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Overview General description Scope of application 36 kV distribution market leaders Top-level after sales service Environment and certification Quality Switchboard range Content of the standard unit Main characteristics Description Functional units Components Accessories Locking systems Connections Installation Civil engineering Decision diagram CAS 36 range. Standard unit and options

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Ensures effective circuit breaking in accordance with the IEC 62271-102 standard -. DE0203 Human safety The CAS 36 switchboard ensures human safety through: bb Locking systems to prevent faulty operations bb Locking systems to prevent access to cable and fuse compartments bb AFL and AFLR internal arc option bb Clearly defined mimic panel display bb Effective breaking bb Prevention of busbar access bb Voltage presence indicating systems. Each CAS 36 switchboard includes several line and/or protection functions in a single steel case filled with SF6. with combined fuse switches. filled with SF6 and sealed for life. Benefits of a tried and tested design: bb CAS 36 switchboard: vv Maximum safety for the operator: -. with switch-disconnector. Both the line functions and the protection functions in all cases incorporate earthing switches with making capacity (up to 50 kA peak). 3 .There is no possibility of accessing live parts bb Insensitive to environmental conditions: vv Stainless steel tank sealed for life vv Completely enclosed fuse compartment vv Switchboard withstands temporary flooding bb Manufactured in accordance with best standards and quality approaches: vv Certified by various electricity utilities of several countries vv Design and production are ISO 9001 certified vv Applying best international quality practices vv Benefits of more than 60 years' accumulated experience in the manufacture of medium-voltage switchboards bb Environmentally friendly: vv Manufacturing accredited in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard bb Plug & Play installation vv Its compact design reduces work in the field to a minimum vv Levelling and coupling of different switchboards are avoided vv Easy mounting with four anchoring points vv Ease of connector installation vv Fast commissioning.Internal arc test in accordance with the IEC 62271-200 standard -. All the switchgear and the busbar are housed in a single sealed stainless steel wraparound tank. to switch line inputs and outputs.Overview General description 2I + 1Q PD0201 Schneider Electric CAS 36 type switchboards are devices with built-in SF6 breaking and insulation. of compact architecture and small size.Three-position switch for safe switching operations -. bb Protection (Q) functions of In = 200 A. for transformer protection. PE0202 Fonctions They can be line input/output (I) or transformer protection (Q) functions. all incorporated in the same steel tank: bb Line (I) functions of In = 400 or 630 A.

Each CAS 36 type compact unit. for applications requiring high availability and minimal maintenance. power supply and protection of distribution transformers. as well as the connection.000 units installed and in operation worldwide. within MV/LV transformer centres and MV distribution centres.Overview Scope of application CAS 36 switchboards bring together in a single steel case all the medium voltage functions that allow network switching. Substation DD0202T 4 . with SF6 insulation (busbars) is the basic device for MV switching and protection. This is confirmed by more than 12.

Overview 36 kV distribution market leaders World leaders. EVN (Vietnam).and high-voltage switchgear and controlgear has been put to good use for the design and manufacture of the CAS 36 switchboards. SUZLON. Benefits of the CAS 36 range bb Maximum availability: continuity of service bb Small size bb Maximum safety for personnel bb Insensitivity to the environment: SF6 insulation bb Certification: IEC bb Tried and tested quality: ISO 9001:2000 bb Environmental protection: ISO 14001:2004 bb Ease of installation bb Economy. and growing The experience built up during more than 60 years in the design and manufacture of medium. P106936 P106937 PE0501 UK Spain Turkey Vietnam PE0507 PE0502 Tunisia PE0503 PE0504 Senegal Australia Sudan Thailand 5 PE0505 PE0506 DE57036 ... NEC (Sudan). STEG (Tunisia). endorsed by the experience of the world leader in the wind-power sector. etc. ENDESA (Spain). ACCIONA. bb Wind power applications: GAMESA. Australia. NORDEX. The choice of CAS 36 switchboards guarantees installation security. VESTAS. Our leading customers in the 36 kV distribution market include: bb Electrical utilities: IBERDROLA.000 disconnection and protection functions both for electricity utility applications and for wind power applications. Schneider Electric has supplied medium-voltage switchboards for more than 60. GENERAL ELECTRIC. EDCO (Jordan). bb EDP (Portugal).. SENELEC (Senegal).

