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Measuring Silent Inflammation In Your Body

They say that the ability to measure is the absolute foundation of all science. That certainly holds true for measuring silent inflammation in your body. Since your level of wellness and anti-aging is ultimately dependent upon the degree of silent inflammation in your body, it behooves you to measure the actual level of silent inflammation present in your body. But how is it done? A simple blood test, that was anything but simple to discover and develop. You need the blood test, because there is no way to tell ust by loo!ing whether you have silent inflammation. " guess you could call it #invisible inflammation# as well$ You could be overweight and have low levels of silent inflammation or you could be thin and have high levels of silent inflammation. %hat you loo! li!e on the outside may have nothing to do with what level of silent inflammation you have on the inside. You may have abs of steel, but have e&ceedingly high levels of silent inflammation internally. You may be a bit pudgey and have low levels of silent inflammation. So, what's the test? There are a few, but one is the very best.

What Are The Blood Markers For Silent Inflammation?
These tests are sophisticated and have only been developed over the last several years. But in order of importance, they are( 1. The gold standard test is the ratio of arachidonic acid (AA) to eicosa entanoic acid (!"A)# (AA$!"A)

Cor more information on where to get tested for your AA)*+A ratio.is ideal. balance is everything. the ris! of dying from heart attac! is reduced by :97 /ere's a nice ris! rating based on .07. the more inflammation your body is producing. The higher your fasting insulin level. Bnfortunately. Sears wor!( o o o o . An ideal fasting insulin level is 1.1( /igh ris! and @reater Than . Al8heimer's and heart disease decades before these diseases manifest themselves.. researcher and renowned scientist.0 u"B)ml. Your body needs some pro-inflammatory eicosanoids to help it fight off infectious disease and to help your body repair damaged tissues. "f your AA)*+A ratio is high 56-.# 4emember. #" firmly believe that it predicts your li!elihood of developing cancer. This is a simple test that your doctor can perform in nearly every medical lab. Anything above or below that puts you at ris! for all the conse.9 drop in your AA)*+A ratioo. "f .This ratio alerts you to silent inflammation years to decades in advance of the development of any chronic or degenerative illness.1( Aery /igh 4is!. you are at greater ris! of developing a heart attac!. An ideal AA)*+A ratio is between .. Fasting insulin le&els also hel 'uantif( (our le&el of silent inflammation. Barry Sears. and -. "n his own words. +h. believes that the AA)*+A ratio is the single most powerful blood test you can ta!e. 5Studies show that for each . please email me by clic!ing here. as in life.--( <ow ris! --=( >oderate ris! ?-. wouldn't 0. . to .0 u"B)ml and a good level is anything D .uences of silent inflammation that is out of balance. %.r.1 be better? The answer is a resounding #23. in the body.. getting cancer or developing Al8heimers and more. most doctors do not !now about this test and where to get it and there are only a few places that do it well. #/ow could that be?# you as!.

were sedentary or had high <. Also. "nterestingly.@<A( dihydro-gamma-linolenic acid7. it's worth . there is no evidence that lowering your hsF4+ level will actually decrease silent inflammation in your body. Bnfortunately.iomarker for silent inflammation. Cor e&ample.< 5bad7 cholesterol or high blood pressure. some studies showed that elevated hsF4+ was a better predictor of heart disease ris! than high cholesterol levels. "n spite of the above problems. hsF4+ was an e&citing mar!er. you have increased silent inflammation. *ighl( Sensiti&e 01-eacti&e "rotein (hs0-") is currentl( the most 2 o ular2 and 3ell kno3n test for silent inflammation. Aitamin * will lower the hsF4+ level. /. "nitially. even if they smo!ed. Studies show that if your fasting insulin level is 6 . -atio is a secondar( . aspirin is a great anti-inflammatory drug. "f your level of fasting triglycerides 5T@7 divided by your /. but it does not significantly decrease inflammation or prevent cardiovascular mortality. clic! here. AA is the most powerful pro-inflammatory molecule in your body. you are 1 times as li!ely to develop heart disease. The problem is. "t generates both F3G 5Fyclo-o&ygenase7 and <3G 5<ipo-o&ygenase7 pro-inflammatory eicosanoids. but it will not lower hsF4+ levels. mainly because many other things can increase your hsF4+ level. A :00. even ma!ing the cover of T">* maga8ine.0 u"B)ml. ). recent studies have not confirmed these initial findings. you are only : times as li!ely to develop a heart attac!. study shows that those with a low T@)/.This is because insulin stimulates the production of arachidonic acid 5AA7 from omega-E fatty acids 5in particular .< ratio 56:7. Cor more information on why the F 4eactive +rotein inflammation mar!er is not very useful.< 5good7 cholesterol is greater than :. it's not that great a test for silent inflammation.< ratio 5D:7 had half the ris! of developing heart disease than those with a high T@)/. the hsF4+ still offers some measure of silent inflammation and if that motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle. "n fact. Trigl(ceride$*+. if you have high cholesterol.

Cor men. 1. waist measurements 6H0 inches indicates a significant ris! for heart disease and insulin resistance. that's it fol!s. :0 to :19 body fat. but imagine the advantage you have in measuring your level of silent inflammation. "n women 6-1 inches indicates a high ris!. Body Cat or %aist >easurement provide an indirect assessment of silent inflammation. Cor men. .19 body fat.-=II11I-II::.: to . because they reflect insulin levels. 3ne lab that performs this test can be reached at . and . "f you would ust prefer to get tested through my office.is considered #average ris!# and hsF4+ levels 6 . but your doctor will need to apply for lab privileges and then write the order for you. is ideal.1E1E. 5Arachidonic Acid)*icosapentaenoic Acid7. please complete the form below to receive more information or feel free to call my office and spea! to my nurse Fathy at ?H?.dramatically increase your ris! of heart disease.measuring. even if you have normal cholesterol levels. Between .10:. A hsF4+ D . " !now it's a lot of information. So. Cor women. "lease Send Me Information 4n A Personal Anti-Aging Health Consult Cirst 2ameJ *-mail AddressJ +lease enter the word that you see below. So as! your doctor if they can do a blood test for an AA)*+A ratio. ideal body fat measurements are .

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