Jeffrey K.


1801 Pine Street Athens, Alabama 35611 USA +1 256 867 4034

Task-oriented, highly flexible engineer, project leader, and software developer with key strengths in hands-on problem-solving, team formation and leadership, analysis, and written presentation. Experienced in several industries, including telecom, internet services, electronic commerce, scientific computing, defense, pharmaceuticals, broadcasting. Currently consulting to Intergraph Corporation in Huntsville. Available 1/1/08. NASA Huntsville, Alabama 2004-2007 Consultant. Developed web services, web applications, and enterprise service bus (ESB) components. Recipient of project team Employee of the Quarter award, Q4, fiscal 2005. Recognized by NASA CIO for project contributions, April 2006. Perl, XSLT, PL/SQL on Linux; Java, ServiceMix ESB, Tomcat, JSP, Struts, AXIS 2, Actuate IDAPI on Solaris. Software Engineer/Team Lead. Planned, designed, and led sustaining development and enhancements to intranet tools, GIS applications, middleware projects, and enterprise knowledge portals. Built and led a software development team whose repeatedly demonstrated ability to go from requirements to release of major enhancements in five working days won multiple awards for excellence. Perl on Solaris; Java in ServletExec on NT Server and in IE applets; VBScript. Director, Systems Architecture. Developed architecture, budget, system design, and deployment plan for a transcontinental streaming-video-on-demand network. Built and demonstrated a unique pilot system for long-haul transport of studio-quality video over public IP networks. Led engineering of streaming server infrastructure. Built end user streaming interfaces on ASP, media editing and playlist management tools in Visual Basic. Consultant. Specified, designed, coded, and tested new custom modules of Web- based EDI service. Specified and estimated enhancements to software configuration management tools. C++, Perl, Java on Solaris.

Sprint PCS Nashville, Tennessee 2001-2003

Qwest Digital Media Nashville, Tennessee 1999-2001

GE Information Systems Brentwood, Tennessee 1998-99 Speer Communications Nashville, Tennessee 1997-98

Senior Systems Engineer. Developed, planned, budgeted, and prototyped concepts for automated online/near-line data vaulting. Designed and configured disk server installations for broadcast television production and playout. Designed and executed demonstrations and technology proofs-of-concept in biometric security and digital asset management in Visual Basic and Visual J++. Consultant serving as Unix administrator and application programmer for Solaris and IRIX systems in pharmacokinetics laboratory. FORTRAN, csh scripting, S-PLUS.

Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis, Indiana 1995-96 Other consulting clients, 1996-1999:

Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati (C++ on NT); R. R. Donnelley & Co., Willowbrook, IL (Perl CGI); CNA Life, Nashville (Java); Education Networks of America, Nashville (Linux kernel hacking in C); Edgenet Media, Nashville (C, Cold Fusion); Orbis Broadcast Group, Chicago (Perl, FoxPro)

Entropic Research Laboratory Washington, DC 1993-94 Cray Research, Inc., Herndon, Virginia 1991-93

Domestic Sales Manager. Sold Unix desktop software for digital signal processing, speech science, and automatic speech recognition to industrial, government, and academic users, direct and through distributors. Solaris, HP-UX, Ultrix.

Senior Sales Analyst. Installed and maintained supercomputers for government customers. Benchmarked and ported signal and image processing applications. Consulted with new product business units on algorithms and requirements for new massively parallel systems. FORTRAN, C on UNICOS and IRIX.

The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington 1990-91 Specialist Engineer. Design, construction, and programming of embedded parallel DSP systems for radar processing and sensor evaluation. C, FORTRAN, Occam on PDOS RTOS, Intel i860 VME boards. Occam, Motorola 56001 assembler on Inmos transputer modules. Senior Engineer. Member of Technical Staff, Low Observables. Managed acquisition and deployment of hypercube supercomputer for electromagnetic analysis. Spearheaded requirements analysis, wrote RFP and specifications, convened proposal evaluation team, managed selected vendor through delivery, trained initial user community. Achieved 97.5% reduction over the previous approach in time-to-solution on the critical benchmark, at a price/performance ratio one-tenth that of the industry leader. Coded, tested, and analyzed radar cross section models, mentored junior programmers, administered minicomputer systems, and managed operations of a classified data processing facility. FORTRAN, C on VMS, UTek, System V/386, Intel hypercubes.



Senior Engineer. Designed radio, audio, telecom, and SATCOM systems for air defense, antisubmarine warfare, spread-spectrum tactical communications, and strategic defense systems for Air Force and Navy customers. Modeled low-probability-of-intercept communication systems, antenna systems, transmission lines, satellite links, and ballistic missile fire control systems. C, Matlab, FORTH, HP BASIC, DEC BASIC, Microsoft CP/M BASIC. Lead Engineer. Started in summer 1981 as a test engineer for communications avionics on the E-3A AWACS system. Promoted in late 1982 to lead electronic design engineer for custom electronic components. Test Engineer. Designed, built, and programmed automatic test equipment in a tactical radio factory. Administered VAX minicomputer system. Analyzed local area network architecture. HP BASIC and p-System Pascal on HP 9836; VMS FORTRAN.


ITT Corporation Fort Wayne, Indiana 1984-85


Huntington North High School, Huntington, Indiana, class of 1977. BSEE, Northwestern University, 1981. National Merit Scholar. Completed coursework for MSEE, Radio Science concentration, University of Washington, 1988.

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