Simply revolutionary

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

. Why have a big bulky machine when a single tap can do so much more? The TopBrewer has been designed to create coffee of exemplary level to satisfy the most discerning of Baristas. we have taken the ordinary coffee machine and made it extraordinary. Having an elegant tap emerging from the table top increases counter space and creates a much more interactive coffee experience.Less is more With the new TopBrewer Pro and the TopBrewer CompactOffice. It’s simply revolutionary.

patented stainless steel tap is designed to be built in any tabletop and the compact design of the machine saves space still allowing for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. to get a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine. with no compromise on drink quality.Exquisite & magical The beautiful. TopBrewer puts an end to the need for bulky tabletops and allows for any existing location. . The simplicity of the TopBrewer fits elegantly into all surroundings.

. enhancing user experience and opening up a world of opportunity in terms of customization.Improved user experience The TopBrewer series has been uniquely designed to be smartphone and tablet compatible. cashless payment. loyalty systems and personalised consumer experiences.

This technology means that the milk texture is exquisite for Latte.Motivational Inspirational Imagine a product which adapts to your needs. or place an iPad as a main control unit. Your café. The TopBrewer is designed to seamlessly become a part of your regular work environment. . Combine multiple TopBrewer units. Having a large flow of people is not a problem. We take pride in our coffee experience ideal for the individual who just wants to savour every moment. Experience it yourself. With the TopBrewer you take up only 1% counterspace in return for 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for cold water.from grinding of the beans to the coffee being extracted. The TopBrewers are controllable with your smartphone unit or a touch display. with no delay through wireless technology. we ensure that your milk has beautiful foam. bar or restaurant will never be the same. juice or a piping hot espresso. Let the individual guests use their own iPhones. Cappuccino. easily adapting to your environment and allowing for several servings simultaneously. With our automatic milk system. Macchiato or whatever you might desire. Decors in lounges are important and with the TopBrewer you can place it where you desire. this is the solution for you. as the TopBrewer makes an espresso in just 25 sec. Watch the coffee beans going through the processes to make your cup of coffee . to cater for all your needs. and enhances it. have a cup of coffee. Quality & Quantity While relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.

simultaneously.The power to adapt Put several machines side by side and increase productivity by serving multiple drinks. .

All it takes is 2 small holes for the tap and drain. bar or any existing cupboard.g. can be built into any module e. the kitchen table. .Just find the right place The TopBrewer Pro and CompactOffice.

one for espresso) Exact tamper pressure each and every time (espresso 20 kg.Top quality coffee specialities • • • • • • 2 self-adjustable professional grinders – (one for filter. filter coffee 0 kg) Exact ingredient throw / consistent quality Heats fresh water to correct brew temperature Heats the milk to correct temperature and foams the milk to correct texture Increases the coffee yield by up to 10% .

At the same time icy cold water is only a touch of a button away. expanding the hot drink menu even further. The TopBrewer simply delivers an exquisitely brewed coffee menu. Americano. Multifruit and more – take your pick and experience a delightful refreshing beverage in either cup or carafe serving and strength are easily adjusted to everyone’s liking at a push of a button. foamy texture with air correctly dosed to give you the foam you need on any drink. Milk & steam Our TopBrewer series offers both hot and cold milk. foamy hot milk for an even more delicate experience. Chocolate Automatic cleaning Steaming hot. Add fresh. Cappuccino. with or without gas.cold & hot The TopBrewer series provides hot water for tea at the correct temperature. Café Latte. pushing a single button.Macchiato. Our FlashSteamer provides the correct pressure. This ensures that no milk.Enjoy all theese features Coffee The Scanomat TopBrewer Pro and CompactOffice provides speedy serving of coffee drinks such as: Espresso. fresh icy cold juice selections are on the menu too. The Scanomatic cleaning system flushes all hoses with clean water after each cup. and traditional black coffee made from freshly ground whole beans. with the right parameters for accurate extraction. Orange. Apple. Juice With the addition of our chilled water options. Water. rich chocolate is delivered into your cup in just seconds. juice and chocolate is left in the tube and reduces maintenance and cleaning on the machine drastically. froths the milk to a beautiful hot. allowing for correctly extracting the right flavors out of your tea & cafetiere coffee. . coffee.

sets the TopBrewer apart from most other machines on the market. we achieve a quieter machine. . Reduction of noise.The silent coffee brewer By moving the coffee unit into a compartment. This aids to the work environment or the place of your choice.

Ensures the perfect espresso every time . The materials are made of the highest quality possible and our newly developed flash-heating technology heats up fresh water to perfect temperature. Solid stainless steel brew piston Professional stainless steel disc grinder. faster than you can press the espresso button. Professional rotary vane pump for high volume coffee brewing. for consistant results. Electronical adjustments can be made from the display to secure best possible ground and extraction.Solid quality Scanomats professional stainless steel and aluminum brewer is a piece of art in itself. The tamper pressure is adjusted precisely from 0-30 kg before brewing and ensures an accurate brew time both when dispensing black coffee and espresso. The perfect grind in just 1 second.

TopBrewer units TopBrewer Pro TopBrewer Compact Office .

