10 Dog Diseases common to all dog breeds

There are 10 infectious diseases in dogs, which can inflict any dog breed, at any age. Understanding these dangerous dog diseases will allow you to protect your furry friend from infection. Each dog disease is described below, focusing on the manner in which the infectious disease is transmitted from dog to dog and across dog breeds, as well as the options open to dog owners for preventing infection in their dog. 1. GIARDIA Giardia is a dog disease that causes diarrhea with abdominal pain and consequent weight loss and poor weight gain. This dog disease results from a water-born parasite, after whom the disease of Giardia is named. Giardia is ubiquitous in open water sources throughout North America, and your dog can become infected by simply drinking contaminated water, such as in a lake, pond, or stagnant pool. Monthly Heartworm prevention pills, which also prevent other intestinal parasites, will protect your dog against Giardia. 2. DISTEMPER Distemper is a viral dog disease which is extremely contagious. Affecting the respiratory system as well as the nervous system, this dog disease causes fever and fatigue, coughing, vomiting and diarrhea, and finally seizures. And if untreated Distemper can lead to death. Distemper can be prevented with vaccinations at your local vet. 3. PARVO Parvo (or Parvovirus) is one of the most contagious dog diseases around. Affecting the bowels, Parvo symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting so severe that they may lead to death. And though dogs of all ages may contract this disease, Parvo is most common, and most dangerous, to puppies. Typically Parvo is passed from one dog to another from contaminated feces. But this dog disease may also be carried on fur or paws, thereby contaminating the living space of the dog and any objects he comes in contact with. Vaccination can protect dogs from Parvo.

however. Hepatitis may lead to kidney damage. Lyme disease will damage the heart. or even just a scratch. Symptoms of Lyme disease include arthritis and lameness. though puppies are most at risk and will suffer the worst symptoms. HEPATITIS As with humans. in which case his symptoms will be more severe and may lead to death. At times. depression and loss of appetite. vomiting and diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain. RABIES Once the most dreaded dog disease. which attacks the brain. 5. sudden limping indicative of pain. Once more. This contagious dog disease includes symptoms such as fever. . rabies can be passed to humans as well through a bite. Unlike some dog disease. 6.4. Hepatitis dog disease affects the liver. kidney and even the brain. as well as bats. Vaccination can protect dogs from Lyme disease. from diarrhea to vomiting and weight loss. If left untreated. LYME DISEASE Lyme disease is dangerous bacterial disease which can cause irreversible damage to a dog's health. Furthermore. Vaccination will protect dogs from Rabies and is mandatory for dogs throughout North America. such as skunks or raccoons. Vaccination can protect dogs from Coronavirus. vaccination can protect dogs from Hepatitis. Rabies is a deadly disease that will be contracted through a bite from a rabid wild animal. CORONAVIRUS Coronavirus is another viral diarrhea that can affect dogs of all ages. accompanied by constant drinking. fatigue and lack of willingness to play or even walk. Rabies is a caused by a virus. 7. a dog may be infected with both Parvo and Coronavirus.

Symptoms of Leptospirosis include high fever and jaundice.8.PARAINFLUENZA Parainfluenza is another strain of Kennel cough. This respiratory infection in dogs is highly contagious and will lead to flu like symptoms. . Once more. accompanied by hemorrhaging which will manifest in bloodstained feces. if your dog is likely to interact with other dogs in the park. KENNEL COUGH Most dog owners knew this dog disease by the name of the organism that causes it: the Bordetella virus. Parainfluenza may be contracted by simply being around an infected dog. or an off-leash dog park. You dog can become infected by drinking contaminated water or by coming in contact with an infected animal. However. Though this vaccines is not automatically given at your local vet. Nasal discharge and watery eyes are also possible. the beach. which may lead to vomiting and gagging. whose full name is Infectious Tracheobronchitis (ITB). although this dog disease is caused by a bacteria. 10. Leptospirosis is carried by wild animals. Vaccination can protect dogs from Leptospirosis. 9. LEPTOSPIROSIS Like Rabies. as in the park. vaccinating him against kennel cough is a very good idea. the name Kennel Cough may mislead dog owners into thinking that their dog is not at risk if he never stays at a kennel. However. Symptoms of kennel cough include severe coughing spells. several other organisms can cause this highly infectious dog disease.