28.614N and 77 degree 12 minutes 32 seconds East or 77.21 East. Putting them in to formulaz.s.= 9(28.614-77.21) =9 (-48.596) = -437.364 making this figure within zodiac range within 360 degree and with plus mark. = -437.364+360 = -77.364 +360 =282.636 degrees, convert it in to sign dividing it by 30. So we get 9-12/38.16 , extend it up to last limit of star Shravana So zodiacal sign of India is Capricorn sign, Shravana Star and Cancer navamsa. In the Present context the Lunar Eclipse is taking place in Chitra nakshatra in Libra Rashi and Solar Eclipse in Aries Rashi and Bharini nakshatra . The Effect of the Eclipses will be as under as tabulated from the Zodical sign 1. Zodical signs are of Prime Importance for giving the results.The Zodiacal sign and nakshatra to be calculated as per the Latitude and Longitude of the country by a simple calculation of subtracting Longitude from Latitude and then multiplying by 9 and reducing it by multiples of 360 and then calculating the Zodical sign , nakshatra and the navamsha by the Last pad of the nakshatra .

2. The Eclipses falling in the sensitive houses from these Zodical signs and Tara bala to be seen for the intensity of the impact of the Eclipse on the houses. 3. The 1,4,8 and 12th Sign and also 5, 9th and the 7th sign which are bhadak houses from the most benefic planet in the chart may be most harmful and harms the signification of the house.

4. In upchaya houses from the Zodical signs and Lagna and in favorable Tarabal ,it gives good results of the houses and Prosperity. 5. Eclipse in the 10th house is not considered good specially in an unfavorable Tarabal and can damage the country badly. The effect of the eclipses approx will last for 6 months for Solar Eclipses and about a month for Lunar Eclipse The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th April 2014 13-12 hrs is likely to Pollute the air and increase contagious diseases. It can bring bad weather, high winds, cause religious controversies, and bring divisions and loss to nobility..This can bring havoc for the Western hemisphere in an major way, South America, Brazil, California can experience heavy Earthquakes. Austria,Portugal ,Vienna ,Australia, Pacific will also be influenced, The eclipse will be with a duration of total for 1 hour and 18 minutes . Hence its effect will last for about 1.5 months. The Solar Eclipse on the 29th April 2014 would affect Business, Trade, Big buildings, Agriculture,.Natural , Unnatural calamities and Political transformations which will be adversely influenced. Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus and Persia shall feel the heat. The effect will linger on for a period of 6 months . Annular Solar Eclipse - Will be visible in Australia, Antarctica.Indonesia could be influenced by this eclipse as well. Eclipse impact for Different Countries China

Zodical sign calculated as per the above theory is Taurus and the nakshatra is Kritika and Pieces navamsha for the Political affairs.The Lunar eclipse is taking place in the 10th from Lagna and Moon , over the 10th lord Venus and in the 6/8 axis from Zodical sign Taurus is a sensitive house and the Tarabal is also 12th hence a Viput Tara . The effects could damage the country . For the Political affairs we have to take the Pieces navamsha and eclipse is taking place in the 8th from this sign shows change . As far as the Solar eclipse is concerned , it is taking place in the 4th from Lagna and 12th from Zodical sign but in a neutral tarabal . The 4/10 axis is therefore afflicted by the eclipses, hence A Earthquake, Tornado of high intensity ,

untoward happening and Change in the Head of the nation is indicated . Lunar Eclipse is more damaging then the Solar eclipse. The effects could be felt immediately . Normally the effects are felt when Mars ignites the Eclipse point. Which could be around the 19th to 21st May 2014 . China’s new Leadership under Li Keqiang may not be able to sustain the country for good Economic growth, there could be Air and Rail accidents and Warlike situations in the Country. China has this eclipse in 4/10 axis from the Lagna and Moon both and over the 10th Lord Venus placed in the 10th house and dasha of Saturn-Moon and then SaturnMars from 20-3-2013 to 7-5-2014 and then Saturn- Rahu will be in operation . China Mars is placed in the 7th house and is in debilitation. It is also aspected by 7th Lord Moon is making it most vulnerable in its dasha to be war mongering. The King Royalty, Rulers the Prime Minister, Head of the state , Party in power, Presidents , Top authority , Parliament, National celebrities can be influenced strongly and may lose power . China is capable of creating warlike situations for the Globe any time in the world till May2014. India needs to be beware as China’s intrusion in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh and Uttarakhand is an alarm bell ringing and could be a signal of coming war from the dragon.


