student of the two.CHAROTAR UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (CHARUSAT) FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (FMS) INDUKAKA IPCOWALA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (I2IM) MBA/PGDM 2012-14 SEMESTER III DECLARATION I Manoj Bhalani (12MBA006).year MBA Programme at Indukaka Ipcowala Institute of Management (I2IM) hereby declare that this report as a part of the course “Contemporary Issues in Management (MB 805.1) is the result of my own work. I also acknowledge the other works / publications cited in the report. Place: Changa (Signature) Date: 17.06.2013 (Name of the student) 2 .

3 .

diverse marketplace. Now. the consumer. Nirma stepped into toilet soaps relatively late in 1990 but this did not deter it to achieve a volume of 100. Karsanbhai Patel is a recipient of various awards and accolades. Starting as a one-man operation in 1969. The focal objective behind modernisation plan is of up gradation with resource-savvy technology to optimise capabilities. 25.000 per annum. Apart from this.COMPANY INTRODUCTION Nirma is one of the few names . Nirma has gone for massive backward integration along with expansion and modernization of the manufacturing facilities. Karsanbhai Patel. Nirma has always been practiced ‘value-for-money’ plank. the proverbial ‘Rags to Riches’ saga of Dr. at affordable prices. He has been bestowed with various awards like… 4 . To leverage this effort. are well equipped with state-of-art technologies. Nirma’s six production facilities. Nirma had opted for backward integration strategies. Nirma plans to extend the same philosophy in categories as commodity food products. located at different places. personal care products and packaged food.e. with burgeoning middle class pie. Distinct market vision and robust infrastructure allowed Nirma to have cost leadership. This makes Nirma the largest detergent and the second largest toilet soap brand in India with market share of 38% and 20% respectively.000 tones. i. lean distribution network. is a classic example of the success of Indian entrepreneurship in the face of stiff competition. To ensure regular supply of major raw materials. Nirma. which took on mighty multinationals and rewrote the marketing rules to win the heart of princess. These strategic moves allowed Nirma to manage effective and efficient supply-chain. 00 crores. making it one of the largest volume sales with a single brand name in the world. In such a widespread. Nirma aptly concentrated all its efforts towards creating and building a strong consumer preference towards its ‘value-for-money’ products. It has been persistent effort of Nirma to make consumer products available to masses at an affordable price.which is instantly recognized as a true Indian brand. umbrella branding and low profile media promotions allowed it to offer quality products. Hence. the year 2004 sees Nirma’s annual sales touch 800. India is a one of the largest consumer economy. today. 000 employee-base and annual turnover is above Rs. Looking at the FMCG synergies. The man behind the success of Nirma phenomenon – Dr. it takes utmost care to provide finest products at the most affordable prices. it has about 14.

its goals and objectives.a statement of sustained innovation. environment and social obligations. Laying emphasis on cost effectiveness. through better product quality.COMPANY VISION Nirma is a customer-focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services that maximise value to the customer. This customer-centric philosophy has been well emphasised at Nirma through:        Continuously exploring & developing new products & processes. The brand transcends the specific dynamic of any particular product category. which is best captured in its above mission statement . 5 . Complying with safety. Demonstrating belongingness and exemplary behaviour towards organisation. OBJECTIVE  To know what is Corporate Social Responsibility  To know wearies CSR by NIRMA  To know effect of CSR by NIRMA on society. Maintaining effective Quality Management System. Imparting training to all involved on a continuous basis. an unceasing effort to deliver better value to consumers. Teamwork and active participation all around. Nirma is a phenomenon and synonymous with Value for Money.

this Foundation has been awarded University status. nursing. which are plenty. Nirma has undertaken a host of activities in the educational and social development areas. Realizing the significant role of education . In fulfillment of this role as a responsible part of the society and environment in which one operates. Recently. The environment gives full scope for group activities. These all institutions are located in a disciplined. The campus blends beautifully with the green landscaping. etc. Nirma played a vital role by establishing the Nirma Education & Research Foundation (NERF) in 1994. ethical corporate citizen. Nirma believes that exemplary achievements on the business points are not enough in the making of a good corporate citizen.CSR ACTIVITY BY NIRMA Nirma's vision visualizes itself as a vibrant. Today. aesthetic elegance of arches and the vibrant pursuit of knowledge by the young aspirants. serene and pleasant environment. pro-active and widely admired.especially technical and managerial in socioeconomic development of the nation. this state-of-the art academic infrastructure runs various institution bodies such as Institute of Technology. as also to individual pursuits for development on preferred tracks. Education Institute of Management Institute of Technology Institute of Diploma Studies Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences 6 . along with the existing courses under a single roof of Nirma University. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Institute of Diploma Engineering. biotechnology. Institute of Management. This status gives way to shape up and expand into a body providing education in other courses like medicine.

Chanasma Ruppur Gram Vikas Trust In Mehsana of which Mr. Nirma has already contributed Rs. promote and facilitate potential entrepreneurs in their pursuit of knowledge based large-scale wealth generation for stakeholders and society. maintenance of public health and related facilities in rural areas. and will then be supported to build the incubated ventures with appropriate support. and an ITI training institute and a ladies hostel BENEFITS FOR SOCIETY • • • • • • Community Welfare Women Empowerment Education Facility Good Health Environment Medical Facility 7 .Nirma Labs Another contribution of Nirma with an objective to nurture. The infrastructure facilities created here are of international standards and they have already become models for similar institutes. 500 million. colleges. including the Arts & Commerce College. as well as an IAS training center and a programme in Masters of Computer Applications. It builds Ashrams and guesthouses for pilgrims and the elderly. an amount. temples and social institutions. within the state and outside. 350 million for the development of these institutes. Plans are underway to start Post Graduate & Research Courses in Management and Technology. K. K. The prospects will undergo the program of grooming and incubation at Nirma Labs. which is likely to rise further to Rs. The trust has started several institutions in Ruppur. contributes towards the running of schools. Nirma Memorial Trust and Nirma Foundation Nirma Memorial Trust looks after deprived women in Gujarat. The Nirma Foundation. set up in 1979. Patel is the founder trustee and President provides education.

34 Crore Rs.17.13.00 Crore Rs.04.03.55 Crore Rs.Contribution made by the Company towards CSR initiatives during last five financial years No.23 Crore Rs.40 Crore 8 . 1 2 3 4 5 Financial Year 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Total Contribution / Donation Rs.18.

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