Volume II, Issue 32

March 1818

The Geneva Herald
the loose? ! Boy Found Dead by on ! When older sister and caretaker Elizabeth Lake Geneva! Frankenstein was informed of this, she was
Zinzan Gurney!

man? Perhaps an alcoholic? Or even a serial killer

devastated by the news.!


Chief Editor


Yesterday afternoon, a 4 year old boy, William Frankenstein was found strangled to death by the Lake Geneva. The details of what happened are not exactly clear but we do have the following information about the incident. Witness Fritz Mondie was playing hide and seek with William at the time and witnessed an unusually large man kill William with his bare hands. Fritz claims that the man wore a huge black cloak and was very quick on his feet. Fritz's account of the crime is very unusual and it does not really answer the question as to why the man murdered William. !

"My mother is dead, my father is extremely ill, my brother, Victor, doesn't even care about both of them and now my other brother is dead!? It's just too much for me to take in!"!

! Fritz said,! !

"The man was hiding in the trees and waited until nobody was around. He then walked straight across the field towards William with a confident air, not looking like someone who had just been hiding in the trees. He took William by the arm and actually asked William to come with him. William screamed and refused so I started running and stumbling until the man placed his bare hands on William's neck and snapped it back. There was a sickening crack and suddenly it felt as if I was walking on air. My best friend, dead? He can't be. I cried so hard that the murderer heard me and swiveled his head towards me. I froze. His face was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. It was the colour of sickly yellow as if it had been rotting for days and was cris"crossed with scars. But the most hideous thing about it was his red"rimmed, sunken eyes. I thought I saw a fleeting glance of sympathy but it was quickly replaced by anger. He looked around as if sensing something and disappeared into the thick of the forest."!

Elizabeth is currently undergoing psychotherapy in a hospital. It is becoming apparent that the accused man already had a bad reputation in the community. Police officers in other areas of Geneva have reported sightings of this very same man and are o # ering a large reward for his capture. Chief police o $ cer, Captain Hirsch, tells citizens near Lake Geneva not to worry and that they have everything under control. This does not seem so, as some citizens claim sightings of a tall hooded man walking down their home streets. Some also report that they found their houses broken into and robbed of all its food. All that was left behind were a few bones on the ground and massive footprints leading out of the kitchen. One citizen actually caught the man eating an entire chicken, loaded up his shotgun and shot him. Amazingly enough, the man just grunted and bounded o# into the darkness of the night. !



This is the only piece of evidence we have and, as I have already stated, does not really explain the murderer's true intentions. Was he simply a mad

Who is this mysterious figure and what evil does he wish to accomplish? Stay updated with the Geneva Herald for the latest news about this man.

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