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It shows that police, witnesses and courts are corrupt – proven. Regards, Brendon Woman wrongly jailed to sue NSW
Roseanne Beckett has fought for decades to clear her name after being wrongly jailed for trying to kill her husband, and has now won the right to fight "until the end". A High Court decision has opened the way for Ms Beckett to sue NSW for compensation. Formerly known as Roseanne Catt, Ms Beckett spent 10 years behind bars after being convicted in 1991 of eight charges but was released after a judicial inquiry found she had been set up. Ms Beckett sought to sue the state of NSW for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. But until the High Court ruled unanimously in her favour on Wednesday she had been thwarted by a 90-year-old legal precedent that said she first had to prove she was innocent. Outside the court in Canberra, Ms Beckett told reporters she was "elated" and believed justice would finally be served.

Roseanne Beckett (right) leaves the High Court with supporters in Canberra today. (AAP)

"I'm overjoyed. Words fail me at the moment," she said. Her supporters chanted "we shout with a voice of triumph", and claimed Ms Beckett had made history by setting an important precedent. Ms Beckett said her next step would be "fighting on right until the end". The end of the matter could come next year. NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith says the court's decision means her case for malicious prosecution would now resume. He said the main hearings were likely to take place some time next year. "Since this matter is before the court, it is inappropriate to comment further," he said in a statement. Ms Beckett's legal fight began decades ago. In 1987 she married Barry Catt, a panel beater from Taree on the NSW mid-north coast. Four years later, she was convicted of offences including attempted murder and served nearly 10 years of a 12-year jail term before a judicial inquiry found she had been set up. In 2005 the Court of Criminal Appeal quashed some of her convictions and ordered a retrial on five counts. She was cleared of maliciously wounding Mr Catt, giving false evidence by saying she did not strike him with a rock, endangering his life by causing him to ingest toxic lithium and two charges of soliciting men to murder him. When the crown decided not to proceed with the retrial on the remaining charges, Ms Beckett sued NSW, claiming malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. The NSW Supreme Court threw the case out on the basis of the 1924 legal precedent that required Ms Beckett to prove her innocence first. She lost a subsequent challenge in the NSW Court of Appeal on similar grounds.

News on Roseanne Beckett petition & Questions for NSW Government

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Wendy


Last week I published a story which laid out the terrible conspiracy by NSW police and Crown witnesses that led to Roseanne Beckett (Catt) spending ten years in prison for crimes she did not committ. The Crown and the NSW DPP continue to sanction that conspiracy. On Sunday Night, Channel 7 did a short follow up on its earlier story about the case. Reporter Rahni Sadler put this proposition to Roseanne’s ex-husband Barry Catt: You put an innocent woman in jail for 10 years. You helped to put an innocent woman in jail for 10 years. Shortly afterwards (at least in the edited version) Barry Catt asks to be excused, saying that he has an answer ‘up his sleeve’. As he departs, he thrusts his fist into his hand – suggesting to the audience that he could resort to ‘biffo’. In fact, Barry Catt has assaulted many women as the NSW DPP well knows. Even at the time of her arrest, Roseanne had charged Barry with two very serious assaults. These were part heard but were simply allowed to lapse while the NSW police got on with framing Roseanne. In their introduction, Channel 7 summarised the case this way: Roseanne had lost the best years of her life in what’s been described as a grave miscarriage of justice. But her battle is far from over: she now has to fight for compensation. Ironically Barry Catt, who has had AVO’s taken out against him by at least nine different women, did receive compensation when Roseanne was jailed that he has not had to pay back. Today Barry still claims his ex-wife is guilty, describing her as ‘Satan’ . Also on Sunday, Mary Court who first met Roseanne as a prison visitor in 1996 and has continually campaigned for her ever since, started an online petition. The Blue Mountains Gazette reported on Mary’s fight for justice for Roseanne this week.The petition calls for compensation and a public inquiry into the case. Amongst many other issues,such an inquiry would find out who was responsible for the NSW DPP being prepared to continue to rely on the word of ex-detective Peter Thomas, who had been proved to have lied in another case. Why wasn’t he charged with perjury? You can find the petition here: The first politician to sign the petition was Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon who first raised questions about this case in November 2000, not long after our first reports appeared in the SMH. (I republished those early stories on this blog.) Rhiannon later asked further questions about the police role in the case and about the case of Jake Sourian, another Thomas frame-up. I will continue to report on this story and will pursue my questions with the authorities.If the Crown had not been so determined to cover-up and there were avenues for redressing miscarriages of justice in our society, Roseanne would have been compensated years ago. As another supporter Claudette Palmer has reported the Attorney General’s department were involved in negotiations for compensation in 2006.For some unknown reason these negotiations were abandonned. Given that there has been a lot of discussion in the media about journalism, neutrality and politics this week, I thought I’d add a small comment on that topic.Some people may wonder why as a journalist, I’m promoting a petition, which is after all a form of political action. Suffice it to say here that I regard the essential obligations of a journalist as being to the evidence and the’truth’. I apply the MEAA code of ethcis which mirrors that of most organisations of journalists around the world. My views on Roseanne’s case are based on months of research over many years. But once convinced by the evidence that she had been framed, I have an obligation as a citizen and a journalist to hold power accountable. The topic of politics and journalism is a much bigger one about which I will do more posts. I’m proud to be part of a long tradition of radical journalism and last year published a chapter in Left Turn, a book edited by Antony Loewenstein and Jeff Sparrow and published by Melbourne University Press.