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Tuğçe Dağtekin Catherine Macmillan Post-war literature October 15, 2013

THE FEATURES OF MODERNISM AND THE ANALYSIS OF CATHERINE MANSFIELD’S ‘THE GARDEN PARTY’ The term modernism is used to identified new and distinctive features of subjects, forms, Concepts, style of literature and the other arts in the earlier decade of 20th century. It is a Cultural movement that involves changes in art, architecture, music and literature. Modernism rejects the moral and values that came with Enlightenment. They are against Papa’s hierarchical Europe and they re-examine belief system and authority in a society which Allow the war to happen. Moreover they are subjective rather than objective. According to Modernists, there is no truth. Everything is relative. In literature writers want to radical break with the past. All movements are against the Previous one because the world is different now. In the 20th century the whole lifestyle and Culture has changed and none of the earlier forms were not adequate to describe anymore. In this period all artists were aware of the problem in the society so with the Modernism they want to show their arts. Instead of progress, the Modernist writer saw a decline of civilization. Instead of new technology, the Modernist writer saw it only materialism and cold machinery and they think that it alienated people and led them to loneliness. Modernist writers abandoned the idea of a logical, directed narrative. Their aim is to show realistic portrayal of contemporary life. Modernist literature has some special features. There is confusion about distinction between the genres. For example

The short story "The Garden Party" was written in 1923 by Katherine Mansfield. And plot open multi-plots and unexpected turning points. contradictory and ambiguous. They use free verse. irony. According to this theory Freud tells conscious. And they try to reach our unconscious mind with literature. This story shows us very innocent young girls. Conscious mind is our part of mind that we aware and unconscious mind is the burned part of our mind. In Fıction Juxtaposition. They are influenced by psychology and question scientific rationalism. The short story "The Garden Party" was written in 1923 by Katherine Mansfield. authoritative and omniscient point of view that comes from the consciousness of one character. Instead of this. was an significant modernist writer of short fiction who was born and brought up in colonial New Zealand and wrote under the pen name of Katherine Mansfield. comparisons. They use imaginative way rather than giving logical connections. In poetry they use the language of everyday life. And Modernist writers use new technique called stream of conscious and interior monologue. They are influenced by some philosophers. And open unresolved endings. and satire are important element that found in modernist writing. It provides flexibility in line length. Wellington. And so we know all idea and feelings that pass through the character via the idea of ‘Stream of Consciousness’. She presents us the harsh reality of life. unconscious and sub-conscious mind. They care with the Freud’s Psychoanalytical theory. And it contains massive use of alliteration and assonance. The characters are ‘self’ as diverse. Katherine Mansfield’s stories represent some of the finest and most sensitive stories in English literature. She was born in 14 October 1888.Dağtekin 2 poetry becomes prose-like and the prose becomes more poetic. They . Such as Freud. they take multiple points of view through one character. Poets do not use traditional meter and regular rhyme scheme and they use visual images in distinct lines. Modernism is against single. The setting is Mansfield’s childhood home at Tinakori Road. Moreover they use the technique called Media res.

the family hears about a tragic accident which occurred in the poor part of the neighborhood and man leaves behind his wife and five children. Later. And she takes hat angrily and she looks herself and thinks her mother’s words and she drives away her ideas about the occurrence. Mrs. Her family thinks that she is overreacting. Laurie and Jose. They are Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan gives Laura a beautiful hat to divert her attention from the bad news of poor neighborhood. Laura loves self-conscious and struggle against the idea of class distinction. But they refuse to agree with this idea. The house she goes has . After party the family come together and speaks about the party. Mrs. Similarly Jose is this kind woman and she has a class conscious like her mother. Sheridan is superficial woman and she only care with the exterior things such as clothes and she is cold instead of being warm hearted. we see 5 characters that we mainly see. As a result Mrs. They are on the hill but on the other side of road the workers and poor live. Meanwhile the guests come and they spend perfect times in the party. Then Mr. Sheridan feels nervous and awkward about it because she does not want to talk about accident again. Sheridan mentions about the accident mistakenly and Mrs. But she feels uncomfortable because the atmosphere of road is very dark and quiet. Laura fills the basket with food. It is a story about an upper-class British family who is planning to party. The one daughter Laura is very upset about the news of tragic accident and she wants to cancel all party. While preparing. It is a warm and sunny day and family make preparations for party. And she tries to convince her sister Jose and her mother not to make party. Sheridan suggests that they provide a basket of left-over food to the family. and begins to go their home. When we look at the characterization.Dağtekin 3 live in gorgeous villa. Laura and her brother Laurie get along well with each other and they are different from the other members of family. And her mother even amused about the idea of his daughter because she thinks that the death should not affect them because their house is at the top of the hill and is separated from the lower-class families. Sheridan and their children Laura. Laura is the dynamic character in the story.

Sheridan symbolizes the harshness and cold Victorian society and later the character named called Laura symbolize the ambiguity and uncertainty of modern age. In thıs story class system and social responsibility is questioned. Mansfield wrote the story in limited person point of view. And we hear the unconsciousness part of her mind. themes and symbolism in the story. there are some symbolisms in the story. Later. her brother is waiting for her and asks are you good? She tries to tell something about her unfamiliar experience and the awareness that she gains about life but she does cannot express her thoughts. But her brother understands what she is trying to say.Dağtekin 4 a lot of woman gathered outside and she knocks the door and woman opens the door and invites her to take a look the corpse. so it creates an intimacy with the reader. However we know other characters’ thoughts only through what they say and do. This experience is not horrible at all as she thinks because she thinks that he is marvelous and far away from everything. it symbolizes the indifferent world view of Mrs. The author presents the thoughts of Laura only. And she starts to cry and she leaves home quickly. It shows the common aspects of life as the modernists used to do. l think that the character Mrs. Moreover the hat is also an important symbolism. When she leaves. Sheridan gives to Laura can seen as a metaphor to divert his Laura’s concern. Sheridan. After. The story has media res technique. The narrative begins in the middle of the story and the narrator describes the scene in a casual and immediate manner. So. It does not have an introduction. it is death but it is not only an awareness of death . And she uses of the technique of ‘’Stream of Consciousness’’. At on the first paragraph the narrator presents many characters to us and narrator gives some detail about them. at the end of the story we aware that story starts with a happy mood but it end with funeral scene. Laura notices something beyond her life. The readers see some modernist features. Moreover it also contains some important themes that characterized the modernism. The first one is self-consciousness and class consciousness. The hat Mrs.

clothes and parties. The Garden Party is one of the most popular modernist work.Dağtekin 5 but also an humanity. All in all. Laura sticks to high class family. ‘’death’’ . And she especially focuses on the idea of self-consciousness and class consciousness. It is connected with life and death. She is not only show the imaginative way of life but also she shows us the reality. Laura is not only notice the death but also she sees that how their family is selfish and their problems as more important than the others. Catherine Mansfield is against the cold and rigid Victorian age. The second one is illusion versus reality. In this story Mansfield shows us the high and lofty side of life but on the other hand we see the poor and dark side of life. and she seems death as sleep far away from troubles in human life. And sees only unrealistic way of life but than their lower class neighborhood died and she discover the reality with the death. And l think that this is the best story that shows high status and money is helpless against the reality of life. food. She perceives the death in a positive way.

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