Courses in factory or in the transformer centre PE60312 PE0602 Get to know the CAS 36 from its design. PE0601 Virtual instruction manual To facilitate installation and mounting. manufacture. handling and installation through to its maintenance where you want: bb In the factory bb In your offices bb At the switchboard installation location. 6 . we have created a virtual instruction manual so that our customers may train their work teams.Overview Top-level after sales service bb Assistance for your projects bb Certified high-quality labour force bb Assistance for installation and commissioning bb Training bb Equipment replacement.

73% Epoxy resin Wood Copper Iron SF6 Aluminium Other 4.17% 7 .20% 0. established on the whole production process. The results of all these checks are recorded and form part of the test certificate available for each switchboard. some of which are in the process of being updated: bb Operating conditions and general information IEC 62271-1. IEC 62271-200 bb Disconnectors and earthing switches IEC 62271-102. Emission-free Schneider Electric is a company deeply committed to environmental protection. each CAS 36 switchboard is subjected to systematic routine checks. The environmental management system put in place by Schneider Electric has been certified in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standard. Quality PE57356 PE57354 International regulations Design: Certification in accordance with IEC regulations CAS 36 switchboards have been designed and certified in compliance with the following standards. The tanks' sealing properties enable the CAS 36 switchboards to be classified as "pressure-sealed systems" in accordance with the established definition in recommendations. can be identified and separated easily. DE56817 Stainless steel 83. systematic checks The quality system for the production and design of CAS 36 switchboards has been certified in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.29% 1. the CAS 36 switchboards can be treated and recycled and their materials can be recovered in accordance with the requirements of European legislation on the end of life of electrical and electronic products. As part of this commitment.Overview Environment and certification Environment A strict system of materials management. PE57357 During the manufacturing process.39% 4.24% 3. At end of life. All the materials used.58% 0. the CAS 36 switchboards have been designed to be environmentally friendly.40% 2. in order to check quality. both conductors and insulants. Manufacture: Rigorous. ensures product traceability and no polluting element emissions.

Overview Quality PE0801 Altitude bb Below 1000 m bb Above 1000 m and up to 1700 m. bb Switch classification: PM class (metallic partition). bb Internal arc classification: AFL and AFLR class. please consult us. vv 1000 mechanical opening/closing cycles. up to 20 kA 1 s (optional on request). IEC 62271-200 (AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV). bb Loss of service continuity: class LSC2B for switches and disconnectors. Switch-disconnector IEC 60265-1 (High-voltage switches for rated voltages above 1 kV and less than 52 kV) bb Class E3/M1 vv 100 opening/closing cycles under load and 0. bb Earthing switches: IEC 62271-102: Alternating current disconnectors and earthing switches.f. 8 .7 p. Other applications bb Switches combined with fuses: IEC 62271-105: Alternating current switch-fuse combinations.

Overview Switchboard range 36 kV utility type compact layouts CAS 36 (1I+1Q) DE60644 CAS 36 (2I+1Q) CAS 36 (2I+2Q) CAS 36 (3I+1Q) CAS 36 (3I) CAS 36 (4I) 36 kV extendable type compact layouts CAS 36 (2I+1Q-EXT) CAS 36 (1I+1Q-EXT) CAS 36 (3I+2Q) CAS 36 (1I-EXT) CAS 36 (1Q+EXT) 36 kV wind power type standardized compact layouts CAS 36 (0I+1I+1Q) CAS 36 (0I+1Q) CAS 36 (0I+2I+1Q) CAS 36 (0IT+1Q) CAS 36 (0IDB+1Q) 9 .

without any consequence for the front part of the tank. without supplying additional SF6. The efficiency levels of the CAS 36 are consistent with the definition of "pressurized and sealed for life" in accordance with IEC recommendations. in order to ensure human safety. It is sealed for life after filling. This air blast occurs only as a result of the very high-speed movement of the switch inside the gas tank. Sealed compartment of a CAS 36 2I + 2Q switchboard DD0403 The air-blast circuit breaker uses a blast of SF6 gas toward the region of contact union as breaking technique.Overview Content of the standard unit PE55611 Cladding The hardness of the galvanized steel makes the compartment a nondeformable corrosion-resistant component. the device is in conformance with the six criteria defined in Appendix AA of the IEC 60295 standard (IEC 62271-200). After type tests carried out for 16 kA /1 s and 20 kA /1 s. All the switchgear and controlgear is located inside. 10 . together with the busbars of the switchboard and the fuse compartment. the CAS 36 requires no maintenance on live parts. Routine checks are performed throughout the production process to ensure closing. Tank The SF6 in the tank is at a pressure of 0. Therefore. and this gives it a service life of 30 years. The overpressure caused by an internal arc is limited by the opening of a safety valve in the lower part of the tank. the CAS 36 is manufactured to withstand an internal arc having the power of a 16 kA short circuit during 1 second or 20 kA during 1 second without putting the operator in danger. The tank contains all the live parts.3 bar. However. The strength and reliability of the CAS 36 design mean that the occurrence of failures in the switching equipment is unlikely.

