Commissioning on site is done quickly and. Even if a connection to the control system fails. TAPCON® 260. Graphic display I Contrast-rich graphics display with clearly arranged indicators and freely programmable LEDs I Line voltage and on-load tap-changer position are shown in the display. and very complex applications such as regulating three-winding transformers or banks of transformers I Parallel operation of up to 16 transformers I Optional: integrated on-load tap-changer monitoring Maximum operational reliability through integration in redundant networks With immediate effect. rendering additional displays in the switch cabinet unnecessary I Illustration of time sequences for measured values and/or analog signals Quick and reliable Insulation displacement connectors and diverse assembly variants enable rapid installation Communication I Support for all common control system protocols I TAPCON® 260 can also be integrated into redundant network systems with the RSTP and PRP protocols 3 . it can be individually adapted to your requirements. The modular system used in our TAPCON® 240 and TAPCON® 260 voltage regulators provides maximum flexibility and a comprehensive scope of function. The voltage regulators of the TAPCON® series provide the right device for all scenarios. our goal has been to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) has been developing and manufacturing voltage regulators for over 40 years. is the right choice for challenging regulation work extending beyond the standard scope of the TAPCON® 240. Modular and flexible design I The ideal solution for both simple regulation tasks TAPCON® 260 – the all-rounder Our all-rounder. TAPCON® 240 and TAPCON® 260 allow you to run up to 16 transformers in parallel and support the current control system protocols for station automation – ideal for flexible and convenient voltage regulation. above all. the TAPCON® 260 can also support integration in redundant network systems with the RSTP and PRP protocols. On request. in a user-friendly manner thanks to the TAPCON®-trol configuration software. All this time. interrupt-free communication is ensured. BETTER VOLTAGE REGULATION.

TAPGUARD® 240 and TAPGUARD® 260 can be installed quickly due to insulation displacement connectors and diverse assembly variants. TAPCON® 240 and TAPCON® 260 are therefore ideal for flexible and convenient voltage regulation. We place great emphasis on operator comfort in devices from the TAPCON® range. TAPCON ® 260 FUNCTIONAL AND COMFORTABLE VOLTAGE REGULATORS. GRID CONTROL LEVEL SCADA Line control system TAPCON®-trol STATION LEVEL TAPCON®-trol RSP20/25 TAPCON® 240 2nd TAPCON ® 240 or TAPCON ® 260 TAPCON® 240 TAPCON ® 260 PROCESS LEVEL Overvoltage limit V > V actual Bandwidth +B V desired –B Bandwidth Undervoltage limit V < 4 . This includes a contrast-rich graphics display with clearly arranged indicators and freely programmable LEDs.TAPCON ® 240. The standard control system protocols for station automation are supported – including IEC 61850 Edition 2 with immediate effect.

The firmware of the TAPCON® 260 is adapted specifically to your needs. TAPCON ® 260 TAPCON® 240 V V V Solution for phase-shifter regulation Customized regulation functions are available to meet virtually all customer requirements. parallel transformer bank operations. The parallel bank operation solution Parallel bank operation is the regulation of a bank of transformers comprising three single-phase transformers with three separate motor-drive units and on-load tap-changers. 100 MW generator ~ TAPCON ® 260 TAPCON® 240 Z 100 MW 5 . Extending beyond the function of the TAPCON® 240. there are no limits to your individual voltage regulation requirements. one single TAPCON® 260 voltage regulator is enough to control the three motor-drive units. This produces a voltage regulator which can handle simple regulation tasks as well as complex challenges and thereby satisfy your every requirement including the regulation of three-winding transformers. The load voltage of a bank of transformers is regulated as per the voltage regulation description. MAXIMUM INDIVIDUALITY. With the TAPCON® 260. In this application. For example.TAPCON® 260 – PROVEN TECHNOLOGY. a phase-shifter regulation project has already been implemented where a TAPCON® 260 regulates the desired power splitting. our professional TAPCON® 260 device offers virtually unlimited possibilities. or individual programming for the phase-shift oscillator regulation.

Tapcon ® 260 TAPCON® 240 anD TAPCON® 260 SCOPE OF FUNCTION. This complex regulation challenge was solved with special programming on four TAPCON® 260 voltage regulators.Tapcon ® 240. 6 . each comprising three VACUTAP ® VR® on-load tap-changers combined with two COMTAP ® ARS off-circuit tap-changers. including line drop compensation Parallel mode up to number of transformers Customer-specific topology Cross-monitoring Limit volt On-load tap-changer monitoring (TAPGUARD® 240 function) Regulation of three-winding transformers Parallel transformer bank operation of single-phase transformers Phase-shifter application Order-specific programming Communication IEC60870-5-101/103 DNP3 MODBUS ASCII/RTU IEC 61850 Edition 2 Tap position capture BCD Current signal Voltage signal Resistor contact series Housing design TA TAPCON® 240 x 16 x x x x – – – – x x x – x x x x 19" (1/2 19") TAPCON® 260 x 16 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 19" (1/2 19") TAPCON® 260 APPLICATION EXAMPLE: 3 PHYSICALLY SEPARATE SINGLE-PHASE TRANSFORMERS USED AS PHASE SHIFTERS We were contacted by an Austrian energy provider with a very challenging job: one phase shifter comprising three single-phase transformers. One TAPCON® 260 was fitted into each of the tap-changer drives of the individual phases (3 x slave) and one master TAPCON® 260 was placed in the control room. Scope of function Basic functions Optional functions Voltage regulation. MR's solution: three sets.

TAPCON® 240  anD TAPCON® 260 TECHNICAL DATA.5 s 50 … 210 % 0. 18 … 32 V AC.. message for U<. I> 1 LED (green).5 s Ur = 0 … ± 25 V Ux = 0 … ± 25 V Voltage rise 0…15 % of desired value Limitation: 0 … 15 % of desired value 60 … 100 % of desired value 100 … 140 % of desired value Cycle 1. DC 88 … 265 V Power consumption approx.5 … ± 9 % 1 … 600 s 1 … 10 s 1. display Function keys Manual / automatic Raise / Lower Menu keys Display Monochromatic display with graphics capabilities.1 … 999 kV / 100 V 100 … 10. NORMset on message 3 LEDs (yellow) for random assignment 1 LED (yellow / green / red) for random assignment Power supply DC 36 … 72 V. 5 kg Operating temperature Storage temperature -25 … +70°C -35 … +80°C 7 . parallel operation message 1 LED (red) each. 3 Sensitivity Delay time 1 Delay time 2 Switching pulse duration LDC Z compensation Undervoltage blocking Overvoltage recording with high-speed return (can be deactivated) Overcurrent blocking Voltage transformer Current transformer 60 … 160 V ± 0.2 A Operating controls.000 A / 5 / 1 / 0. U>. Setting ranges Desired value 1 . 128 x 128 dot 1 LED (green). 25 VA Protective housing 19" housing 483 x 133 x 178 mm (W x H x D) Degree of protection IP00 in accordance with IEC 60529 Weight approx.5 / 1.. operating indicator 1 LED (yellow).

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