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The Flag
It was 1814. The United States was at
war. British ships were near the shore. They
were about to fre on the city of Baltimore.

The people of Baltimore got ready for
war. They made a giant American fag.
They raised the fag high.

Frohcis ScoII Key lived ih 8olIimore.
He soiled oh o ship Io see whoI wos
hoppehihg. 1he 8riIish kepI Key oh
o ship heorby.

1he 8riIish ships begoh Io !re. 1heir big
guhs !red oll doy ohd highI. 1hoI highI, Key
woIched ¡rom his ship.
Wheh morhihg come, Ihe Americoh !og
wos sIill Ihere!
The Song
Key wrote a poem about what he saw.
He called the fag a star-spangled banner.
He called our country the land of the free.
Key also called it the home of the brave.

Soon music was added to Key’s words.
Americans proudly sang about their fag.
“The Star-Spangled Banner” became a
special song for the United States. Francis
Scott Key became an American hero.

Work IogeIher wiIh your closs Io wriIe
o poem obouI Ihe UhiIed SIoIes.
WiIh whoI couhIry wos Ihe UhiIed
SIoIes oI wor ih 181H?
Why did Frohcis ScoII Key soil ouI
Io o 8riIish ship?
WhoI did Key coll our couhIry ih
his poem?
How do you Ihihk Key ¡elI wheh he sow
Ihe !og sIill !yihg?
Do you Ihihk ¯1he SIor-Spohgled 8ohher¯
is o good home ¡or Ihe sohg? Lxploih.