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Contracts o When can I start? o How long is my contract? o How will I be working? o What is the probation period? Flights o Who pays for my flight? o Who books my flight? o What happens when I arrive? Accommodation o What about my accommodation? o Who pays for the housing? Family o When can I bring the family? o Will my partner be able to get a job? o Will my children get free schooling? o Can I bring my cat/ dog? Financial matters o When will I be paid o How much money should I bring? o Will I get a UK Bank Account? o What about my tax requirements? o Do I have to pay for medical care? Additional questions o What documents should I take with me? o How can I improve my English when I arrive in the UK? o What will MMA do for me?

All nurses have management roles. The sooner the NMC have all the documents they need to review your file. The NMC registration process can take between 2-4 months and the most important factor is for you to provide the NMC with whatever do cuments they require / request from you. The HR department are required to complete certain compliance checks before allowing you to start working as a nurse in the UK. What is the probation period? Your career in begins with a period of preceptorship. health clearance and reference checks from your previous and current employer. This entails acquiring and demonstrating competencies. . You can book your shifts directly with your unit manager. amongst others. The shift patterns can vary and nurses are required to be flexible and willing to cover essential shifts. However all posts are permanent posts so you can stay as long as you want. Your employers will also have overtime shifts available for you to work – working overtime is optional but a good way to learn faster while you earn extra money. as well as broad competencies in leadership and English communication. it will take 4 -6 weeks before you can start your job in the UK. How will I be working? In most cases. which is a supported probationary period. administering medication procedures. MMA can assist you with your registration process by communicating with the NMC on your behalf. If you are Non EU passport holder you will need to maintain your visa. After successfully completing this. T he majority of nurses in move from staff nurse positions to junior sister/charge nurse within two to three years. Do not resign until the employer confirmed your start date with you! If you are not NMC registered yet.44 hours per week in shifts. How long is my contract? The position offered to you is a permanent post so a minimum of one year i s expected. you will work between 37 . writing care plans and delivering patient care . These checks include identification. but some career paths are more management -orientated than others. the sooner you will have your pin number. As you become more senior. including specific skills in. criminal clearance.CONTRACTS When can I start? If you already have your NMC pin number. you will receive a permanent contract of employment from your employer. you may have less hands -on nursing responsibility.

To pay for e xcess luggage at airports can be very expensive. you will meet with your manager. induction and start date is confirmed. You will be provided with the contact number of the person meeting you to communicate directly with them regarding your arrival at your specific bus station. you will be asked to get the bus and stop at the nearest station to your place of employment.FLIGHTS Who pays for my flight? Generally your employer will pay your mobilisation flight and deduct the fee from your salary over 6 months. It is also your responsibility to check the baggage allowance with the airline before you travel. Each employer will have its own benefit package. or a colleague. If you fly to London. There. . your accommodation and your local supermarkets etc. Who books the flight? Your employer will book your flight as soon as your accommodation. In most cases someone from MMA will be at the airport to welcome you and assist you with your travel arrangements on the day. What happens when I arrive? Your usually land the day before you due to start employment. You w ill have your flight ticket at least a week before you travel and will be required in most cases to check in online and print your boarding pass. who will show you to your new place of work. Flights range from €150 to € 300. depending of the date and time in advance that you book the flight.

If you arrive and do not have accommodation arranged. but normally the agency will request from six months to one year con tracts.housepals. This amount will be repayable to the employer over 3-6 months. If you wish to start your search you can look on the web in these different sites: http://www.spareroom. . Once we found something suitable we schedule an appointment with the estate agency to view your preferred property. Be aware that contracts can go on a monthly https://www. it will take a few days for the estate agents to complete a contract and arrange for your keys to be available on your arrival. At that point we will sent you all the details to review and once you decide upon a letting. as close as possible to your you will pay the rent for the housing directly to your landlord The accommodation agreement is between you and the landlord and you will be expected to sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord on arrival. The deposit w ill be refunded back to you when you move out. There are different estates If you search on these sites you can also find the range of prices for different kind of houses and locations. Who pays for the housing? Your employer will advance the first month’s rent and deposit to your landlord.gumtree. Transport to work will be arranged in the first days.ACCOMMODATION What about my accommodation? Your employer will assist you to find suitable accommodation . while everyone will their best to help you. be assured that we will be to help you find an alternative place or to advice you on the best way to settle into your new locality. with several The process of finding accommodation in the UK is the same as in your http://www. After the first month. If you find your accommodation is not perfect on the first day. you may be required to stay in a bed and breakfast. we sear ch several options. you must accept responsibility and be patient with the process. all over. Taking in account your personal choices and preferences. Finding suitable accommodation is one of the biggest challenges when relocating abroad.

