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Task Analysis Using Destiny Quest for the Just Right book

1. Open Firefox from desktop (home screen set to county website) 2. Click schools tab and select East Jackson Elementary 3. Hover over students tab 4. Choose Destiny Quest 5. Click on log in 6. Username: Lunch # password: lunch # 7. Destiny Quest Home page overview 8. Left- Top 10 Books 9. Center- Resource Lists 10. Right- New Arrivals 11. My personal list 12. Top- search bar 13. Narrow search options 14. By grade level, AR, Lexile, genreetc 15. Hover over book for quick details 16. Click on book for more details-Additional info, quiz info 17. Add to your personal list 18. Books you may also like 19. Back to home page 20. My Info- my status, my lists 21. Log out

Script Scene 1: Title Slide Destiny Quest Image Scene 2: Introduction- Video footage Have you ever checked out a book from the library only to begin reading it and realize that it just isnt right for you? Maybe the book is too easy or too difficult. Maybe its kind of boring. Well get ready, because Im going to show you a way to find books in our school library that are JUST RIGHT for YOU! Keep watching to learn how to use an online resource called Destiny Quest to help you find great books that are perfect for you. Happy reading!

Scene 3: 1. Hello everyone! Today Im going to show you how you can use an online resource called Destiny Quest to help you find books in our media center that are just right for you. The first thing you are going to do is open up the browser Firefox on the desktop. The home screen is set to our system website. 2. Once you are on the county website, click on the schools tab and select our school East Jackson Elementary School. 3. From our school website, hover over the students tab. 4. Click on Destiny Quest. This will take you to our online catalog of books that are in o ur media center here at East Jackson Elementary. Remember that you can also access Destiny Quest from anywhere. Just follow the link from our school website or the media center website. 5. Here we are on the home page of Destiny Quest. You are able to browse our catalog as a guest, or log in to your own personal account. Im going to show you how to log in to your own account. Look at the options on the top right of the home page. Click on login. When the login window appears, use your lunch number as your username and password. Once you are logged in, you should notice your name on the top right corner of the page. 6. Now lets take a look at what Destiny Quest allows us to do. 7. Youll notice on the left you can find The Top Ten Books. This is a list of t he top ten books that are most often checked out at our school. 8. In the center, you will find Resource Lists. This is where you can view or search lists related to your class or grouped by subject. 9. To the right you will find New Arrivals. This is where you can see what has been recently added to our collection of books. You can hover your mouse over any of the titles here to get quick details about the book like if it is currently available for check-out, the AR book level, and the call number, and a part of the books summary. 10. Over here to the far right you will notice a box that says My Personal List. This is where you will find your own personal lists that you have created. Ill show you how to add books to your list is just a little bit. 11. At the top of the home page you will see the search bar. This is where we can do a quick simple search of what is in our catalog of books. 12. Lets take a closer look at how to perform a search. You can search by keyword, title, author, etc. For example, lets say you are interested in books about horses. You can type in the keyword horses in the search bar. Notice how there is 150 results for horses. There is a combination of fiction and non-fiction books here. 13. Lets narrow our search down just a little more. I want to find fiction books about horses, so Im going to look in the Narrow Your Search box over here to the left and

click on genre and find fiction. This brought our search results down to 101 books. I still want to make sure that the book I find is just right for me, so Im going to narrow my search even further. Lets find books that are in a specific reading level. Say you are in third grade. We can click on the reading level tab in the narrow your search box. You can move the toggles to help you search for books that are on your reading level. Im going to move to find books that begin on a level 2.5 and end on a 4.0. Click apply and now you can see that weve narrowed our search down to 23 books. 14. Now you can browse through these books to see what catches your eye. Remember you can hover over the books to get quick details 15. or click on the book for even more details. Here you will find specific AR information, where you can find the book on the shelves, if the book is available for check-out, and even a short summary about the book. You can also click here under the picture of the book to shelf browse. This allows you to see books that are near this one on the library shelves. 16. While you are browsing for books, you may see several that you like and want to read later. These are books that you can add to your personal list so you can go back to them at a later time. When you find a book that you want to add to your list, there are 2 ways you can add them. You can click here on the add to list button when you are on the title details page of the book or you can simply drag the book you want into your personal list like this. 17. When you click on a specific book, you will also find other books that are similar to this one in the box that is labeled You may also like. 18. Now lets go back to the home page. 19. Click where it says My Info. This is where you can find specific information about what books you have currently checked out and also any books that you have added to your own personal list. 20. When you have found the book that is just right for you, be sure to log out of Destiny Quest by clicking the Logout button here. Scene 4: Credit Slide