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English Language 3 Chelsea 10.15 – 11.15 a.m. 36 pupils World of Stories Unit 10 A Ride in the Safari Park Listening and speaking skill 1.2.2 able to listen to and follow: b) simple directions. 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance. 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by: (d) sequencing with guidance. By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: - arrange the pictures correctly based on the recording. - respond to the questions orally by referring to the stimulus given to them.

Cross curricular elements: Previous knowledge:

Multiple intelligences : verbal linguistic

Pupils have learnt the name of some of the animals. a) Stimulus (pictures) b) Speaker c) Oral text d) Worksheet

Teaching aids:

Word list: a) dolphin b) chameleon c) elephant d) hippopotamus e) lion f) polar bear g) penguin


1. Teacher shares the fun facts of the animals with the pupils.

Remarks: . Pupils respond orally to the questions asked by referring to their stimulus.2. Teacher plays recordings of the animals’ sounds and asks pupils to guess. Assessment: Teacher assesses the pupils’ listening skill through the worksheet given (Activity 1). “Boom”. 4. Teacher plays the recording and pupils complete the worksheet given. 3. Pupils play the game. 5. Teacher assesses the pupils’ speaking skill through their oral response when they are talking about their picture (stimulus).

I want to share some fun facts of animals with you. Before we begin our lesson for today. weather  Teacher shares the fun facts of animals with the pupils. class. Lesson content wh” question What How Language of instruction Resources Integration /Remarks Set induction (5 minutes) How are you today? What day is it? What is the date today? What is the weather like today? - Listening and speaking Okay.Stage Activities  Teacher begins the lesson with the daily routine:  Day. This is a chameleon. date.  Teacher introduces new vocabulary (chameleon)  Teacher distributes the worksheet (Activity 1). (Teacher interacts with the pupils) -recording -speaker -worksheet (activity 1) Listening and speaking . -chameleon Boys. I want you to listen to this recording and guess which animal makes this sound. (Fun facts of the animals) Do you know any interesting facts of animals that you want to share with your classmates? (Teacher engages pupils in the sharing session) Pre stage (10 minutes)  Teacher plays the recording of the animals’ sounds and asks the pupils to guess which animal makes the particular sounds. Look at this picture.

 Teacher plays the recording again and pupils check their answer. Let’s check the answer together. Listening While stage (2) (20 minutes)  Teacher divides the pupils into 4 groups (9 pupils in a group). Have you got your paper? Good! I am going to play a recording and I want you to listen first.  Teacher checks the answers with the pupils. where. Now. very good. Each group will get a picture. Teacher explains on the worksheet. While stage (1) (10 minutes)  Teacher plays the recording for the second time and pupils complete the worksheet (Activity 1) given. you will listen to -worksheet the directions and paste the (activity 1) animals at the correct place. (who. I will distribute this worksheet to each of you.  Teacher plays the recording for the first time and pupils just listen. What number is the box where you should paste the elephant? (box number 7) Yes. Listen to simple directions for the placement of the animals in the safari park. how. the elephant is right on your right when you enter the safari park. Now listen to me carefully and help to place all the other animals correctly. what. For this activity. For example. I -pictures Speaking . when) I will divide you into 4 groups.

____ (3x). The animals name want you to tell a story. let’s review back the lesson. - Okay class. before we end the lesson. Listening and speaking Closure (5 minutes)  Teacher reviews back the lesson with the pupils. when)  One person has to tell one sentence. Class. Are you ready? Group 1 may start now. “Boom”. Each of you has to tell one sentence. We will start with the ___ group. Your group’s name has to be an animal name. boom _____. where. how. I want you to name your group. (who. Teacher gives each group a picture and they will have to tell a story based on the picture. Speaking . Post stage (5 minutes)  Pupils play the game. what.