How to InIluence People
and Get Anything You
Really Want
1ian Wang
Copyright 2001 by 1ian Wang
All rights Reserved.
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Table of Contents
Jane`s story
Chapter One:
How I Discovered The Secrets And Applied Them To
Persuade Two Big Names On The Internet To Give Me
What I Wanted
Chapter Two:
The Quickest Way To EulIill Your Desires
Chapter Three:
Do You Inhale Deeply OI Success?
Chapter Eour:
5 Steps To Writing Your Appealing Letter
Chapter Eive:
The 4 Parts oI the Complete Persuasion Process
Chapter Six:
How My GirlIriend Help Me Discover The Eorbidden
Secret OI Dispelling People's Resistance
Chapter Seven:
Persuasion Imaging In The Mind
Chapter Eight:
What's In It Eor Me?
Chapter Nine:
Driven By Desire
Chapter Ten:
People Are Creatures OI Habit
Chapter Eleven:
NLP Theory - Escape Erom The Pain And Eind Happiness -
Raise Pain Or Happiness
Chapter Twelve:
Draw A Picture In The Minds OI Others
Chapter 13:
Connection - Add BeautiIul Things And Your Intentions
Chapter 14:
Never Show Your Sword At The Beginning, Or Your
Reader Will Run Away
Chapter 15:
The Greatest Ideas In The Holy Bible
Chapter 16:
How To Close The Sale - Tell It Directly And Give A
Choice And A Reason
1ane`s Story
Jane is my best Iriend in the international cargo
Iorwarding company. As a proIessional broker, she works
with six other staII members and they deal with daily
operations at Tianjin Airport. Recently, aIter the Iormer
supervisor was transIerred to the sea Ireight department,
Jane was promoted to Operation Supervisor. It seemed like
the perIect time to celebrate. My opinion changed aIter a
discussion over dinner.
'Aren`t you happy about your new position. What`s
the matter with you?¨
'It so boring and I`m tired,¨ said Jane.
'So why not take some vacation and rest?¨ I Ielt I`d
made a sound and reasonable suggestion.
'Yes, I`d like to take a rest, but I`m aIraid my boss
won`t approve my request.¨
I thought about what she said and realized she was
stuck in a diIIicult situation. She had just become
supervisor and would be tasked with much paperwork and
would have to establish new business relationships.
Moreover, there were many newly hired employees in the
operations department. In that case, they needed a leader to
manage the oIIice work. Once Jane leIt Ior a while her new
team might have been like Iighter ships leIt without a
Ilagship. Obviously, her boss wouldn`t want something
like that.
But wait a minute! There`s hope. Instead, I can prove
to Jane that she can persuade her boss to give her several
days oI vacation without hesitation. BeIore I tell you the
secret Iormula Ior Jane`s story, I need to say some things
about the importance oI inIluence skills.
We live in the age oI persuasion. The ability to
inIluence people is one oI the most important skills that
will help you make a killer success on liIe`s battleIield.
You need to persuade your boss to give you a raise; seduce
your dream love to be your girlIriend or boyIriend;
convince your children to go to sleep immediately aIter
'Star Trek¨. Now, imagine those scenes once you`ve
mastered killer secrets oI hypnotic persuasion.
You may say, 'Well, let us see the solution Ior a real
problem.¨ It`s really a piece oI cake.
In the conversation with Jane, we know she had a goal
in mind. Remember, she wanted a vacation that`s also the
destination oI this journey. We have a 50/50 winning
opportunity Ior that goal. When we keep silent, just like
Jane, we have a total 0 winning opportunity. In that case
we must ask bravely Ior what we desire. Eor this
opportunity we should start by Iocusing on the winning halI.
(I will explain why later.) I will show you how to
maximize the winning opportunity Irom 50° to 70°, 90°
and even 100° once you talk with your boss. Yes, trust me,
you can do it! That`s the vital strategy I will teach you in
this book.
And now you will see the skills that Jane used to win
her vacation through the powerIul and eIIective persuasion
that I call, 'Hypnotic Persuasion¨.
Hypnotic Persuasion will help you:
• Convince others to obey your command without
any resistance.
• Achieve the dreams you previously thought to
be impossible.
• Easily inIluence others and gain new, lasting
• Attract more money, better health and Iind love
at the same time.
• Realize the two biggest secrets in the Holy
Bible and how to raise your success
opportunities when applied to your daily liIe.
• InIluence anyone`s mind Ireely when you
master the ancient secrets oI the hypnotic Spell!
And so much more.
Are you ready Ior the journey? Let`s begin.
Chapter One:
How I Discovered The Secrets And Applied
Them To Persuade Two Big Names On The
Internet To Give Me What I Wanted
Eirst oI all, let me introduce myselI. I am Jian Wang, a
Iormer operation supervisor oI an international cargo
Iorwarding company at Tianjin airport. "How can a
Chinese supervisor teach me how to persuade and inIluence
people and be a success in liIe? Maybe he even speaks
broken English!" You may ask this question and Ieel
uneasy. But please give me 5 minutes and keep an open
mind, and I will prove to you I can help you master the
secrets oI hypnotic persuasion because I have already
successIully persuaded two oI the greatest names online by
using my systems. Keep reading!
At the end oI 1999, I attended a Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (NLP) seminar in Beijing. In 3 days I learned
much about this advanced mental science technology and
changed a lot Irom the inside out. Back at my home, I
wanted to keep studying and get more inIormation about it.
I thereIore spent most oI my spare time searching Ior
materials in Tianjin library. I tried to Iind anything about
NLP and any work by John Grinder, Richard Bandler and
Anthony Robbins, the top guys in this Iield.
To my surprise, I Iound very little about the greatest
technology oI the 21st century. I was upset! Accordingly, I
changed my direction and surIed "my personal library
center", the Internet, and got lots oI NLP inIormation.
Because everything develops much Iaster on the Internet,
many people can share their hobby or experience and
knowledge online. Additionally, you can connect to it no
matter where you live, United States or China, whether you
click IE or Netscape, at midnight or in the aIternoon with a
cup oI coIIee. During this period, a strange click on a secret
link Iinally changed my whole liIe.
This time, I was again searching Ior "Iree e-books" on
Hotbot.com and a simple web site popped up on my
computer screen. The introduction was written like this:
How to create and sell your money-making ebook online
with Iree and nearly Iree programs". I was interested in that
website and wanted to know more. So I clicked my mouse
and entered a whole new world. The webmaster said he had
used his tactics to generate more than $14,320.00 a month
Ior his ebook sales. To top it oII, the process is totally
automatic. His bank account collects money Irom all over
the world even while he goes Iishing in Hawaii.
What he was giving me was a traIIic roadmap to
success! That being the case, I was eager to have that ebook
in my hands to study NOW! Anyway, I didn't have one
penny to my name so getting and reading that secret ebook
was impossible Ior me.
But I never gave up hope! My desire to get that book
was so strong that I trusted deeply I could in some way get
it. I was inspired by this burning spirit and tried to Iind the
Einally a CRAZY idea came into my mind. Since it is a
Iact that I had no money and yet wanted to own that
amazing ebook, my solution was to simply persuade him to
give me a Iree copy! Yes, I could persuade him to give
away a Iree copy by using my words.
It took me a whole week to come up with what to write
in a hypnotic letter. I Iinally "picked up my pen" and wrote
my true emotions on the computer screen on the night oI 23
January 2000.
I spent more than halI an hour writing my intriguing
story, turned my computer oII and went to sleep.
Early the next day, I got up, turned my computer on
and did my regular email check. I EVEN Iorget what I did
Ior the whole week at that time. I just kept looking through
the subject lines in Eox mail, my email program. Suddenly,
a BIG name appeared in my inbox column. It was him! I
got his answering email. I had quite a Ieeling at the time.
My eyes were wide open and I clicked the mouse with a
shaking hand.
Wow! He had agreed to my request. Moreover, he said
he had reIused all other requests Ior a Iree copy oI his
amazing ebook except mine. It meant I was the only one to
share his million-dollar mind without spending one penny.
That man's name is Ken Silver.
And his ebook is Ebook Secrets.
OI course, you will Iind more inIormation and all the
tactics I used to bring this about in a later bonus chapter.
I never knew I had the great ability oI hypnotic
persuasion until I came across another guru who is
regarded as one oI the greatest copywriters in the United
Eor two months I had no Iurther development in my
studies. Then I Iound a Iamous web site on Internet
Marketing hosted by Mark Joyner. One time he wrote an
article praising one oI his good Iriends. His Iriend wrote
hypnotic copy to PERSUADE readers to buy his products.
Once you read his Iirst sentence, you can't escape the spell
oI his words until you bring out your last buck.
I loved him very much and wanted to master his tactics!
Image what I ccould do iI I held his million-dollar mind in
my hands. I could control all nearby people and inIluence
others using hypnotic words.
The more I read his secret Iiles, the more I liked him. I
printed all his articles and read them until the wee hours oI
the morning. The most powerIul one was "How to
Hypnotize People into Reading Your Sales Materials!" Yes,
I couldn't sleep aIter I read it. And another one was "The
Sales Letter" that sells over and over again!
II I had had some money, I would have rushed to Joe's
house and grabbed his materials at once. What a pity that I
hadn't one penny to my name!
Anyway, I never gave up my dream oI getting his
books. Since I had already gotten Ebook Secrets Ior EREE,
I trusted I had the ability to persuade Joe to give his book to
However, this case was more diIIicult. Joe is too
Iamous! I had a GREAT idea in my mind to make him
notice me, that would make him want to write me.
In one article I noted that Joe loved reading. Luckily, I
Iound a 1947 edition letter book in a bookstore. Then I
sent him a letter and asked him iI he'd like to have it.
To my surprise, Joe answered my email. I was proud oI
COPYWRITER-IN-THE-US!!! Yes, it had developed as I
had hoped Irom the beginning. AIter that, I sent the book
and waited Ior the best time to ask Joe Ior a Iree book.
The big question now was how to write a powerIul
email that worked. I didn't know any oI the tactics Ior
writing killer copy. However, I held the unique and only
weapon to write my way through the wealth gate!
I like Joe's work very much and even love him. I just
had to choose the best time to send my persuader. So I sent
an email asking iI he had received my book. What a pity it
was that Joe had gone to Australia Ior a trip. I kept my Iaith
Ior one month. Joe Iinally went back home and sent me a
thank-you note.
I sat at the table with revived emotions! My techniques
had persuaded Ken Silver and this time it would be Joe
Vitale, a master copywriter in the United States.
"I'M NOT KIND!" Here was my subject.
Nice to hear Irom you again! Really! However, I'm not
kind as you said in last email. II you'd like, I'll tell the truth
and you'll know what I am. Keep reading!
In the beginning, I wrote something about the magic oI
how I came to know Joe Vitale.
At the end, I asked Ior the books he wrote.
I didn't send an email requesting Iree ebooks. I didn't
think I could persuade you with my writing ability. Instead,
I have another idea that you may be interested in. That's I'd
like to be your student. In the Iollowing I will tell three
Iacts that you can consider. Then you can make the
decision whether or not to accept me as your student.
1. It is a Chinese custom that a mentor can teach a
student during his liIe Ior Iree, but the student must Iirst be
a good man. The students must remember the mentor's
teachings in their liIe Iorever. AIter they Iinishing learning,
they'll serve several years Ior their mentor. I think that
maybe I'm the Iirst Chinese person to contact you.
2. That day, I Iound a large picture oI yours at another
site and saved it as wallpaper in order to respect it daily.
Just now, my mom came into my house and asked me
why I didn't put my Iather's photo on the computer.
No, it's my mentor, JOE VITALE.
But your teacher rexembles your Iather very much. I
looked at the PC more careIully.
Yes, it's true! A close resemblance. That's reason 2.
3. Since your name is Joe Vitale and my name is Jian
Wang. I Iound something interesting. The abbreviation oI
your name is JV and mine is JW. Does that mean we'll have
a relationship some day? Because W comes just aIter V,
does that mean I'll be your student?
So it's time Ior a decision. II I can be your liIelong
student, you can teach me all the way and give me your
work and knowledge Ior Iree. You wouldn't get anything
except a good student in your liIe. He will remember your
giving all oI his liIe and you will have his respect! To be or
not to be is the question. As we know, the choice is yours.
II you preIer not to, I'll understand. Anyway, please drop
me a line and tell me. Also let me know whether I can write
to you in the Iuture.
Hey! Joe wrote me that he loved my mail. Even better,
he wanted to send one oI his works to me!
I didn't stop aIter I sent my last email. I spent 30
minutes every day imagining that he'd like to be my mentor.
I was surrounded by a happy Ieeling. I even woke up Irom
a dream oI joy one night. Eull oI Iaith, I waited Ior his
AIter that I wrote my second bomb.
AIter suppertime, I started my computer and logged on
the Internet to check my mailbox. The titles popped up one
by one on the screen, and to my amazement a BIG name
came up in the sender column. "Joe Vitale"! My eyes
opened wide and my heart beat Iast enough to jump out oI
my body. I could do nothing except shout "Wow!"
I Ielt like a young man hearing a nice girl agree to a
date with him Ior the Iirst time.
I clicked the mouse with shaking hands and saw YOU
AGREED! I rushed into my parents' room and told them
this GREAT news! At that time, they understood my crazy
action. Wow! They Laughed When I Went To The Post
OIIice, But When I received your email....
What a miracle! It's unbelievable Ior us to become
Iriends!!! However, the Internet made it happen. I oIten
envy people living in the US because they can meet a
GREAT COPYWRITER IN TEXAS, read his books and
watch his pace. Anyway, I deeply hope I can shake hands
with you in the US some day!
