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The purpose of writing this essay is to investigate and search about the ancient Egyptian culture and its contributions to the mathematics field; here the question to be answered is the following: How their mathematics influenced modern mathematics? Ancient Egypt was among the earliest civilizations founded in the world, also one of the first civilizations to implement Mathematical numbers, most first mathematicians were Egyptians, as an example is their geometry and arquitecture they applied in the construction of their pyramids even 2500 years B.C., by searching within the internet and books I will investigate how much did they influenced modern mathemitcs. Index: Cover Page pg. 1 Introduction pg.2 Theoretical Framework pg.2 Conclusion pg.2 References pg.3

Theoretical Framework
The topic of this essay is about the contributions of Egyptians to the mathematics of modern life and I choose it because they were one of the most ancient cultures to concern about the importance of mathematics, at first they started with the construction of pyramids and this can be proven by the early moments in history when they started by making complicated pyramids involving geometry and the basis of mathematics. By making a research in books and internet that concern to what I am looking for and are reliable it could be found a lot of information about this ancient culture and it also is remarkable the way they talk about its incredible discoveries and how they contributed to the mathematics. The information founded was that the first contributor to the mathematics whose name is known is Egyptian, this person is Ahmes and he makes an important task with The Rhind Papyrus containing fractions, notation, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and mensuration. Euclid, an Egyptian mathematician who is also called The Father of Geometry thanks to his book Elements this was considered the only possible geometry until the 19th century and is nowadays only compared to nonEuclid geometry but is the basis of all geometry and is one of the greatest contributions ever made to this science. This information helps us answer our problem How their mathematics influenced modern mathematics? and makes an idea how great that influence was being one of the very first contributors and maybe the most important.


Most people have no idea about where do mathematical problems they make and all that formulas they use come from, well, we could realize most of them come out from the Egyptians, this major contributor to mathematics. Algebraic and Geometric knowledge was first studied in Egypt and most theorems and important mathematicians were from there causing an influence on todays mathematics, a great influence.

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