The Zodical sign calculated for this country is Pieces and the nakshatra is Uttarabhadrapad and Scorpio navamsha for Political affairs, The eclipse is taking place in the 12th house from the navamsha sign from this sign is again not good for the Political fon of the country . The Lunar eclipse is taking place in the 8th house the most sensative house which is the 2nd from Lagna and the Tarabal is 16th nakshatra and Vadh Tara the most malefic , Hence there could be worst for the country for untoward happenings and the Economic growth and an Earthquake of high intensity or untoward happening . The Solar eclipse is Taking place in the 8th from Lagna and in the 2nd from the zodical sign and Bharini is is 5th Tara which is Pratyak and damaging . hence both the Lunar and Solar eclipses will be damaging for the country and the 2/8 axis will be afflicted badly. There could be untoward happenings concerning the masses of the


The chart has Virgo Lagna 29.54 degrees chitra nakshatra. The nakshatra of the Lunar Eclipse could be damaging for the country Mars is placed in the most sensitive 12th house and aspects the 3rd, 6th, 7th house , makes the nation most vulnerable for war mongering. Mars is also 8th Lord. The eclipse is Taking place over Rahu -Ketu in the 2/8 axis as explained above . Financial condition of the country can go worse . The economy may have a fall.The country can also be involved in war like activities. Mars Transit over the Lagna till 5th Feb. 2014 and after 25th March 2014 will be crucial for 111 days , since the 8th lord fallen and in lagna will bring adverse results specially the Transit Rahu-Ketu over the natal Rahu-Ketu. Benjamin Netanyahu will not resist Obama efforts against Iran. Efforts of Benjamin may only complicate the situations to find a peaceful solution for the Syrian conflict. 13-14th July 2014 could be crucial for the country, since Mars fallen and Rahu conjuction will take place in the Lagna at exact degrees of Lagna. The Dasha of Moon-Venus is in operation . From Dasha Lord Moon the eclipse is taking place in the 4/10 axis and from Venus in the 5/11 axis, hence most vunerable for the country


The zodical sign calculated for this country is Aries and Ashvini nakshatra . The eclipses are taking place in the 1/7 axis and Lunar Eclipse in the Praytak Tara , Hence the country will face intensified results pertaining to the 1/7 axis. The Navamsha is turning out to be Cancer sign which is again not good for the Political front. The eclipse is taking place in the though the solar eclipse will be in favorable Tara but in the Lagna . Untoward happenings in the country for the Political affairs and untoward happenings are on the cards by Foreign

elements cannot be ruled out. The Political and Economic Condition of the country will worsen. The Planetary positions for the the democratic elected New Prime Minister crashed with series of violent happenings. Pakistan is suffering from Economic Growth , Power Problems . There will be threat to the Nations Top Leaders and Calamities of all kind for the country. Lagna is Aries Mars is placed in the 3rd house aspecting the 6th house,Prone to create terrorist activities for the neighboring countries. Pakistan is running the dasha of Venus –Mars till 25-2-2015 , Venus is 7th lord , hence the war mongering tendencies will increase all the more . Venus-Mars again not good since the placement of Mars in the 3rd house conjunct with Moon. In the chart Mercury is in Mrityu Bhag, placed in the 4th house with Saturn,Venus 7th lord and with Sun. Hence Pakistan can be involved in a series of terrorist activities and war like situations in the present context.Eclipse is taking place in the 1/7 axis,which is not good for the country . The county can have a fall Natural and Unnatural calamities, political transformations cannot be ruled out. The dictators will be brought to book .


The Zodical sign calculated for this country comes Scorpio 8.6 degree and the nakshatra is Anuradha and navamsha will be Scorpio itself , hence the Political affairs will have a jolt during this Eclipse since navamsha is also Scorpio . The eclipse is taking place in the 4th house from Lagna and the 12th from the Zodical sign and the Tarabal is 7th Tara and a Vadh Tara, hence Lunar Eclipse will be adverse for untoward happenings and losses . Solar Eclipse is taking place in the 10th house and the nakshatra is Kshema a benefic Tara nakshatra but in the 10th house will be malefic and untoward happening concerning the Political scenario ,concerning the Head of the country .

The New President Hassan Rouhani is expected to bring reforms in the country. Direct talk between Leaders of Iran and USA, since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, could help the country for the economic growth. Rouhani may face tough situations . As per the Republic Chart of Iran, it has Cancer Lagna. Mars is placed in the 9th house with 3rd and 12th Lord Mercury. Mars aspects the 3rd (neighbors) and the 12th (intrigues & losses) house which makes it vulnerable for war mongering tendencies and Prone to it.Foreign Secret plot may bring adverse effects on the country and causing stagnation .