I am just now calming down. Thank you again Ior your
kindness! I am very PROUD oI being your liIelong student.
I have nothing to give you except studying hard later on.
Eollowing is my mailing address where you can send your
works. I have no idea what you'll teach me Iirst, but I know
it must be your BEST. Thanks in advance!
Wow! Joe answered me the same day. He said my mail
moved him. It worked!
Time passed slowly. I checked my mailbox, but it was
empty every time. I also told my parents to call me iI they
received a package Irom the US.
The happy day Iinally came! I called my home and
talked to my mom. AIter greetings, my mom said that the
"package" had ARRIVED!
I almost Ilew to my house. I opened the package with
care. There were two amazing books and six tapes with his
voice on them! "I am the man who has come to hear you!"
Eour months! I spent Iour months on emotional writing
to Joe Vitale. And I Iinally got what I dreamed oI. It was a
miracle! AIter several days, I logged on to the Internet and
Iound so many people respected him and wanted to Iollow
him. I thought it unbelievable compared to what I had
achieved beIore.
In Iact, I don't have the ability to write powerIul copy
because I haven't mastered the art oI killer copywriting.
However, I believe I have the strongest secret in my mind
when I write anything. I did NOT just write words, I wrote
my true EMOTIONS! I put my REAL Ieelings in plain
writing. Simple, but it works! So what do you think about it?
The next time you want to write something that works,
please keep in mind that you must deeply believe that your
writing ability and power words coming Irom TRUE
EMOTION will help you succeed in liIe.
Since then, I have liked reading anything about ad
copy and how to write letters that sell. I collected all the
books on these subjects I could Iind in my hometown. The
more I read, the more I thought they were missing the most
important usage in daily liIe. They just taught and told you
how to close the sale. Anyway, we all live in the age oI
selling. You must sell your ideas to your boss, your
girlIriend and your parents all the time. You want others to
accept your command and obey it IaithIully. II you can take
good advantage oI what you learned Irom the sales bible,
you will make your liIe easier.
ThereIore, I went back and studied all those business
textbooks in relationship to my experience with the two
giants online. I hope what I teach you will help you achieve
your own dream just like me. Maybe you also want to go
Ior your dream, but reality always says it is impossible.
However, you can make it iI you trust your ability. And
with my help, you will take your own killer weapon to the
battleIield oI liIe. In a later chapter I will show you the
entire arsenal Ior hypnotic persuasion. You'll enjoy it.
On the other hand, I Iind Dale Carnegie's theory is
backward. At the beginning oI the last century Dale
Carnegie started his liIetime training on how to win Iriends
and inIluence people at YMCA's because he Iound millions
oI American people couldn't get along well with their
Iriends, lovers and parents. Through his best-selling book
and Iamous Dale Carnegie trainings, people Irom all Iields
developed and enjoyed Iriendlier relationships with their
workmates, lovers and even their babies.
People still Iorget they need to improve their ability to
inIluence others when they want to deal with a diIIicult
person. One-hundred years later, people are still trying to
learn how to convert enemies into Iriends. They need to
persuade the boss to give them a raise, induce girls to
become their lovers and inIluence people to their way oI
thinking and doing what they want.
In Iact, inIluence is one oI the most important skills iI
you want to make a home run in the battle oI liIe. You must
hypnotize others to do what you want without any
resistance. You must persuade your boss to choose your
business plan. You must show people you can give them
more beneIits iI they agree your idea.
And here is the good news!
When I studied Dale Carnegie's work, I Iound too
many points that don't work. Thus, I want to turn my true
experience into a secret system which can make anyone a
success when they learn the inner tips Irom this book.
This book contains many lost secrets oI hypnotic
persuasion skills Irom ancient times.
Eor example, one lesson,"The greatest secret in the
Holy Bible and how to use it to control others" WILL tell
you the most important inIormation Irom THE book. II you
master this, you'll be like an irresistible magnet when you
write anyone just some plain words.
Another lesson, "How to push people's hot buttons and
make them act now" shows what makes the Iinal decision
in their minds.
You will not Iind a book like this at your local
bookstore, because all the methods introduced in this
manual are unconventional. You will master advanced selI-
hypnosis tactics, auto-suggestion and even classic sales
theory to help you elevate your mighty ability oI hypnotic
You will enjoy the process oI becoming more
interested in people's behavior and what works best.
Moreover, all oI these tactics are simple to Iollow and easy
to master Ior your practical liIe.
Chapter Two:
The Quickest Way To Fulfill Your Desires
In this chapter, I reveal a simple and quick way you
have never heard oI to IulIill desires. It comes Irom the
research program in the NLP Iield. II you really want to
attract wealth, health and love, please read the below
careIully. You will Iind the door oI opportunity is at hand!
What you need do now is open it and discover the treasure
Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins once said, "II
you want to be successIul, Iind someone who achieved the
results you want and copy what they do, and you'll achieve
the same results."
Let me explain this!
When I attended 3-day NLP seminar in Beijing, my
tutor taught me a very important lesson. AIter two days'
teaching, we were both tired and needed a rest. To make his
talk more interesting, my tutor told some things about his
early years oI learning in the US under his genius, Anthony
Robbins. It was the Iirst time I heard about Eire-Walking.
To help people overcome their limited belieIs,
Anthony Robbins teaches his students to walk on Iire.
Everybody is encouraged to walk on hot coals. Science has
proven that people can saIely walk on those burning coals
when they walk as though they were on a playground. And
the heat won't harm people's Ieet unless they stop walking
and stand still on the burning coals. At Iirst, most people
don't believe they can conquer the Iire-walk. But they all
succeed aIter they learn three vital points to success. AIter
walking, they Ieel more comIortable about their abilities.
People realize they can achieve what was impossible to
their minds beIore.
We were eager to tery Iire walking, however our tutor
told us it couldn't be organized because oI something in his
However, he wanted to show us a special skill with
which we could make a living iI we were was Iired by our
What he taught us was a game named "Break The
Wood Boards". Eind 2 pieces oI wood board the size an
8x5 book and hold them together. Let another person hold
them up in Iront oI your. You then use your hand power to
try to break the board into pieces. It's a piece oI cake Ior a
proIessional boxer which you oIten see on TV, but it is
impossible Ior the average person!
"Never let your mind limit your powerIul actions
beIore an eIIort!", said my tutor, "AIter I tell you the three-
step secret oI success, you will make it easily no matter
what age you are, a girl or old man."
Eirst, you must copy the belieIs oI successIul people.
To make anything successIul, you must believe you
CAN make it happen and success belongs to YOU! When
you concentrate on positive thinking, your mind will target
you to only the successIul area. Moreover, you mind
will automatically open all possible gates to the solution.
Instead, iI you don't have a 100° winning belieI, you'd
better not go to the battle Iield. You will lose the game
because you have lost the game in your mind. You will
succeed when you believe you CAN WIN!
Now we had the belieI we could break the boards into
pieces in the Iirst step. Simple, but it worked.
In the second step, you duplicate the necessary success
strategy. It is explained as the art oI planning and directing
an operation in a war or campaign. You should make the
same eIIort to achieve the same result as those highly
eIIective people.
II you want to break the boards successIully, you must
study how successIul people do it. AIter research and
analysis, you get to know some vital keys to the Iinal result.
1. You don't need run 100 meters to increase your the
Iorce oI your impact on the boards. What you must do is
concentrate your whole power on your hands to create the
strongest impact Iorce.
2. There is a part in your hand which is the strongest
bone in the whole body. Once you realize that, you'll break
the boards with that strong bone instead oI you whole hand.
And that bone is lying in the connection between your hand
and your wrist which you touch now.
3. How do you increase the power to your hand? Just
shake your wrist twice strongly beIore you start to break
the boards.
Einally, you must imitate all the emotional conditions
oI eIIective people. According to the theory oI NLP, your
actions will directly inIluence your emotions and change
your Iinal behavior. As we know, a successIul boxer trusts
his ability to deIeat an enemy. This being so, he will exude
conIidence on the battle Iield. The same rule! You need to
breathe conIidence beIore the boards because you deeply
believe you can break them into pieces.
AIter my tutor Iinished telling me the whole process oI
this game, he asked Ior an assistant to hold two pieces oI
board as an example. He again explained the important
rules to us and began his eIIort to break the boards. He
Iailed the Iirst time. With one strong shout, he made it the
second time.
Then he said all people in the room were to join this
game and everyone would have a whole new Ieeling when
we Iinished.
It was easy and interesting to just listen to what he said
and demonstrated. However, it was diIIicult Ior me in my
mind to create the action . But since my tutor would check
everybody's progress, I had to Iollow the others in breaking
the boards. I stood in the middle oI the line so I could
watch what the others did Iirst.
To my surprise, everybody broke the boards into
pieces without Iail. It was a piece oI cake! I had hoped
someone would Iail. And now it was my turn!
The assistant held up three boards Ior me. Read it
again! It was three pieces instead oI two. Anyway, an idea
came into my mind which I wanted to try. Why not act like
a strong boxer? When I changed my mind and got rid oI the
limited thinking, I Ielt I could break three boards into
pieces. I Ielt I had now become stronger and more powerIul.
Taking a deep breath and Iollowing the three strategies
above, I tried with everything in my power to break those
Three boards into six pieces! I had done it. At the same
time, a happy and satisIying Ieeling poured into my heart.
One important idea came out oI my mind. That it is
possible to achieve things which you previously thought
impossible. II you can dream it, you can do it!
Those are the lessons oI that game. I hope you have not
only learned an interesting skill which you can try at home,
but also mastered the most important rule to having a
successIul liIe. In later chapters, with the help oI this lesson,
I will teach you how to master hypnotic persuasion. You
will develop success belieIs, retain many killer strategies oI
inIluence, and master emotional change. All you need do is
just COPY it! Duplicate it!
Chapter Three:
Do You Inhale Deeply Of Success?
Take a deep breath of success!
AIter resting over the weekend, I was back on work on
Monday morning. There are a Iew common operational
missions to deal with on the Iirst day oI the week because
every company must collect all shipping inIormation and
prepare Ior the next shipment. Anyway, I started worrying
about my work. Sitting at my desk, I had in mind there
would be a thousand shipments which must be handled
today. The more I thought, the more I worried. Although I
didn't have any Ieedback about incoming air cargo
shipment Irom the customer service department, I deeply
believed what I was thinking was reality. It's hard to
believe that I was able to smile at my mates and have a
strong voice on the telephone.
Suddenly, I released myselI with a simple question. It
came into my mind naturally and helped me change my
whole world. I begin smiling again and enjoying work. I
was prepared to meet every challenge and come up with a
satisIying solution.
That question is?
"Do You Inhale Deeply OI Success?"
Strange? When you trust you have enough ability to
meet every challenge and overcome it, you will Ieel very
conIident. You know that the Iinal success belongs to you
no matter what diIIiculties arise. Because you "already"
know the winning result oI the liIe game, you don't worry
about temporary losses. Once you realize that point, you'll
easily handle diIIiculties arising beIore success. On the
other hand, what you will do on the way isn't as hard as you
thought beIore.
Remember what the Bible tells us about Iaith?
"To have Iaith is to be sure oI the things we hope Ior,
to be certain oI the things we cannot see." (Hebrews 11:1)
"So what is this with hypnotic persuasion?" You may
Let me ask you a second question.
Do you believe you can influence people by your words?
Remember the Iirst step to success? Eirst, you must
copy the belieI oI successIul people.
When I Iound out about Ken Silver's amazing ebook
secret, I was eager to have it although I didn't have a dollar
to my name. I believed I could own that magic ebook
someday through legal methods. But I didn't think I had the
mighty ability to persuade him to give me a EREE copy
until that bold idea came upon my mind.
AIter I saw the article by Mark Joyner introducing the
greatest copywriter in the United States, Joe Vitale, I
KNEW I must get his book even iI I had to steal it. His
material about copywriting is too dangerous. You can
inIluence everybody with your hypnotic commands. How
to steal Joe's million dollar mind Irom a country Iar away?
It reminded me oI the case oI Ken Silver. I realized I had
the irresistible ability oI inIluence this time. I could
duplicate my last successIul story and make another hit. II I
can inIluence people with my broken English, you are born
to be a master oI hypnotic persuasion. You can copy my
belieI systems, my strategies, and even my tricks.
Just believe it!
You can inIluence anybody by your words when you
It's easy to think.
But when you think it is impossible, it destroys all
creative thinking.
Then how to avoid it and make your every belieI
possibly true?
Think out of the box! - Break the rules!
My mother oIten said what I thought was unreal and
couldn't be achieved in this world. In the beginning, I tried
to change my thinking methods and come back to reality
Irom the daydream mood. Anyway, I Iound that I was
wrong aIter I read an article about the birth oI the Monkey
The Iollowing is an interview with a monkey named
Joseph, grandson oI the greatest monkey in the history,
Monkey King, which reveals the most important secret
about how an ordinary monkey become king oI the monkey
Once upon a time, many monkeys lived in the Happy
Valley. There were many apple trees in the Happy Valley
and lots oI apples dropped to the ground when they got big
to hang in the trees. Monkeys didn't need do anything Ior a
living because they had enough apples to enjoy when they
Ielt hungry. Just pick up a ripe one Irom the ground.
Moreover, many lazy monkeys collected apples into their
caves and ate those any time. They had no worries except
death. It meant one monkey would leave the group and
could no longer enjoy the sweet apples. Then one day they
met disaster!
