Introducing Islam Garments Ltd.

If you are thinking about the Quality for best Price and on-time delivery of merchandize, then one thing is clear that you are concerned about your Customers’ satisfaction – and so are we.

28 years back! 2 lines of 100 sewing machines! A start of a big story!

Yes, this is the history of Islam Garments Ltd. In 1985, two energetic young men (they are brothers indeed) Engr. Shafiqul Islam (honorable Chairman) and Mr. Atiqul Islam (honorable Managing Director) started their venture with concrete Vision and Mission…

Vision Generate employment in the country by setting up a socially, ethically & sustainably maintained selfmanaged, eco-friendly Garment Manufacturing Process to meet the challenge of on-time & quality apparel demand prevailing Globally.

Mission Satisfy and retain customers through employee involvement, team Work, personal excellence and integrating scientific approaches in our quest to become a leading Garment Manufacturer.

(Embroidery Unit) Sterling Rinse Effects Ltd.THE GROUP TODAY                 Islam Garments Ltd. (Knitwear Division) Islam Garments Ltd. (Unit-2) The Rose Dresses Ltd. (Textile Division) Islam Garments Ltd. (Printing Unit) Islam Garments Ltd. (Unit-1) Islam Garments Ltd. Islam Carton & Accessories Solutions Ltd. Islam Garments Ltd. Islam Dresses Ltd. (Washing Unit) The Silver Garments (BD) Ltd. Islam Fashion & Design Ltd. (Woven Dying) Islam Garments Ltd. Euro Jeans Ltd. . (Weaving Unit) Islam Garments Ltd. (Knit Dying) Islam Garments Ltd.

Sleepwear Jackets. T-Shirts. .PRODUCT PORTFOLIO  Product Line: Knit/Woven Tops & Bottoms for all gender and age groups  Product Category: Complete Clothing Solution  Items: Casual Shirts Chinos & 5 Pocket Denim Cargo Trousers. Shorts Skirts & Skorts. etc. Dresses.

000 Meters 600 Tons 946.PRESENT PRODUCTION CAPACITY Monthly Capacity Weaving Dying Printing Knitting Woven Tops Woven Bottoms Knitwear (Tee/Polo Shirts) Washing 780.300.000 Pcs.000 Pcs. . 1.200.000 Meters 910. 1.400 Pcs.300.000 Meters 1.444. 2.000 Pcs.

OUR MARKET Canada USA Mexico Europe Japan Bangladesh Argentina Brazil Australia .



CERTIFICATION AWARDED Our Factories are certified by – Factories are also certified for Buyer’s Code of Conduct by nominated 3rd parties like – .

00 2002 2003 2004 2005 17.00 2012 Annual Sales Volume (in million US$) 90.50 2006 2007 60.55 30.22 80.94 2008 2009 88.00 20.00 120.08 134.00 102.00 60.GROWTH IN LAST 10 YEARS 160.98 21.35 100.50 140.00 140.00 40.15 2010 2011 .00 54.93 38.

of Sewing Machines Number of Employees 25 Km from Dhaka Airport 2009 2 7 + 7 = 14 200.THE ROSE DRESSES LTD.000 Sft.300 (in Layout) 5. is one of the factories of Islam Garments Ltd.000 + 120.000 = 320. which is focused in this session Location of the Factory Establishment Year Number of Buildings Number of Floors Total Area No. 2.500 . : OVERVIEW The Rose Dresses Ltd.

PRESENT CAPACITY Line Allocation Woven Top Woven Bottom Knit 28 Lines 12 Lines 8 Lines Monthly Capacity Knit Top [PERCE NTAGE] Woven Bottom 20% Woven Top 45% Monthly Production Capacity Woven Top Woven Bottom Knit Top 946. 405.600 Pcs. .400 Pcs. 728.000 Pcs.

PRODUCT RANGE           Men’s Tops Men’s Bottoms Women’s Tops Women’s Bottoms Women’s Dresses Kids’ Tops Kids’ Bottoms Kids’ Dresses Kids’ Set Sleepwear .

OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS Customer Proportion (2012) 1% 3% 14% 44% 2% 3% 1% 32% Wal-Mart (Canada) JCPenney Reitmans Sears Wal-Mart (USA) Nygard CV UCB .

DEPARTMENTS IN THE FACTORY         Production Quality Assurance IE & Planning Human Resources Compliance & IMS Information Technology Maintenance & Utility Administration & Accounts .

. efficient and reliable General Manager. Each Production Floor comprises of Cutting Section. 98% on-time shipment & increase of efficiency from 45% to 55% (within 6 months) are the key achievements of this department. Sewing Section & Finishing Section. Each of the 5 Production Floors is run by a Production Manager who directly reports to the GM-Production.DEPARTMENTS Production Production Department is headed by a qualified.

Each of the 5 Production Floors has its own QA team lead by a QA Manager.DEPARTMENTS Quality Assurance Our QA Department is independently operated by a foreign expert who holds the position of the General Manager . . Successful implementation of the Traffic Light System (TLS) and a high success rate in 3rd Party Final Inspection are the notable achievements.QA.

100% 25% 50% 75% 0% Jan'11 Feb'11 Apr'11 May'11 Jun'11 Jul'11 Aug'11 Sep'11 Oct'11 Nov'11 Dec'11 Jan'12 Feb'12 Mar'12 Apr'12 May'12 Jun'12 Jul'12 Aug'12 Sep'12 Oct'12 Nov'12 PASS RATE AT 1ST CHANCE PERCENTAGE OF FINAL INSPECTION PASS AT 1ST CHANCE Dec'12 .