Simply take a carton of milk. Active coal filters is optional for the purest experience in our ICE-bank coolers. immediate draw-off of icy cold water and 30 l.5 l. Orange juice. Active coal filters is optional for the purest experience in our ICE-bank coolers. It features 7 l immediate draw-off and 30 l / hour. and pierce it with the syringe to add fresh milk to your brew. TopBrewer Bag in box The bag-in-box rack enables for juice and chocolate dispensing. that neatly slides into the rack. of milk iwhilst at the same time boasting a 4.g. Bag-in-box cartons. incorporating a quick connection system for easily exchanging our 3 l. with or without gas. Milk Syringe The liquid syringe is designed for making complicated tasks simple. It holds up to 4 l. A unique add-on to the drink selections. The TopBrewer has been constructed with multiple spears. utilizing one compressor for both drinking water and fridge cooling. to allow for additional cold drink options e. Apple Juice and Milk etc. Cleaning is also easy with the cleaning-bottle and a press of a button.TopBrewer accessories TopBrewer ICE bank The ICE-bank can deliver icy cold water. TopBrewer ICE bank fridge The ICE-bank fridge uniquely combines a ICE-bank chiller and a fridge in one small unit. / hour. .

The pedestals comes in 2 sizes. The pedestal comes with a black glass top as standard or with the optional white glass top or black granite. Contains fridge for fresh milk and the opportunity for ice cold water. brewed on whole coffee beans. The build in touchscreen is standard on the white and black glass top. Wheels are mounted at the bottom of the pedestal which makes it easy to move around.5 cm 73 cm .TopBrewer pedestal Granite White glas Our TopBrewer Compact and TopBrewer Pro can be delivered in stylish pedestals that fit in all environments. The granite top only comes with the iPad holder. espresso and cafe latte. electricity and drain and the machine is ready to brew the smoothest cup of coffee. Connect water. 56 cm 106 cm 96 cm 69 cm 68.

Installation in existing cupboard .

You will require the Swan Neck (3) and the driptray (4) which comes in two versions. Power. * Measurements (mm) reflect the absolute minimum requirements for the machines.Required clearances Choice depending on installation Step 1 Choose a machine either TopBrewer Pro (5) or TopBrewer Compact (6) Depending on water hardness we recommend up to two water filters (1) Step 3 Step 2 Select a fridge for fresh milk (7). water & drain may not interfere with the footprint of the component . If this is selected we recommend our active coal filter (2) for the best quality. Please be aware you will require 50mm of total clearance around the Swan neck under the counter. Our ICE-bank fridge (560) adds cold water to the menu. (590). Our normal fridge holds 10 l. Step 4 For additional varieties the bag-in-box rack (8) features liquid chocolate and multiple juice options.

Not available MINIMUM CO2 - 2 1 1 sec. adjustable grinder Adjustable tamper pressure Instant system Water tank Professional flash heater (2300) Automatic cleaning programme Bluetooth connectivity Rotary vane pump Oscillating pump - CompactOffice Standard Optional .s Fresh milk function (Hot & Cold) Scanomatic milk clean system Carafe function Number of grinders Professional 64 mm high output grinder Semi-Professional 64 mm grinder Grinding time Automatic. 0-30 kilo (3) (2) - .Pro Professional stainless steel coffee brewer Zero watt standby function Ultra-low energy consumption Works with iPhone/iPad Filter coffee in 15 sec. / 6 g.s Professional espresso in 25 sec.

Not available Juice (Bag in box) Hot chocolate (Bag in box) Carbonated water Coin mechanism MDB card interface Coffee specialities Cups per Hour Professional 25 sec. Black coffee 12 cl. Filter coffee 12 cl. Espresso 3 cl. Hot water 120 120 180 120 110 120 165 75 liters 100 100 100 90 100 80 45 liters The expected outputs are based on machines running with optimal power requirements .Pro CompactOffice Standard Optional . Macchiato Cappuccino Latte Hot choclate 12 cl.

(See installation manual for detail. 12 amp 2-6 bar fixed connection or the Scanomat Pump Kit Driptray connected to drain below tabletop level or using our drain pump Driptray connected to drain below tabletop level. Single Phase. 12 amp or 208-240V. Single Phase. 30 amp or 208-240V.) 225 mm x 550 mm x 676 (allow 20 mm on each side) 184 mm x 452 mm x 636 mm (allow 20 mm on each side) 510 mm x 650 mm x 1055 mm Top plate size (WxD). 20 amp or 208-240V. Waste tray built into machine – can be diverted to drain.Installation Requirements Pro Electrical requirements Water requirements Drainage requirements 400V. 555 mm x 685 mm 73 mm x 685 mm x 955 mm Coffee beans: 2 x 1400 grams Coffee beans: 1400 grams . Ventilation requirements Installation Size (WxDxH) TopBrewer Cabinet Size (WxDxH) Ingredients: Requires air inlet in the top of the cabinet. 12 amp CompactOffice 208-240V. Single Phase. Single Phase. a ø10 hole in the bottom and outlet (if needed) in the base. 3 phase.

. 1 degree C during transportation and storage. Air humidity: Max. 90% RH Temperature min.Pro Weight: Gross: Net: 60 kg 56 kg Gross: Net: CompactOffice 35 kg 32 kg Conditions on installation site: Temperature: 10-40 degrees C. Height includes mounting bracket Floor mounted sliders. 676 mm 574 mm 636 mm 550 mm 225 mm 184 mm 452 mm 184 mm 452 mm Hanging with pertruding coffee container. A detailed installation manual can be supplied by your authorized dealer.

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