One day a meteorite Iell on our living earth. Many
animals died, including many monkeys in the Happy
Valley. Moreover, most oI the apple trees were destroyed
or became less productive. Erom then on, the monkeys
couldn't Iind apples on the ground because they didn't drop
Irom the high trees any more. Monkey Iamilies had to share
the apples which had been stored in the caves. OI course,
the apples would some day be gone. Many monkeys
became sick Irom the shortage oI Ioods. Every monkey
looked at the Iruits on the trees, but did nothing. Except
one named Daniel.
Little Daniel was eager to get back to happy times.
Like most monkeys, he was anxious to eat a big apple when
he looked at those high trees. One day, a crazy idea came
into his mind while he was thinking oI holding a big apple
in his hand.
"Why not "CLIMB" the trees and get that dream
He was quite happy with this great idea and ran to his
Iriends. He told several monkeys about his plan Ior saving
the monkeys. However, they laughed at him when they
heard his crazy stupid idea.
"Don't daydream! You can not do that. We would have
plenty oI apples iI everyone could climb a tree."
"But we never thought about it and went Ior it!"
"It's impossible. Remember? Impossible!"
Daniel was disappointed with their talk. Anyway, he
still looked at the apple trees and visualized having a red
apple on the top oI that tree.
"Why not try?" When Daniel Iinally realized action
would decide whether his idea was right or wrong, he paid
no more attention to those negative thinkers. Instead, he
Iocused his mind on how to climb the trees and get that
It was simple, but the start was the most diIIicult. What
he needed to do was go one mile Iurther. Keep it and it
would lead him to success. Moreover, Daniel would save
all the monkeys Irom hunger by his brave heart.
He practiced climbing the trees in his mind Ior more
than two weeks . He imagined he was already standing at
the top oI the tree. When he decided it was time to start his
long march, Daniel wake up early while others were still
dreaming. He held tightly to the tree and wanted to go
Iurther up. He tried Ior just one meter more. He was
inspired by that idea and he made it. One, two, three and?
Einally, he came to the top and Iound the sun rising.
Yes, the sky also smiled at his success. He held the biggest
red apple and shouted to his Iriends.
His Iriends and others crowded together and shouted
Ior joy. They not only celebrated having enough Iood Ior
the Iuture, also they were happy to have such a genius
monkey in their group. Naturally, Daniel was selected as
their leader and changed his name to Monkey King.
Later, Monkey King helped everybody learn how to
climb the trees and get their own Iood everyday. They lived
a happy liIe Irom then on?
You can see that an ordinary monkey even thought
"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE". What do you think when you
meet diIIiculty?
Belief - The Importance of Belief
What you think determines what you are. Once you
have a burning belieI, you'll open all the doors oI
opportunity. Your attentions will be concentrated on the
aspect oI success. That's the law oI attraction.
Let me give you an example.
I planned to go to a downtown book club in aIter work.
While riding in the company bus, the weather was quite
Iine. However, there were heavy clouds in the sky just aIter
I got oII the bus. It seemed that there was be a rainstorm
coming. I had to decide whether to go to the book club or
take a taxi on home.
I went into a chain store and thought Ior a while. I still
wanted to Iind my Iavorite work oI Joe Vitale's so I leIt that
store and walked under the clouds. But in my mind, a
strong voice said to me:" there won't be any rain even
though there are many clouds in the sky." I trusted my
belieI and walked in a relax mood. I smiled at the people
who were riding home Iast. They were worried about the
coming rain.
"It doesn't matter iI I get caught in a rainstorm. Instead,
I can enjoy the rhythm oI a spring rain. It will be a romantic
experience!" While thinking this, my heart became more
relaxed and calmer. No matter what happens, I will enjoy
the adventures inside because oI the balance in my mental
belieI system.
It started to rain a little bit. I got conIused about my
strong belieI in the beginning. Why rain? Maybe there were
some lessons I needed to study later. But I didn't know then.
I walked under the trees and Iinally came to my dream
book club.
Wow! Great music, cool air conditioning and beautiIul
books Ior taste. I spent more than an hour reading and
almost Iorgot the passing time and rain outside. At last, I
selected one rare copy oI "The Little Prince", leIt the book
club and Iound?
There was a red sun over my head. I now knew the
answer to the quiz.
Not matter what the diIIiculty you meet, you will
journey to the success terminal when you hold a strong,
IaithIul belieI in the beginning.
Since I had constantly trusted there wouldn't be any
rain, a little rain was just a test Ior my belieI. AIter the test,
you get the blessing oI a beautiIul sun and blue sky!
But you may ask, when reality says it is impossible,
how do I handle it? How do you keep the Iaith when
everything is against you?
Just think in a positive way and hold on! Trust that
Iinal success belongs to you! Think oI all the things which
will bring you your Iinal goal. Eollowing is a Iavorite poem
help you see the light in the dark sky. You gain mighty
power when you Iace serious tests with your heart. You
must Iirst Iight the enemy in your heart.
Don't Quit
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the Iunds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest iI you must, but don't you quit.
LiIe is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one oI us sometimes learns,
And many a Iellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow-
You may succeed with another blow.
OIten the goal is nearer than
It seems to a Iaint and Ialtering man;
OIten the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is Iailure turned inside out-
The silver tint oI the clouds oI doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems aIter;
So stick to the Iight when you're hardest hit,-
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.
Author Unknown
True Story: How to Own a MasterCard or Visa.
Here I reveal a top secret which I never told anybody
except my parents. What I write here is to inspire you to go
Ior your dreams.
There is a MasterCard in plain view on my desk. The
cardholder's name, Jian Wang, and card number are printed
clearly on the Iront. Anyway, prior to two years ago
owning that international credit card was only an
impossible dream.
I Iirst learned about credit cards while surIing the
Internet and looking Ior inIormation needed about Ioreign
edition books online. I oIten encountered order Iorms at the
bottom oI every web page when I wanted to buy a useIul
book or gain instant access to an e-book. At that time, I
learned Ioreign people just like you could pay online and
get their books or computer by Iilling in their card number.
The more oI those pages I saw, the stronger my desire to
own a Visa Card.
I had a goal in my heart and knew I must have my own
credit card iI I wanted to order something online. So I
asked several banks Ior inIormation about Ioreign credit
cards. To my surprise, all the banks reIused my request
because they didn't have such cards Ior Chinese people.
I didn't give up. I got to know a Iriend in Shenyang, in
the northeast part oI China, who had his Visa through an
unknown bank. I hurried to the telephone and asked how he
owned that card. When I Iound the headquarters oI that
bank is located in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, I made
another phone call and requested an application Iorm.
To my regret, they only accepted members who owned
businesses whose yearly proIit was about one million
dollars. Obviously, I didn't own my company and I couldn't
go that way.
I still didn't give up. I believed in my heart I would
have my own Visa some day. So I kept searching. I
changed my path and thought about Ioreign banks in China.
Many Ioreign banks such as CITI and HSBC had oIIices in
main cities in China. I called Tianjin Branch OIIice oI
HSBC and a man answered my question.
AIter listened to my request Ior a credit card, he kindly
told me HSBC didn't have such business oIIer currently. As
Iar as he knew, Chinese banks didn't have those services
either. Anyway, he suggested I ask other banks Ior a credit
card. Maybe there would be a solution!
I took his advice, however, the more I asked, the more
banks reIused me. The more I got reIused, the more
determined I became to succeed. I had to have my Visa
card because I had gotten so many Nos.
And a piece oI news in the paper changed the whole
thing that aIternoon.
I never read business-type newspapers, but I made an
exception that aIternoon. When I Iirst saw the
title"Business Today", I asked Ior a copy. I purchased one
and happily read it.
One piece oI news Irom the Master Card Company
intrigued me because I was so eager to have my own
Master Card or Visa. This was like an ad which told a story
about how to help children live happily through having a
credit card. You can have a credit card at home and have a
duplicate card Ior your children. Because your children
can't have their own credit card in school, you have to send
money each time by Bank oI China. It was so expensive
and dangerous. Anyway, it's diIIerent when your son has a
credit card through you. You can pay the bill at the end oI
each month. No need to send money any more! What you
do is just go to your nearest Bank oI China and ask Ior an
application Iorm. Save $500 in your card account, and
you'll have a Master Card or Visa.
Wow! That was it!
You may know the result. I picked up the Iorm Irom
the Bank oI China in my city. AIter about 15 days, I had
my own Master Card. One day later, I ordered an e-book
online named "Hypnotic Writing" as my birthday giIt.
Now I smile at my Master Card laying quietly on my
desk. -!
Secret: Use Self-Suggestion Before You Take Any
I will teach you more useIul tips about selI-suggestion
in later chapters. Here is one tip.
Use a simple sentence to express your goal every day
with strong Iaith!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
I CAN persuade Ken Silver to give me his Ebook
Secret for FREE!
The more you tell it to your mind, the more you
believe. Einally, it will become a piece oI cake in your
heart. All your Iocus will be on how to achieve that project.
With your imagination you'll Iind a solution.
Chapter Four:
5 Steps To Writing Your Appealing Letter
You must write a hypnotic persuasion letter to help
you achieve all your goals! Get the boss to give your a raise,
induce that beautiIul blue-eyed girl to be your lover and
persuade your mother to buy a BMW Z3 Ior you this
Give me twenty minutes and I'll teach you step-by-
step my secret writing your own success system. II you
Iollow this 5 steps Iormula oI writing, you'll never Iail in
this age oI persuasion. Keep reading!
My 5-step Iormula consists oI
1. Eind Your Goal and Purpose Ior Writing
2. Write Down Your Goal
3. Visualization
4. Write Like You Talk (KISS rule)
5. Make It PerIect
Let me explain it to you step by step!
Find Your Goal and Purpose for Writing
Every success begins with a simple goal which
includes hypnotic writing. You should come up with your
main goal Ior writing. SUCCESS÷GOAL¹DEADLINE.
Once you set your writing goal in your mind, you'll know
the path to success. You must hold that point when you
want to really achieve something valuable. Please see the
example below.
Bad: I just write.
Good: I want to write this letter to persuade Joe to
give me a book Ior Iree!
Better: I certainly CAN write a hypnotic letter to
persuade Joe to give me a book Ior Iree beIore 01 July 2001.
Write Your Goal Down
Have you ever read the story oI John in Jack CanIield
and Mark Victor Hansen's original Chicken Soup Ior the
Soul? On one rainy day, when it was too wet outside to
play, he decided to write a list oI goals. John continued
writing until he had 127 goals. These goals included
exploring the Nile River, climbing high mountain peaks
around the world and learning 3 Ioreign languages. Do you
know the result?
OI the 127 goals that he listed over 60 years ago, John
has achieved 108.
Because he
Wrote It Down!
You must write it down on your desk, your wallet,
your bath room and even on the wall in your men's room.
Every time you see that bold goal, you'll notice you must
take action now. With many repetitions, the words
themselves will send a mighty command to your
subconscious mind to make your dream into reality. Try it
In the Bible it is written "Delight thyselI also in the
Lord; and he shall give thee the desires oI thine heart."
(Psalm 37:4) Also it says to us "Eor as he thinketh in his
heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart
is not with thee." (Proverbs 23:7)
You mind think uses images instead oI words.
ThereIore, Imagination X Vividness ÷ Reality.
Learn to meditate. Then do it. No miracle will ever
happen iI you neglect this step. You can practice writing
and persuasion skills in your mind. Practice makes perIect!
Write Like You Talk (KISS rule)
You can't write one sentence, right?
But you CAN talk non-stop about anything Ior a
whole day, right?
Put your talk in writing. That's your masterpiece.
Simple, right?
It works! Keep It Simple Stupid. Write like you talk.
Wite to your best Iriend. Write to your dream lover! You
aren't aIraid where to start, go and stop. What you say to
your listeners is hypnotic and magic in print.
Make It Perfect
You can't achieve your goal with just one word or an
attractive headline, right?
You can persuade anybody with your whole message.
The sentence, structure and word combination make you a
winner. You must think about the organization oI your
material. Every word. Every sentence. Every punctuation
mark. Remember everything has a common Iunction Ior
your result. You are not training a MVP oI the year. You
must own a Dream Team.
Chapter Five:
The 4 Parts of the Complete Persuasion Process
I didn't realize I had Iollowed that Iamous Iormula
used by all great copywriters Ior well over one hundred
years when I successIully persuaded some online giants.
And its name is "AIDA". A-I-D-A stands Ior attention,
interest, desire, and action.
In Iact, you'll also create your own hypnotic
persuasion with the help oI this 4-step-Iormula. Since what
the copywriter does is persuade you buy the goods, you can
also apply that strategy to all areas oI your liIe because we
all live in the age oI selling.
Let me give you the example oI Joe Vitale.
Get Attention
People are selIish creatures! They don't care about
what you want. They only care Ior what they want. You
must make an irresistible oIIer to them at the beginning oI
your persuasion process.
People receive a lot oI material daily. Do you know
what they do when they encounter a boring email in their
AOL mailbox?
Quite right! They delete it or send it to the trash box.
You do the same thing every day, right?
ThereIore, what you write in the subject line is vital
Ior your main letter. II what you write in the headline
doesn't grab their attention, you lose them and you lose the
sale. When you write a common or poor headline, you lose
your readers. A poor subject will keep you Irom getting
anything Irom them.
You must put most oI your eIIorts into your headline,
the Heart oI your letter. The more intriguing your headline,
the better chance your readers will read your message. The
killer tactics oI writing a perIect headline is to have a
BENEEIT inside.
When I wanted to persuade Joe Vitale to become my
liIetime teacher, I wrote him a series oI letters. Eor the
subject oI my Iirst email, I used a question: "Do you want
to receive THAT amazing letter book?" I had read his
article Ior more than one month trying to discover his
hobby. I Iound he likes books very much, as he wrote "I'm
a bookaholic. I write them, read them, buy them, review
them, promote them, collect them, and cherish them." An
amazing letter book wouldn't be reIused! I believed he
would read my Iollow-up letter because I would do the
same thing.