Present Dasha of Iran is Jupiter-Saturn-Saturn at the time of eclipse .The eclipse is taking place in the 4/10 axis but the eclipse is neither on the Lagna, Moon or Sun or the 7th house from them is a saving, but the eclipse is definitely over the 4/10 axis and adverse dasha of Saturn is in operation could bring some adversities of lower intensity. Japan

The Zodical sign calculated for this country is Leo and the nakshatra is Magha and navamsha for Political affairs will also be Leo since Ashvini finshes in the 5th navamsha . The eclipse is taking place in a Upchaya house from Lagna and Zodical sign , but The Tarabal is Pratyak and a malefic . This can be damaging for the country Growth. Ketu is also Placed in the Sign of Leo at almost same degrees .The Lunar Eclipse will be more damaging then the solar eclipse since it is in Benefic Tarabal . The country is prone to Earthquakes and can experience untoward happenings regarding the Growth and Earthquake etc which may not be of very high intensity .

Japan has this eclipse in the 5/11 axis and over the natal Sun indicating negative influence on the country. Also eclipse is taking place in the 8th house from Mercury the Maha Dasha Lord who is Bhadak for the country , Anter Dasha Lord is also Placed in the Bhadak house . The country can experience natural calamities and fall for the head of the states, and the Prime Minister of the country. The dasha the country is running is Mercury-Moon till 11-6-2014. Japan is prone to earthquakes and Tsunamis, is a caution by these eclipses and since the degrees of planets in the eclipse chart are also near the natal planets is indicating a malefic stance . Since the dasha of the 7th lord is running and 8th lord placed in the 7th house is most crucial for Japan in terms of war related specially the China -Japan dispute can flare up along with natural calamities of higher intensity. Turkey has eclipse over the natal Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus in the 5th house. Turkey has Gemini Lagna , hence again not good .Afghanistan , Sri Lanka could also face tough situations ahead . Natural and Unnatural calamities cannot be ruled out. Syria

The Zodical sign so arrived is Pieces and and U. Bhadra nakshatra and Scorpio navamsha for the Political affairs. The Lunar Eclipse is taking place in the 8th house from this sign and the 2nd from Lagna and the tarabal from UttraBhadrapad is Vadh Tara and most malefic . Pieces is also the bhadak sthan of the chart. The solar eclipse will betaking place in the 8th from lagna and the 2nd from Zodical sign calculated , hence the country is prone to 2/8 axis activities and untoward happenings concerning the masses, Solar Eclipse is taking place in 4th tara is not bad , but the 8th from Lagna is again a sensitive house . The economic condition of the country can be adversely influenced along with mass happenings . Let us now analyse the foundation chart of Syria astrologically and see what could be the outcome of the situation which is posing threat to the dictators of the Arab World in their countries and the indications of “Saturn-Rahu”conjunction in Libra early this year on the 14th Jan. 2013 bringing in the dramatic changes Politically , specially when the 8th Lord Mars Transit in Lagna on the 25th March 2014 for 111 days can be more violent this time and war like situation when the Antar dasha is also of the 7th Lord Jupiter and Transitting over the 6th and 8th Lord Saturn and Mars in the foundation chart. The country is

running the dasha of Venu-Jupiter till 11-5-2014 and then Venus-Saturn , and is clear of the results

The country is still a long way to go for for Peace and the Russian Brokered deal to save Syria from the military strikes will be no guarantee to ward the country of the Chemical weapons being used again . President Basahar Assad may not be able to continue for long . There may be civil war again and seems it is on the cards . 4/10 axis of Nepal. Fall in power USA

The Zodical sign arrived for this country is Aquarius and the nakshatra is P bhadrapad and Cancer Navamsha for political affairs and Eclipse is taking plac e in the Kendra from this house but in a benefic talabal for Lunar Eclipse and malefic Tarabal in the Solar Eclipse, hence USA some political tensions as well lasting 6 months . The Chitra nak. is mitra tara as far as the Lunar Eclipse is concerned, and the eclipse taking place in the Upchaya house and in a Benefic Tarabal will be good for the growth of the country,in general as far as the Lunar Eclipse is concerned. As far as the solar eclipse is concerned the nakshatra Bharini is Praytak and hence in the upchaya house can damper the growth for 6 months and the economy could also be effected . Aries is also the Bhadak sthan for the Leo Lagna chart , hence the effects could be felt for a longer time I have already predicted about the fate of USA in my article What Stars Fortell for United States Of America and the Globe dated 6th July 2013 link I have also mentioned that since as per the foundation chart the Planetary configurations are also not healthy in the Present state after 5th July 2013 and worst after 6th March 2014 when the dasha of Mars-Saturn will come in operation USA is likely to create or get involved in war like activities when the Dasha of Mars-Saturn is in operation . There could be mass agitations in the country , Labor strike etc. But strongly I feel the country getting involved in warlike conditions due to secret foreign plots. Transit of Mars till Libra on the 5th September 2014 will be a period most vulnerable for the country for such activities. Now let us see the Foundation chart of US. The country is running the dasha of Mars -Saturn from 6-3–2014 In Transit also Jupiter and Saturn are placed well from Moon , but after 19th June 2014 Jupiter will be 6th house from Moon, and then the dasha of Mars

