Evaluation of portfolio

Gabrielle Butler AS Media

What have I learned about technologies during this portfolio? I completed GCSE media and one of the areas we studied in preparation for the final exam was the music industry. I was able to use this gained nowledge as a base for my wor . !t !S I feel I really needed to complete greater research to now more about my target audience and what the readership actually want" need and expect from a maga#ine. $he surveys helped with this. Excel allowed me to show my results in the first survey. I used a %I&'% ()*+ camera for the photographs. $he tas of shot types helped me develop my s ills in this area. !t college I needed to learn how to use the ,ac computers as I had never used one before. I used a blog to record my progress. $his was useful to gain the feedbac from my teacher but also from class mates or friends. We are all in the target age range and socioeconomic group -students. so their opinions are both helpful and valid. $he blog is a powerful tool and easy to add posts and edit. I had used a blog before as a training and event diary for my sport. I notice that my blog has a lot of written reports so I have tried to ma e this more fun and include some creativity e.g. Go!nimate http/00goanimate.com0about . and 1re#i presentations for my initial evaluations of my drafts. 1re#i is a 2ungarian software company" producing a cloud3based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. $he product employs a 4ooming 5ser Interface -45I." which allows users to #oom in and out of their presentation media" and allows users to display and navigate through information within a 6.7( or 8( space. 5sers can pan and #oom" and to si#e" rotate" or edit an ob9ect. $he user places ob9ects on a canvas and navigates between videos" images" texts and other presentation media. :rames allow grouping of presentation media together as a single presentation ob9ect. 1aths are navigational se;uences that connect presentation ob9ects for the purposes of structuring a linear presentation -Wi ipedia.org..1re#i can be accessed here/ https/00pre#i.com0 I had seen tag clouds on websites and I wanted to use this idea on my blog. I found a tool called $agxedo for this and taught myself how to creat the 9peg files. $agxedo turns words 33 famous speeches" news articles" slogans and themes" even your love

letters 33 into a visually stunning word cloud" words individually si#ed appropriately to highlight the fre;uencies of occurrence within the body of text. I struggled to upload documents initially so I googled how to upload documents to a blog. Scribd came up in a <ou$ube tutorial. I found the process very easy from then using http/00www.scribd.com0upload3document I had never used 1hotoshop before. $his was a challenge initially to learn the functions. I struggled with completion of tas s to set deadlines as I only had access to this at college and only a limited amount of time in studies to complete these. $he three documents of print screens show the progress of my product and the notes show my s ill development over the pro9ect. I researched other options such as GI,1 -G%5 Image ,anipulation 1rogram. which is a graphics editor used for image retouching and editing" free3form drawing" resi#ing" cropping" photo3montages" converting between different image formats" and more speciali#ed tas s. I decided not to use GI,1 as 1hotoshop is nown to have greater functionality0 features" produces better results" has more plugins. In reviews I found that for the same amount of wor you will have better results in 1hotoshop 3 that means that if you use GI,1 you will either produce lower ;uality wor or need more time. I didn=t have much time for the portfolio. GI,1 can be downloaded here/ http/00www.gimp.org0 I found a good website for inspiration of my artist=s name. $his is http/00www.bandnamema er.com0 :rom research on the meaning of names people with the name >ily have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money" nowledge and experience" or creative and artistic ability. I thought that this was a good name for the artist. $he flower lily is a symbol of innocence? purity and beauty which fits with the fact that >ily Step is a new unsigned artist. I have used 1ic,on ey before. $his is great for editing your photos" adding filters" frames" text" and effects. It can be found here/ http/00www.picmon ey.com0