Build Interest
You are halI-way there when your readers start to
Iollow your message. What you do next is build interest.
Add more beneIits to your "product". Your readers need
more inIormation about what they want, so give them more
oI what they want. Write the meat to them. You can write a
hypnotic story to reduce their resistance and increase their
subconscious emotions. It will help you achieve your
persuasion mission. OI course, what you say here will have
a direct connection to your main goal. Step by step to your
To make Joe Vitale interested in my letter book and
want to quickly have it, I wrote my discovery story.
"I know you like books very much. I have the same
hobby, so I would like to send you a rare original 1947
edition letter book which I Iound in a used-book store. It
consists oI many Iamous writers' letters to their Iriends. II
you would like, I will mail it to you Ior Iree. Just let me
know it you would like to have it."
To my surprise, Joe Vitale answered me. He thanked
me Ior my kindness and gave me his mailing address.
As you can imagine, I took the book and went to the
post oIIice. I was ready to mail it to Texas in the United
States Irom P.R.China. Suddenly, an idea popped into my
mind and I changed my direction.
You must have a dramatic development Ior your story.
I decided on a trick here. I couldn't send it just now. Joe
wouldn't appreciate it very much iI it was so easy to get. I
had to build more interest. Something that is hard to get is
the most desirable.
I returned home and sent a second email to Joe.
"I'm sorry to say that book was bought by another
reader just beIore me. Anyway, I got his telephone Irom the
bookstore. I'll try to contact him and get that amazing book.
Please wait Ior my good news."
A day later, I wrote "No news" to Joe. I believed Joe
would eagerly hope to get that book.
3 days later. "Good news! I have contacted him and
got THAT book Ior a large price. However, I am keeping
my promise. To give you the main idea oI that work, I'll
include its contents as an attached Iile."
And now you know that Joe couldn't wait to see it. I
had Iinished my task oI building interest.
Create Desire
People do things in order to IulIill their inner desires.
Once you understand their heartIelt desires, you can easily
inIluence people and let others help you achieve all your
goals. I will tell you the newest discovery in the scientiIic
world about 16 desires that motivate people in a later
chapter. BeIore you master that killer weapon, you can test
your knowledge. Please guess which desire I used Ior
In order to persuade Joe to become my liIetime tutor, I
listed the three reasons you can see at the beginning oI this
book. I'll repeat them Ior your reIerence.
"I didn't send that asking mail at the end. I didn't think
I could close you with my writing ability. Instead, I have
another idea that you may be interested in. That is that I'd
like to be your student. Eollowing are three Iacts you can
think about. Then you can decide whether I can be your
student or not.
1. It is a Chinese custom that a mentor can teach a
student during his liIe Ior Iree, but the student must Iirst be
a good man. The students must remember the mentor's
education in their liIe Iorever. AIter they Iinish learning,
they serve their mentor Ior several years. I think that maybe
I'm the Iirst Chinese person to contact you.
2. I Iound a large picture oI yours at another site and
saved it as wallpaper in order to show my respect daily.
Just now, my mom came into my house and asked me
why I didn't put my Iather's photo on the computer.
No, it's my mentor, JOE VITALE.
But your teacher resembles your Iather very much. I
looked at the PC more careIully.
Yes, it's true! A very close resemblance. That's reason
3. Your name is Joe Vitale and my name is Jian Wang.
I Iound something interesting. The abbreviation oI your
name is JV and mine is JW. Does this mean we'll have a
relationship some day? Because W comes just aIter V, does
that mean I'll be your student?
Call for Action
I read an ad Ior serial learning typesets in the
newspaper. Great headline and interest! It also used
testimonials to sell its product. Moreover, it also listed 10
reasons to buy it now. Good stuII! Although I didn't need
that material, I wanted to order it as soon as possible.
To my regret, I Iound no order Iorm or order
inIormation. Instead, only several telephone numbers Ior
Iurther contact. I would have to call the operator to get the
order inIormation. But I am too lazy to put the eIIort into
Iinding where and how to order those tapes. I know you are
the same. II you want to close your sale, you must make a
call to action with a clear order Iorm and order inIormation.
Persuasion is the same! You must tell the readers what
you want them to do Ior you! Tell them directly and clearly.
No puzzles here! Never hesitate to show your sword or
you'll lose the best time to "kill" your readers. They are
lazy to take action! A clear and direct command is better
than anything else. You'll increase the winning percentage
oI your sales and persuasion dramatically with that simple
Chapter Six:
How My Girlfriend Help Me Discover The
Forbidden Secret Of Dispelling People's
I was nearly in tears!
Because I had lost $3,000 dollars in one minute.
But there was cause Ior joy!
Because my girlIriend helped me discover the
Iorbidden secret oI dispelling people's resistance at the
beginning oI a standard hypnotic persuasion. Want to know
why? Keep reading!
We all know why people ignore salespersons. We are
tired oI their character and the tricks they want to play on
us. The same as persuasion. We are tired oI daily spam
letters. Do you read on when you encounter a try-to-sell-
you-something-trash letter?
Quite right! Throw it in the dustbin. We ignore its
language and the rest oI the article.
Let us move on. Why does everybody ignore what you
sell in all methods?
Have you noticed a child's behavior? When a little
child is born, it must make many decisions in liIe with the
help oI its parents. It's obvious that children have diIIerent
behavior standards than their parents.
However, the child can't act as it wishes. Instead, it is
ALWAYS under the control oI its parents. It has no choice
as Iar as its desires. But deep down it reIuses to accept the
commands it receives.
Practice makes perIect!
I DON'T believe what you say! I am sure that's what
you think when you see many ads on TV or in magazines.
But how do you successIully dispel resistance when
you try to persuade people to act as you wish? I considered
this question Ior several days and had no solution until
today. In Iact, this chapter is the most diIIicult part oI
writing this book.
I almost gave up and moved on to something else!
And I would have missed the best chance Ior?
I decided to have a solution today. Although I had
checked all the books on my bookshelI about persuasion
and communication, there was no satisIying answer Ior this
question. I did Iind an invitation card to a super success
seminar by Steve Chen in my notebook.
I made a call and asked several questions such as the
price oI the subconscious mind tape and textbook. The
assistant tutor on the line was very kind and helped me get
more inIormation about this coming NLP seminar in the
city oI Beijing, China. At the end oI the talk, she gave me a
piece oI news that shocked me to silence.
She told me iI I hurried, I could attend this 2-day class
Ior only $1,000 instead oI the $2,500 in the ad notice. But I
had to act beIore tomorrow. It meant today was the last day.
$1,000 Ior a 2-day-class! Unbelievable!
Anyway, I didn't take that much money to work. I
would have to go to the bank Ior more money iI I wanted to
register a seat today. I didn't believe what I had heard and
made another call Ior conIirmation.
$1,000! In order to reward people who take quick
action Ior a successIul liIe, Steve Chen gave a limited-time
My heart had Ilown to the bank! However, I had to
walk 30 minutes to the bank Ior money. Moreover, I would
have to sleep 2 nights in Beijing and I don't enjoy sleeping
Iar Irom my home. I thought about it Ior several hours.
Time Ilies Iast. It was noon. I remembered I could get
some suggestions Irom my girlIriend. Wait a minute!
Maybe she wouldn't like me attending this class because
she couldn't see me Ior that two days. It would be like two
years Ior us. And she needed my help that weekend.
So I gave up my idea.
Then I got a phone call Irom my girlIriend. She asked
me some things about my Internet business. AIter that, I
told her:" I had hoped to call you about a seminar."
"What course?"
"It's about success! It begins on 1 September and is Ior
two days in Beijing."
"I can't attend it because I have a meeting that day",
she said. She had misunderstood me.
"The price is so amazing. In the notice it is $2,500, but
iI we hurry, we can get it Ior $1,000 per person." I
compounded her mistake.
"Wow! That is a great savings. I can't believe it!"
"Nobody does! My total attention was Iocused on that
Iree $1,500. But I overlooked the Iact I had to pay $1,000
Ior that class. The same as you, you just notice the savings
instead oI the money you pay Ior the clothes. Oh. I know
the solution. You can give substance that grabs people's
attention; you can help your readers realize that what you
want them to do will beneIit them. That's the Iorbidden
secret oI dispelling people's resistance."
You remember what I said at the beginning oI this
chapter, that I wanted you to know how my girlIriend help
me discover the Iorbidden secret oI dispelling people's
resistance. I am sure you want to discover more. That's an
irresistible oIIer. You'll be happy to Iollow my pace.
Sentence by sentence, you can change the direction oI your
conversational topic. I don't sell you anything at Iirst, I
connect you to the sales process. Learn it because it works!
Chapter Seven:
Persuasion Imaging in the Mind
While attending the university, I oIten played billiards
with my classmates. Some oI them played like
proIessionals so it was hard to win. Anyway, I didn't want
to lose every game and pay the bill. That being the case, I
had to use some tricks to win them. How? I hoped I knew
then. When they tried to hit the black ball, I just stood on
the opposite and Iocused my mind on thinking he CAN
NOT hit that ball successIully.
To my surprise, he missed the ball every time when I
projected my thoughts. I didn't know why, but I noticed I
Ielt very tired when I played each game. Maybe thinking
took some energy Irom my body. However, I used the same
trick to win every important game in the club. Then I read
more cases about?
If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!
Let us Iirst see a scientiIic test.
Some scientists divided many average people into
three groups. They played basketball at the same level aIter
a hot match. Each group was given diIIerent instructions.
Group A was told to not play basketball Ior two weeks.
Group B was told to practice basketball Ior 30 minutes
daily. And the people in group C were told to just think
about winning a basketball game Ior 30 minutes in their
AIter two weeks, the scientists held another basketball
game and wrote down the results. Ddid you expect these
It was obvious there was no change in group A.
And it's also understandable that group B had a 24°
better record aIter two weeks oI practice.
How about group C? Did they make a great change?
Think about it Ior a second.
The result is AMAZING! AIter two weeks oI only
mental practice, the people Irom group C achieved 23°
better results! You must know that they hadn't touched a
real basketball, it was all mental.
Do you consider this to be magic? Let us take a look at
medical treatment this time.
A report Irom England said an uncurable patient had
recovered by means oI thinking in a certain way. Because
the patient was considered uncurable by conventional
means, the doctors decided to use a diIIerent way to try to
heal his disease.
The doctors told him they would give give him deep
treatment and would observe everyday developments. The
only work the patient had to do was visualize a soldier
inside himselI beating the illness and killing the virus. And
the patient believed IaithIully daily.
To their surprise, the cancer inside the patient
disappeared aIter halI a year!
Do you understand more aIter these two stories?
We won't discuss the details oI these two amazing
things at this time. But we must realize thinking WORKS!
In Iact, you become what you think. You can decide on liIe
or death through the power oI your thinking! Moreover,
you can also choose the quality oI your liIe.
The next time you have a goal in mind, no matter what
you want to get in liIe, you must Iirst imagine you have
already gotten what you want and think a successIul picture
in your mind and hold the picture anywhere, any time. In
this way, your dream will become reality some day!
DeIinitely! Remember nothing is impossible.
Just dream it!
Hidden Persuasion
Theaters in New Jersey once ran an experiment during
a movie. They put some advertisements into the Iilm in
Ilash so the movie-goers wouldn't notice them. The ad
simply told people to buy a soIt drink outside the theater.
The result was amazing! 40° oI the people rushed into the
chain store to buy the brand drink aIter the movie.
The copywriter explained although the eyes don't
recognize the advertisement, the subconscious mind will
receive and totally accept suggestive inIormation without
The Power of Thought
Thought has power!
Let me ask you a question. In what state does a person
use the least energy when he is awake?
You're right! In the state when he lies inactively on the
But you're also wrong this time! In the state when he
lies on the bed without any action including thinking.
No thinking! Do you think so? You bet!
Thinking takes energy, but where does this energy go?
It is transIerred into other powers which can either make
your dreams come true or destroy your creative thinking. It
all depends on the direction you want to go, positive road
or negative way.
Obviously, we know what we think daily aIIects our
real liIe. The more we think in a positive way, the more
chance we have oI achieving our dream goal which we can
see in the Iuture. The truth is diIIicult to believe, but you'll
make your own way when you trust what you think in your
mind. That's your own best Iuture!
In this way, you can imagine the sense oI persuasion
in your mind without conIlict. What you think will increase
your persuasion skills dramatically. You must think
positive all the time and believe in your mind you have
successIully persuaded others in order to get what you want.
We call it the "Mind Game". It's an invisible power you can
More and more reports have shown that many
successIul golI players and other sportsmen have used this
advanced technique to improve their scores without any
real practice. Even more, many businessmen become more
conIident and deal more powerIully with their daily liIe
using such secrets. You can become that person in your
mind. What it is will depend on your thinking. A handsome,
attractive and gentle man or a cute, lovely and beautiIul girl.
All can be achieved when you decide to do your 15 minutes
oI thinking daily.
Remote Influence
Do you want to have invisible persuasion to inIluence
people who are Iar away? It's really magic and you may
think it unbelievable. But I Iind the solution is through your
mind images.
Joe Girard, No.1 salesman in the world, once wrote in
his Iamous "How to Close Every Sale", that a successIul
salesman must start his thinking job beIore he tries to sell
something to his customer. You must think and think and
think all the time in your mind. What you do every step is
just make sure the people will and must buy your product.
OI course, those thinking this don't let the others know.
