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Date : 10/02/2012 Questionaire to design the control room SR. NO.

BUILDING DESIGN & RELATED ASPECTS Floor Levels :1 Top of finished floor slab for CCR. (i) (ii) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ground Floor Finish Lvl. (clear height require is app. 3.6 mtr for single & 6.0 for dual) Bottom of roof slab for CCR. Height of Required False flooring Civil drawing related to the CCR floor & its elevation is required. Conference Room required? Capacity No. of operator stations with CPU , servers & monitors? Also technical specs of each item. No. of panels and their sizes? No. of emergency fire exits at first floor? IS the facility manned 24 hrs/days?____ If so when are the shift changes?__ &___ Typical monitoring and control tasks at console stations ? Any requirement of see -through duplex gallery / duplex board conference room attached to the control room. Where will you expect to handle emergency conditions ? Are the emergency situation rooms required? Where ? Would it be advantageous to provide office space for any other 'Full time ' Building Occupants? What will be the ceiling height ? What type of ducting is preferred through floor or ceiling ? Type , number and all dimension of all equipmentsto be kept on control desks including monitor , cpu , phone , printer etc. Type of Video wall suggested ( front or rear acess),their dimension & resolutions. Any requirement of separate printer rooms for printer ? Any possiblity of clubbing units together ? Can LVS be shared between two units? Are any emergency lighting system required ? Any Constant lighting system required for control room? What is frequency of movement of people between Engineering room & Control room? Can the first landing floor be the First floor therebyhaving all services in the ground floor (virtual basement)?- we recommend What does the reception area convey ( just a reception or a lounge which educates visitors of the group and the future and the history behind)



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Do we have a Vaastu compatible building thereby using Indian building concepts of design and construction? Incorporate Landscape elements in the control room ( mummified plants/pebbles/glass flooring/water body etc) meeting the control room standards at the same time Conference room at upper level and training auditorium at lower level Any power plant related symbolic sculpture/motif (e.g. bushing etc) to be used at any location? Are any supervisory desk required ? How many? Storage capacity for Document/ Locker/ Storewell? Any requirement of storage cabinets . Do you require to maintain any hardcopies of any documents in control room. If any , indicate numbers ? No. of seating arrangement in Reception area? No. of Male Employes for Utility & Rest room Design? No. of Female Employes for Utility & Rest room Design? How many seating capacity you required for Dining? How many seating capacity you required for Conference Room? No. of personal Meeting Room you required with seating capacity? Seating capacity for viewing gallary? Typical 'occupancy' of the Control room at a time (Total no. of people ) ? No. of person for Shift & Maintenance? Any special need for Shift & Maintenance? Any requirements of window / natural lights . It may effects LVS .