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Cookery Lesson 1: The Breakfast Routine

During this lesson you will learn how to cook an omelette and prepare 3 meals for your day ahead all in around half an hour. Equipment wise need: An omelette pan A no fat grill A handheld blender Knives and chopping boards Plastic or glass containers to put food into once its prepared A cool bag plus cooling packs Normal kitchen utensils tin openers garlic press and so on Food wise youll need: !"tra lean mince #kinless chicken breast $ #almon steaks %inned tuna &mega enriched eggs 'ag of baby leaf spinach washed (omaine )ettuce *arrots peppers and onions $ of each (ed cabbage (aisins &live oil +inegar ,balsamic red wine and cider.ustard /oney 'arley *ous cous 0alnuts Almonds Pumpkin seeds 1oghurt *ottage cheese )ow fat cheese strips 2rated parmesan 3ruit4 apples berries 5 banana )emon 6uice 0orchester sauce Pickled anchovies Di6on mustard Pesto 2arlic Pepper Please note: for the smoothies youll need arious other in!redients" pi#k the smoothies you like the look of $est and $uy in!redients as required%

&CT'()* 1. 2. 3.
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*hop an onion and pepper and begin to fry in a little olive oil on a low heat 'eat $73 whole eggs an $73 whites together add this mi"ture once the onions and pepper have softened a bit 0hile you wait for them to soften and while the omelette is cooking slowly prepare 8 or all of the following salads

Caesar *alad Re#ipe +ou will need: 2rilled *hicken marinated in garlic and lemon (omaine lettuce +ogel bread toasted and cut into small pieces Almonds Dressing and dressing ingredients ,ire#tions'reak the romaine lettuce apart and add chopped grilled chicken the toasted vogel and dressing. 'o" up and put in cool bag. *aesar #alad dressing mi" ,enough for a week 'n!redients: 3 !gg 1olks 77 'eaten 3 tablespoons Prepared .ustard 9 *loves 2arlic $ Anchovy 3ilets : *apers 8 8;$ teaspoon #alt 8;$ teaspoon 0hite Pepper 8;$ teaspoon Dried &regano )eaves 8< drops %obasco #auce 8< drops 0orcestershire #auce &live &il < tablespoons 0hite +inegar ,ire#tions: *ombine all ingredients e"cept olive oil in a blender using low speed. #lowly add olive oil until mi"ture thickens to the consistency of mayonnaise. Add vinegar and blend. .ome/made Bur!ers on Red Ca$$a!e" walnut and Raisin *alad with Balsami#" soy and *esame dressin! +ou will need: *ooked homemade burgers4 to prepare these mi" finely chopped red onion with $ teaspoons of pesto into lean steak mince and make into $ beef pattees. 3inely chopped red cabbage /andful of raisins Dressing walnuts and raisins ,ire#tions: .i" the red cabbage and raisins together and add the dressing. Put the burgers on top Add cous cous if its a post workout meal 3or the dressing combine 8 tablespoon of soy sauce with $ of balsamic and half of sesame oil
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*almon" *pina#h and 0alnut salad with Peppers" #arrots and .oney and mustard ,ressin! +ou will need: 2rilled salmon steaks 'ag of pre7washed baby leaf spinach *hopped peppers and carrots Dressing and walnuts

,ire#tions: .i" the spinach and peppers add the salmon and dressing. Put in containers and then into cool bag. 3or the dressing combine olive oil 8 tablespoonful with $ tablespoons of cider vinegar 8 teaspoon each of mustard and honey and 8 crushed garlic clove.

*)&C1* 3 different snack ideas include= 8. +o!hurt" protein powder and $erries- .i" appro"imately > cup of yoghurt with a scoop of protein powder and a handful of berries. Put into container and then into cool bag for later. Additional crunchy makes this an interesting snack and great for after workouts. $. Cotta!e #heese and an apple" with optional handful of pumpkin seeds- %hese items need no preparation 6ust keep the cottage cheese cool if leaving for longer than > a day. 3. Tuna mi2- Drain the tuna and add 8 dessert spoon of low fat or home7made mayo add > tin of beans or pulses stir together add seasoning to taste ,salt pepper and paprika- en6oy on its own or with oatcakes ryvita or pitta bread.

*3((T.'E REC'PE* 1ou may wish to e"periment with some of these recipes=

Add the water or milk first then the other ingredients 'lend to the desired consistency ?se less water or more ice for a thicker shake

Cho#olate a $ scoops of *hocolate Protein $<@mls of skim milk 8;$ cup of low fat or fat7free cottage cheese $ tablespoons of natural peanut butter 8 tablespoon of linseeds 5 > table spoon of lecithin granules
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&pple and Cinnamon *old water or skimmed milk $ scoops vanilla protein 8 container ,3.A oB- natural unsweetened apple sauce *innamon as desired 8 tablespoon of linseeds 5 > table spoon of lecithin granules

*traw$erry Cream $@@mls cold water or skimmed milk $ scoops strawberry protein powder $73 %bsp. of sugar7free rice pudding and or low fat condensed milk A handful of strawberries 8 tablespoon of linseeds 5 > table spoon of lecithin granules 3ive ice cubes

Banana *plit 3@@mls of *old water or skimmed milk $ scoops +anilla Protein > a 'anana A few walnuts 8 tablespoon of linseeds 5 > table spoon of lecithin granules

Cho#olate Crun#h $@@mls water or skimmed milk $ scoops chocolate protein 8;$ to 8 cup low fat cream 8 crushed digestive biscuit 8 tablespoon of linseeds 5 > table spoon of lecithin granules C bits of organic green and blacks chocolate

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