Vatsalya Public School, Mandsaur Quarterly Examination (2012-13
!"#SS-$% P(*S%!S (0+2 &%ME' 3()S M,M, -.0

S.N o. . %. &. .. '. Unit Ph)sic!* wo"*+ !n+ me!su"ement -otion in st"!ight *ine -otion in p*!ne L!ws o/ motion 0o"#1 Ene"g) !n+ Powe" VSA ( m!"#$ SA I (% m!"#s$ SA II (& m!"#s$ LA (' m!"#s$ T(TAL , % % % 2 % % & % 3 % & % 4 & % . %% , 53

Vatsalya Public School, Mandsaur Quarterly Examination (2012-13
!"#SS-$% P(*S%!S (0+2 &%ME' 3()S M,M, -.0

Q. 1 Define centripetal force. Prove that



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Q. 2 An electron revolves around the nucleus in an atom. What is the workdone on electron? Q. 3 a When !rakes are applied to a movin" o!#ect$ the distance it covers !efore stoppin" is called %%%% Other Educational Portals | | | | |

* .. . ! What is the an"le !etween velocit& and acceleration at hi"hest point of the tra#ector& of a pro#ectile? Q.Write its dimensional formula. 56plain$ wh&? Q. 1+ :ow does the kinetic ener"& of an o!#ect var& on increasin" its velocit& !& 12. 1 Q.aieeeguess. Q. 1) . 8ind the an"le !etween them.cbseguess. 8ind the distance travelled !& the !od& in first ' sec. + What is the an"le !etween two vectors if the ratio of their dot product and cross product is -3? Q. Q. i What is direction of acceleration durin" upward direction? ii What is velocit& at the hi"hest point? Q. 13 A pro#ectile has a ran"e of +2 m and can reach a ma6imum hei"ht of 1) m. Q. Deduce 9ewton/s first law from it.iitguess. 9$ when the www. 11 (an a !od& !e at rest as well as in motion at same | www. A man han"s his !a" on the sprin" and it reads '. 1* Define friction .' m/s.niosguess. 1' 3wo e1ual vectors have a resultant e1ual to either. (alculate the an"le at which pro#ectile is fired? Q.' | www..3) "$ '.1 cm and Other Educational Portals www.2 cm respectivel&. ' (an a particle have var&in" speed and constant velocit&? Q. 12 3he len"th and !readth of a rectan"le are 4). 10 A sprin" !alance is attached to the ceilin" of a .+ " and ..cbseguess. 56plain wh& i <all !earin"s are used in machiner&? ii We sometime slip on floor on a rain& da&? 2 2. (alculate area of 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 Q. 0 A pla&er throws a !all upwards with an initial speed of 2.tate Aristotle/s fallac& . 12 3he motion !& a !od& is descri!ed !& the e1uation$ u 7 | | www.icseguess.ignouguess. ) Add 1*. A li"ht !od& and a heav& !od& !oth have e1ual kinetic ener"&.tate 9ewton/s second law.* rectan"le with error limits.3') ".http://www. | www. Which has hi"her momentum? And wh&? Q. Q. | www. ! ?i#a& 4the !o& in a!ove 1uestion knew few concepts of ph& | www. 3 3 3 www. Write an& two.cbseguess.icseguess. 23 a A train 122 m lon" is movin" with a velocit& of +2 km/h. 2' a @ive condition for two vectors to !e e1ual. 22 A !od& dropped from the top of a tower falls throu"h '2 m durin" the last two second of its fall. 22 a ?i#a& was "oin" to his colle"e !& a !us full of passen"ers$ !ut he "ot sit$ mean while at the ne6t station an old lad& entered the !us$ he immediatel& stood up and offered the sit to the old lad&.com | www.tate work ener"& theorem and prove | www. ! 5lectric Potential 3 2 3 3 Q. Q. Af the an"le of inclination !e +2 2 . Q. (alculate ma"nitude of each force. Q. Q.ignouguess. (alculate the avera"e speed of the . Q. 21 a Write dimensional formula of a @ravitational 8orce ! (heck whether the "iven e1uation is dimensionall& correct. What is the hei"ht of the tower? 4 " 7 12 m/s 2 . (alculate the ma"nitude of the force and also write its | www. 1. c 3wo forces whose ma"nitudes are in ratio of 3B)$ "ive a resultant of 3) 9.aieeeguess.cbseguess. What will !e the readin" of the sprin" !alance$ if the lift moves downward with an acceleration of ) m/s2. An what time shall it cross a !rid"e 1 km lon"? ! A train "oes from station A to < with a speed of +2 km/h and returns !ack with speed of '2 km/ lift is stationar&.http://www. => A constant force actin" on a !od& of mass 3 k" chan"es its velocit& from 2 m/s to 3+ km/h in + seconds. .ph&sics Write an& four values showed !& ?i#a& in this Other Educational Portals www. ! @ive the condition for resultant of two vector to !e ma6imum.iitguess.

com | www. | www. ! Write in three methods to reduce friction. Q. A machine "un of mass 12 k" fires 22 " !ullets at the rate of 12 !ullets per second$ with the speed of )22 m/s. 2* a D8riction is a necessar& evil/. 2+ Define recoil of the "un.icseguess.iitguess. @ive e6amples in support of &our answer. 3 3 3 that >ma6 7 2 :ma6. Derive the e6pression for ma6imum possi!le velocit& of a car on !anked road Q.niosguess. Derive the e6pression for time of fli"ht 43 $ hei"ht of pro#ectile 4: and horiEontal ran"e of pro#ectile 4> .com/ Q.22 G Ѳ .aipmtguess. 32 Discuss the elastic collision of two !odies in one dimension. . | www.cbseguess. => 56plain the !ankin" of road at turns. 8ind i >atio of their hei"hts ii >atio of their ran"e Q. 2) 3en oneCrupee coins are put on the top of each other on a ta!le .com Other Educational Portals www. 4 Fou can chan"e the an"le of pro#ection => 3wo !alls are thrown with the same initial velocit& Dv/ at an"le D Ѳ/ and 4.http://www. What force is necessar& to hold the "un in position? Q.ignouguess.cbseguess. (alculate the velocities of the !odies after the collision. @ive the ma"nitude and direction of a the force on *th coin 4counted from the !ottom due to all coins on its top$ ! the force on the *th coin !& the0th coin$ c the reaction of the +th coin on the *th coin. => . Derive an e6pression for centripetal acceleration in case of uniform circular motion of an o!#ect.aieeeguess. Define an"ular velocit& and an"ular | www.tate the law on which it is ! that the total mechanical ener"& of a !od& fallin" freel& under "ravit& is | www. 20 An o!#ect is thrown with a velocit& of Dv/ with an an"le of pro#ection D Ѳ/.com . Discuss what happens when !oth the !odies of e1ual mass. 5ach coin has a mass Dm/ k". . | Pa/er Submitted 0y' 1ame Email Vinod 2umar %ndora | Phone 1o. 5672815300 Other Educational Portals www.aipmtguess.cbseguess. | | | www.