Moreover, this "brainwashing" will enter your
customer's subconscious mind directly and will help them
make a decision to buy or purchase. Eor example, when the
above cinema repeats the saying "You Ieel more and more
thirsty! You should drink 7-UP now!" AIter a while, people
line uup outside the cinema Ior 7-UP. ThereIore, you must
repeat the thought unceasingly! When you do this, you do
the same thing as the cinema---SEND buying signals To
your customer's subconscious mind. Notice that what you
think will be sent and received regardless oI time and/or
distance and eventually inIluence someone's behavior.
That's the most important lesson I want you to grasp today.
"The greatest discovery oI my generation is that
human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes
oI mind. We need only to act as iI the thing in question
were real and it will become inIallibly real by growing in
such a connection in our liIe, that it WILL become real. II
you only care enough Ior a result you will almost certainly
obtain it. II you wish to be rich, you will be rich; iI you
wish to be learned, you will be learned; iI you wish to be
good, you will be good."
From William James, Harvard psvchologist
Chapter Eight:
What's In It For Me?
Do you visualize what your readers will get Irom your
material when you pick up your pen or put your Iingers on
the keyboard?
Your readers will hold your paper and try to discover
"what's in it Ior me"?
They do want to Iind something they really need Irom
your writing. And what you do is just to Iind their inner
needs and try your best to satisIy them. Give and receive!
You must give Iirst. What do you give them?
Claude C. Hopkins wrote in his world-Iamous
ScientiIic Advertising book, "Remember the people you
address are selfish, as we all are. They care nothing
about your interests or profit. They seek service for
themselves. Ignoring this fact is a common mistake and
a costly mistake in advertising."
You should give them a reason to read on and Iind
more because you can achieve your persuasion goal by
getting them to read your entire message. Eollow along and
you will discover the greatest Iorbidden secret in the
history oI Ancient Egypt. Keep reading!
I'm sure you will read this line. You want to Iind and
know the details.
Always tell the reader, in speciIic terms, exactly what
he'll get, Iind out, discover or be able to achieve by taking
the action you want him to take.
A Iull beneIit-packed message!
They need beneIits, Iree giIts, and great surprises Ior
themselves. You need to explain those beneIits. You'll Iind
and gain big surprises as you read on. You'll even learn
how to persuade your boss to give you a raise without any
I sat beIore my boss (our station manager comes Irom
Hong Kong) and thought about how to get a raise. He was
writing an email on the notebook Ior an urgent shipment. I
had the clever idea oI beginning when he looked at me,
smiled, and asked: "Do you have any questions?"
"Yeah! I want you to know there are some questions
here in the airport oIIice. Although I never told you
anything about them, they do exist. However, we have
already solved those problems." I didn't start with the main
"We don't get the same treatment as the other staII in
the main oIIice. Many people believe that we don't have
more work to deal with. They think all my staII has Iree
time all day long."
"In Iact," I continued, "Our drivers should pick up
cargo Irom downtown and deliver it to Beijing airport aIter
bringing us to work. Most oI the time they don't have time
Ior lunch until 3 o'clock. Moreover, we oIten must come to
the airport oIIice on weekends Ior hand-carry cargo. When
we want to contact the main oIIice Ior cargo tracking
inIormation, all the people have gone home and we can't
take Iurther action because oI this unnecessary delay."
"Go on, please." My boss has Iollowed my pace.
"In my opinion, operations should be team work
instead oI a one-person operation. So everybody must
develop his best perIormance to achieve the common goal
oI the group. Everybody is important Ior group success.
You can't lose one person. On the other hand, we can't
succeed iI the customer service staII doesn't provide us the
correct tracking inIormation. We need their help and best
"Eurthermore, our great progress will make their work
more eIIective! When we Iinish every job successIully, the
customer service staII will have less work and more energy
to increase sales. They must explain to Motorola why we
can't export the shipment on time iI we have poor
perIormance. We don't need that whether we do well or not.
However, I think Motorola will be satisIied with our
service iI we do the best supporting work at the airport."
"Yes, we hold a regular meeting at Motorola Ior the
annual perIormance oI diIIerent cargo agents." My boss
interrupted my words and wanted to give me more Iacts.
"Each year Motorola arranges a meeting Ior the
Iorwarding company to discuss the logistics record.
Motorola helps all cargo agents increase their progress Ior
the next year. In Iact, you will get poor marks iI your
record is rather low in that year. In other words, you may
lose your biggest customer. I attended the meeting this time
and Iound they submitted many problems with Beijing
airport. And they had no questions about Tianjin airport."
"Well, you see how it is." I was happy to get powerIul
inIormation to help me complete my persuasion.
"Obviously, the main oIIice staII will make more sales
and gain more energy when we give our best perIormance.
Anyway, the problem is that they don't get along well with
the staII at Tianjin airport. Maybe the people in the main
oIIice don't understand the real operations process. But I
think the main reason is attitude. They don't pay more
attention to requests Irom the airport because they think the
work in the Iield isn't as important as in the main oIIice."
"So I hope you can increase my staII's salary based on
their work record." I mentioned my goal Ior the Iirst time.
"To solve that problem, you can give us a raise at the
correct time. II you give everybody at the airport an
increase in salary, you will get dozens oI beneIits in return.
In Iact, what we do every day is just Ior salary. But a higher
salary will show that you know people at the airport work
hard and you think the airport is a key sector in the
company Ior all staIIs. Moreover, our staIIs will get the
signal that we hold an important part in your heart even
though in some people's viewpoint we are regarded as
common. On the other hand, people in the main oIIice will
change their relationship with us iI they know we have a
key position in the mind oI our boss. I think the work will
be easier and more eIIective. Naturally, we will increase
our sales and proIits beIore the end oI this year. That's a
cycle. And this will be thebrilliant result oI just a small
raise Ior only Iive people at the airport." I ended my talk
and saw my boss with a little smile.
I knew he would surely get higher proIits and more
sales so that he would achieve more success in his position.
What I said just now gave him those beneIits and it was
also reasonable. He nodded and agreed.
"I know this isn't best time Ior a raise, but I will think
about this and give you a satisIactory answer." My boss
kept his composure, but I KNEW I had made a hit.
In two months, Iive people in the company got more
than a 20° raise. However, others kept the same salary as
And we also had an increase oI 45° in sales and
proIits that year.
Chapter Nine:
Driven by Desire
In Dale Carnegie's works, he stated there was ONLY
one secret to move people, and that Iew knew it.
In order to move people, you must give them what
they really want!
So what they really want? A Rolex watch or an Acer
What people really have is a burning desire to be an
important person!!! That's a human being's basic instinct.
Let me explain it through scientiIic discovery.
A member oI the Chicago dynasty oI psychologists
and sociologists, Abraham Maslow published his theory oI
human motivation in 1943. Its popularity continues
unabated. Like his colleague Carl Rogers, Maslow believed
that actualization was the driving Iorce oI human
personality, a concept he captures in his 1954 book,
Motivation and Personalitv.
"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a
poet must write, iI he is to be ultimately at peace with
himselI. What a man can be, he must be."
Maslow's great insight was to place actualization into
a hierarchy oI motivation. SelI actualization, as he called it,
is the highest drive, but beIore a person can turn to it, he or
she must satisIy other, lower motivations like hunger,
saIety and belonging. The hierarchy has Iive levels.
1. Physiological (hunger, thirst, shelter, sex, etc.)
2. Safety (security, protection Irom physical and
emotional harm)
3. Social (aIIection, belonging, acceptance, Iriendship)
4. Esteem (also called ego). The internal ones are selI
respect, autonomy, achievement and the external ones are
status, recognition, attention.
5. Self actualization (doing things)
I think you will get a lot Irom above statements.
Anyway, Joe's newsletter changed my mind Iorever about
the motivation oI human beings. His theory is quite
diIIerent Irom Maslow's discovery. You should subscribe
to Joe Vitale's News You Can Use! newsletter. It is Iull oI
the million dollar marketing mind and Iruit in each month's
issue. Moreover, you can read it online iI you missed a
back issue. So go to his web site at www.mrIire.com and
get a copy now!
In the October 2000 issue he wrote the shocking news
that changes our minds about human being's desires and
Iinally helps us control people's behaviors more eIIectively
and easily.
Here's his message.
"On June 15, 1998, Ohio State University proIessor
and psychologist Steven Reiss issued a press release
announcing his latest research results. The story made
headlines around the world. It caused controversy and
turned heads upside down.
It could very well change your liIe. What was his
disturbing news?
Reiss discovered that Maslow---and everyone else
who thought they understood human behavior---was wrong.
Reiss discovered there are 16, and only 16, basic
desires that motivate our actions and deIine our
And it's a list no one had ever seen beIore."
So what on earth are the 16 basic desires that motivate
our behaviors?
You can Iind the answer by attending his $1,500 e-
class named "Advanced Hypnotic Writing." Anyway, I
didn't have that much money so I didn't know the answer.
But I wanted to dig it out.
So I prayed to Iind those shocking Iacts about human
behavior. You can control anybody Ior anything you want
them to do iI you master the Iorbidden secrets oI 16 desires.
Send you a check, give you a kiss, or regard you as a
GodIather. Everything happening in your dreams becomes
a daytime reality.
I surIed the Internet trying to Iind this inIormation, but
Iailed. There is nothing about that guru except ordering
inIormation Ior his Iamous book named "Who Am I? The
16 Basic Desires That Motivate Our Action and DeIine Our
I didn't give up. The more I SEARCHED the better the
chance I could Iind the answer. The more I searched, the
closer I came to the target! I was excited because I would
Iinally Iind the secrets.
And I won again.
By accident I read a report named "15 Desires That
Control Human Being Behavior" in the Tonight Newspaper.
The Iamiliar title was Reiss research.
Wow! That was the report about Steven Reiss.
Here it is.
"There are 16 desires that motivate us, researchers say.
Steven Reiss, proIessor oI psychiatry and psychology at
Ohio State University details what he's learned over the
past Iive years, which he spent developing and testing a
new theory oI human motivation, in a book, "Who Am I?
The 16 Basic Desires That Motivate Our Action and DeIine
Our Personalities (Tarcher/Putnam, 2000).
In studying 6,000 people, Reiss Iound 16 basic desires
guide nearly all meaningIul behavior. They are power,
independence, curiosity, acceptance, order, saving, honor,
idealism, social contact, Iamily, status, vengeance, romance,
eating, physical exercise and tranquility.
"These desires are what drive our everyday actions
and make us who we are," Reiss said. "What makes
individuals unique is the combination and ranking oI these
desires." Reiss said at least 14 oI the 16 -- all but idealism
and acceptance -- seem to have a genetic basis.
"Most oI these desires are similar to those seen in
animals and seem to have some survival value," Reiss said.
"This indicates they are genetic in origin."
The list is as Iollows:
" Curiosity - the desire to learn
" Eood - the desire to eat
" Honor - the desire to behave in accordance with a
code oI conduct
" Rejection - Iear oI social exclusion
" Sex - the desire Ior sexual behavior and Iantasies
" Physical exercise - the desire Ior physical activity
" Order - the desired amount oI organization in
daily liIe
" Independence - the desire to make one's own
" Vengeance - the desire to retaliate when oIIended
" Social contact - the desire to be in the company oI
" Eamily - the desire to spend time with one's own
" Social prestige - the desire Ior position and
positive attention
" Aversive sensations - aversion to pain and anxiety
" Citizenship - the desire Ior public service
" Power - the desire to inIluence people.
The research is bound to be controversial with many
researchers who have tried to reduce all human behavior to
just one or two basic desires - such as pleasure, pain or
survival - or who say that that there are some desires that
all people share equally, Reiss said. But in looking at how
people diIIer in these 16 desires, Reiss said he concluded
that "we are individuals to a much greater extent than
psychologists have previously realized."
Eor example, Reiss said our educational system is built
on the premise that all children are naturally curious
(curiosity is one oI the 16 basic desires) and have the same
potential desire Ior learning. But Reiss Iound that people
can diIIer quite a bit in their maximum potential to enjoy
"Not everyone is naturally curious," Reiss said. "A
child may be very smart, but still not be interested in school.
But our educational system cannot deal with the idea that
there is someone who cannot enjoy learning and never will.
Educators are making a mistake when they think all
children were born with more or less equal potential to
enjoy learning."
Reiss said parents oI non-curious children should
realize they will never be able to change their child's
Iundamental nature. "It's OK to be non-curious. As long as
the child is not Ilunking and is meeting some minimum
standards, parents should ease up on their expectations. By
pushing a non-curious child to be more curious, all a parent
is doing is ruining their relationship."
The same goes Ior any Iundamental desire, according to
Reiss. Workaholics may work a lot, not because they have
some void or problem in their liIe, but because they have a
naturally strong desire Ior power and status.
In "Who Am I?," Reiss uses the term "selI-hugging" to
describe the assumption that what is potentially best Ior me
is potentially best Ior everyone. "Using selI-hugging, we
think that workaholics would be happier iI they worked less,
even though workaholics say they are happy as they are,"
he said.
The Iailure to understand individual diIIerences causes
problems in everything Irom marital relationships to co-
worker interactions. "People know that other people have
diIIerent values and pursuits, but they cannot understand
how this can be. SelI-huggers waste enormous eIIort trying
to change people who do not want to be changed."
How did Reiss come up with the 16 basic desires? He
and Susan Havercamp, a Iormer graduate student,
generated a list oI more than 300 statements that reIer to
speciIic desires people might have. Subjects in their studies
were asked how much they agreed or disagreed with
statements such as "I love learning new skills," "I must
avoid pain" and "I would rather lose my liIe than lose my
honor." AIter testing more than 2,500 people, the
researchers used a mathematical technique called Iactor
analysis that grouped the responses into 15 Iundamental
desires. AIter testing about 3,500 more people a 16th desire
(saving) emerged Irom the Iactor analysis.