There are financial and emotional factors to consider .fish4. Here's where to look for United Kingdom job .FAMILY When will I bring the family? You should think carefully befor e deciding to bring your spouse and children with you to the UK. Family accommodation can be difficult to find and is far more expensive than that for a single primary or secondary government – funded (state) schools are offered to all children without Will my partner be able to get a job? There are many online resources for finding jobs in the UK but do check newspapers and magazines too. funded in whole or in part by Jobcentre Plus job search Will my children get free schooling? In the United Kingdom. particularly if they do not speak English. In the first 3 months your main focus should be to pass your ngandchildcare Can I bring my dog or cat? When travelling to or returning to the UK from another EU or non-EU listed country your pet needs a pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate https://www. www. You may then arrange for your family to join you when you have settled It can be extremely difficult to look after family members while you are busy with your initial -deaths-marriages/child. to improve your level of E nglish and to impress your employer with your skills. we advise that you travel to the UK alone first to organise your accommodation. work ethic and willingness to work hard. As a parent it is your job to ensure that everything is in place for your children before they arrive in the www. http://www. If you do decide to bring your family.

emergency tax code. To pay tax in the UK as well as make National Insurance contributions. If you have any concerns about this. you need a National Insurance (NI) Number. a budget of £250 -400 should be enough. How much money should I bring with me? Since your rent will be paid in advance by your employer. Your personal documentation. The specific requirements and timeframe depend on the Banking Group. and utility bills in your name. However. The tax system in the UK operates on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) model. Remember to give your bank account details to your employer in order to get your first salary paid. Normally you need a passport or ID card. Depending on how extravagant your lifestyle is. Banks ask for proof of a UK residence to which you are registered. your manager will give you a letter confirming that you are employed. we can arrange for a cash adva nce on your salary (loan) before you arrive. On your arrival in the UK. bring a recent and or iginal banking statement ensuring that both your name and home address are shown on it. (you should note the banks most available to you in your surrounding work/living area as these will be easier to access). but any over payment can be recovered . We will advice you on specific day prior to your arrival. Until you receive your NI number. you will need to book an appointment to open an account. there are tax obligations that must be adhered to by both you and your employer. will allow you to set up a bank account.FINANCIAL MATTERS When will I get paid? Employers will pay your salary either weekly or monthly . You should schedule this as soon as possible. your UK employment contract. What about my Tax Requirements? Whether this is your first time working in the UK or you have been employed there before. it may aid the process if you were to bring a letter to the UK from your current bank branch in your home country stating how long you have been a customer and that your account is in good standing. with income tax and National Insurance contributions withheld monthly by your employer and paid to the government for you. you will only need to bring enough money for your transport & groceries in the first month. Once you choose a specific banking group. How will I get a UK Bank Account? Opening a bank account in the UK can be tricky if you are not a UK national. you will be taxed on a higher. both of which can be hard to come by if you have just arrived in the UK. along with your confirmation of employment letter. If a letter of that type cannot be obtained. proof of your UK address.

you can make a claim for a tax rebate at any time in the tax year. . Keep this. You will also be able to get treatment in a hospital (both emergency and non -emergency). If you have departed the UK. This form entitles the holder and his or her family to full NHS treatment. you are entitled to NHS treatment.dwp. your employer will issue you with a P45 form. Do I have to pay for medical care? As a taxpayer. EEA national accompanying family members should obtain a Europe an Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their country of residence. You must also bring your birth certificate. you will be able to use a GP (doctor) and other GP services (eg visiting a clinic) for free. Some of these tasks should be completed as soon as possible to facilitate further proceedings. A P60 form gives a summary of your gross earnings and taxes that have been paid for the financial year. Please note that this list can change. If you are still employed in the UK. http://www.through PAYE. Your passport will be needed as proof of identity for several documents that you have to complete once in the UK. You can apply for a NI number at a Job Centre Plus. please visit the Department of Health website for up to date information WHAT DOCUMENTS SHOULD I TAKE WITH ME? It is very important to have all personal docu ments with you when flying to the UK. This details your gross earnings and tax paid during that year and advises any future employer of your correct UK tax code. criminal certificate and documents regarding your professional education. or can find out more from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).uk If you leave a job in the If you have lost your P45. you will not be able to get another. you must bring your p assport. as you will need it should you need to claim a refund. you must wait until the end of the tax year (April 5) to claim. so an interim P 46 form allows HMRC to allocate you a tax code for your next employer. Even as a member of the UE.

uk/aboutlearndirect/centresearch If learn direct does not cover the area where you will be base. to find your accommodation and finally with making yo ur travel arrangements. we will help you find an English course in your area. We have personal experience in relocating to the UK and over the past 15 years. we have assisted hundreds and hundreds on nurses just like you. so you can learn at your own speed. you have to set up an appointment with your local learn direct centre. WHAT MMA WILL DO FOR ME? Our team will assist you throughout the process and keep you informed on your application. You will need internet access and the computer you use must have speakers.learndirect. When you arrive in the UK. When you arrive in the UK. Courses are broken down into bite-sized chunks. All of the English courses lead towards nationally recognised City & Guilds qualifications and most of the courses are online and free of charge. We will be available on caring individuals and committed to help and support you throughout. We can’t get involved with any employments issues but we c an certainly give you advice on how to handle any difficulty you might experience. e -mail and be phone at all times to answer any questions you might have. please contact our team. Signing up to an English course soon after you arrived will reassure your employer of your commitment to the job.HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY ENGLISH WHEN I ARRIVE IN THE UK? Your employer will expect you to work hard on developing your confidence and level of English. Everyone in our team is passionate. We assist the employer with completing the compliance checks for you. . Learn Direct is a government -funded training organization. they offer training courses at locations nationwide. They will arrange to assess your level of English and develop a training program for you. we will be your moral and social support. Visit their website to find your closet learn direct centre http://www.