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Unaware Ignores stat boosts and debuffs on other Po


Klutz The wielder both is unaffected by and will Simple Doubles all status boosts and drops.


Psychic / Flying Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100) MinHP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe

Min 275 150 146 190 146 264

Max 338 213 209 253 209 327

Max+ 234 229 278 229 359

67 57 55 77 55 114

135 131 171 131 237



hitting the Dark-. Taunt. which it can survive provid and a Salac boost. Its 67 / 55 / 55 bulk doesn't do it a Name Item Salac Berry Ability Simple SubSalac Moveset ~ Substitute ~ Calm Mind ~ Stored Power ~ Heat Wave This is Swoobat's only set. respe . Trick. Stored Power takes advantage of Calm Mind to the fullest with coverage with Stored Power. dual effectively use it. such as Toxic. such boost it gives Swoobat upon falling into the last 25% of its HP both allows it to outspeed Team Options & Additional Comments >>> Other Options Swoobat has an excellent support movepool. if Swoobat uses Calm Mind twice. which is devastating combined with Swoobat fears being revenge killed by are Choice Scarf Pokemon and priority users. and Steel-types in the tier. Skuntank is immune to Stored Po and Sucker Punch. The combination of Simple an after only one turn of setup. Regice can take any move Swoobat throws at it with ease and OHKO However. but it performs it well due to a great base Speed that lets it out single boost. Klutz in conj frailty. a 100 seem like a top-tier threat. but Swoobat will never find the time coverage move. In addition to this. Choice items are out of Gardevoir severely outclass it. Tailwind. Stored Power reaches 100 Base Power. Charge Beam can be used to do a little bit of Electric-type damage while better as it provides a guaranteed boost. it has quite a few flaws holding it back. but has one decent niche.and severely damage Swoobat with Body Slam and Double-Edge. it can survive an Ice Beam. Roost is a reliable recovery move. and KO it with STAB Pursuit. get the Salac Be boosts with Roar and only really fears Hidden Power Ground. it also gets access to Stored Power. and boosts Special Defense as well. Aside from its great Sp at least one boost to do any sort of significant damage. Encore Swoobat. so Swoobat is better off as a Simple Calm Mind sweeper. Subs by the likes of Skuntank. Checks and Counters The best way to counter Swoobat is to prevent it from setting up or Encoring it into Calm Power. Psychic-.Swoobat is a mediocre Pokemon.

can defeat Swoobat provided it though Swoobat can OHKO it with a boosted Stored Power if Golem's Sturdy is broken. outspeed it. m boosts if it is not behind a Substitute. most Choice Scarf Pokemon.While it is difficult to counter Swoobat due to the sheer power of a boosted Stored Power Substitute. Pokémon is © 1995-2013 and its contributors. Privacy Policy . can take out Swoobat Sucker Punch from the likes of Carracosta and Cacturne. and possibly sweep the rest of Swoobat All guides and strategy information are © 2004-2013 Smogon. such as Glaceon and Jynx.