Based on this work, the researchers developed a test,
called the Reiss ProIiles, that can measure individual
diIIerences in these 16 desires. Reiss said one key to the
test is Iorcing people to think about priorities in their liIe.
Eor example, iI you ask people iI sex is important to them,
nearly 100 percent would agree. But, in determining
people's desire Ior romance, the Reiss ProIiles asks people
iI they agree to statements such as "I want all the sex I can
get." "That's a very diIIerent, very direct question," Reiss
said. "That's going to predict whether sex is going to play a
more or less dominant role in a person's liIe. Sex may be
pleasurable to everyone, but it isn't equally motivational.
We want to Iind out what actually motivates people."
Reiss said the research presented in "Who Am I?"
shows that psychologists cannot boil down human
experience to just one or two basic desires that we all share
equally. He noted that 2 trillion diIIerent proIiles can be
assessed by the Reiss ProIiles. "Every person has a unique
desire proIile," he said."
I once wondered why Joe Vitale would also like to be
regarded as an important person Irom the viewpoint oI
others. Because he is very Iamous and hears beautiIul
praise Ior him daily, a letter with words oI praise wouldn't
work. But I was wrong. He has the basic desires no matter
whether he is Iamous or not. He is a human being. So don't
save your ink. Praise people! Say hello to them! Please
them and you'll make money Irom them.
Chapter Ten:
People Are Creatures Of Habit
You can only change their minds by breaking their
memory oI the past-NLP theory about anchoring.
I went to Wal-Mart Ior Lux soap. AIter getting it, I
chose the quick checkout line.
The cashier took the soap, input the data into the
computer and told me, "Thank you Ior buying Irom Wal-
I knew she was a little tired. She must said that same
thing hundreds oI times.
I would hate to say Thank You iI I had to say it so
many times in a day.
Anyway, I wanted to make her happier. How could I
do that? I noticed a China Merchants Bank credit card on
her chest.
"Can we use a credit card instead oI paying cash?"
"It's ok! But it is a little diIIicult, I think." She looked
at me Irom the computer screen.
"So which cards can we use here?"
"Cards on Bank of China and China Merchants Bank."
"So that's your card Irom China Merchants Bank?"
"Yes, on the opposite side is my business name card.
It's so soIt that I put a card into it." She started to show her
name card, Mary.
"So you have card oI China Merchants Bank too?"
She asked me with a smile.
"Yes, it is the best! Thank you Ior your service."
"You're welcome!" She said this sentence with
I am sure she will be happier than beIore.
So what do I mean here?
People are creatures oI habit. They judge a thing good
or bad based on their memory. Much Iailure in liIe will
make them lose the courage to be rich! There is so much
negative thinking in their minds and yours. II you want to
persuade them or sell your ideas to them, you must make
them excited and positive. Otherwise you will be deIeated
by their dense thinking style.
This being the case, trying to persuade anybody to dio
anything means changing their habits, which are rules oI
behavior developed Irom the day oI their birth. People
receive many points oI view Irom that day on, no matter
whether it is right or wrong. II they think it is right, it is
right! II they think it is wrong, it is wrong! Do you
remember the two basic rules in some supermarkets?
1. The customers are always right.
2. II the customers are wrong, please reIer to rule 1.
All in all, you must Iollow the conceptions oI your
listeners and get into their minds. Respect and accept their
thoughts. It is diIIicult to change the thoughts oI others
because they think they are always right.
How, then, do we change their thinking habits iI they
have quite diIIerent thoughts than yours?
Let them persuade themselves!
They have points oI view in their minds. II you want
to get rid oI their negative thinking, just change their points
oI view which tell them the diIIerence between right and
wrong. They will Iollow their points oI view all the time.
Einally, they will think the idea which has been changed is
Irom their head instead oI your mouth.
How do we get rid oI their dense points oI view? They
are too strong to simply discard. But remember this
important sentence when you meet Iailure---YOUR PAST
did is not important. Instead, what you want to achieve now
is the most important thing in the world. No matter what
thought your listeners have, you can persuade anybody
successIully each time with that phrase mind.
Chapter Eleven:
NLP Theory - Escape From The Pain And Find
Happiness - Raise Pain Or Happiness
This is the most important chapter in this book!
Here you learn two vital reasons Ior everybody's
behaviors. II you master these, you will understand why
people hesitate to take a hopeIul action or love to do a
boring deed. Moreover, you can easily use this tactic to
change anybody's action in a Ilash. At the end oI this
chapter, I provide an interesting game to help you explore
your dominant powers. You will become the person in your
dreams. Get rid oI all bad habits, take all positive action,
and go Ior your own dreamsnow. Keep reading!
Scene one:
One day I read many advertisements on the Internet
which had been written by Mark Joyner, CEO oI Aesop. He
is good at story-telling. Instead oI trying to sell you
something, he always tells you an interesting story to help
you make a decision to buy. I Iound by accident a strange
thing in his sales pitch to share with you.
Many copies are Irom the same person so that they
have the same style.
But what I want you know is that he starts his story
with a disaster! He states that one oIIice clerk has a lot oI
boring paper work to deal with although he has only 24
hours a day. Moreover, he also gets a telephone call Irom
home that his wiIe had been in a car accident and was
rushed to the hospital. He needed to go to see his love
immediately. However, he had to complete that project
beIore midnight. I wanted to read more about it.
"Just then a hero comes along with the strength carry
Mark changes his style and writes good news to you.
The good news is that you needn't worry about such
situations any longer because we will introduce you to a
scientiIic discovery that helps you.....
He then suggests a complete solution Ior you. That is
so perIect, so beautiIul, so sexy and so irresistible. You will
love it at Iirst sight. Surely you will buy it now.
Scene two:
I woke up in the middle oI the night with back pain.
The pain was so strong that I couldn't go to sleep. I dressed
and went to the hospital in the dark street. It seemed like a
long way to me although it was just two kilometers Irom
my house. I Iinally got there and the pain disappeared. I
returned home.
I again woke up in the middle oI the night twice more
two weeks later. I couldn't get back to sleep. Moreover, the
pain was killing me. I tossed and turned on my bed
endlessly. Although I hated to go to the hospital to see a
doctor, I shouted to myselI "I'd like to have an operation
right now." I would have willingly paid any amount oI
money and energy to be right and Iine.
Let me explain it now!
Do you know why very Iew people achieve their great
dream aIter they have an ideal goal and a perIect plan?
Everybody meets that problem everyday. You must
overcome every obstacle on the road to Iinal success. Once
you give up, you can't wear the yellow shirt at the Iinal
point oI Erance Tour. Instead, you will Iind your normal
liIe is better Ior you. You come back Irom the mountain
and return to your 9-5 liIe beIore.
You do not realize that "Life Is Difficult!"
You only realize that "Change Is Difficult!"
Once you develop a successIul personality which
helps you meet and overcome those obstacles beIore the
gold medal, you will keep your strength and make success
a reality. And the vital reason Ior reIusing your success
request is the Iear inside.
The only reasons Ior delaying action are your Iear oI
Iailure, Iear oI rejection, and Iear oI the unknown Iuture.
People Iear the "pain" inside. Thus, we Iind the biggest
controlling Iactors in people's behavior are:
A: Seek Happiness
B: Escape Pain
The above Iactors control every decision and behavior
oI human beings, including your Iortune.
Here is a story which best explains the two points.
You also get a great tactic to help you overcome obstacles
and achieve your dream.
A Harvard proIessor and a student Iace two walls.
They want to go to the school Irom the wall.
The proIessor stands on the wall and sees there are
many walls beIore the school. He laughs and thinks "Stupid
student, you can't go to the school because there are so
many walls beIore it." He stands there and wants to see a
Anyway, the student knocks down the Iirst wall beIore
him and sees another wall.
He knocks down the second wall and sees another
He knocks down the third wall and sees another wall.
He knocks down the Iourth wall and sees another wall.
He knocks down the IiIth wall and sees another wall.

You know the result. The student Iinally goes to the
school and the proIessor remains at the starting point. Why
can't so many walls keep him out oI the school? The reason
is simple.
As he knocks down one wall and sees another one, he
Ieels happy because he thinks success is closer and he will
go to the school iI he knocks one more wall down. So that
he's ready to go another mile. In Iact, the happiness inside
helps him overcome many walls and achieve Iinal success.
When people take any action, they will compare two
sides in their conscious and subconscious mind. The result
oI taking that action will either cause more happiness or
more pain. More happiness will provoke them to just do it
now! On the other hand, more pain stops them immediately.
The problem is that the pain they want to escape is
short-term pain and the happiness they want to seek and
Iind is short-term happiness. People pay no attention to
more pain in the Iuture caused by short-term happiness and
more happiness later by standing and overcoming short-
term pain.
Another situation arises. How does a person deal with
a change which brings pain when pain also happens iI you
don't take action?
You Iirst solve the problem which causes you the most
Do you see example two? I hated going to the hospital
and I hated bearing the back pain. I could stand it Ior a
while; I would do anything iI the back pain got much worse.
Einally, I rushed to the operating room.
Since you know the Iollowing basic rules Ior people's
behavior, you can easily change their heart-Ielt programs
and change their decisions and actions.
Think# ## #Compare# ## #Develop A Decision# ## #Take
Action or No Result
II you can connect happiness or pain to anything you
want to do in the Iuture, you can easily change anyone's
emotions, behaviors and habits.
Eor example, you want to quit smoking. You can think
about much pain when you smoke. It's more diIIicult than
thinking about the happiness oI smoking. More and more,
you'll Ieel sick when you light a cigarette. In Iact, when you
contact many people who successIully quit smoking, you
will Iind they just did it in one day. Later, you will hate
Are you aware oI the Iamous scientiIic test with the
dog and the bell? A Russian scientist rang a bell beIore
Ieeding the dog. He did that Ior several days. The dog Ielt
very happy when he was Ied. One day, the scientist didn't
give Iood aIter he rang the bell. To his surprise, the dog's
mouth watered. The dog was eagerly waiting Ior its
delicious lunch.
But what you don't know is that people are the same as
the dog. Although they are smarter, they have the same
behvior. Once you connect some happy things with your
product or main goal, you'll dramatically increase your
persuasion results.
The same goes Ior ad writing. Why did MacDonalds
use millions oI dollars Ior a simple MAC Hamburger
commercial? Because they knew that aIter seeing it on the
TV enough times, the customers would naturally change
their dining habits.
When people's emotions are high, their happiness
spirit causes their inner picture to inIluence their decisions.
And the object is your persuasion goal.
II you already understand the above rules, let us start
the journey oI discovering your power within.
Eirst, list Iour actions you have delayed Ior several
months. Such as quit smoking, lose weight, contact a Iriend,
or write an email.
Second, aIter each line, write the question: Why
haven't I taken action on this? Eind and list the reasons.
Many reasons will have something to do with the pain
you'll receive. II you think it isn't pain, discard it and don't
regard it as pain.
Third, write down Iour happiness reasons keep you
Irom immediate action. Eor example, since you want to
lose weight, why not have three hamburgers and lots oI ice
cream? Because you can't stand the pain oI keeping health
eating habits and more hamburgers and ice cream will
make you Ieel happy? II you want to have a solid change,
you must Iind the hidden reason Ior your delay.
Eourth, think about your selI-image beIore you have
such habits and aIter ten years. What will you look like ten
years later? You will become Iatter and can't walk like a
normal person. The pain oI what you see in the Iuture will
push you to the next level in the process oI change.
Last, write down all the happiness you'll enjoy when
you take those Iour actions immediately. The more you
write, the better you will enjoy happy emotions. You can
say to yourselI:" Now I take control oI my own liIe and I
am the master oI my success systems. I enjoy a wealthy and
powerIul liIe. I make more Iriends and great progress in
personal growth. All the happiness starts Irom a simple
action NOW!" Just do it.
Eollow these Iive steps and you'll enjoy more
happiness Irom taking action now. Moreover, you'll help
others change their liIe through your hypnotic persuasion.
Here is a little tactic written by Anthony Robbins
which helps you change your behaviors and emotion
Whenever you Ieel a painIul emotion, there are Iive
steps you can take very quickly to learn Irom and use this
action signal:
1) IdentiIy what you're really Ieeling.
2) Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions. Know
that at some level they are supporting you to make a
positive change by calling you to action.
3) Get curious! Realize that this emotion is oIIering
you a message to change something. Do you need to
change your perception or your procedures?
4) Get conIident that you can handle this emotion
immediately because you have done so in the past.
Remember a time when you successIully handled this
emotion and model what you did to learn what to do today
and in the Iuture.
5) Get excited, and take action!
Chapter Twelve:
Draw A Picture In The Minds Of Others
When I received the Iirst sales letter about a book
digest magazine, I started reading the story oI a CEO. He
hadn't Iinished reading "The GE WAY" by accident so he
couldn't have a good discussion with his Iriends in the Iield.
Moreover, he couldn't answer the question someone asked
about the book. As a result, he Ielt boring at that party just
because oI missing a best-selling book.
And here is the good news Ior you! You can get the
most inIormation Irom many best-selling books in the New
York Times by subscribing to a book digest each month.
All oI the books will be converted into an eight-page digest
which allows you to absorb their main points. And you will
never run into the above situation again. Next time, you'll
have more Iriends by talking about the same Iavorite book.
They will think you read every page oI the book you are
Good stuII! A nice story.
