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General Manager AGR Drilling Services Level 2, 16 Milligan Street Perth WA6000 E-mail:be@agr.

com Phone: +61448395799

Bernt Eikemo

AGR Group – Snapshot / Over view
Petroleum Services • Well management • Drilling Consultancy • Reservoir Mgmt. • Field Mgmt.


Drilling Services • EDS • Well service tools • Trenching & excavation

Footprint Office

Field Operations • Ops. & Maint. • Subsea Infrastructure • Facilities Integrity • Engineering and PM

• > 60% of rev. outside Norway • Circa 1200 employees world wide

AGR Drilling Services – Snapshot / Over view Business Lines 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 # of wells drilling annually Enhanced Drilling Solutions • Riserless Mud Reccovery systems (RMR®) • Cutting Transportation systems • Managed Pressure Drilling Systems Well Services • Down hole cleanup tools • Work over / intervention 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 A global footprint 44 Trenching & Excavation • FD studies • Sub Sea Tieback projects 33 5 4 +1 27 .

Value Creation through Technology Development (‘the AGR Drilling Services Managed Pressure Drilling toolbox’) RDS® CMP and (Detailed design schd EC-Drill® end 2011. up to 625 m WD todate) Cuttings Transport System (Used on more than 400 wells worldwide . DnV cert end 2010) Dual Gradient Drilling System (Customer sponsored development project) Managed Pressure Cementing (Add on to the standard RMR® System) Deep Water RMR® (commercially from circa 400m up to 1000m WD. tech trial up to circa 1500 m WD) Current Shallow Water RMR® (130+ wells. field trial 2012) (Field Trial sch for 2011.

Riserless Mud Recovery (RMR) .

The CTS system consist of a control container. CTS was primarily developed to solve the waste problem during drilling of top holes when there is a accumulation of cuttings. This is the forerunner to the RMR system. • • . a cable winch and a submersible module with an electric motor and a pump.History Riserless Mud Recovery (RMR) • In 1997 AGR introduced the CTS – Cuttings Transport System. mud and other disposal on and around the template. cement.

How does the RMR work? Shallow water RMR .

Why use the RMR? • RMR handles unstable shallow formations • RMR = No Shallow Water Flow while Drilling • RMR reduces the risk of Shallow Gas Flow • Compliance with Enviromental Rules .

Case Studies .

RMR Deepwater JIP Atwood Falcon .

Deepwater RMR System Upper Pump Depth Upper Subsea Pump Module 550m Lower Pump Depth 1393 Water depth 1418 Mud Return Line Lower Subsea Pump Module Anchor .

RMR on jack-up rigs Two projects so far: • One for enviromental reasons for Woodside • Riserless mud recovery on Wilcraft • Scoot Reef 0-discharge campaign • One for geotecnical reason for BP • Avoid air gap by hot tapping into conductor • In Egypt on Constellation II .

Managed Pressure Cementing (MPC) What is Managed Pressure Cementing? • A way of managing Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) during cementing of surface casing A way of controlling the hydrostatic loading on the well bore annulus during cementing of surface casing A way of identifying and mitigating losses during cementing A way of avoiding that shallow water flows or shallow gas interrupt the curing process of the cement A way to prove without doubt that cement has been returned to mud line • • • • .

The displaced mud and later cement is sucked out of the cement ports When the cementing is done. all valves is closed and the pressure buildup in the annulus is monitored • Valve C Inline pressure transmitter Valve B • .Retrievable valve assembly • Valve A • During normal drilling valve B and C and the system is used as a normal RMR system During cementing valve A and C is closed. valve A is closed while valve B and C is open to flush sea water through the system. and valve B is open. During curing of the cement.

Retrievable valve assembly .

3. 12. 4. 10. Hyd & pressure 36” low pressure well head DMS700 Hydraulic quick coupling Disconnector for pressure sensor hose Hydraulic stab Electric stab ROV handle Retrievable interface box bracket . 8. 5. 6. 9. 7. 11. 6” Plug valve Inline pressure sensor membrane Female slipon ROV hose connector Male slipon ROV hose connector Retrievable interface box El. 2.Sacrificial valve assembly 1.

Sacrificial valve assembly .

EC-drill® • • Manage ECD to drill with near constant BHP Adjust fluid level in drilling riser to compensate for ECD • Riser full of single gradient fluid when system is static • Use existing and field proven RMR equipment • DnV Certified (in progress) Patented technology .

RMRTM MPC EC-Drill TM Tophole Managed Pressure Cementing ECD Control Managed Pressure Drilling Same spread for entire well! .

RDS ® K & C and pod lines from BOP runs in a loop on the sea bottom. This method is used for production risers and control lines for floating drilling and production units.Riserless Drilling System . The float elements will take weight from the hoses and will allow compensation with heave on the rig. .

. The float elements will take weight from the hoses and will allow compensation with heave on the rig. This method is used for production risers and control lines for floating drilling and production units.RDS ® K & C and pod lines from BOP runs in a loop on the sea bottom.Riserless Drilling System .

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