Overview Main characteristics DD0301 Electrical characteristics CAS 36 kV Rated voltage Test voltage of short duration (1 min. 11 .) at 50 Hz Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (1.3 bar IP-3X (as per UNE-EN 60529) IP-67 (as per UNE-EN 60529) IK-08 International IEC 60298 (62271-200) IEC 60129 (62271-102) IEC 60265-1 IEC 60694 (62271-1) IEC 60420 (62271-105) Height A (mm) 1705 1705 1850 2100 1850 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 1705 Width B (mm) 1050 1200 1050 1200 1200 1700 600 925 1600 600 600 1100 1100 650 650 650 Depth C (mm) 1050 1050 1025 1050 1025 1050 1050 1050 1050 1050 1285 1050 1050 1050 1050 1050 Weight (kg) 500 600 450 600 500 850 400 400 800 400 400 500 400 400 400 400 Regulations Standard MV cubicles Disconnectors Switches Stipulations Switch-fuse combination Dimensions and weight 400/630 type cubicle CAS 36 2I+1Q CAS 36 2I+2Q CAS 36 3I CAS 36 3I+1Q CAS 36 4I CAS 36 3I+2Q CAS 36 0I+1T+1Q CAS 36 0IT+1Q CAS 36 0I+2I+1Q CAS 36 1I+1Q CAS 36 0IDB+1Q CAS 36 0I+1Q CAS 36 2I+1Q EXT CAS 36 1I+1Q EXT CAS 36 1I EXT CAS 36 1Q EXT (1) The permissible protective device output current will always be limited by the rating of the fuse installed on the cubicle.2/50 μs) Height (A) Rated current of busbars Rated line output current (I) Rated protection output current (Q) Permissible current of short duration (1 s rms value) Breaking capacity of switch-disconnectors (I or Q) Rated making capacity in short circuit Mechanical endurance of switch-disconnectors Width (B) Depth (C) Temperature of working environment Insulation medium Nominal relative gas pressure General degree of protection Gas tank degree of protection General degree of protection against impacts 36 kV 70 kV rms 170 kV peak 400 A / 630 A 400 A / 630 A 200 A (1) 16/20 kA rated 400 A / 630 A 40/50 kA peak 1000 switching operations -15 ºC / +40 ºC SF6 0.

one for closing the switch and the other for earthing. Switch-disconnector The electric arc is turned off using the SF6 air blast technique. This single-piece unit with integral insulation comprises: bb All the switchgear and the busbar housed in a single sealed stainless steel wrap-around tank. the third and fourth (3I & 4I) will be located at the top. 7 PE55633 13 9 1 4 12 11 6 2 5 3 8 7 10 1  Sealed stainless steel tank filled with SF6 2  Electrolytic copper bars 3  3-position air-blast circuit breakers 4  Fuse compartment 5  Controls compartment 6  Actuation panel and mimic panel 7  Line connectors compartment 8  Screw-on line connectors (I) 9  Plug-in protective connectors (Q) 10  Safety valve (internal arc) 11  SF6 pressure indicator 12  Voltage presence detector. The picture shows a cross section of the CAS 36 2I+Q in which several compartments and functions can be seen: bb Function (I) located in the lower part of the CAS 36. bb One or two fuse compartments.Overview Description 2I + 1Q PD0201 Compact architecture 14 4 11 12 6 5 CAS 36 switchboards are small devices manufactured in quantities from 1 unit up to 4 functional units. Each I or Q function is equipped with a moving contact and two fixed contacts. For functions for more than 2 lines. bb From one to four line compartments with connection interfaces for both the network and the transformer. The efficiency levels of the CAS 36 are consistent with the definition of "pressurized and sealed for life" in accordance with IEC recommendations. filled with SF6 and sealed for life. VPIS 13  Low-voltage compartment (optional) 12 . bb Function (Q) located in the upper part of the CAS 36.

