What is SAP and what is its scope?
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What is SAP and what is its scope?
Date: 02 Mar 2011 Group: Computers Category: Software

hello i am abdullah from solapur.i am completed my B.E(cse).i want know about sap . what is sap .where to use sap and its scope.

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Author: Kothari

05 Mar 2011

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Dear abdullah, The full for of SAP is System Applications And Product. SAP is an ERP software which is implemented by various enterprise to manage the enterprise effectively and improve the over all performance of the enterprise. Enterprise is nothing but an organization which has various departments such as Financial, Marketing, HR, Production, Sales department etc. These all department work to gather for pulling business towards the common goal. The full form of ERP is Enterprise Recourse Planning. The enterprise has resources such as people, money, land, plants etc. Enterprise software manages these all department by proper planning. SAP is not a single software but as per the requirements of the various departments it has many modules such as. Planning Module Material Module Sales and Distribution Module HR Module So if you want to make a carrier in SAP then you have to choose any one module and neeed to do course of it. Currently in India many companies using ERP such as Reliance, Essar, TATA, L & T etc. For more information on SAP you can visit SAP website for india that is. http://www.sap.com/india/index.epx One more thing is that SAP is the best ERP solution software among other and the demand of SAP operator is very high. The major thing is that the course fees for SAP is very high. Regards, Keval Kothari "Sharing Knowledge Is My Aim" Author: Kothari 05 Mar 2011 Member Level: Gold Points : 1 Voting Score: 0
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Companies Which offers SAP courses in India. Siemens Information Systems Limited Hyderabad.



Share Online Members Rohini Mundhada K Mohan miriyalaramesh Nidhi Ekta Raikwar Sultan Mustafijul Hoque subodh pendse Lienda Sun Ankita dash M. Mumbai. Active Members SAP is stands for System Application Products for Database Applications and its an ERP (enterprise resource planning) Software. Keval Kothari "Sharing Knowledge Is My Aim" Author: Rafeek Pasha 13 Apr 2011 Member Level: Bronze Points : 2 Voting Score: 0 Hi Abdullah.A. R Pramod (1079) Thanks K Mohan (446) Bhakti Savla (384) Answers Today R Pramod (104) swati (45) Jebaprincy (44) Last 7 Days Subscribe to Answers Un Subscribe m ore . Siemens Information Systems Limited New Delhi.indiastudychannel. Aerospace.com/experts/22171-What-SAP-its-scope... Pharmaceutical so on. What is SAP and what is its scope? Regards. Ltd. SAP has wide scope it has covered all the market business like Automotive. Post answer or solution to "What is SAP and what is its scope?" You can earn revenue online from Google AdSense and our revenue sharing programs by post valid. self written answers for the problem What is SAP and what is its scope? You must Sign In to post a response. Vimala More . It is good to know you have interest to make your carrier in SAP as it has good boom in the market... This software is invented by 5 Ex-IBM Employee to provide enterprise solutions and it is now leading ERP solution provider in the world.aspx 2/3 .29/3/2014 Genovate Solutions India Pvt. http://www.

indiastudychannel.com/experts/22171-What-SAP-its-scope.gp5 file be opened? software counterfieting What is the better way of unix shell scripting? Boot loader problem How to create a . How can a *.aspx 3/3 .India. Kochi .29/3/2014 What is SAP and what is its scope? Next Question: How can I install Linux SQL packages in linux oprating system? Previous Question: How to recover permanently deleted files from the computer? Return to Question Index Ask Question to Expert Category: Software Related Questions What is command to delete all records in database? How to get Pen Drive Driver for Windows98? Is .NET a language or a Platform? How to develop the C program using pseudo code. Copyright © All Rights Reserved.con file on desktop? What is a Digital Signature? Popular Tags What are tags ? Search Tags About Us Contact Us Copyright Privacy Policy Terms Of Use Advertise ISC Technologies. http://www.