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STANDAR KOMPETENSI 3. Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks percakapan transaksional dan interpersonal resmi dan berlanjut (sustained) dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari KOMPETENSI DASAR 3.1 Mengungkapkan makna dalam percakapan transaksional (to get things done) dan interpersonal (bersosialisasi) resmi dan berlanjut (sustained) dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan melibatkan tindak tutur: menyampaikan pendapat, meminta pendapat, menyatakan puas, dan menyatakan tidak puas ALOKASI WAKTU INDIKATOR Menggunakan tindak tutur menyatakan puas Merespon tindak tutur menyatakan puas : 14 X 45 Menit

MATERI PEMBELAJARAN Asking about satisfaction and dissatisfaction How do you like your room? Is everything O.K? Is everything satisfactory? Are you satisfied? Did you find our service satisfactory? Do you want to complain about something? Was something not to your satisfaction? Are you dissatisfied with something? Expressing satisfaction I really like my new haircut. Im completely satisfied with everything youve done for me. It was satisfactory. Everything is fine, thank you. Everything was just perfect. MODUL BAHASA INGGRIS KELAS XI Page 1

Im happy enough with it. It was okay. Not too bad Good enough. Expressing dissatisfaction I am little dissatisfied with the service here. I am a bit disappointed with the program. The food was lousy. Im tired of working here. I dont like the color. I have a complaint. Im very dissatisfied with the condition. I want to make a complaint. Responding Dissatisfaction I see. Im sorry to hear that. Ill look into it. Ill see what I can do about it. Ill try and take care of it.

Examples : Conversation 1 Waiter : Is everything O.K. here? Man : Yes, thank you. Everything is fine.

Waiter : Is your steak satisfactory? Woman : Quite good. Waiter : How about your roast chicken, Maam? Is it O.K. too? Woman : Its just right. Just the way I like it. Waiter : Will there be anything else, then? Man : No, not at the moment.

Waiter : Very well, then. Have a nice day. Man : Thanks.


Shopkeeper Customer Shopkeeper Customer

: Good afternoon. Is there anything I can help you with? : Good afternoon. I am not satisfied with the shirt I bought yesterday in this shop? : Why? Whats wrong with it? : Let me explain. I wear extra-large T-shirts. The one you gave me is extremely small. See the label is M not XL : I am sorry, Sir


Vocabularies related to expressing satisfaction Satisfy (verb) Satisfaction Satisfied Satisfying Satisfactory Contented Pleased = membuat kepuasan (noun) (adj.) (adj.) (adj.) (adj.) (adj.) = kepuasan = puas = yang memuaskan = yang puas = puas = senang

Vocabularies related to expressing dissatisfaction Dissatisfy Dissatisfaction Dissatisfied Dissatisfying Dissatisfactory Discontented Displeased (verb) (noun) (adj.) (adj.) (adj.) (adj.) (adj.) = tidak membuat puas = ketidak puasan = tidak puas = tidak memuaskan = tidak memuaskan = tidak puas = tidak senang

PRACTICE In pairs, study the following dialogues and complete the table that follows. Then, perform the dialogues. Example 1 Andi : Retno, I thought you were on vacation.

Retno : Well, I got back early. Andi Retno Andi : Why? : Well, I didnt really enjoy being there. : What happened?


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: Well, the beach was very dirty, and when I got there it was raining heavily. What made it worse was the hotel where I stayed had a bad service.

Andi Retno

: You seem to be unhappy with your vacation. : Yes, Im quite displeased about it.

Example 2 Denias Ian Denias Ian : Ian, where have you been? Ive been looking for you for the past six days. : I just got back from Maluku. : Really? So you had your vacation there? : Well, actually I was visiting my grandparents. But, I also visited some beaches and a museum there. Denias Ian Denias Ian Denias Ian Denias : Did you have fun? : Absolutely. The beaches are great and the sea is full of beautiful coral reefs. : Dont tell me you went snorkeling! : Yes, I did. It was awesome. Im really content with my trip. : Oh, I wished I had been there too. : You should go there sometime. : Yes, I know.

Example 3 Retno Ayu : Hows your vacation in Bali? : It was terrific! The beaches are beautiful and the sun set from magnicent. Retno Ayu Retno Ayu Retno : Really? What else did you do there? : Oh, I went parasailing! It was the most breath-taking thing that Ive ever done. : Wow, it must be a very fun trip for you. : Yes, Im very satisfied with my vacation there. You must go there. : Yes, I think Ill do that. Tanah Lot is


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Exercise 1.
Complete the blanks based on what you hear in the spoken text. Franklin and his customer In electric shop. Franklin Customer Franklin Customer Franklin : good afternoon, Sir. : Good afternoon. : Oh.. you came here two days ago to buy a ..(1) didnt you? : Yes, I did(2) I came here. : Ehm is there anything(3) with the television youve bought, Sir? I would do any thing if it ..(4)you. Customer Franklin Customer Franklin : No. the television set is very good. The picture is very..(5). It really makes me..(6) : Thats good. I always sell(7) with high quality. : Now, I need a tape player for my daughter. she needs (8) listening to English. : Certainly, Sir. Let me show you this one. It has both CD and cassette drives. Your daughter must like it. Customer Franklin : Ehm.. it (9) very much it does it cost? : Its only $.... (10).

ANSWER KEY EXERCISE 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Television Thats why Wrong Disappoints you Sharp and clear Satisfied Products To Practice Seems 125


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