bb Earthing switch function: closing and opening by lever. each line of each function has voltage presence detectors. Protection function (Q) bb Switch function: closing by means of a lever independent of the operator's force. Standard equipment of the cable compartment 13 .Functional units Components Controls compartment PE1302 Actuation panel It is provided with a mimic diagram on which the various positions of the moving equipment can be viewed. a tripping coil or fuse blowing. It also contains the push buttons which act on the mechanisms operating the protective switches (Q). Opening independent of the operator's force by means of a push button. energy is accumulated for opening. bb Integral locking which prevents access to the switch when the panel of the connection compartment is open. bb Earthing switch function: closing and opening by lever. Controls compartment This is the location of the mechanisms which transmit the operations to the various switches and earthing switches. As an additional safety measure. Access to each of these compartments is locked with earthing of the corresponding line switch-disconnector (I). Here are located the various grooves in which must be inserted the operating lever to actuate the switches and earthing switches. This function cannot be power-operated. bb A front closing panel bb Cable fastening clamps bb Cable earth connection bb Integral locking which prevents access to the connection compartment when the earthing switch is open. Line functions (I) bb Switch function: closing and opening by means of a lever (or optional power system independent of the operator's force). Options: bb Back of compartment for single-pole or three-pole cable (compulsory for non-directional field connections) bb Internal arc in line function up to 20 kA / 1 s bb IP-3X closing on cables bb Base. During the closing operation. Cable connection compartments PE1402 Cable connection compartments (line functions) They are separate for each function (I) and receive the three cable glands to which should be connected each of the 3 set screw connectors for each line.

2 1.3-10-16-20 25 31. It is recommended to use CF fuses provided with a Schneider Electric thermal striker (in accordance with DIN regulations).2 1. please consult us.7 1. Product range Fusarc Rating (Amp) 6.8 15 20 22 25 30 33 25 12/6.5 24/25 24/25 24/25 24/20 24/20 36/16 36/16 36/10 250 12/50 12/50 12/40 12/31. Un (kV) S (kVA) 6 6. Opening of the access door is locked by earthing of the corresponding protective switch-disconnector (Q).5 50.3 24/6.5 50.4 6. Replacing fuses DD0603 Ø45 Ød Ø6 When the elimination of a fault involves the blowing of one (or two) fuses.5 36/31.5 36/31.5 36/31.3 12/6.Functional units Components Fuse replacement operation PE1501 Fuse compartments Each compartment contains three separate fuse holders.9 1.3 24/6.5-40 50-63-80 100 6. Returning them to service in these circumstances would entail a high risk of unwanted fuse blowing for very slight overcurrents. Choice of Fusarc CF fuses in CAS 36 for protection of transformers In accordance with the IEC 60076-5:2000 standard: Ucc (S ≤ 630 kVA) = 4% Ucc (S > 630 kVA and ≤ 1250 = 5% Ucc (S > 1250 kVA) = 6% Permissible overloads of ≤ 20% and ambient temperature of < 40ºC. The following table shows the type of Fusarc CF fuse to use for each mains voltage and for the power of the transformer to be protected.5 12/25 12/20 24/20 24/20 24/16 24/10 24/10 36/10 36/6.5-40 50-63 33 e 33 23 e (mm) 292 292 292 442 442 442 442 537 537 537 537 d (mm) 50.5 76 86 Weight (kg) 1. CF-36 CF-36 14 .5 50.5-40 50-63-80-100 6.6 10 11 13. In the event of overloads of ≥ 20% and/or ambient temperatures ≥ 40°C.5 76 86 50.5 24/31. (2) Permissible overloads < 10%.5 24/31.9 5.3 12/4 24/4 24/4 24/4 – – – – – 50 12/16 12/16 12/10 12/10 24/6. In the case of the CAS 36. this compartment is fully immersed in the SF6 compartment.3 36/6. For the use of fuses of another type or from another manufacturer.2 13.5 24/63 24/50 (2) 24/63 (1) 36/50 (1) 36/63 (1) 36/40 36/40 36/50 (1) 36/50 (1) (1) No permissible overload..5 24/31. also forming part of the tank in which the rest of the switchgear and busbars are housed.5 24/31. often the properties of the fuses which apparently remain intact are in fact weakened by the action of the short circuit.5 12/31. It is therefore recommended to replace the 3 fuses in accordance with the IEC 60282-1 standard.5 24/31.3 12/6.5 12/31.3 36/4 100 12/25 12/25 12/20 12/20 24/16 24/16 24/16 24/10 24/10 36/6. CF fuses: Basic characteristics and selection table Fusarc CF fuse range PE60313 The fuses to be installed shall be in compliance with the UNE-EN 60282-1 recommendation. please consult us.5 76 50. The separate fuse holders are completely sealed and the fuse compartments are therefore floodable. which earths the two ends of each of the three fuses.7 4.5 24/31.3 24/6.5 24/25 24/25 24/20 36/20 36/16 36/16 315 12/63 12/50 12/40 12/40 24/31.5 12/25 12/25 24/25 24/20 24/20 24/16 24/16 36/10 36/10 36/10 200 12/40 12/40 12/31.5 36/25 36/25 12/80 12/80 24/63 24/63 24/50 24/40 24/40 36/40 36/31.5 36/25 36/25 36/25 500 630 800 – – 1000 – – 1250 – – – – – – – – 12/80 (2) 12/100 (1) – 12/100 (2) – 12/63 12/63 24/50 24/50 24/40 24/31. due to the low losses through heat dissipation.3-10-16-20-25 31.3 36/6.3 36/6. single-pole and plug-in.5 12/100 (1) – 12/80 (1) – 24/63 (1) – 24/63 (1) – 24/63 (2) – 24/50 24/40 36/40 36/31.5 CF-12 CF-12 CF-12 CF-24 CF-24 CF-24 CF-24 CF-36 CF-36 * To use 12 kV or 24 kV CF fuses you must buy adapters designed specially for the CAS 36.3 36/6.3 24/4 36/4 36/4 36/4 75 12/25 12/20 12/16 12/16 24/10 24/10 24/10 24/6.3 36/6.5 5.3 24/6. which facilitate fuse replacement in the event of fuse blowing.5 24/25 24/25 36/25 36/20 36/20 400 12/80 12/50 12/50 24/40 24/40 24/40 24/31.3 125 12/31.7 1.3-10-16-20-25 31.2 3.3 160 12/40 12/31.

