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Bild: DLR e.V.
Pico Star Tracker ST-200:
miniaturized star sensor system
Tom Segert 1,3), Steven Engelen 4,5), Matthias Buhl 1,2) , Bert Monna 4)
1) Berlin Space Technologies GmbH 2) TU Berlin 3) RiBB 4) Syspa B.V. 5) TU Delft
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15 Partner (10 Small and Medium Enterprise & 5 Reserach Institutes)
With a total of over 550 Employees in the field of Space
BST a proud partner of RiBB
Space Industry Association Berlin Brandenburg
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Berlin Satellite Classes
From 1kg to 150kg

Pico- and NanoSat
1kg to 20kg
Technology Demonstration
Swarm Satellites
30kg to 100kg
Low Cost Missions
Technology Transfer
Mini/Compact Sat
100 to 150kg
High Performance Missions
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Berlins Cubesat Developments

Cubesat Missions:

- BeeSat-1
Berlin’s first pico sat
testbed for miniature reaction wheels
In orbit Operation since 2009

-BeeSat 2
BeeSat Flight Spare with improved
optical payload
Launch late 2011

- BeeSat 3
BeeSat Educational Mission 100%
designed by students
engineering test bed for Hispico
Launch late 2011

Available Technologies:
RW1: Reaction Wheels
Hispico: 1mbit/s S-Band
Micro-J et: hot water Resitojet
Miniature Digital Sunsensor (0.1° Accuracy)
New Technologies under Development :
ST-200 Picotracker
UHF Intersatellite Link
S-Com: 4Mbit S-Band Transceiver
DST-8: deployable optics
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Cubesat Missions have become more and more powerful

-precision ACS is key to complex missions
- Existing Actuators: reaction wheels, coils
- Existing Sensors: Sun Sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor,
- Missing: Star Tracker and an integrated ACS solution

Berlin Space Tech is ready to fill the technological Gaps

With the PicoTracker ST200 and a Roadmap towards an
integrated ACS solution for Cubesats.

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20 years of Star Tracker Development

Berlin a pioneer in Star Tracker development since 20 years

- First StarTracker for MicroSatellites on TUBSAT A in 1991
- First StarTracker for NanoSatellites on TUBSAT N in 1997

- Latest version of BST micro satellite StarTracker ST-100
- Four units delivered for LAPAN A2 and LAPAN Orari
- 2nd Generation of Indonesian Satellites based on

- BST has joined forces with Syspa B.V. of the Netherlands
for electronics miniaturisation of ST-200 PicoTracker.

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New Approaches
Star Tracker Design for Cubesats

The ST-200 incorporates a number of new design features

- High Efficiency Micro Processor
- High Resolution High sensitivity 4Mpixel CMOS sensor
- Small footprint due to multi-layer pcb design
- Ultra Fast compact lens designed for BST
- Multiple Interfaces make ST-200 the basis for the integrated
cubesat ACS solution under development by BST

Current status of ST-200

- development of ST-200 is self funded by BST and Syspa
- Electronics Design is finished
- First Qualification Models under Production
- Product Readiness Expected Q4 2011

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How does it work
Star Tracker Algorithms

1) Star Extraction
2) Star List
3) Attitude Determination and Tracking
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Introducing the ST-200
Technical Specification

Size 29x29x37mm
Weight 74g
Power 220mW average during operation
620mW peak
Interfaces I²C, SPI, RS485, RS232
Accuracy 30 arcsec (0.01°) for pitch&yaw
180 arcsec (0.05° for roll
Limiting Magnitude 6
Update Rate 5hz in tracking mode
Available from Q4 / 2011
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Introducing the ST-200
Roadmap towards an integrated ACS solution

30” Accuracy
Integrated Sensor Suite
<10” Accuracy
ST-100 Algorithms Centroiding Algorithms
TUBSAT ACS Algorithms
Image Storage
H.264 Compressor

BST: Software,
Optics, Mechanics
Syspa: Electronics
2011 2012
High Performance Lens

Pico Wheels
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Outlook and Conclusion
The Road Ahead

The ST-200 Picotracker of BST is:
•a sophisticated StarTracker in world‘s smallest package
•30 arcsec accuracy
•size: 29x29x35mm – mass: 74g – power 220mW average
•offered at prices aiming at low cost cubesat missions
•available from Q4 2011

• First step on the roadmap for an integrated ADCS solution for
• Brought to you by Berlin Space Technologies GmbH and Syspa B.V.


Berlin Space Technologies
Marchstr. 12 / Sekr. F6, 10587 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49/30/31421336 - Mobil: +49/17670085941
Email: Info@berlin-space-tech.com - Web: www.Berlin-Space-Tech.com
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Other Applications ST-200
IM-100 imager

The ST-200 has an integrated imaging mode

- 4Mpix Image Sensor
- Still Images and Full HD Video
- Integrated J PEG compression
- H.264 Video Compressor under development
- Will be sold as an idependent Imager IM-200


- 12, 25 or 50mm focal length
- 100, 50m or 25 GSD
- Integrated CubeSat Imaging Solution