AIter that, I kept getting many sale letters which told a
story. I was quite surprised by that style. Why did they all
use a story to persuade people to buy their product?
Just in Iront oI my desktop there is a booklet by Joe
Vitale which sells a set oI audio tapes named "The Power
of Outrageous Marketing. Use the Ten Time-Tested Secrets
of Titans, Tvcoons, and Billionaires to Get Rich in Your
Own Business". Instead oI trying to sell the tapes and
highly praising them, it also uses story-telling tactics.
The story started with Vic Conant, President oI
Nightingale-Conant, receiving a package when he wanted
to leave his oIIice aIter a hard day at work. The title gets
his attention and makes him open the package and read and
listen to the materials inside.
This connects naturally with your product. It really
helps your sales and persuasion results.
Because it is more easily accepted than a hard sell.
You can call it hidden sale.
Let me explain this.
We buy based on emotion instead oI logic. II your
subconscious mind is excited you will surely make a
decision to purchase. How to make the subconscious mind
happier? Give it a story or a picture. When you are given a
picture, you show a Iilm in the mind.
Please think. Which oI your senses gets the most
impressions in liIe?
Seeing! When you are born, you are able to see the
outside world. You see your mom and dad. You see the
milk. You see the sun and moon. You see your girlIriend.
You watch TV. You go to see a Iilm. You use your eyes
every second aIter you get up.
The image is easily shown in your mind when you get
an interesting story. Moreover, the best story reduces the
resistance in your conscious mind. Then, too, the
subconscious mind increases the power toward a Iinal
Words can trigger pictures in your mind. Stories move
Here is a case in which I persuaded my boss increase a
member oI my staII's communications budget by using a
This staII member was overcharged Ior his mobile
phone Iee because he Iorgot his limit. Because most oI his
phone usage was Ior business, I thought I should persuade
my boss to increase his time limit. But it was diIIicult at
that time because our company was showing low proIits.
See the Iirst warning email Irom the Accounting
Please kindly review your department's mobile phone
usage in attached Iile. In particular, encourage those whose
names are marked in red to pay back (or show the boss's
special approval) the overage beIore June 15th. Otherwise
Accounting will deduct these amounts Irom the petty cash
Thanks ¹ Best Regards
I saw the attached Iile and Iound my assistant's record.
AIter thinking Ior about 5 minutes, I put my Iingers to the
Dear Lancelot,
Long time no see! How are you doing? I hope
everything is great. And in the Iollowing I have something
important to discuss with you. Please take some time Ior
Just heard Irom Lucy Liu/Accounting Departmentt
and Iound that Marvin Liu/TSN APT's mobile phone Iee
had overcharged about 170cny last month. Because the
airport oIIice telephones (24901906 and 24901845) were
maxed out Ior more than 20 days, we (Marvin and me) had
to communicate with the oIIice Ior the daily operations
mission by using our own mobile phones ONLY. Thus, it's
plain to see why Marvin's mobile phone Iee was
overcharged a little bit. Would you mind approving his
overcharge Ior the past month as shown in the attached
Moreover, as operations staII, Marvin and I oIten
work in the Iield Ior live operations missions. So his limit
oI about 400cny is not enough Ior him. When urgent
situations arise in the Iield, we need to contact the oIIice
and customers using mobile phones. Moreover, Marvin's
average phone Iee is about 550¹ each month and basically
none oI that is Ior private use. Lancelot, would you mind
thinking it over and increase his limit to 600cny each
In Iact, aIter the new rule came out, we all avoided
using mobile phones during the day. II it is not an urgent
mission, we go upstairs to contact the oIIice using the
oIIice telephone. But it's not a good thing Ior our operations.
Please take some time to think about increasing the limit
Ior Marvin and me. With thanks! Will talk with you this
Hope to hear Irom you soon!
All the best,
Daniel Wang/TSN APT
In the email, I expressed how we worked aIter the
limit was placed on the mobile phone Iee. We had to go
upstairs to call the oIIice. I am sure you and Lancelot see
this picture in the mind. And it sells! Why do I know?
Please read the result.
Approved & pls kindly increase Marvin's mobile
phone usage limit to RMB600.00 Im now on.
Use it and you'll succeed one million times!
Chapter 13:
Connection - Add Beautiful Things And Your
Intentions Together
Jack and I sat at the KEC talking about recent news.
We ate hamburgers, drank Coca-Cola and had an
interesting chat. AIter a while, I wanted to say something
about my NLP training. To let him Ieel more at ease, I
talked about the tactics oI attracting a girl using the skills oI
connection. Our conversation is below.
"I Iound NLP to be a very useIul science Ior people to
master. Once you grasp its inner technology, you'll easily
copy any successIul case in the world. You'll become
master in any Iield. Eor example, you can attract any
beautiIul girl you desire by taking good advantage oI
connection skills, which is an important item in this
advanced practical science. And now, I will tell you how to
get your dream lover in a dating conversation."
Jack raised his head and watched me closely. He was
certainly interested in this topic and would want to know
the details. Let me continue.
"Suppose you Iind your dream lover. Eor example, she
is a workmate in the company and you see each other every
day. Moreover, you are brave enough to ask her Ior a date.
Those are the basics. And now all you need do is ask her to
have dinner with you on a weekend."
"To your surprise, she is delighted to go out with you!
So you are halI-way there. And the Iollowing is so simple
that you may laugh. You have already booked a romantic
table at a nearby Erench restaurant. You hope Susan and
you will have a romantic night."
"The entire thing goes according to plan! You have
great Iood and romantic music. Susan laughs loudly at your
jokes. And then you want to go Iurther."
"You let her talk about her previous boyIriend. So
Susan talks about her Iirst love. It is an amazing love story.
While she is reliving how her and that boy Iell in love, you
should quickly grasp the opportunity."
Here she is in a happy mood with smiles oI her
memories on her Iace. She wants to hold that beautiIul
picture in her memory. And then you touch her shoulder,
smile at her with bedroom eyes, and call her name in a
romantic voice "Susan". Remember all the actions have to
be together. Now is the moment oI her happiest time.
Then, there is something regretIul which makes them
part. She talks in a sad voice with tears in her eyes.
You calm her by letting her drink a glass oI Jack
Daniels. Then you ask her: " What happened aIter that?"
She starts to discuss her second love. She meets this
boy in the supermarket. She couldn't buy an apple because
she had leIt her wallet in the car. This boy pays the bill and
also puts the Iruit into her car. To thank him Ior his
kindness, she invites him in Ior a drink. They talk about
happy times in college. When they say goodbye, they Ieel a
little regret about meeting so late. Anyway, they promise to
keep in touch and exchange telephone numbers.
They immediately Iall in love. And the boy is so kind,
lovely and most attractive to Susan. She thinks she has
Iinally Iound her dream lover. They enjoy their own world!
Right then she is reliving this happy mood with a
smile on her Iace. She wants to Iind that beautiIul picture in
her memory. And then you touch her shoulder, smile at her
with bedroom eyes, and call her name in a romantic voice
"Susan". Remember all the actions have to be together.
Now is the moment oI her happiest time.
But a Ireak car accident changes the whole world. The
boy is gone Iorever. She goes back to her single liIe.
You calm her by letting her drink a cup oI Jack
Daniels. Then you ask her: "What happened aIter that?"
Then Susan tells you her third boyIriend. It is not
surprising she had so many romantic experiences, because
she is a beautiIul girl.
The third one was a library assistant. She wanted to
learn more inIormation about Joe Vitale's new book named
"The Seven Lost Secrets OI Success", but the book had
been loaned out several days ago. Susan told Mark, the
assistant in the library, to hold the book Ior her when it was
A week later she weent back to the library Ior that
book. RegretIully, another person had already borrowed the
book. She was very disappointed. However, Mark showed
her a book Irom storage.
It was a copy oI the edition. Mark had photocopied the
book in order to loan it to Susan Ior reading because he
wanted to share the joy oI reading it with this girl. It made
her happy and they became good Iriends.
In later times, they discussed topics in the books and
went to book exhibitions together. Moreover, they joined
activities like book signings and even wrote love novel in
Susan's home. Those were happy times.
Eor the third time she is in a happy mood with smiles
oI her memories on her Iace. She wants to hold that
beautiIul picture in her memory. And then you touch her
shoulder, smile at her with bedroom eyes, and call her
name in a romantic voice "Susan". Remember all the
actions have to be together. Now is the moment oI her
happiest time.
Time Ilies by. The restaurant is closing. You and
Susan leave the restaurant and go to her house. On the way
home, you tell her something interesting about your
working career which makes her laugh all the way. Einally
she stands at her door and wants to say "thank you." Your
Iinal job begins.
You have set anchors all night trying to make a happy
connection between her and you. Now it is time Ior the test.
And then you touch her shoulder, smile at her with
bedroom eyes, and tell her in a romantic voice "Thank you
Ior enjoying a romantic night with me! Susan, would you
like to see Twist with me next Sunday?" Remember all the
actions have to be together.
Then Susan will shake her head in agreement.
Suddenly a kind oI happy emotion pouring into her heart
makes her more excited. She nods! You know you have
successIully won her heart.
In Iact, what you do is just make a happy connection
with what you want to do. Once you build one, the reader
will enjoy your words Ior no reason because they can't
reIuse this happy thing in their mind. Want to see some
Let's go on.
Head & Shoulders Shampoo
Head & Shoulders Shampoo oIten uses questionnaires
to change its service. In that activity, people tell why they
like Head & Shoulders and send their remarks to the
customer service department. And the company pays no
attention to what they write and just picks a winner at
What they want to do is get people to take part in this
activity. Millions oI people join it and want to discover the
beneIit oI Head & Shoulder. More and more, they Iinish the
connection themselves. And it keeps them using that brand
Ior years. It's the hidden goal.
Forbidden Tactics Of Persuading The Enemy To Betray
Their Country
Here I reveal to you a Iorbidden tactic oI connection
which Chinese oIIicial negotiators used in the Korean War
to persuade Americans to betray their country.
During the Korean War, the Chinese government
treated American P.O.W.s very well. The Chinese oIIicials
initially asked them Ior only their name, rank and serial
number. Later, the Chinese government successIully took
advantage oI the connection tactic to persuade them to
betray their country. Start Irom a small point and end with
all the inIormation about American Army Equipment.
The Chinese negotiators, in a Iriendly way, persuaded
the American P.O.W.s to accept the Iact that not everything
in the USA is perIect and agree that the unemployment rate
in China is rather lower than in America. It was that small
Iact that Iinally inIluenced the American P.O.W.s and made
them change their political position.
Chapter 14:
Never Show Your Sword At The Beginning, Or
Your Reader Will Run Away
I got another amazing book that changed my liIe
That book says you can achieve everything by using
your belieI. Once you believe you can make it, you'll easily
Beyond the research by the author, there is an
interesting Ioreword by Nido R. Qubein. He was a poor boy
when he came to America. No money, little English.
Everything was grim Ior him at that time.
But then he remembered something his mother used to
say to him when he was a little child: "II you want to be
great, you must walk with people who are great."
He took his mother's advice and went to the library,
trying to Iind the answer.
A book named "The Magic oI Believing" helped him
Iind love, wealth and health.
I liked that story very much and tried to locate Nido R.
Qubein online because he later became a President oI the
National Speakers Association and a multi-millionaire. I
wanted to veriIy that experience in his youth. I surIed the
Internet and at last Iound his web site.
I wrote an emotional email and praised his story.
Moreover, I wanted to get some his Iamous books which
reveal the secrets oI wealth. To my regret, he answered the
email and paid no attention to my request. Only a simple
thank-you note.
I was very surprised that I Iailed that time!
It was impossible.
I re-read and analyzed my email several times and
tried to discover the reason.
I understood it. You must pay more attention to this
when you want to persuade anybody with your email or
spoken words.
Never present an order or request beIore you Iinish the
email process! II you show your sword at the beginning,
your reader will run away.
Let me explain this!
You must persuade him. And you should say or write
something to do that.
So the Iinal result is caused by your Iull message. A
sexy headline isn't the most important thing. Neither is a
sentence in your message.
The entire message is the most important part Ior
developing the greatest inIluence.
ThereIore, you must organize your writing eIIectively
to get the best results.
Once you tell the readers your goal, you lose them
immediately. You must let curiosity lead them to the order
and request at the end oI your message. They have to want
to discover more and seek it.
Your writing is like a war. What you achieve in each
sentence is just like deIeating each enemy. Once it is the
right time to raise your red Ilag, you will achieve your goal.
You must Iirst create a serious war plan and wait Ior the
Iinal instant. Poor preparation will destroy all chance Ior
The same applies to everything you want to attain in
your liIe. You can divide your plan or project into sections.
When you Iinish every step you give yourselI a reward to
help you build more energy to continue your dream. It's
easier to climb one more mile than to climb a whole
A virtually unknown Japanese sportsman wins the
golden medal in the road race oI the Olympic Games.
Many newspaper reporters interviewed him Ior the secret oI
being No.1.
"Using your brain!" He answered with these simple
They didn't understand him and Ielt the road race had
nothing to do with the brain, so they laughed at him in the
But they changed their minds when he won the gold
medal in the games the Iollowing year. And this time, the
winner revealed his secret.
I run the route beIore the match and memorize an
outstanding landmark every 100 meters. So when I start the
match, I run to the Iirst 100 meter landmark like a rocket.
And then I run to the second 100 meter landmark like a
rocket. One by one, and I'm No.1 to Iinish the whole route.
New York Music Restaurant
Several Iriends oI mine and I went to the New York
Music Restaurant Ior dinner. At the entrance, the sentence
"Min Spend $30" was written on the bulletin board. We
thought it meant you must spend more than $30/per person
to have dinner. So we would have to spend over $120 when
we went upstairs.