the CAS 36 has in its protection function a contact which indicates blowing of one of its fuses.Functional units Accessories Low-voltage compartment PE60314 Remote indications Moreover. DE57990FR Antiseismic guarantee CAS 36 has passed antiseismic tests in accordance with the ETGI-1020 tests of Ingendesa (Chile) and UNE-EN 60068-3-3. Base The base (optional) increases the height (C) by 400 mm. 48 Vdc and 110 Vdc. 15 . Voltage presence indicating system PE1603 Voltage presence indicating system There is a voltage indicator device in each function (protection line) which makes it possible to check whether or not voltage is present on the wires. Front case The front case DB (optional). increases the depth (C) by 250 mm. Other working voltages: 24 Vdc. Earth fault passage by line function (I) For each line function (I). / 50/60 Hz. It can be connected to any voltage indicator. Voltage presence by line function (I) For each line function (I). It can be a mechanical or electrical indication. to be able to perform satisfactory remote control of the MV switchgear. it is necessary to have in the control centre all the required information on the status of the equipment to be remote controlled: Switch-disconnector position (I or Q) On any of the switch-disconnectors. a relay can be incorporated with combined with a toroidal sensor with local indication of earth fault passage and an auxiliary contact for remote indication. Phase concordance unit PE56825 Phase concordance unit This unit is used to check phase concordance. breaking consumption: 8 A (peak value). Switching time 70/80 ms. auxiliary contacts (2NO + 2NC) can be incorporated for remote indication of the position of the switch-disconnector and the earthing switch. a relay can be incorporated with local indication of voltage presence on each phase and an auxiliary contact for remote indication. for housing double terminals or surge arresters. both line (I) and protection (Q). we can supply shunt tripping coils. Indication of fuse blowing On option. 220 Vac. Tripping coils Base DD0803 Together with each protection switch-disconnector (Q).

PE1703 PE1704 bb Easergy T200I is designed to be connected to a MV switch without any type of special converter. the CAS 36 fits in perfectly with a remote control system. bb Only the line functions (I) can be motorized. It is easy to configure and operate. fault detection. Essential during power cuts on the network.Functional units Accessories T200I PE1702 Motor pack In the switch control unit is a space reserved for the gear motor which can be installed in factory. bb Acquisition of various types of information: switch position. bb It plays a front-end monitoring role for local operations. With the motor pack. Easergy T200I: An interface designed for monitoring MV networks Easergy T200I is a "plug and play" device or a multifunction device which takes into account all needs for supervision and remote monitoring of a CAS 36. Easergy T200I has tried and tested reliability and availability and is capable of ensuring operation of the switch at all times. real current values. bb A set of electrical locking systems prevents faulty operations. It can be used to actuate electrical mechanisms (local/remote switch) and displays information concerning the switch's status. bb Exchange of information with the control centres. Local information and control Monitoring and control Functional unit designed for MV networks 16 . bb It has an integrated fault detection system for MV networks (overcurrent and zero sequence) with detection of set point values which can be configured channel by channel (current value and fault current). with the busbar or the cable energized and without dismounting the control unit. but which the customer can also install on the site. bb Transmission of opening/closing orders for the switch.

