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Critical business process <insert process name> details Critical Business Process: <insert process name> Process description Process !re"uency Critical periods #ey contacts $aximum tolerable period o! disruption $anual %or&arounds description Critical business processes <insert process name> assumptions Assumptions .

.and External.nternal. Le/al/contractual )e/ulatory 0or& 1ac&lo/ 2ealth 3 *a!ety Environmental Third party relationships and interdependencies 4ther + + + + sta&eholder con!idence and /ood%illemployee morale and %ellbein/mana/ement control and capabilityand other.Critical business process <insert process name>' impact analysis Impact type <6 hrs ! hrs day !"# days $ days > $ days %ustained period &Pandemic' Comments (inancial )eputation Customer *ervice + + .

umbers Critical business process <insert process name> ' technolo/y 5includin/ .e (ecovery Point (ecovery Time /b0ective /b0ective Critical business process <insert process name> ' telecommunications analysis Telecommunications used )escription o* usa.Critical business process <insert process name>' people analysis (ole )escription o* capability / s+ill set .e .umbers Critical business process <insert process name> ' !acilities 5includin/ buildin/s and e"uipment6 analysis -acilities/sites used )escription o* usa.e (ecovery Time /b0ective .T systems/applications6 analysis IT systems/applications used )escription o* usa.

e Primary 1ocation %econdary 1ocation Critical business process <insert process name> 'interdependency analysis Internal and e2ternal interdependent processes . out o* hours contact details Alternative supplier details <Repeat business impact analysis template for each critical business process> .Critical business process <insert process name> ' vital records analysis Electronic and paper vital records )escription o* usa.ame o* client3 business partner3 vendor or service provider etc 4ey contacts includin.

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