DEPARTMENTS IE & Planning This department is also headed by a foreign expert. Reducing manufacturing cost by method improvement in various styles is also a great achievement of this department. Introduction of an effective. . • Ensure an engineered manufacturing layout for optimum production. • Analyze SMV of Garments and contribute estimating the competitive price. Key activities of IE & Planning Department are – • Suggest production friendly techniques in Development Stage. goal-oriented Production Incentive System is a big achievement. • Prepare a logical Production Plan and monitor the production process to ensure on-time shipment.

DEPARTMENTS Human Resources Human Resources Department normally deals with • Human Resource Planning & Management • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) • Human Resource Development & Performance Management System (HRD & PMS) • Training & Organizational Development Reducing the Absenteeism by 6% and increasing worker Retention rate by 10% (comparing with October-December 2011) through counseling and induction method are good achievements. .

. notifications periodically • Ensure Buyer’s Code of Conduct and ILO conventions • Visit selected factories (if necessary) to ensure compliance using the IMS tools and guidelines • Scheduling and coordinating 3rd party audit Achieving Self-managed Supplier status from Walmart is the great success.DEPARTMENTS Compliance and IMS Activities of Compliance Department • Ensure lawful activities & practices in the factory • Check and update changes of law and other Govt.

.DEPARTMENTS Information Technology Activities of IT Department • Maintain a Network containing 80 Workstations inside the Factory • Ensure Email & Internet facilities in all Workstations • Manage following Servers – • • • Windows Server-2008 (DNS & Active Directory) Mikrotik Router (Bandwidth Management & NATing) Redhat Linux 5 (Content Filtering) Installing and successfully running a complete ERP solution and ensuring the IT Security as per GSV requirement are the key achievements.

.DEPARTMENTS Maintenance and Utility Activities of this Department are – Maintain the Factory Machine Pool Ensure routine maintenance of all machines Arrange machines for new style layout Arrange & generate power and efficiently distribute inside the factory • Manage other utility services • • • • A successful move towards Energy Conservation by installing Servo & Energy Saving Motors in the sewing machines is a key achievement.

DEPARTMENTS Admin & Accounts Activities of this Administrative Department are – • Ensure a healthy working environment in the factory • Take action against any anti-disciplinary activity inside the factory • Manage Factory Accounts & submit monthly budget to Finance Department (Corporate) • Arrange and make payments of the salary of the workers • Factory Store also is operated under this department .

Print) Day 0 Day 35/60 Day 65/90 . Lead Time: 35 days (Solid) 60 days (Y/D.PRODUCTION PROCESS Order Confirmation Order Booking Fabric Booking Fabric Production Fabric Shipping Prod. Print) Shipping Lead Time: 30 days Solid/(Y/D.

Print) Day 65/90 . Receive Raw Materials Quality Filtering Raw Material Inventory Solid/(Y/D.PRODUCTION PROCESS Goods Receiving Standard Standard Sub-std.

Production & Quality Issues PP Activities Lead Time: 7 days Solid/(Y/D. Print) Day 72/97 .PRODUCTION PROCESS Pre-production BULK Production Make Sizeset Sample in Pilot Run Line Pre-production Meeting.

Day 102/127 . Solid/(Y/D. Print).PRODUCTION PROCESS Bulk Production Cutting Sewing Laundering Pressing Ship to Destination 3rd Party Inspection Packing Production Lead Time: 30 days.

 Continuously improving the processes to ensure ‘Right First Time’.QUALITY PRACTICES We have an uncompromising commitment to provide our customers with quality attires. . ‘Quality Performance’ means two things to us–  Satisfying customers by delivering products of specified attributes.

QA/QC STRUCTURE Problem Identification Problem Analysis Correction of the Problem QC Effort QA Effort Feedback to QA Data Gathering Problem Trend Analysis Process Identification Process Improvement Process Analysis .

THREE LAYER QUALITY SYSTEM We apply our QA/QC system in three different layers –  Ensuring the Quality of Raw Materials  Ensuring the Quality in Manufacturing Level  Ensuring the Quality of Finished Goods .

OUR ACHIEVEMENTS  Best Vendor Award by Walmart (Apparel Div. 1998. 2003.) for the years 1997. 2005. 2004. 2009 and 2010  Self Managed Supplier Status for Ethical Standard by Walmart GP-BD for the period of 2011-2013  Almost 98% On-time shipment during the year 2012  Very rare Short-ship case (only in case of fabric defects found)  Satisfactory Pass Rate in 3rd Part Final Inspections .

Print duplex .OUR INITIATIVES SUSTAINABILITY  Use of Solar Energy for Emergency Lightings  Use of Energy Saving Motors in Sewing Machines  Saves up to 67% of electricity demand  Recycling waste cartons in Packaging Unit  Return the empty Thread Cones to the supplier for rewinding  Supply the waste fabric to the Pillow/Mattress Manufacturer  Print a document only if necessary.

OUR INITIATIVES PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT  Production Incentive opportunity for every Style  Incentive Scheme for attaining a target Efficiency Level  Incentive Scheme for Innovative Ideas which can improve Productivity .

OUR INITIATIVES  Free Eye Camp for the workers and free distribution of spectacles & treatment as required  Education Aid for the school going children of the workers  Child Care Room to facilitate working mothers  Non-profitable Ration Shop  Financial Aid as Loan or Grant  Group Insurance We Care .

OUR INITIATIVES  Running an Orphanage  Providing free Sewing Training to underprivileged women  Running a full free School (up to grade 10)  Running a Charitable Dispensary  Donation for Social Works  Relief operation during natural calamities CSR .

The construction of a 400. (20.) is going. daily capacity is also under construction. X 20 ft.FUTURE PLAN Establishment of the 2nd unit of this factory is already done and is under operation. Establishment of a Printing unit with 18.000 sft. . Which will be in operation by the end of this year.000 cft.000 Pcs.

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