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A Guide to the Kingdom Keepers Series

This guide is aligned with the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards (CCR) for Literature, Writing, Language, Speaking and Listening. The broad CCR standards are the foundation for the grade levelspecic Common Core State Standards.


Reading, Writing, and Researching Exploring the Kingdom Keepers Series through Writing and Research In the Kingdom Keepers novels, the complexities of the characters, their relationships, and the situations in which they nd themselves provide students opportunity to dig deep in the text as they examine and answer the following writing prompt: In the Kingdom Keepers novels, Finns story focuses on his connection and relationship with Wayne and his DHI group as they work together to guard and protect Walt Disney World from the Overtakers. Consider your most special friendships. What makes these individuals so important? Compose a personal journal entry where you share your thoughts, and be sure to answer the following questions:
1  W ho are the individuals that mean the most to you? 2  W hy are these particular relationships so special? 3  W hats the greatest sacrice youve made for the people

After theyve gathered information, have them create an informative presentation to be shared with their classmates.
Correlates to Common Core Standard Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details C.C.S.S.E.L.A. Literacy. R.L. 4.1., 4.2., 4.3. R.L. 5.1., 5.2., 5.4. R.L.6.1., 6.2., R.L.7.2 and Writing: Production and Distribution C.C.S.S.E.L.A. Literacy. R.L. W.4.4., W.5.4., W.6.4., W.7.4

you consider your closest friends?

Considering Char acter

Host a Mock Trial After reading the Kingdom Keepers series, students will brainstorm crimes committed by characters from the novel. Have groups of students work together to act as the prosecution or defense for the selected characters, while also acting as the jury for other groups. Students will use several sources to research their case, including the novels and Internet resources on judicial proceedings and roles of the members of a trial. All the while, students will be writing a persuasive piece to complement their trial work. Additional teaching resources for literary mock trials can be found at
Correlates to Common Core Standard Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details R.L. 6.1. and Craft and Structure R.L. 6.5., R.L.6.6. and Common Core Standard Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details R.L. 7.1. and Craft and Structure R.L. 7.5., R.L. 7.6.

To culminate, ask for volunteers to share their writing with the class.
Correlates to Common Core Standard Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details C.C.S.S.E.L.A. Literacy. R.L.4.1., 4.2., 4.3. R.L.5.1., R.L.5.2., R.L.5.4. R.L. 6.1., R.L.6.2. R.L.7.2 and Writing: Production and Distribution C.C.S.S.E.L.A. Literacy. R.L. W.4.4., W.5.4., W.6.4., W. 7.4.

Walt Disney World is the backdrop for Finn and the DHI group as they work to halt the efforts of Maleficent, Chernabog, and the rest of the Overtakers to conquer the Disney theme parks and possibly the world. Have students research this dynamic setting to learn more about its rich history, being sure to consider the following about the park: Founder Location Construction challenges Mission and philosophy History Future plans Roles of cast members S  imilarities and differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Create a Biopoem The purpose of this strategy is to help students demonstrate knowledge of a character in the Kingdom Keepers series by following written prompts to complete a poem about the individual. Students can be given the prompts to follow on a worksheet, or alternatively, students may create an original slideshow using PowerPoint or Movie Maker.

Biopoem Line 1: First name: Line 2: Three traits that describe the character: Line 3: Relative of Line 4: Lover of Line 5: Who feels Line 6: Who needs Line 7: Who fears Line 8: Who gives Line 9: Who would like to see Line 10: Resident of Line 11: Last name:
Correlates to Common Core Standard Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details C.C.S.S.E.L.A. Literacy. R.L.4.1., R.L.5.1., R.L.6.1., 7.1 and Craft and Structure R.L.4.5., 5.5., 6.5., R.L.4.6., 5.6., 6.6, 7.6

(three things) (three things) (three things) (three things) (three things) (three things)

novel and create either a digitally or manually illustrated graphic novel for that scene. A digital comic strip creator ( or, for example) can help them create storyboards for their scene. Have students select original art, images, and graphics. Alternatively, students could assume the roles of two of the characters with each ones personality and voice and have them interact with each other by creating an extension of a scene from one of the novels. As part of the evaluation component, consider panel size and number of panels, transitions and layouts, artwork, writing, and lettering. Previews of coming attractions in the movie industry are known as trailers. Design an original book trailer for the Kingdom Keepers series or one of the novels in the series. Begin by creating a storyboard, detailing which scenes you intend to incorporate into your trailer. Use a moviemaker program such as Post your nished trailers to

Create Original Kingdom KeepersInspired Art

Allow students to create one of the following as a means of exploring the novel. Music is often used to connect people to one another and the world at large. Select a favorite character from the Kingdom Keepers series and create a CD with an original playlist that represents the experiences that character undergoes throughout the novels. Create original art for the jewel case and the interior, and after including appropriate artist information, offer an explanation for the selection of each song. Create a Wanted poster detailing the individual you nd most deserving of punishment for his or her transgressions in a Kingdom Keepers novel. The poster should include the following features: O  riginal mug shot (this can be original art or computergenerated, as long as the image accurately portrays the characters description in the novel) D  etailed list of offenses R  eward information, if applicable One of Pearsons greatest strengths as a writer is his ability to offer richly descriptive scenes. Have students in small groups select a favorite scene from a Kingdom Keepers

About the Author

Ridley Pearson is the award-winning author of multiple adventure series for young-(ish) readers, including The Kingdom Keepers, Steel Trapp, and, with Dave Barry, Peter and the Starcatchers. Ridley is also a best-selling crime novelist with more than 25 titles. Pearson was the rst U.S. citizen to be awarded the Raymond Chandler/Fulbright Fellowship in Detective Fiction at Oxford University. In 2013, Ridley was awarded Missouris Quill Award and inducted into that states Writers Hall of Fame. A full-time dad and husband, Ridley lives with his wife, Marcelle, and their two teenage daughters in St. Louis, Missouri.

This guide was created by Dr. Rose Brock, a teacher and school librarian in Coppell, Texas. Dr. Brock holds a Ph.D. in Library Science, specializing in childrens and young adult literature. Many more teachers guides can be found on the Disney Hyperion website at

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