23DV PE57783 PE57784 Flair 21D Fault detection Earth fault Phase fault Fault acknowledgement with voltage indication (VPIS-VO) Voltage detection Voltage presence/absence – b b 4 digits b b – b 1A ± 10 % b – 20 to 160 A 200 to 800 A – Flair 22D 20 to 160 A 200 to 800 A b Flair 23DV 20 to 160 A 200 to 800 A b – b b 4 digits b b b b 1A ± 10 % b b (Lithium battery) 2A b b b b b b 4 digits b b b b 1A ± 10 % b b (external)(*) 21D PE57785 22D Settings Automatic settings Manual settings Display Display Load current Peak current Frequency Phase at fault Current resolution Precision Power supply Self-powering Dual power supply: Other Minimum operating load current External lamp Reset SCADA output 2A b b b 0A b b b 23DV (*) 12-48 Vdc Thanks to a lithium battery. Flair 22D and Flair 23DV devices of the Easergy range has a highly visible flashing LED and provides detailed information via the digital display. An external lamp (optional) can indicate the passage of a fault current without any need to enter the substation.22D . the Flair 22D can be configured without load current (display of settings. without having to dismount the MV cables. Ease of use and reliability bb Automatic settings on site bb Fault indication by LED or external lamp bb The lifetime of the Flair 22D battery is 15 years bb Fault detection is more precise if the Flair 22D is connected to a VPIS-VO voltage indicator bb Mounting on RM6 possible in factory or else on site bb Adaptation on site can be facilitated by using a split toroid..Functional units Accessories Flair 21D and 21DT PE56820 Fault passage indicator The new version of the Flair 21D. reset time delay > 4 h) 17 . 61021N Characteristics Easergy Flair 21D . Functions bb Phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth fault indication bb Display of settings bb Display of phase at fault bb Display of the load current and the peak current and frequency bb Combination of fault current passage indication and voltage detection functions (Flair 23DV only).

(R2) CAS/SM6 533.295.395.(R2) CAS/CAS 533.395.395.943.205 51098379M0 (R6) 533.407 .295.395.395. earthing switch closed DD1801 (6) Free key.943.395.943.407 . earthing switch open (4) Locking system which allows the key to be removed when the disconnector of the 533.E21) 533.395.943.295.(R2) CAS/CAS 533.395.407 533.018 .429 S 6 1 2 1 1 1 18 1 1 1 1 1 .295.943.395.395. switch open Free key.943.306 533.E24) 533.295.395.395.943.(R2) CAS/SM6 533.(R2) (R7/C1 CAS/CAS .018 .E21) line earthing switch is closed. earthing switch open Free key.943.395.E21) (R8 / C4 .395.943.418 .943.943.029 533.(R7/C1 .943.E21) 533.(R2) CAS/SM6 533.306 533.943.943.943.943.395.943.395.943. switch open.205.395.E21) 51098379M0 533.029 533.395.943.018 533.943.295.018 (R8 / C4 .Functional units Locking systems Mechanical locking by bolt PE1801 Mechanical locking by bolt Between protection function (Q). switch open manual line switching) 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 533.429 533. earthing switch open DD1801 Free key.943.295.(R2) CAS/SM6 51098379M0 + 533.418 .029 + 533.418 .418 .306 51098379M0 (R6) 533.295.943.429 533.295.(R7/C1 .018 533.(R7/C1 . earthing switch closed (7) 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 51098379M0 + 533. Free key. transformer and low voltage: Missing key Free key Captive key 1 Line function locking systems 1 CAS-CAS (1 and 2) 2 1 Cross locking between two lines of CAS switchboard (switch of one line with the earthing switch of another line and vice versa).943.943.943.943.407 533.E24) 533.407 .295.(R7/C1 .943.395.205 Free key.943.117 533.018 .(R2) CAS/CAS 533.943. Mechanical locking by key (optional) P106935 Line switching (3) Locking which prevents two switches of two lines of the same switchboard from being closed at the same time. Free key.395.E24) 533.943.295.295.943. these lines may belong to the same switchboard or another switchboard.(R2) CAS/CAS 533.395.106 + 533. earthing switch closed 533.018 .018 51098379M0 (R6) (R8 / C4 .117 533.943.943. earthing switch open Free key.943. 533.(R2) CAS/SM6 (1 and 2) (3) (4) Free key.205 533.943.395.295.395.306 .429 533.418 .(R7/C Protection function locking systems (5) Free key.943.943.295.943.E24) 1 1 1 2 533.018 .943.395.018 (R8 / C4 .205 533.395.

