ALADDIN Characters: Narrator Mother Aladdin Alin Genie Sultan Princess’s friend Princess SCRIPT: : Siti Shafira I : Dita

Nurhavana S : Andhika Damar M : M. Aldy Pratomo : Panji Putra S : Syahrul Rizki : Siti Shafira I : Desti Asihanti S

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a young poor boy called Aladdin. When his father died, his mother had to work hard. At Aladdin´s House Mother: Aladdin !!! Aladdin : yes mom Mother: Go to the market and buy some fish for dinner. Aladdin: Fish again, mother? Mother: I don´t have enough money… Aladdin: Hmm… Okay I will go now Mother: Be careful ! Narrator: He went to the market, and while he was shopping a stranger saw him alone so he approached him. At the Market Alin: Aladdin? Aladdin: Yes? Who are you?

. . Let’s sitting there! Narrator : They were sitting in a place near the market Alin : How’s your life? Umm. he saw very fine jewelry.Alin: Im Alin. you should go there and bring me the jug. Aladdin : Hmmm…. Alin : Don’t worry. Alin: Really? Would you come with me on a journey to another country. we just don’t have enough money. Aladdin: I see the jug he wants… Narrator: Then he went back to the door. Aladdin: That sounds good to me. your uncle Aladdin: Really? Alin : Yeah. he was a bad wizard. He put some in his pockets disobeying the wizard. Then he saw the jug that the wizard said. Alin: Okay. and your mother? Aladdin : Hmm… we’re fine. Alin: Give me the lamp! Aladdin: No…. come with me. I’ll give you anything you want. Narrator: The man in fact was not Alladin’s uncle. When he was about to go out the wizard said. In Alin’s house Alin: I will tell you a secret. Narrator: When Aladdin was inside the secret place. Aladdin: Secret? Alin : Yes. It will change your life. this is a map of a secret place.

Aladdin : So. Genie : Hahaha Master. Mother: Aladdin. mom. I will grant you all your wishes.Alin: Yes. please take me home. Aladdin: If that is true. Genie : Aww. Narrator: And in just a few second he was back home again. the genie will help us. Narrator : Aladdin come to the place of the sound he heard. Aww. Narrator: And he told his mother about the wizard and the jug. what can I do to come out?! Narrator : He took stones and throw it. Give me the lamp! Aladdin: No !!! Alin : Yes !! Narrator: The wizard was angry at Aladdin. Narrator: When his mother rubbed the lamp to clean it. a genie appeared before them. I will obey your orders! . At Aladdin´s House Mother: Aladdin! I was worried about you! Where have you been? Aladdin: Sorry. We don´t have money… not even to buy some food. something terrible happened. But he hear a sound. I am so sad. I will do as you order! Aladdin: Who are you? Genie: I am the slave from the jug. Aladdin still at the secret place and he ask himself. Mother: Who are you? Genie : I am the slave from the jug. he push Aladdin and bring the jug out. He found a jug again. Aladdin: Don´t worry mother.

ha. Aladdin. Okay come with me! Sultan: what can I do for you? Mother: My son. He has sent her a gift. may I talk to sultan? Princess’s friend : Who are you? Mother : Im Aladdin’s mother. Narrator: As soon as the Sultan saw the sparkling jewelry he said. Narrator: Her mother went to the palace to talk to the Sultan. Mother: Very well. In the Market Aladdin: Oh. Go talk to the Sultan. At Aladdin´s House Aladdin: I want to marry her! Mother: Ha. she´s so beautiful! I am in love with her. fell in love with your daughter. Narrator: Then he went home and told his mother about the beautiful girl. can I talk to him? Princess’s friend : Hmm…. and take this fine jewelry that I found. At the Palace Mother : Excuse me. ha you know that is impossible. mother. . Aladdin: Please. and he wants to marry her. One day Aladdin went to the market and he saw passing by the Sultan´s daughter.Aladdin: Give us something to eat! Narrator: And from that day Aladdin and his mother always had food on their table. I´ll go… but I can´t promise you good news. Sultan: Let me see it.

Alin : Please. Princess : Oh… please… Narrator: When Aladdin heard that he must bring a beautiful crown. and in a few days they got married … But in a faraway place the wizard heard the news. When the sultan knew about what had happened he was angry at Aladdin.. she is Aladdin’s mother Princess : Who’s Aladdin? Princess’s friend : I don’t know. I just heard that he will marry you. Mother: Hmm… I will let him know your desire. Narrator : In the other side. Alin: What?! Aladdin didn´t die?! I have to go back and get the jug! I am sure he has it! Narrator: As soon as he returned he disguised himself as a merchant and went to the palace where Aladdin and his wife were living. Bring me a crown for the princess then he’ll marry my daughter. At Aladdin´s House Aladdin: I order you to give me a beautiful crown for the princess Genie : Your wish is an order to me! Narrator: Next day the Sultan was astonished see a very beautiful crown. Alin: Would you like to go out with me? Princess: But…. . he asked the geniefor another wish. just a minute Narrator: And he took the princess away. Princess and her friend was hearing the conversation between Sultan and Aladdin’s mother.Sultan: This fine jewelry is not enough. Princess : Who is she? Princess’s friend : She said. he agreed to the wedding.

Narrator: Aladdin was desperate. Then he remembered the Genie. Deal? Alin : Deal !!! Narrator: Alin bring the princess out from her room and he ask Aladdin Alin : Where’s the jug? Aladdin : Here. but bring me my wife first. Aladdin: Come on! Princess: Rub the lamp! Aladdin: Genie. Aladdin: Where’s my wife? Alin : You should give me the jug first. I won’t !! Alin : It means you’ll never meet your wife again. falling down. Narrator: Aladdin took the Princess. Narrator: In an instant they werein the princess’s place. Aladdin: Take me to where my wife is. when they were in the balcony. and didn´t know what to do. until he found her. he pushed Alin. I order you to take us to our palace Narrator: And in an instant they appeared in the palace where Aladdin´s mother and the sultan were waiting. . Aladdin : No. Aladdin: You know I will. He rubbed the jug and the genie appeared. and Aladdin started looking for the princess. Aladdin : Hmm…. Okay I’ll give you the jug as soon as my wife out.Sultan: Very well… I will forgive you if you bring me my daughter back as soon as possible. Alin : Here she is.

many years. and we have nothing to worry about…. our life is just beginning. Aladdin: Everything is over now. Narrator: And they were happy for many. Princess: Oh. father… Mother: Aladdin! Sultan: Thank you Aladdin for bringing my dearest daughter home. The End .At the Palace Sultan: My dear daughter… you´re back.