No: E/EMERG/02 Dat : 0!A"# 0$ R %&'&o(: 0 P) *: C/E A**): S"*t+ Pa# 1 o, 2



It -' .&#./&#.t + &( 01o/+ Ita/&23 a) 2)&t&2a/ &t -' &+ (t&,& + &( )&'4 a'' ''- (t MEO 05 ,o) t. o* )at&o( a(+ '.o"/+ 6 #&% ( *)&o)&t7 8.&/ "'&(# t. 2. 24/&'t9 I, t. o* )at&o( &(%o/% ' + %&at&o( ,)o- (o)-a/ 2o(+&t&o(' t. ( a ( 8 )&'4 a'' ''- (t .a' to 6 2a))& + o"t a(+ ) 2o)+ +9
S) No D '2)&*t&o( CONFIRMATION High temperature alarm of the scavenge port of the respective unit will be activated. High Exhaust temperature. Irregular behavior of Main Engine. Surging of Turbochargers, smo e from Turbocharger. Spar s ! flame from scavenge drain ! under piston space sight"glass. Heav# smo e from funnel, spar ing visible at night. ACTION Inform bridge and Chief Engineer. Activate Engineer’s call alarm. Transfer Main Engine $ontrol from bridge to Engine $ontrol %oom. Slow down Main Engine to dead slow. Shut scavenge drains of affected unit. Increase $#linder &ubrication. $ut out unit $!' to (.', if re)uired. %educe piston cooling and *ac et $ooling +ater temperature setting. Start Standb# ,uxiliar# Engine. Stop -resh +ater .enerator. ,fter a while chec if fire has died down. If not re)uest permission from /ridge to stop engine. Stop Main Engine. (o not stop an# circulating 0*. $ .+., 1. $. +., &. '.2 pumps. Stop Auxiliary lowers. Engage turning gear immediately! open indicator coc"s and "eep turning engine while operating Cylinder lubricator manually. Cover #urbo Charger air suction filter and shut off Engine $oom fans to reduce ingress of air. (rain off water from steam smothering line. In3ect dr# steam to the unit concerned or $o 4, where fitted 5 wait for temperature to fall. 6eep portable extinguishers standb# near scavenge door. 'nce fire is extinguished, open scavenge doors with utmost care. loc" engine and clean scavenge space and chec" all parts for any damage. %ay special attention to condition of scavenge valves! piston rings! stuffing box rings and springs! liner surface & piston rod. Chec" scavenge receiver and under piston space drains are clear. 'escription C.41 o:

! 2 ; < $ 5

= > ? !0 !! !2 !; !< !$ !5 != !> !? 20 2! 22 2; 2< 2$ 25 S) No

C.4 1o:


If Main Engine is re)uired urgentl#. 1oor combustion due to defective fuel in3ectors ! fuel blow b# due to excessive c#linder liner wear.0 +ith main &. Hot spot created due to insufficient c#linder lubricating oil suppl#.' pump running chec scavenge space for &. AESM . 1ut bac c#linder lubrication and fuel pump to normal. -ind out cause of fire and ta e remedial action. Incomplete combustion due to prolonged slow speed operation of M! blow b# due to bro en ! poor piston ring condition. Excessive c#linder lubrication. 2 QHSE MANAGEMENT MV “ ” 2= 2> 2? . &ea age of piston cooling lubricating oil. . a 6 2 + .ANGLO-EASTERN GROUP SCAVENGE FIRE CHECK LIST No: E/EMERG/02 Dat : 0!A"# 0$ R %&'&o(: 0 P) *: C/E A**): S"*t+ Pa# 4 o. start Main Engine and operate under careful supervision. PRO1A1LE CAUSES .'. # . lea age. Excessive accumulation of sludge in scavenge spaces.