Name Of Registered Valuer: -__________________________________________________


*Purpose for which valuation is made


*date as on which valuation is made


*Name of the owner/owners


*If property is under joint ownership/co-ownership,
Share of each such owner , Are the shares undivided?


*Brief description of the property


*Location , Street ,Ward no.


*Survey/Plot No. Of Land


Is property situated in Residential / Industrial / Mixed


Area / Industrial Area
Classification Of Locality High Class / Middle Class /


Poor Class
Proximity to civic amenities , like Schools , Hospitals ,


Offices Markets , Cinema
Means and proximity to surface communication by


locality is served
* Area of land supported by documentary proof , Shape


dimensions and physical features
** Is it leasehold , the name of leaser/leasers, nature of
lease , date of commencement and termination of lease
of lease and terms of renewal of lease
i) Initial Premium
ii) Ground Rent payable per anum iii) Unearned
increase payable to the leaser in the event of sale or


*Is there any restrictive covenant in regard to use of


land ? If so , attatched a copy of covenant
* Are there any Agreements or Easements ? If so ,


attatch copies.
* Does the land fall in an area included in any Town

– owner or tenant? *What is the amount of property tax? Who is the bear 33. built in wardrobes. the owner? * Is is seperate amount being recovered for the use of fixtures like fans . ate of the notification * Attatch a Dimensioned Site Plan *Attatch Plans and elevation of all the structures 21. maintenance and operation – owner or tenant? *If a pump is installed. who is to bear the cost of 31. ot for service charges? 27. be borne by the owner Has the tenant to bear the whole or part of the cost of 29. percentage actually utilized * i)Names of tenants/lessees etc. compound. specify portion and extent 23. to 28. etc. sheet (Annexture to this form may be used) * i) Is the building owner occupied / tenanted / Both? ii)If partly owner occupied . *Has any contribution ben made towords devlopment or is any contribution been made towords devlopment 18. business associates of . stairs. passages. repairs and maintenance? Give perticulars * If a lift is installed. if any. standing on the land a layout plan *Furnish technical Details of a building on a seperate 22. of area under owner occupation * What is the Floor Space Index permissible and 24. maintenance and operation – owner or tenant? *Who has to bear the cost of electricity chargesfor lightinh of common space like entrance hall. 32. Gross amount received for the whole property *Are there any occupants related to . ii)Portions in their occupation iii) Monthly or annual rent/compenstion/licence fee etc. it? Give details with documentary proof. paid by each iv) 25. give the policy No. If so . or is any demand for such contribution still outstanding *Has the whole or part of land been notified for acquisition by Government or any statutory body? Give 19. 20. *Is the building insured? If so. etc. who is to bear the cost of 30. or close to 26. geysers. . cooking ganges. refrigerators. Give details Give Details of Water and electricity charges. Perticulars.Planning scheme or any Devlopment Plan of Government or any statutory body ? If so Give 17.

Type of Construction:- 6. under any law relating to the control of rent? Give instances of sales of immovable property in the locality on a seperate sheet. by employing labour directly/ both? For items of work done on contract.Year of construction :- 4. indicating the name and address of land 37. For items of work done by engaging labour directly. 39. Amount for which it is insured and the annual premium *Is any dispute between landlord and tenant regarding 35. agreements. give the basic rates of materials and labour supported 1.Type of foundations:- DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ .Plinth area floor-wise (As per IS : 3861-1966):- 3.Estimated Future Life:- 5. rent pending in a court of law? Has any standard rent been fixed for the premises 36. the basis of arriving at the land rate * Year of commencement of construction and year of 40.34. of floors and height of each floor :- 2. completion What was the method of construction  by contract/ 41.No. produce copies of 42. Land rate adopted in this valuation If sale instances are not available or not relied upon. 38.

VALUATION TECHNIQUE ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ BASIS OF EVALUATION ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ DECLARATION ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (Approved Valuer) Place:__________________ Date :___________________ .