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RIZAL 2 Filipinos who won in the FAE and their works nd 2 largest city A friend of Dr.

mayer who is interested in Filipino language A german police asked to Rizal Acted as Egyptian rabi After __ hrs he reached manila After Christmas of 1886, he wrote these last chapters of NMT After they separate Rizal goes to Age of rizal when they celebrated it in Switzerland Amor patria in English Amount of money that paciano gave him Anak ni former manila mayor Anthropologist he met in Berlin Anthropologist that became interested in Rizal bec he visited Philippines Association of Filipinos in spain Author of Uncle Toms Cabin Bakit hindi na nasuportahan panandalian si Rizal Before sri lanka Best maker of beer Blood compact by Book copyright Books that he gave Dr. Blumentritt Books that he translated from Austrian to Tagalog Campsite of Nazis Capital of Czechoslovakia Celebration in UOH Cheapest printing press City of Pope’s Club that fb introduced him Codename he used in the masonry Comment of Rizal to Girls of Germany Contributor of freedom in germany copies of NMT printed Country where he inquired about ophthalmology Date of secret departure Date when 2000 copies were completed Date when copyright came Date when he became a Mason Master Date when he enrolled his medicine proper Date when he goes to church before his departure Date when he reached Mersailles Date when he reached rome and sent a telegram Date when he reached Singapore Date when he took train to Barcelona Date when they left leitmeritz Date when they started their tour Date when they treat the blumentritss to dinner Days he must show his passport Days they spent in Switzerland Designer of suez canal Different scholars he encountered in Leipzig Disease outbreak when he was in barcelona Egyptian rabi Essay he sent but not published Extracurricular Fb introduced him to his circle of friends Finish pre-med (year)

First essay he wrote in Spanish First stop ng Salvadora Floral exposition Flower that he featured in his poem Former mayor of manila Fr described rizal as French ship na pinaglipatan niya Friends he met in Berlin From decin to From Dresden to From Heidelberg he moved to --From Leipzig he goes to ---From leitmeritz to From munich to From Nuremberg to From Potsdam to From prague to From ulm to From Vienna to German Emperor German scientist and author of travel in the Philippines He first became the clinic assistant of He led this group in masonry He liked Berlin because He posed as Sikatuna in this painting He sent a copy of NMT to He was asst of ___in UEH His comments about german girls are based on His inspiration on writing NMT Hospital inside UOH Hotel they checked in and blumentritt help them Hotel they checked in in Vienna How they get to munich Keypass to tour Europe Known falls Known saint in prague Language studies that he also attended Largest city meaning of NMT in English meaning of NMT in Tagalog Med student from a rich family in San Miguel Bulacan Meeting place of Dr. blumentritt and rizal Mga katulong niya dapat sumulat ng NMT Mga nagpaalam sa kanya bago umalis at mga pabaon nila Nagkagusto kay Rizal, muntik na maging sila Name he use in his passport Name of the ship na unang sinakyan niya Note he wrote on violas copy of nmt Pastime in the ship Place where he saw a camel Places rizal visited in Italy Popular street in Barcelona Portrays Legaspi in blood compact Professor in Geometry Publisher of a paper Reason why Donya Teodora got sick Reasons he joined the masonry Rizal is suspected a Rizal took what specialization Rizal’s occupation in Paris

Rizals friend who offered to shoulder his daily expenses and his mate in Christmas Rizals probable departure in manila Role he portrayed in Blood compact School he entered for his extracurricular activities Season they are waiting to start their tour Several ways of living he learned Stopovers in Europe Story of Uncle Tom’s cabin Study of anatomy of the eye Study of paggawa ng salamin Tela na ginamit nung namatay si jesus The place of the church The poem he recite for the association The poem he wrote for the celebration in UOH The school he entered for his medicine proper The swiss speaks The travelers The university where Dr. Weckert said he should inquire Their first stop Thesis of Rizal To whom did he send his essays Viola came back to Viola gave him to publish NMT Ways he did to earn money when he got sick Well known ophthalmologist and eye specialist What they do in decin What they saw in ulm What they visited in Dresden What they visited in Potsdam What they visited in prague When did he start writing NMT When did Viola’s telegram came saying he will arrive Where did he receive a telegram about a disease Where did viola and rizal separate Where he did his final revision of NMT Where rizals classmates threw a welcome party Where rizals essay were published Where sabado nights held Where the dock is While he is in Madrid he also joined them Who they met in Dresden Who they met in prague Wife of blumentritt Year he finished his Medical Studies Year he got his Philosophy Diploma Year he graduated and practiced Medicine Year of Fine Arts Exposition Year when NMT was published .

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