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July –August domestic sales show deceleration in anti infectives (-7.3%) but pick up in respiratory (+26.7%) and Gastro (+11.5%) segments:
The Indian pharma market witnessed lowest growth in a long time during August, at 1.1 per cent. However Alembic Pharma beat the industry with growth of 2.3%. APL has reported lower growth in Aug 2013 at 2.3%YoY compared to 2M growth of 9.8%YoY and 5M growth of 10.2%YoY. Brands which have shown higher than 10% growth in 2M include Gesofit (+71.3%), Wikoryl (+17.1%), Zeet (+32.1%), Rekool L (+76.2%) and Rekool D (+19.9%).

Better than expected Q1FY14 numbers
APL also reported better-than-expected Q1FY14 results led by strong performance in export market. Given below are some of the key highlights, which we came across while reviewing the results.

Key Quarterly highlights: Quarter Financials Consolidated:
(Rs. in Cr)

Particulars Net Sales Other operating income Total Operating Income Expenditure Raw Materials Decrease/(increase) in stock-intrade & W-I-P Purchase of traded goods Employees Cost R&D Expense Excise Duty Other Expenditure Total Opex Operating Profit OPM % Other Income Interest Expenses Depreciation Profit after interest and dep before exceptional items PBTM %

Q1FY14 426.6 0.6 427.2

Q1FY13 366.1 0.6 366.7

% Chg 16.5% 1.8% 16.5%

Q4FY13 376.6 1.5 378.1

% Chg 13.3% -62.0% 13.0%

Remarks Despite weak domestic performance, sales rise was led by exports, which grew by 41.5% y-o-y, contributing around 43% of overall sales

136.0 -13.0 49.5 56.4 22.4 0.8 103.7 355.7 71.5 16.8% 0.0 1.5 9.5 60.5 14.2%

111.6 -1.4 64.2 45.0 13.9 1.1 80.0 314.3 52.4 14.3% 0.2 5.7 8.7 38.2 10.4%

21.8% 817.6% -22.9% 25.4% 61.3% -30.7% 29.7% 13.2% 36.5% -90.5% -74.4% 10.0% 58.4%

108.1 25.5 33.5 51.0 22.0 1.7 70.9 312.7 65.4 17.4% 0.1 1.8 8.6 55.0 14.6%

25.8% -151.1% 47.8% 10.6% 1.9% -53.8% 46.2% 13.8% 9.3%

Decrease in raw material cost as a percentage of sales due to higher component of chronic in domestic formulations and improving product mix

Better product mix led to lower costs, which resulted in expansion in OPM YoY. -71.4% -19.7% 10.3% 10.0%