15 kA "T" connector M16 400 A . How to define connection cable glands Table of connectors (CAS 400 A/16 kA) Brand Cable gland CAS 36 functions Description of plug-in connector Elbow connector 400 A .20 kA Line (I) Screw-on 400 A .15 kA "T" connector M16 630 A .28 kA Elbow connector 400 A .5 kA Protection (Q) Plug-in M400LR M440TB PMA-4/400/36 PMA-5/400/36AC Cable type 1-pole dry Cross sections 35-240 mm2 18/30 kV 400-630 mm2 18/30 kV 25-240 mm2 18/30 kV 25-240 mm2 18/30 kV 19 EUROMOLD (with screen) PRYSMIAN (with screen) . 20 kA 1 s and 50 kA peak (M16 screw-on) for line function. 630 A bb Permissible rated current of short duration in the switch function bb Minimum length of phase expansion bb Type of plug-in connector: vv Plug-in: contact finger vv Screw-on: threaded connection bb Plug-in output connector: straight.36 kV "T" connector M16 630 A M16 630 A .20 kA Line (I) Screw-on 400 A . bb Type C: 400-630 A. which are defined by their permissible rated current of short duration: bb Type B: 400 A.12.28 kA Elbow connector 400 A .5 kA Protection (Q) Plug-in M400LR M400TB PMA-4/400/36 PMA-5/400/36AC Cable type 1-pole dry Cross sections 35-240 mm2 18/30 kV 35-240 mm2 18/30 kV 25-240 mm2 18/30 kV 25-240 mm2 18/30 kV EUROMOLD (with screen) PRYSMIAN (with screen) Table of connectors (CAS 630 A/20 kA) Brand Bushings CAS 36 functions Description of plug-in connector Elbow connector 400 A .36 kV "T" connector M16 630 A M16 630 A . There are two types of cable glands.Functional units Connections Connector for the protection function PE1303 Connection cable glands PE1401 bb The sections. Tee. 16 kA 1 s and 40 kA peak (plug-in) for protection function. elbow. Installation: bb Rated voltage of: vv the cable vv the network bb Type of conductor: vv Aluminium vv Copper bb Cross section in mm2 bb With insulant bb Cable composition: vv Single-pole vv Three-pole bb Type of insulator: vv Dry vv Impregnated paper (non-migrating) bb Type of screen bb Frame. contacts and dimensions of the CAS 36 connection cable glands are those defined by the UNE-EN 50181 standard. General Connection cable glands depend on specific criteria: Installation: bb Amperage of connected equipment: 400. bb 100% of epoxy resin cable glands are subjected to industrial frequency dielectric tests and partial discharge tests.12. The cable glands convey the current between the outside and inside of the case filled with SF6 gas and ensure insulation between the live conductors and frame earth.

B and C (min. (*) Cable with 18/30 kV solid insulation in according with the IEC standard. Cross section (mm2) 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 Cable exit position Dimension A (mm) 100 100 130 150 180 220 260 Dimension B (mm) 100 100 130 150 180 220 260 Dimension C (mm) 100 110 120 125 130 140 155 20 . C 30 B 540 (Min. B and C (minimum 100 mm) in accordance with the following criterion: the radius of curvature shall be 15 times the total cable diameter. (*) Cable with 18/30 kV solid insulation in accordance with the IEC standard. 100 mm) Switchboard type CAS 36 2I+1Q CAS 36 2I+2Q CAS 36 3I CAS 36 3I+1Q CAS 36 4I CAS 36 1I CAS 36 0I+1Q CAS 36 3I+2Q CAS 36 0I-T+1Q CAS 36 0I+1I+1Q CAS 36 0I+2I+1Q Dimension A (mm) 1050 1200 1050 1200 1200 600 600 1700 600 925 1600 50 30 20 A Dimension B (mm) 1005 1005 980 1005 980 980 1005 1005 1005 1005 1005 Dimension C (mm) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 CAS 36 2I+1Q PE55643 A PE55644 B The cable fasteners can be placed at various levels. C Dimensions A. 100 mm) as per the criterion: radius of curvature = 15 times total cable diameter.Installation Civil engineering CAS 36 PE2001 Cable channel 25 PE2002 B 400 50 50 20 400 Cable channel Dimensions A.

