Spectrotest mobile metal analyser now features Spectro metal database

Spectro Analytical Instruments now offers direct access to its Spectro metal database on the latest versions of its Spectrotest – the most powerful mobile metal analyser in the Spectro product line. Users will not only save time conducting metal assessments but will no longer need to purchase various catalogues of metal standards. Stored in the Spectro metal database are specifications for more than 150 000 metal alloys according to international standards for steels and non!ferrous metals.

"he metal database serves as a universal tool for providing detailed information about metal alloys and their mechanical properties. Among its strengths is the ability to search for suitable alloys to identify un#nown materials based on the chemical content and to e$port material specifications for use on a particular spectrometer. "he software supports users wor#ing with the Spectro iS%&" $S%&" Spectrotest 'additional direct access( Spectro)A*$ and Spectro+A,. All new Spectrotest '"*-0.( analysers have a test version of the Spectro metal database pre!installed.

/0or many using the Spectrotest elemental content is not always a prime interest. 0or rapid inspections of incoming and outgoing goods it is often sufficient to #now whether or not the tested metal corresponds to given specifications the delivery note is correct or the steel accurately identified 1 e$plains )arcus 0reit Spectro 2roduct )anager for mobile metal analysers.

3ven previous versions of the Spectrotest could answer many of these 4uestions using pre!installed grade libraries in which common grades are stored. "he materials library could also be e$tended with customer!specific entries.

/"he Spectrotest analyses and gives the green light when everything fits or the red light when the sample being tested e$ceeds the given tolerances 1 e$plains 0reit.


. It is then possible to determine within which material specifications the analysis fits. .1 Spectrotest mobile metal analyser Introduced in 6016 the current version of the Spectrotest mobile metal analyser provides outstanding analytical performance. 2roper standardi. "he material library and the metal database complement each other perfectly. Its highly efficient plasma generator delivers several hundred measurements from a single battery charge. /%f course calling up information from a library with maybe 600 or 700 entries is much faster than comparing it with 150 000 entries in the database.ation of the Spectrotest is ensured with a single i-A+ control sample. 5ith un#nown alloys it is possible for users to search for materials. It :s ical 'intelligent calibration logic( logic system monitors the state of the measuring system during operation. "he instrument features a pluggable probe with an optional integrated U9 optic that can be used in spar# and arc mode. 2ressing a #ey starts the e$tended material search from the measuring screen. In the arc e$citation mode the Spectrotest is used for among other things the identification of low alloy steels based on the carbon content and in spar# e$citation mode for the analysis of carbon phosphorous and sulfur together with the identification of duple$ steels based on the nitrogen content along with other applications.y importing materials from the list of results the alloys can be 4uic#ly and simply entered into the library on the Spectrotest.5ith the new Spectro metal database this has been made even easier. 8esigned for high sample throughput the Spectrotest analyser offers a light!weight ergonomic design and user!friendly operation.