Retail Research


9% 9.2% 10.3 27.0 2.500‐600 mn for FY14.0% -5. But higher exports led to rise in overall sales (Source: Company. APL has partially commissioned its new Formulation facility at Panelav. Till now.6 89.5 7. Nephrology/Urology (37% y-o-y) have seen good growth in Q1FY14.9 12.0% 43.5 83.7 378.6% 70. Apart from this. the management expects 5-6% of revenues will be spent on R&D. 1 in Canada. HDFC sec) Control in costs and lower tax outflow led to rise in net profit (Rs. Capex for the quarter was Rs.Branded Domestic .Tax Effective Tax Rate % Net Profit NPM % Equity Capital Face Value EPS Breakup of Revenues: 13. APL has also filed cumulative 8 filings in Brazilian market. the management expects margins improvement of 100‐150 bps every year.3 20.6 25. Revenues are expected to rise to ~Rs. Anti-infectives share in domestic business has gone down to 38% in Q1FY14 from 43% year before on the back of lower growth of 1% y-o-y. The full plant is expected to be operational by end of H1FY14.5 160.5% 37. it has filed for 57 ANDAs and has received 26 approvals. HDFC sec Research) In Domestic business. Specialty segment has seen improvement in its share to 50% in Q1FY14 from 44% in Q1FY13. Going forward.1% 30. in Cr) Particulars Formulations .3% (Source: Company. ~17 in Europe.9% 37.9 428.0 46. This could help the company drive its business in International Generics. Retail Research 2 .0 30. Therapy wise. it has few more complex products in the development stage.7 2.3% 85.4% 37.5 11. Ophthalmology (42% y-o-y).0% 0.3 77.5 85. Other Highlights: APL has filed certain complex DMFs in the last six months. Debt is reduced by Rs.8 170.0% -4.0% 15.0 1.7% 20.6% 51.0 7.8 25.0% 0.9 8.7 2.0 53.500 mn in Q1FY14. Filings for FY14 are expected to be around 9-10. including Febuxostat (Uloric of Takeda used for the treatment of chronic gout) Deferasirox (Exjade of Novartis used to treat chronic iron overload in blood) & Dronedarone (Multaq of Sanofi-Aventis used to treat cardiac arrhythmias).Generic & NSA .1 % Chg 14.2 86.2% 61.0 2.120 mn while it is expected to be at around Rs.9% 46.7 2.20 bn by FY15E.3 368.2% 7.7% 23.5 3.6% 13. R&D expenses were at Rs. Anti Diabetic (39% y-o-y).5 21. 1 DMF was also filed in Q1FY14.1% 16.220 mn in Q1FY14. which will augment its capacity from ~3 bn tablets /capsules to 5 bn.8 2.9 22.3 179.0% 7.International Generics API Domestic API Export Export Incentive Total Sales Q1FY14 233.2 192.3% Remarks Growth in the domestic market was impacted by a dip in API sales by 33.9% 62.9% -33.3% 0. It has witnessed growth of 26% y-o-y.2% -19.0% -9. APL received 2 ANDA approvals during Q1FY14.0% 0. Cardio (38% y-o-y).8% y-o-y Domestic sales fell during the quarter.8% 4. Going forward.Branded International International Division .0% 11.5 20. It had filed 13 ANDAs last year.7 10.8 Q1FY13 204.3 % Chg 5. Additionally.7 1.5% Q4FY13 220.4 12.4 195. It has long term plans to enter in to topical & derma products development to cater to niche profile in US market. It expects to launch 7-9 product launches for FY14E and FY15E.3 19.8 156.0% 51.6 27.0% -12. It is investing in R&D judicially and benefits are likely to accrue in the upcoming years.

over the last two to three years. With the capacity expansion. APL has a pipeline of ANDA. APL has field force of ~3400 (including ~600 managers) and its strategy is to invest in new therapies continuously in domestic market. only around 30% of the total sales (mainly acute therapy) come from products under price control. APL. there is talk of introducing a new pricing policy . has a strong footing in its domestic formulation business and shifting focus from API to formulation. it grew 13. This expansion will increase the capacity from ~3 bn tabs/caps to 5 bn tabs/caps and could drive significant growth in the International Generics business. and with no major capex planned.5% of domestic formulations) on FY14E domestic formulations. The management expects annual growth of 15-18% in branded formulations and CAGR growth of 30% in international generics. New pricing policy: In the domestic market. The full plant is expected to have been operational by H1FY14. If this policy comes into effect. APL also has lined up capacity expansion at Panelav. Hence. which makes it a good value play. Domestic market is a key driver for the growth of company. This has impacted the API exports. a decade old pharmaceutical company. sales may not jump in proportion as it would largely replace the outsourced sales. Falling API sales: APL’s API sales has been falling continuously over the last few quarters due to competition from China and other sources. intense competitive pressures could impact its performance. In the last 2-3 years. Diabetology. is a leader in several sub-segments of the Anti-Infective Therapeutic segment. APL. However. which could affect growth projections going forward. So degrowth in any of these brands could adversely impact its financials and profitability. Gynaec and Ophthalmic. It has recently launched Dermatology portfolio and expects to launch overall 25-30 products every year in the domestic segment. The company has already built infrastructure conforming to the International standards. Dependency on top 5 brands still high: Over the past 3-4 years the top 5 brands have contributed ~40% to the total sales. which is also showing de-growth. Currently. it could reduce its leverage and in turn improve its profitability. has invested heavily to build a huge pipeline of products for the regulated markets and increase its revenue share in total consolidated revenues. 100 crs brand. Conclusion & Recommendation APL is a leader in a Macrolide segment. Concerns APL has been a late entrant in tapping the opportunities in the Regulated markets. It has been partially commissioned. margins could show improvement. Azithral (Rs. these developments could spur growth for APL. 30% of its API capacity is currently used for captive formulations and APL plans to take only high margin API orders.NLEP.2% y-o-y in FY13 & contributed ~58% of total revenue. This is expected to aid the company tap opportunities in the CRAMS segment. now with greater focus on the chronic segments of the domestic market APL is expected to expand its operating margins by changing its product mix. company has focused on the chronic therapies including Cardio. it would bring APL’s largest drug. However.200-Rs. New Pricing Policy is likely to have negative impact of Rs. Forex fluctuations: ~43% of APL’s sales comes through exports and any adverse foreign currency fluctuations could affect its earnings. the percentage of products under the DPCO could increase to 35% and this in turn could hurt its financials.250 mn (2-2. Retail Research 3 . It also plans to add some new products to its respiratory segment. This has resulted in healthy growth of more than 25-30% growth in chronic portfolio. Furthermore.) into its pricing purview. Management expects this business to surpass the industry average growth of 14-15% y-o-y for next few years. APL is expected to generate strong operating cash flows. The management indicated that with the coverage of new products in the acute therapy segment. However APL is making conscious efforts of exiting low margin API sales and instead concentrating on captive consumption (to increase to 50% over 3-5 years from current 30%) and/or tying up with ANDA & DMF holders for improving the margin profile of its API business. which currently contributes almost 50% of domestic formulation business.