Saturn will also start from 6-3-2014 to 15-4-2015, this dasha could be crucial for the country and also the Head of the Country Mars is the Yoga karka planet for the country and placed with 5th and 8th lord and 3rd and 10th Lord Venus in the 11th house and aspected by Saturn and return aspect by . As per the eclipse chart Saturn in transit in Libra is Retrograde and activating the natal Saturn and Mars as per Eclipse chart will activate natal Saturn. Mars and Saturn both will be activated by transiting Saturn and Mars. The dasha of Mars-Saturn after the 6th March will be crucial parameter for USA, more so since the 7th house from Sun will be afflicted as per the eclipse chart. There is no affliction to the Lagna , Sun or Moon, but Mars-Saturn dasha will be definitely crucial for USA .Mars will cross Libra sign till 5th Sept. 2014 will be a time of Adversities for the country and the King . As per principles Of Mr.K.N Rao the Placement of Mars has to be seen ion the chart for looking at the war mongering tendencies. Mars connected to 3,6,and 7 houses or their lords, shows troubling neighbors, getting involved in War and war like activities or suffering as a result of Foreign secret plots. Here Mars is connected to the 3rd Lord Venus, and Saturn the 6th and the 7th Lord, Hence the dasha of Mars-Saturn will be most crucial for the King and the country as well, as it can get involved in clashes with neighboring countries, Terrorist activities happening and war as well. India The Zodical sign for India turns out to be Capricorn sign and Shravana nakshatra and Cancer Navamsha . The Lunar Eclipse is Taking place in the 10th house is not good for the country PrimeMinister and the Tara is Sampat and favourable , Capricorn sign is the Bhadak Sthan for Taurus Lagna and eclipse in the 10th from it is also crucial, but benefic Tarabal reduces the malefic effect of the Eclipse but being in the 10th house will bring changes for the Prime minister of the country. Solar Eclipse is taking Place in the nakshatra of Bharini and is in the 4th house from the Zodical sign and Mitra Tara is not bad hence the effect may be minimum , there could be an earthquake of Moderate intensity only. The eclipses is bound to bring havoc’s in the Political fields, a change in the Ruling Government Boarder issues with neighboring countries may also crop up. As far as the Political Scenerio is concerned there may be total instability . For India the 4/10 axis from Moon will be afflicted as well. Sun-Ketu will be in operation from the 5-5-2014. This may result in the adverse effects on the Business, Commerce and the Govt.. The planetary positions and the dasha is indicative of untoward happenings in the country for which i have already written a number of articles . The dasha of Sun-Mer and Sun -Ketu is not condusive to bring good results till 9th Sept. 2014.

South Korea

The zodical sign arrived for this country is Capricorn, Pieces navamsha for Politics and Uttrashadha nakshatra and which is falling in the 10th house and the nakshatra chitra is Viput and a malefic one, the country could face untoward happening concerning the Political scenerio and an Earthquake or untoward happenings cannot be ruled out. Let me write in a nut shell the most influenced Countries will be China, Iran, Pakistan, South Korea, , Australia, Thailand, Mexico , Syria, Lebanon Very bad ratting and the worst hit by the above will be Israel. USA Poor and India Moderate .

The Eclipse point as per Luminaries will be activated by Mars between the 19th to 21st May 2014 and could trigger untoward happening throughout the world . Another parameter which is crucial is the Mars and Saturn both Retrograde will be most sensitive and Crucial in the Present Scenario for India and the countries mentioned above .

Earthquakes Specifically In Transit Major planets Mars and Saturn retrograde, Mercury Afflicted,, Mercury behind Sun in Lunar Eclipse, concentration of Planets in movable signs, moon and Mercury nakshatra are same and on the 18-19th April Moon and Mercury will be in same Nakshatra lord. Rahu in forward motion those days in April and may could be triggering

the Earthquake occurrence. Country 4/10 axis has to be afflicted hence the Countries Prone to Earthquakes due to the Eclipses are China, India, South Korea, Thailand , Indonesia Untoward happenings and Economy sufferings Pakistan, Israel, Iran,Syria,USA, Urraine,Libya, Lebanon, Mexico, USSR, Nepal anil aggarwala 29th April 2014 Reference : Zodical Calculations for the countries done as per the formula of Leading Astrologer Raghvendre Khare Disclaimer : This is only a analysis as per astrological Principles and the writer of the article does not hold him- self responsible in any way or for any reason arising out of it