AIter discussing it, we decided to give it a try. Later
we regretted we had come to that dark and noisy place Ior
dinner. We ordered some Iood, but everybody wanted to
get out oI there.
"Why not just go to another place?" I raised the
"Sure. But we have already ordered."
"So we want to leave without telling the waiter."
"No, let me deal with it!" I wanted to solve the
problem in a better way.
"Waiter!" I shouted at the waiter who took our order.
"Sir, what can I do Ior you?"
"Excuse me, please call that girl on the court because
we want to change our order."
"Sir, what is your request?"
"Can we change our order iI the Iood hasn't been
"Yes, sir."
"So we can try something besides what is on your
menu, right?"
"Yes, sir."
"So we needn't pay anything Ior what we already
"You're right, sir."
"Just now I saw a sign which said "Min Spend $30".
Does that mean we must spend $30 iI we want to order
"Yes, it is only requested on the weekend when you
want to have dinner here."
"So it does not apply during the weekdays here?"
"And we needn't pay anything iI we didn't order
anything yet?"
"Yes, sir."
"In that case, could we change the order and"
"Leave now." The waiter guessed the question and
Iollow my lead.
"Yes?" I say that words this time.
"Oh, Ok!" The girl thought about it Ior a second and
Iinally said yes.
And we leIt that restaurant happy because I persuaded
her in one minute with some questions the result oI which
the waiter Iinally realized I wanted to achieve.

Chapter 15:
The Greatest Ideas In The Holy Bible
II you want to master the two greatest secrets oI
hypnotic persuasion which will help you succeed 100 times
out oI 100, here is good news Ior you!
In this chapter, I give you two ways to completely
overcome a person with words. Once you master these
tactics, you'll enjoy the happiness oI getting anything you
really want in liIe. A new car, a beautiIul girl and a general
manager's position. Everything is a piece oI cake!
Eurthermore, I reveal to you the original reason Ior
those tactics. 2000 years later, people haven't changed any.
In Iact, people never change very much. Let me tell you
one at a time.
Rule 1: Raise curiosity. Give people a puzzle or ask
them a question. Don't tell them anything at the beginning
oI your article. Encourage them to discover more.
You already know curiosity is the No.1 basic desire.
"Curiosity kills the ten lives oI a cat." Use that
everywhere in your persuasion. When people discover the
answer, happy emotion will excite them to buy, Iollow and
obey your law!
Rule 2: Raise resistance. When you want someone to
do something, tell them Not to do it! The resistance oI
people will make a command in their mind to IaithIully do
Eor example, please don't think about biting a lemon,
with water in your mouth. Never think that! Again, please
don't think about biting a lemon, with water in your mouth.
Never think that! Did your mouth water? Sure! Why? You
mind told you to think about biting a lemon with water in
your mouth.
The more diIIicult a thing could be, the more easily
you will achieve your success. Just add NOT or DON'T
beIore your words. Period.
Why do people make the same mistake every time?
People can't escape Irom two personalities time by time.
There is some reason Ior it. So what is it?
I considered this question Ior several days without an
answer. I didn't understand why even master copywriters
weren't aware oI that when they read a hypnotic sales letter.
They also were taken in.
I keep thinking about this issue. Day by day, I
believed I would Iind a satisIactory answer.
I was taking a bath at home. When the hot water
touched my body, my mind started thinking about this
question which had puzzled me Ior days. Suddenly, a
surprising idea popped into my mind.
Wow! That's the answer. You'll understand why it
works every time when you know the Iollowing reason.
BeIore I tell you the truth, relax and read some verses
in the Bible. To help you understand well, I'll include the
same verses below.
Genesis 2:8
And Jehovah God planted a garden eastward, in Eden;
and there he put the man whom he had Iormed.
Genesis 2:9
And out oI the ground made Jehovah God to grow
every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good Ior Iood;
the tree oI liIe also in the midst oI the garden, and the tree
oI the knowledge oI good and evil.
Genesis 2:10
And a river went out oI Eden to water the garden; and
Irom thence it was parted, and became Iour heads.
Genesis 2:11
The name oI the Iirst is Pishon: that is it which
compasseth the whole land oI Havilah, where there is gold;
Genesis 2:12
and the gold oI that land is good: there is bdellium and
the onyx stone.
Genesis 2:13
And the name oI the second river is Gihon: the same is
it that compasseth the whole land oI Cush.
Genesis 2:14
And the name oI the third river is Hiddekel: that is it
which goeth in Iront oI Assyria. And the Iourth river is the
Genesis 2:15
And Jehovah God took the man, and put him into the
garden oI Eden to dress it and to keep it.
Genesis 2:16
And Jehovah God commanded the man, saying, OI
every tree oI the garden thou mayest Ireely eat:
Genesis 2:17
but oI the tree oI the knowledge oI good and evil, thou
shalt not eat oI it: Ior in the day that thou eatest thereoI
thou shalt surely die.
Genesis 2:18
And Jehovah God said, It is not good that the man
should be alone; I will make him a help meet Ior him.
Genesis 2:19
And out oI the ground Jehovah God Iormed every
beast oI the Iield, and every bird oI the heavens; and
brought them unto the man to see what he would call them:
and whatsoever the man called every living creature, that
was the name thereoI.
Genesis 2:20
And the man gave names to all cattle, and to the birds
oI the heavens, and to every beast oI the Iield; but Ior man
there was not Iound a help meet Ior him.
Genesis 2:21
And Jehovah God caused a deep sleep to Iall upon the
man, and he slept; and he took one oI his ribs, and closed
up the Ilesh instead thereoI:
Genesis 2:22
and the rib, which Jehovah God had taken Irom the
man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
Genesis 2:23
And the man said, This is now bone oI my bones, and
Ilesh oI my Ilesh: she shall be called Woman, because she
was taken out oI Man.
Genesis 2:24
ThereIore shall a man leave his Iather and his mother,
and shall cleave unto his wiIe: and they shall be one Ilesh.
Genesis 2:25
And they were both naked, the man and his wiIe, and
were not ashamed.
Genesis 3:1
Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast oI the
Iield which Jehovah God had made. And he said unto the
woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat oI any tree oI
the garden?
Genesis 3:2
And the woman said unto the serpent, OI the Iruit oI
the trees oI the garden we may eat:
Genesis 3:3
but oI the Iruit oI the tree which is in the midst oI the
garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat oI it, neither shall
ye touch it, lest ye die.
Genesis 3:4
And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not
surely die:
Genesis 3:5
Ior God doth know that in the day ye eat thereoI, then
your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing
good and evil.
Genesis 3:6
And when the woman saw that the tree was good Ior
Iood, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree
was to be desired to make one wise, she took oI the Iruit
thereoI, and did eat; and she gave also unto her husband
with her, and he did eat.
Genesis 3:7
And the eyes oI them both were opened, and they
knew that they were naked; and they sewed Iig-leaves
together, and made themselves aprons.
Genesis 3:8
And they heard the voice oI Jehovah God walking in
the garden in the cool oI the day: and the man and his wiIe
hid themselves Irom the presence oI Jehovah God amongst
the trees oI the garden.
Genesis 3:9
And Jehovah God called unto the man, and said unto
him, Where art thou?
Genesis 3:10
And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was
aIraid, because I was naked; and I hid myselI.
Genesis 3:11
And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast
thou eaten oI the tree, whereoI I commanded thee that thou
shouldest not eat?
Genesis 3:12
And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to
be with me, she gave me oI the tree, and I did eat.
Genesis 3:13
And Jehovah God said unto the woman, What is this
thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled
me, and I did eat.
Genesis 3:14
And Jehovah God said unto the serpent, Because thou
hast done this, cursed art thou above all cattle, and above
every beast oI the Iield; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and
dust shalt thou eat all the days oI thy liIe:
Genesis 3:15
and I will put enmity between thee and the woman,
and between thy seed and her seed: he shall bruise thy head,
and thou shalt bruise his heel.
Genesis 3:16
Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy
pain and thy conception; in pain thou shalt bring Iorth
children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he
shall rule over thee.
Genesis 3:17
And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened
unto the voice oI thy wiIe, and hast eaten oI the tree, oI
which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat oI it:
cursed is the ground Ior thy sake; in toil shalt thou eat oI it
all the days oI thy liIe;
Genesis 3:18
thorns also and thistles shall it bring Iorth to thee; and
thou shalt eat the herb oI the Iield;
Genesis 3:19
in the sweat oI thy Iace shalt thou eat bread, till thou
return unto the ground; Ior out oI it wast thou taken: Ior
dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.
Genesis 3:20
And the man called his wiIe's name Eve; because she
was the mother oI all living.
Genesis 3:21
And Jehovah God made Ior Adam and Ior his wiIe
coats oI skins, and clothed them.
Genesis 3:22
And Jehovah God said, Behold, the man is become as
one oI us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put Iorth
his hand, and take also oI the tree oI liIe, and eat, and live
Ior ever-
Genesis 3:23
thereIore Jehovah God sent him Iorth Irom the garden
oI Eden, to till the ground Irom whence he was taken.
Genesis 3:24
So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east oI
the garden oI Eden the Cherubim, and the Ilame oI a sword
which turned every way, to keep the way oI the tree oI liIe.
Do you get it? Let's go through that together!
In the beginning, God give Adam a command that he
could eat everything except the Iruit oI the tree oI the
knowledge oI good and evil, because he would die once he
ate that.( Genesis 2:17)
Although he doesn't eat that Iruit, he can't Iight his
curiosity. Later he takes Eve's advice and eats it.
Everything changes makes when Eve meets the snake,
the guru in hypnotic persuasion.
Look at what made Eve eat the Iruit whether she died
or not.
Just one sentence with BENEEITS!
And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not
surely die: (Genesis 3:4)
for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof,
then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God,
knowing good and evil. (Genesis 3:5)
Curiosity and resistance kill Eve! The attractive
beneIits oI opening eyes and knowing good and evil Iorce
Eve to eat the Iruit and then give it to her husband, Adam.
So the two original killer weapons in hypnotic
persuasion are Irom Adam and Eve. OI course, their sons
and daughter took their instincts and Iollowed their
behaviors Iorever.
Remember these two weapons and take them to battle.
You can't Iail.
Chapter 16:
How To Close The Sale - Tell It Directly And
Give A Choice And A Reason
Everything prior to this chapter leads to one thing---
Closing the Sale. Sale doesn't just mean a product you want
others to buy. It means anything you want to achieve. An
increase in salary, marrying a girl, getting the best
operation Irom a doctor. You should keep an open mind. In
the Iollowing, I tell you a killer way to dramatically
increase your closing.
Never learn some tactics Irom the guru!
Be Kind! Be Sincere! Be warm-hearted! Nice to help
others! II you want to Iool your customers using my tactics,
you'll lose them Iorever.
Let me explain it to you!
When I wrote letters to Joe Vitale and Ken Silver, I
wanted to get their million-dollar-mind-ebooks Irom them.
Anyway, I made a direct request instead oI leading them on.
This way, they could consider my request by Iollowing my
message. II you don't give your readers or listeners a
request, they won't know what you need Irom them.
Always ask Ior the order!
Moreover, I give them a choice. I list two sides
separately. Agree or Not. Then I list all the beneIits they
get when they agree with my order. On the other hand, I
won't mind iI they say NO. At least, I want them to give me
a chance. Never pressure them! Let them make a decision
in a relaxed mood. As we know, all the choices belong to
your customers! Respect them and let them buy! Period.
I didn't know this method was successIully used in
court all the time by the Iamous American lawyer Gerry L.
Spence. A celebrity deIense lawyer, who garners quantity
Iace-time during publicity-soaked trials, Spence, as
attentive O.J.-ers knows, is the aw-shucks Wyomingite who
hates neckties, prosecutors, bankers, and pretense in
general. He also hates losing an argument, which he has
rarely done in a courtroom.
He wins every case! No Iailure! How did he create
such a great record?
The secrets are revealed in his book "How to Argue
and Win Every Time: At Home, at Work, in Court,
Everywhere, Every Day".
He met some diIIicult people in court who would
decide the case. Anyway, someone will resist his hypnotic
persuasion. At last, Gerry tells them a story.
Long time ago, there wass an old man and a young boy.
The young boy came to the old man holding a bird on his
"Do you know iI the bird in my hand is dead or not?"
The young boy asked the old man.
The old man thinks about it Ior a minute, and knows it
is a very diIIicult question. II he says yes, the young boy
will release the bird in his hand and let it Ily away. II the
old man says No, the young boy will squeeze his hand
tightly and kill the bird. So he can't give the correct answer.
However, he came up with the right solution. The old man
told the young boy the Iollowing:
"The liIe oI that bird depends on you!"
The same as your listeners! You must respect their
decision no matter iI they agree or Iollow your advice or
not. You must give the greatest room Ior thinking. Once
you are in a relaxed mood, rather than having to make a
decision under high pressure, you enjoy agreeing with
others' talk or writing with no resistance.
Moreover, I'll say more about the killer tactics I teach
in this book.
Never use them when you want to write a hypnotic
letter! Eorget them when you write.
Because you'll be distracted by any killer tactics inside
and pay no attention to your writing. Just pour your heart
into the paper, love people, respect people, and be kind to
II you put all your Iocus on your writing, you'll
naturally use all the tactics like a stream Ilow. As we know,
it takes no special skill Ior anyone to be a master writer or
actor. All your attention should concentrate on your writing
itselI. The more you Iocus on it, the better your results..
I wish you great success with Hypnotic Persuasion!