the stock is trading at 14x FY14E EPS of Rs.0 10.5 (Source: Annual Report. Financial Estimates: Particulars (Rs in Crs) Net Sales EBIDTA EBIDTA Margin % PAT (Adjusted) APAT Margin % EPS PE * .1 160. At the CMP of Rs.3 295.1 14.1 8. We may have from time to time positions or options on. I Think Techno Campus.4 15.10.4 220. It should not be considered to be taken as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any security.0 FY15 (E)* 1980.1 11. or perform investment banking. We feel investors could buy the stock at the CMP and add on dips between Rs. Building .com Disclaimer: This document has been prepared by HDFC securities Limited and is meant for sole use by the recipient and not for circulation.5 17.8 12. Mumbai 400 042 Fax: (022) 30753435 Website: www.12.Quick Estimates .5x FY15E EPS) over the next 1-2 quarters. We may from time to time solicit from. Kanjurmarg (East).9 6.hdfcsec.6 FY13 1517.Automobiles.3 17. Cement.B.9 20. Near Kanjurmarg Station.0 HDFC securities Limited. The information contained herein is from sources believed reliable. Office Floor 8.4 11.venkatraman@hdfcsec. We do not represent that it is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such.09 cr FY11 1202.3 10.0 16. EPS calculated on ex-bonus equity cap of Rs.5 31. the company is banking on expansion of its manufacturing capacities which cater to the international business and its generic version of Pfizer's drug Pristiq to gain traction in the US though the drug has recently lost market share.1 and 11.124 – Rs.167 (13. HDFC sec Estimates) Analyst: Sneha Venkatraman .1 4. This report is intended for non-Institutional Clients Retail Research 4 .6 165.136 (10-11x FY15E EPS) for a target of Rs.To ramp up revenues.8 233. or other services for. Pharmaceuticals & Midcaps RETAIL RESEARCH Fax: (022) 30753435 Corporate Office Email ID: sneha. and buy and sell securities referred to herein.0 352.18.4 FY12 1466. Crompton Greaves. Opp.3 85. This document is not to be reported or copied or made available to others.4.3 252. any company mentioned in this document. "Alpha".com Email: hdfcsecretailresearch@hdfcsec.5x FY15E EPS of Rs.8 16.4 7.7 11.9 8.2 FY14 (E)* 1737.3 13.