Muhammad Adeel (EO0-032-A) Project Proposal



Date: 22nd November 2010

Engineering Project Managment

The manual robot will collect Joss Sticks from the Common Zone to be used again during Krathong assembly. A “krathong” is a small boat usually made of cut banana stems and leaves. one manual and two automatic robots. develop understanding for such fuzzy solutions that are dynamic enough to adapt themselves according to surroundings and provide best possible solution to the problem using advanced engineering solutions. This event will held in 2011 in Bangkok. The first ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest. The objective of this project is to complete this task in a game field using multiple robots. The automatic robots will decorate Krathong by stacking one Krathong Petal and then one Flower on the Candle Base located on Sala. Task assigned to the team is expected to be completed by a group of robots using advance scientific methods and using a solution that will be most adaptable to a dynamic environment. The vibrant activity is held in Thailand on the full moon night in November every year. member countries of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) jointly agreed to organize an annual handmade robot contest to be participated by college. Objective is to ensure strong determination among the team. After that. The manual robot complete the first task by picking up three Joss Stick Pots and placing them at Common Zone before performing other tasks. The automatic robots will collect Krathong Petals and Flowers and place them at Preparation Points. After Date: 22nd November 2010 Engineering Project Managment . known as ABU Robocon. Project Definition and Objective Loy Krathong is a traditional Thai ceremony to honor the Goddess of the river. candles and joss sticks on their tiny boats before releasing them into a river and leaving them to float downstream. Thailand. Japan in 2002 after which member countries took turn to host the regional event.Muhammad Adeel (EO0-032-A) Project Proposal Project Background In 2000. Engineering Approch Our solution will consist of three robots. the manual robot will bring a Candle Base and place it at Decoration Point located on Sala. The main purpose of such problems is to perform a task that can not be properly handled by humans due to human errors. university and polytechnic students in the region. Loy Krathong revelers put flowers. The basic purpose of the project is to develop scientific and engineered solution for this Loy Krathong problem. was launched in Tokyo.

and stakeholder management as well as project control. The last deliverable will be the participation in ABU-Robocon Thailand and compete for winning. procurement. Different checkpoints will be marked and milestones will be delivered or submitted to the stakeholders. schedule. quality. schedule. All fabrication has to be done by the project team. Commencement of project activities will begin upon approval of the project plan and the resources to execute it by the Project Sponsor. The major milestone or the actual deliverable will be fabrication of highly accurate solution for the problem and the selection of CASE team for representation in annual ABU-Robocon 2011 in Thailand. resource. building of a proper game field. Project Complications/ Challenges There is a potential conflict between the goals of employing high-quality sensors and one that is of low quality but are very economical. Project Managment A project plan will be developed and submitted to the Project Sponsor for approval. The excellence of project team is very vital. There will be a real challenge because one person in our team has much experience with the relevant tools and technologies. Lastly. Other various checkpoints will be the fabrication of different robotic parts and integration of sensors and vision capabilities of robots. cost estimate. Project Delieverables Different milestones of the project include the fabrication of various robots. Included in the project plan are to be a scope statement. risk. The automatic robots will carry the completed Krathong and drop it on River Surface of its own side. Although the others will learn. budget. and provisions for scope. communications. We cannot incorporate the existing solutions available in the market. Both will somewhat give proper results.Muhammad Adeel (EO0-032-A) Project Proposal completing this task. the automatic robots will bring and drop a Candle Light Flame on top of the Candle in the completed Krathong floating on the River Surface. learners will certainly make some Date: 22nd November 2010 Engineering Project Managment . the manual robot will then place three Joss Sticks into the decorated Krathong.

Date: 22nd November 2010 Engineering Project Managment . It can be resolved such that we have enough time to train and to review the design and implementation. This problem will address this risk by scoping the project. We will manage this by planning a conservatively scoped functional core and series of functional enhancements to boost up our project. It will be of great beneficiary to all the stakeholders of project regarding their reputation and stake to the project. It will bring a lot of advancements to Pakistan as far as IT sector is concerned. Conclusion (executive summary) The successful completion of the project Robocon 2011 will surely mark a great step in the field of Science and Technology in Pakistan.Muhammad Adeel (EO0-032-A) Project Proposal mistakes and suboptimal choices. It will employ all the latest technologies available in autonomous vehicles resulting in a very fuzzy solution that will be highly adaptable to any changes in surroundings. The schedule for this project is very short.