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Human Resource Aspect

Wonokoyo Group By: Yu Qing Mao, Alex Chandra, Vincent Cahyadi, Christopher Tongku, Eka Darmadi Lim


Globalization era had lead businesses into area without any border in both geographically and culture

Company History
This company was built by Mr. Joyo Kusumo in Wonokoyo Village, Beji, East Java that became the reason behind the choosing of the Company name which is Wonokoyo Group. He starts the Wonokoyo Company from his Day Old Chick that he raised and soon turn to be an integrated poultry company that cover almost every sector in poultry business from Day Old Chick, Broilers farm and laying hens farm.

The Company Profile

Wonokoyo is an agriculture company that has a concentration in Integrated Poultry Farming. It located in Surabaya and has a headquarter in Jalan Darmo, Surabaya.

Wonokoyos Prespective
Wonokoyo is a company that moved in advance poultry and agriculture sector, which already have around 3,400 employees that comes from many different culture and personality.

Wonokoyos Prespective
Vision and Mission:
Wonokoyos vision is to become the market leader and to be the best in Indonesia for advance poultry and agricultural aspect. Wonokoyos mission is continuously increasing quality, productivity and services to satisfied customers and gives benefits to the employee, supplier and the shareholder.

Wonokoyos Prespective
Organizational Culture Belief:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Honesty Discipline Responsibilities Neat and Clean Spirit Team Work Role Model Moving Forward

Wonokoyos Prespective
Dealing with Cultural Clash:
Make a universal culture that must be obeyed by all of the employee. Emphasize working culture that beyond the rule itself

Wonokoyos Prespective
Culture Come from inner selfesteem, supervised or not. Rule Only works if they are supervised.

Wonokoyos Prespective
Program and Agenda:
Socializing Seminar and Workshop Outbound Together

Wonokoyos Prespective
The Regular Agenda:
Cultural Comptition Daily Morning Briefing

Wonokoyos Prespective
The Impact to the Employee daily Life
Employee must understand the 8 Organization value Moving Forward, Must connect to the world Employee have more discipline life, like they must be in their desk

Wonokoyo is formed from the culture itself Through a deep understanding towards company culture Emphasize culture rather than tight rule The other approach that could be applied is award approach