(*) Cable with 18/30 kV solid insulation in accordance with the IEC standard. (*) Cable with 18/30 kV solid insulation in accordance with the IEC standard. B and C (minimum 100 mm) in accordance with the following criterion: The radius of curvature shall be 15 times the total cable diameter.Installation Civil works CAS 36 2I+2Q A PE55643 PE55646 B C Dimensions A. B and C (minimum 100 mm) in accordance with the following criterion: The radius of curvature shall be 15 times the total cable diameter. Cross section (mm2) 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 Cable exit position Dimension A (mm) 320 350 380 400 425 460 500 Dimension B (mm) 320 350 380 400 425 460 500 Dimension C (mm) 570 600 630 650 675 710 750 21 . Cross section (mm2) 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 Cable exit position Dimension A (mm) 100 100 130 150 180 220 260 Dimension B (mm) 100 110 120 125 130 140 155 Dimension C (mm) 100 110 120 125 130 140 155 CAS 36 3I PE55641 PE55642 A B C Dimensions A.

Quantity Configuration of the standard switchboard fill in from right to left) Basic configuration (one function per box. Example 0I+1I+1Q V function 0I 1st function I 2nd function Q 3rd function 4th < 6 kV 6-10 kV 10 .+ hom. 200 A 600 A 2 x tor. The green boxes X entail no extra cost. 2 NO .2 NC and ISO Earth.20 kA / 50 kA 50 Hz 60 Hz Rated current – Current of short duration (1s) / peak current Rated frequency ( ) * Service altitude < 1000 m > 1000 m (up to 1700 m) Remote operation for line function (motor pack) Includes motor pack and 48 Vdc auxiliary contacts Switches.33 kV Working voltage of the device 400 A . 2 x tor.20 kV 20 .2 NC and earthing switch 2 NO . 2 NO .16 kA / 40 kA 630 A .2 NC Tripping coil Indication of fuse blowing Mechanical indication Mechanical + electrical indication (*) Please consult us Options of the Protection function 50 Hz 110 V dc 60 Hz 48 V dc 220 V ac 24 V dc 22 . Date Delivery time Country CAS 36 range Standard unit and options An X should be marked or the desired value filled in only once for each horizontal line.+ hom. 3 x tor. 2 NO .2 NC Fault passage detectors Flair 21D Flair 21DT Flair 22D Flair 23D Line options [except 0I (T)] 48 V dc 125 V dc Short-circuit current setting 3 x tor.2 NC and ISO Earth. Auxiliary contacts Switches.. 400 A 800 A 1 x hom.Decision Diagram Order No. 2 NO . 2 NO .2 NC Switch.2 NC Auxiliary contacts (fill in only where applicable and if the line motor pack option is not chosen) Switches. 2 NO ..

open earthing switch. Example V function 0I 1st function I 2nd function Q 3rd function 4th Access to lower front cables compartment Possible only with ISO Earth.Decision Diagram CAS 36 range Standard unit and options An X should be marked or the desired value filled in only once for each horizontal line. closed Key locking (look up available functions) For lines 1I (except 0I) INCOMPATIBLE WITH POWER OPERATION OF THE LINE (1*) Type R2 (CAS-CAS) free key. free key) For protective devices (5*) R7-C1-E21 (earthing switch closed. (2*) Type R2 (CAS-SM6) free key. line function. protection function. open switch. closed Access to fuse compartment Possible only with earthing switch. Not compatible with double connector option) AFL AFLR IP3X closing (Possible only for lower front cable compartments) Option with seismic resistance Packaging type Land Maritime Maritime with crate Other options Fusarc CF MV fuses MV fuses Fusarc CF Accessories Fuse adapter H = 400 mm rating (kV/A) rating (kV/A) rating (kV/A) 12 kV (292 mm) 24 kV (442 mm) Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity * See drawings on page 18 23 . free key) (7*) R8-C4-E24 (R7-C1-E21+R6) Locking options always provided by default always provided by default Double terminal case (possibility of double connector or surge arrester Possible only for lower front cable compartments) Protection against internal arc 20 kA 1s (lateral function 0I not included. Quantity Configuration of the standard switchboard fill in from right to left) Basic configuration ((one function per box. free key) (6*) R6 (earthing switch open. (3*) (CAS-CAS) manual switching of the 2 lines (4*) (CAS) (earthing switch closed. The green boxes X entail no extra cost.

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