Canberra Grammar School Task Notification CGS Year 7 RaVE ‘What I bring to RaVE’ speech

Assessment Task No: 1

Student Name

Due Date: Week Six 10-14 March 2014 Weighting: 20%

C NT!"T # $ T%! TAS& or T '(CS T )! C *!$!D +inc,u-ing text re.erences /here re,e0ant1 Introducing students to the study of Religious and Values Education at CGS • Reinforces the ideas discussed in class • Enables students to put forward their own, unique perspectives • Encourages students to discuss issues in a classroom environment • Enables students to be aware of the diversity of the class in these areas of learning

2TC M!S )!(N3 ASS!SS!D Students ill de!onstrate their ability to or" ith others to ards an understanding of the ai!s and purposes of the CGS RaVE Curriculu! • Demonstrate their ability to express themselves orally in a classroom context • Enable them to acknowledge their own background and its important place in shaping the spiritual aspect of their life • Ensure they are aware of the diversity of the CGS student body, and the important role this diversity plays in their own spiritual development

TAS& (NST$2CT( NS #reparing a $%& !inute speech to the class • Students are encouraged to write a speech that covers some or all of the following areas: • heir educational background before commencing CGS !ear Seven • heir family"s cultural background#s$ • heir family"s religious perspective #if any$ • heir own outlook on moral or ethical issues • Some aspects of their own experience of religious, spiritual and moral ideas • Students will be expected to speak for a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of three% he speech will be informal in style but will be delivered to a respectful audience & practicing this aspect of 'listening" is an important part of the task

MARKING CRITERIA: The speech will be marked according to the following criteria: Student speaks confidently and in an appropriate tone 0 ! marks Student respects the time limitations by speaking for at least " and not more 0 ! marks than # minutes Student communicates information relevant to the topic by covering his own 0 ! marks cultural and$or spiritual background. within the conte%t of his family Student demonstrates the ability to listen respectfully to other students as they 0 ! marks deliver their speeches. particularly through the encouragement of less confident students as they present Student comes to class fully prepared at the appropriate time in &eek Si% of 0 ! marks Term 'ne T'T() 0 "0 marks .